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Fandom Overlord: Who Said Craftsmen Could Not PK?

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Azure Sky

Random Lazy Guy
Harvest, a Midgard-based guild of Player Killers, that had a peculiar prerequisite for joining: one had to also have at least one full class related to crafting, cooking, tinkering, hunting, fishing, or farming. Wheather they were human, demi-human, or heteromorphic did not matter in the least. A chef that could coock legendary beasts, a blacksmith that could create and master the usage of terrifyingly powerful weapons, a fisherman that could capture gigantic aquatic creatures with their bare hands, a farmer whose harvest could represent a powerful army of summons, an apothecary whose healing potions were superior to a cleric's ultimate healing. Those sorts of individuals filled the upper ranks of Harvest.

All good things will eventually come to an end though... With the imminent closure of Yiggdrasil, it is only obvious. Or is it?

About you:
  • Your character can be from any guild, be it Harvest or otherwise.
  • Your guild will not be teleported. Except Harvest, but even Harvest players will not have access to it, because /spoiler/.
  • No World classes please. You can be strong, but not that strong.
  • All other canon rules apply.

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