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Fandom Overlord: Enigma CS



Let's see Paul Allen's card
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Real Name:
In-game alias:
Source of Power (Tier Magic, Martial arts caster, etc):

This CS is all that is required for your character. If you want to make it jazzier and what not, that is up to you.

1. All players characters will start off as max level like the anime, unless you want your character to be less powerful.
2. Minimum of two substantial paragraphs. In order for people to reply, they need something to reply to.
3. While this won't be ultra-fast paced, posting in a timely manner would be appreciated.
4. In making your CS, you must use an Anime FC.
5. Characters in this RP will be unusually powerful, but if you are fighting another player, your character won't always win. Don't whine if you don't get your way.
6. All player characters will be in the same guild.
7. The priority is to have fun; you are required to have fun.
8. Everything must be made within the scope of the anime until I give a greenlight.
9. You can only post your sheet when I have accepted you.

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Let's see Paul Allen's card
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

  • Mephisto.Pheles.600.534894.jpg

    Real Name: Kaito Nozawa

    In-game alias: Fritz Gerst

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Race: Demon



incredibly lost
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

Real Name:
Wyatt Greene

In-game alias:



Demon - War Devil

Akira - Devilman Crybaby

Source of Power (Tier Magic, Martial arts caster, etc): Talent
A berserker form that when activate, increases offensive abilities, but puts the character in a anger-filled trance. A curse that has been placed upon the war-hungry fallen knight.

Cursed Knight // Barbarian

A former knight eager to throw himself into battle, was quickly overcome with the thrill of the fight. He found himself finding it a little too pleasurable to end a life, end bloodlines, decimate kingdoms. It eventually led to him being cursed by a magic user, who had hoped to drive him into become a mindless shell of the person he used to be. The demon takes on a mostly humanoid form, having black markings along his undereye. When in this form, he is quick to seek out trouble, or cause it. He loves to pick a fight, and tends to rile up opponents to get their emotions high enough to cloud their judgement.

When with his guildmates, it's clear that he isn't the brains of the operation. He often leaves determining the calls, placement of fellow guildmates, etc. To the others. He's extremely loyal, though, and prides himself on knowing that he'll defend the guild no matter the cost. Egaloth is also rather playful, typically sparring, joking around, and being awfully sarcastic.

idk why this shit was so mind-numbingly difficult for me, jesus.
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Ashigara's Lightning
Real Name:
Takara Fusae

In-game alias:
Carmainerose (Carmaine for short)




6'0 ft / 150 lbs / Appears to be obsessed with the color red

Source of Power:
Martial arts

Dark Knight

From an outsider's perspective Carmaine could not seem any less threatening. A tall girl clad in red and black, whose scarlet eyes enjoy lingering on those who glance at her with fear in their eyes. Add to that the fact that she belongs to an evil guild and you have a recipe for one of the least inviting individuals one could ever encounter. And, true to her appearance, Carmaine has fully embraced her role as a ruthless villain, and thus chooses to appear as one to the world around her. She will mock her opponents during battle, torch villages at the slightest sign of insurrection and snuff out innocent lives if it means furthering her own goals. However, Carmaine isn’t a rampaging monster. She’s a smart one. If a conflict can be solved through a lucrative diplomatic choice then she’ll take it, if an enemy surrenders then she’ll gladly force them to act as one of her agents, if a tribute is juicy enough then she’ll happily allow a town to keep their freedom. In other words, there’s only one thing Carmaine seeks: Profit. The means don’t matter, as long as she comes out of a situation with a result she deems to be positive then Carmaine will be pleased.

Towards her guildmates, Carmaine is much more comfortable with dropping her guard. She enjoys banting and just shooting the shit with them, often forcing them into situations where gambling is involved. Carmaine also has a keen eye for those close to her, often keeping in mind key information such as their strengths and weaknesses in combat, to smaller stuff like their favorite food. She isn’t exactly outlandishly jovial (Unless she has drunk enough), but Carmaine is always open to interact and pass the time with her guildmates.

-Carmaine has a noticeable addiction to gambling, however she always keeps her end of the bet.
-She hates spicy food with a passion, even a single spec of chili powder will send the plate of food flying through the air.
-Has never lost a single game of rock, paper, scissors.
-Voice claim 1
-Voice claim 2
-Voice claim 3
-Slav is a furry, his fursona is a green donkey called Mr.Dunkalious the 4th. He often sends me art he commissioned of Mr.Dunkalious the 4th. I can't take it anymore.

Theme Song:

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Omniverse Explorer
Roleplay Type(s)

Real Name:
Lyla Redmond

In-game alias:
Tempesta Darkmoore



Vampire - Undead


Source of Power:
Blood Drinker.

Cursed Knight - Mage

Tempesta is a woman who is seen by many as nonchalant, mainly because of the gaze she holds whenever approached by just about anyone. Before many knew about her, they had thought that she was merciful, part of a royal bloodline, and quite beautiful. But, in the end, they found out that she is a merciless vampire that will do what she wants to get whatever she wants. Mercy is a rarity from her, and whoever receives it should treasure it because it will not happen twice. Tempesta will watch chaos unfold and sometimes she will join in and make it even more chaotic. While being beautiful has its perks, she takes full advantage of it whenever she's in the mood, and whoever is the lucky person for the night usually would meet their end if they cannot keep up or endure the strength she holds. Around her guild partners, she's very much the same aside from talking a bit more and finding herself joking with them. There are many times where she'd hit on them just to be a tease and lead them on. Hell, she'll go on and nibble both necks and wrists whenever she gets the chance.

There is a chance that she would bite you without warning. Also don't be stuck alone in a room with her, who knows what she'd do to you.




Problem Solver and Causer
Roleplay Type(s)
basic info
Zagreus Kayn
    Pluto Sagona
    Zagreus Kayn
    Monk (Shamanic Adept) and Elementalist (Fire)
    They were weak. That’s why they died. We were weak, too. That’s why we couldn’t save them. I won't lost another friend.
    6’6” | 198.12cm
    260 lbs | 118 kg
    Pink/ White
    Source of Power

    Demons and Drinking blood

    Some of us matured early because life showed us the dark side of the world at an early age.

    Zagreus is a bit of a character, he loves to cause chaos among his group kind of like a chaotic neutral. He has been known by his guild for his sarcastic behavior and willingness to go above and beyond with his antics. He does have a kind heart in his own special way but it gets covered up by his loud mouth. He knows that he can be more powerful than anyone in his crew but he chooses not to just to make things more interesting. Sometimes what's the best action for everyone is, isn't the most entertaining for him. He is like a cat playing with a mouse. Don't get me wrong he's nice to his teammates but he definitely loves to annoy the shit out of them.

    Not only does he have to deal with the constant bombardment That is his teammates commenting on his “mature” behavior. But he also has to deal with the conflict that is the two demons that live inside him. Sometimes his demons try to take control; which is confusing because no one knows if Zagreus is still in control or if it’s his devils trying to pull the strings against him. He is extremely confident in his ability to beat anybody and he thinks he can not only wield any weapon but also control his demons within. But in the end who is truly in control

code by Nano
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Real Name: Eiro Airi
In-game alias: Penny
Gender: female
Age: 24
Race: human


Source of Power : Mix of tier magic (divine) and martial arts (gun-fu)
Class: Priest/Gunner
Racial Class:

Job Class:
Priest (15)
Gunner (15)
Thief (10)
Merchant (5)
Warrior (5)

Sniper (10)
Archpriest (10)
Assassin (5)

Apostle of Patience (5)
Gun Saint (5)
Magebane (5)
A stoic perfectionist who wanted to unlock 100% of the items/creatures/secrets index in the game. Unfortunately the decline of the game means less people to trade and thus, her progress stuck at 99%. Something that made her almost quit the game. Though she decided to stick with the game until its very end.

In the guild she's known for her unnecesarily meticulous, sometimes even borderline paranoid, way of doing things. Definitely the type to overlevel herself before facing a boss monster. She's also a fan of the game's marketplace, spending her time buying and selling stuffs in bulk to manipulate the market price and treat it like some sort of stock exchange. Even if the profit from that was way lower than what she would get from a dungeon. During the peak of the game, she also utilize one of her class skill to make magic contract to open a loan shop with quite a steep interest.

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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
Real Name: Kyrell Jones
In-game alias: Empyrean
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Angel

Source of Power Tier Magic
Main Class - Priest
Secondary Class - Sorcerer
Empyrean at his core is a narcissist, thinking solely of his own goals and how the goals of those around him can be used to help him achieve his own ends. Oddly enough although he plays a priest, Empyrean is a sadist and enjoys making others suffer, whether it is slight discomfort or excruciating pain. He is a tactical mind that also enjoys learning and considers himself a scholar. His favorite subject is life and seeing how it adapts to meet its changing environment and survive strife. He specifically loves creating situations in which life is forced to take action or die.
While it’s rare, his guild mates can become his targets sometimes, putting their strengths and weaknesses to the test and keeping them on their toes. When he isn’t experimenting in people and creatures, Empyrean is a lot more tolerable. He loves a joke as they refresh his sadist battery, giving him a break from the despair that comes with watching others fail his experiments. An intellectual conversation really excites him, but he also enjoys a more laid back and friendly banter with his guild mates.
Because he is sadistic Empyreans prefers to take his time when engaged in combat and will often utilize strategies that draw out the fight and wear down his enemy.
Has an obsession with the monster races. (Finds them to be cute for pets)​


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Real Name | Delphine Babineaux
In-game alias | Keiseikeikoku / 傾城傾国
Nicknames: Koku, Monarch, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption
Gender | Female
Age | 21
Race | Human

Appearance |
A stunning beauty in every sense of the world whose form could commonly be said to exist in the supernatural. Sapphire eyes sparkle and peer out from a youthful face without flaw, with a towering physique and ludicrous curves Delphine clads her form in a vast array of cosmetics and outfits, some found by her own hand but many more donated by her followers. Her standard attire however is a tightly fitted black and gold parade outfit, her river of blonde hair bound within a layered and volumous ponytail that flows past her thighs.

Source of Power | Tier Magic (Enchantment)
Class |
Priest (15) / Evengelist (10) / Saint (10) / Holy Queen (10) / Divine Vessel (5) / Enchantress (10) / Charisma (15), Empress (10) / High Empress (5) / Queen of Love and Beauty (5) / Supreme Glamour (5) / Nation Builder (5)
Delphines build focuses primarily on maximizing her charisma, beauty and influence within the game though as a result have also allowed her a vast array of enchantment based spells and abilities. These allow her to gain popularity, reputation and influence at a impossible rate, starting out with increased favourability and nearly always appearing as the utmost beauty in the eyes of those who look beyond her. This also extends to the ability to command great authority, her status being something that is unconsciously recognised by those who gaze upon her. She can also substitute her Charisma for several other non charisma related skills, something that has allowed her to achieve a great deal that would not be possible otherwise.

Lacking the major attacks of other players, she is able to control the battlefield with her ability's, but mainly buff and support followers. These chosen followers can be boost far beyond what would be expected of their levels, though they can also be used to benefit Delphine herself through restoring mana from their actions, gaining portions of their experience, or most insidiously, moving damage and effects from herself to these followers.

Summary |
A Popular Streamer within the Ywitch community Delphine is one to have weaponized her legion of following to enrich herself both in and out of game. Masking her ego behind a mask of sweet innocence, she would present herself as the idolized approachable girl and the kindest spirit, all while perusing profit as her true goal. It is through this that she would amass countless donations from these followers, as well as constantly collecting any reputation boost or charisma boosting item, even going as far as securing admin gifts and special classes from her success within the social aspects of Yggdrasil. As a result she claims the vastest collection of cosmetics out of any player, and uses such with pageantry and showmanship frequently, as well as frequently winning the various glamour and fashion related competitions within the game.

Theme |

  • Delphine has access to nearly every cosmetic outfit released within Yggdrasils history, including several limited edition skins. These are stored within the custom cosmetic item box "Crystal Form Walk In" that is not limited in storage space, but is restricted to cosmetic items only. The Box links to a extra dimensional dressing room like space with each outfit displayed upon mirror mannequin NPC's. These creatures lack any intelligence and instead will simply mimic the actions of the opposing character precisely or move to several pre-defined poses. This item can not be used during combat.
  • Delphines signature item the Staff "Lazarus Taxon" one constructed by the combined efforts of her followers, gathering rare components from across the game to create a item of the highest class. In addition to greatly raising her stats and class skills, it also holds several unique effects making it ideal for divine and healing based abilities. Spells cast through this staff will have a drastically increased range and target limit.
    • One for All | By connecting all those willing designated as followers, buffs and enhancements may be shared between all those effected. This also includes health pools, mana regeneration and healing based effects.
    • All of One | By designating a champion, the opposite effect can be created, effectively condensing all the bonuses onto a single target for boosted effect.
    • Four Days Dead | NPC followers who die while connected are capable of being restored with drastically reduced cost and penalty, with those below 50 being effectively free. The staff will absorb the essence following their passing and those resurrected will remain bound to the staff. This is a prolonged procedure that while it can be performed on large groups suffers from a prolonged four day cooldown. Alternatively this ability allows the resurrection of non-followers with a increased cost, though can bypass the normal resurrection restrictions, including elapsed time limit as well as increasing the favourability of the target to the caster by several levels.
    • All Lift Together: Those designated followers under the wielder will be bestowed with drastically increased stamina and focus, as well as removing all exhaustion related penalty's for the duration of the effect. Crafting related abilities will have a greatly improved success rate in addition to being performed in a greatly reduced time., this ability is augmented further depending upon the number of followers working simultaneously.
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Junior Member

Personal Character Banner (4).png
Real Name: Sento Masamune
In-game alias: Eschaton Legion
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Half-Golem
Source of Power: Martial arts caster.
Main Class: Cursed Knight
Second Class: Summoner

A multipurpose build that is suitable for both dungeoneering, raiding, and PVP. To fight Eschaton is to fight his entire court, for he is never truly alone. He specializes in boosting his own stats and summoning duplicates of himself in the form of multiple einherjar or his npc knights. Each time one of his allies is defeated, any buffs of said ally are transferred to him. His main strategy makes his opponents waste their spells and skills on his summons, while he gets stronger with each of their defeats. What he lacks in fancy spells, he makes up for with pure stats and numbers. A literal one-man legion, he is able to command both quality and quantity within the ranks of his self-made army.

Often mistaken to be stoic and serious due to him being quiet apart from talking about raid objectives and guild goals. Though this is because of the lack of a proper microphone in his setup. Because of this, he only ever types to talk, so it’s difficult to tell, how he actually is in person. Though in the final days of Yggdrasil, he finally decided to buy a mic only to find out the server was shutting down soon, much to his dismay. While he has no problem talking about the in-game mechanics, frequently going on long-winded tangents of how brilliant or broken it is, he tends to be very awkward when talking about anything else, hence his preference for silence.

When in combat, he is known to be efficient and pragmatic, seeking to finish his objective in the time-efficient way possible. He knows an awful about the in-game mechanics, going as far as to memories every single skill in every single class in the game, including the more obscure and niche ones. While he doesn't gloat as much as his other guildmates, he has his moments, usually expressed in the form of a character gesture or pose.

In terms of Karma, his character is considered neutral, as he only partakes in quests that benefit him or his guild and avoids “filler” quest that provides no substantial reward. Strangely enough, he does enjoy the story of the game and frequently plays as the “hero” archetype, despite how his character looks.

Arguably the most dedicated grinder of the guild. He is well known for his dedication and passion to the game, specifically towards PVP and speedrunning dungeons. If you need something done, you call Eschaton to do it. He spent a lot of time jumping from guild to guild until he found a group of people who were willing and able to keep up with frequent play times.

While not as popular as the other streamer players, he is known for making guide videos on what type of builds are needed to get through new dungeons. Aside from that, he is also well-known for his speed-running videos, with him consistently being a top competitor on the global leader boards.

While not raiding or participating in PVP matches, Eschaton is stationed within the deepest part of the guild’s fortress, acting as the final line of defense, praetorian guard, alongside his court of knights. Becauses of this, he doesn't get to see much action unless it an exceptionally strong raider.

His avatar does not have a face and simply looks like whatever armor it's equipped with. If his faceplate were to lifted, he will be seen as nothing but an empty shell.
Likes mid-maxing his builds.
His arsenal consists of gear made from the parts of the raid boss Neortala. As acknowledgement for being the first guild to slay him,he was bestowed stronger version of said weapons. They had the ability to shift their elemental properties. But Eschaton’s version is unique as his is able to shift his weapon from one form to another.
“Altrusta” Scythe
“Revoltia” Great Sword
“Morphexo” Hammer
“Insanitia” Dual swords
“Zodiarch” Sword and shield
“Voracion” Great Axe
“Gloralis” Lance
“Dragspire” Spear
“Incanonis” Bow
“Aetheria” Gun

Neortala Armor
Armored made from parts of the raid boss. Also has the ability to shift elements and is highly resistant against magic, making it an ideal counter to spell casters.

Theme Song:

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