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Fandom Outlander 1x1 roleplay. Desperately seeking a Jamie!

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Hello there! I’m a female writer aged 18+ seeking a literate outlander roleplay. I would be playing my oc and I would need you to be James Fraser. You must be male or a female who does doubles also please be eighteen plus. I have only seen season one of the show and I am on the last episode I am also nearly finished with the first book. In order to roleplay you would need to use third person, past tense and detail! I love it if my partner has ideas and thoughts as well.If you’ve made it this far you’re wondering what I can offer you and that is, a detailed roleplay written in third etc, a tonne of passionate and well thought out ideas and finally up to date and relevant knowledge of the fandom. I have Kik or discord as well for those who may prefer those servers. Send me a ⭐ to register you’re interest Please dm me if you’re interested i’m looking for long term only.

Please note I do have mild dyslexia.

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