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Realistic or Modern Out of the Ashes (FxM Post Apocalypse)

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The Covid 19 pandemic of 2020-21 took the lives of some 80 million people before it was all done. In 2024 Covid-24 ran its course with few casualties, but still left scars. There would be two more pandemics in 2029 and 2035. In total they took the lives of half a billion people. But that was nothing.

On July 29, 2027 evidence of a massive object entering the Solar System was detected passing through the Oort Cloud. It was travelling at about 2 million miles per hour relative to the Sun and on what many thought was a collision course with Earth. And it was massive, affecting the asteroids in the Oort Cloud, yet invisible. The date of impact was set on Mar 3, 2039. The object was called the Schumacher Anomaly.

The closer the object got the more astronomers learned. It was incredibly small and extremely dense. Some theorized it was a remnant fragment of a neutron star smaller than a pea. (A teaspoon of neutron star matter would weigh as much as the Earth. And just FYI, is a scientific impossibility, but we will suspend the reality of that fact for the sake of this RP, lol.) It carried in its wake an asteroid / meteor swarm, some as large as planet killers. These were tentatively identified as remnants of carbon and iron planets, and even Earth-like planets.

10.6 years we had to prepare. Of course, the government chose to keep the threat a secret from the public to prevent panic.

Even if by some miracle the object and the planet killer sized asteroids missed the Earth nowhere was truly safe. Earth would still have meteor strikes raining down. At least 99% of the impact craters would be far smaller than the one at Meteor Crater, AZ. Worse would be the effects of gravitational forces. Massive tsunamis of the Hollywood variety would wipe out the coastal regions. The Chain of Fire would go crazy with earthquakes and volcanoes.

Messiah: The construction of a massive interplanetary spaceship with a payload of nuclear warheads sent to target the incoming swarm. Pretty much a wasted effort if the bigger ones were going to hit Earth.

Enclaves: Massive caves dug and stockpiled to support about 300,000 people. (That would be 1 in 1000 of the US population. Anyone over 50 would be excluded unless they had critical skills.)

Space Ark: Much smaller version of the Enclaves - smaller because of the cost and time to get everything into space.

WW III: Prior to impact the superpowers of the Earth orchestrated political strife and militant sabre rattling as a prelude to nuclear war. However, the true targets of the warheads would be incoming remnants of the asteroids and meteors. The downside was that the debris that rained down would be contaminated. So prior to the final moments, the PBS issued warnings to evacuate to shelters. Months before people began a program to teach stockpiling for pandemics and war. So we were a little prepared.

The Apocalypse
The death toll was catastrophic. Noone knows about the secret government plans. The survivors scattered across the globe were few and far between. Over 90% of the human race was dead in a month.

You are one of the survivors. One aid to survival was cryogenic suspension. The science was in its infancy and very unreliable for so many reasons. And the probability of revival was slim - for similar reasons. It was supposedly made reliable in 2035. But odds were it was a crap shoot when Schumacher’s Anomaly passed by.

The year is 2184, almost 150 years after Skydark. The current population of the planet is about 187.5 million. This means there are about just over 8 million people left in the USA. Most of the population lives above a 2000 foot elevation. It took about 4 years for the first vegetation to take root in the lower elevations or in areas where the volcanic ash was over a foot deep (300 mm). It took well over a century for the process of recovery to restore life.

Life on Earth has begun to evolve and mutate. It is adapting to the new conditions. Sometimes this means horrific lifeforms with an alien design to them. Oh the life is Terran, just mutated to something new and deadly. Some humans have also shown signs of mutation, having survived infection and giving birth to children.

For the 8.2 million survivors NOT from the Enclaves most live in primitive conditions, using whatever remains of their bunkers. The CME destroyed the generators in most such bunkers. Only those with luxury bunkers, people with government and military connections that provided them with state of the art systems or true nuclear bunkers able to withstand the CME, may have come out of the apocalypse with something resembling technology. But they have to safeguard what they have from everyone else.

You were a survivalist with connections. You had the means to afford a nuclear bunker with a cryogenic unit. When things started to get very bad you returned home and got ready to bunker down.

Soldier, Scientist, Doctor. You have at least some skill set that will help you in the new world. As I am aiming for a relatively young age (mid 20’s) you need not have completed your education.

Feel free to stock your bunker. Weapons, ammunition, food, etc.

I plan to run survivors already out in the world. Alternatively, I could be part of a small team that discovers your bunker and awakens you.
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Folks, I already have a version of this running. I try not to have multiple versions going at the same time to prevent getting threads mixed up.

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