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Overlording like a boss.
Guys, an important question before I timeskip tomorrow.

Where are your teams the night after the exam? They should be together, and wherever they go to celebrate passing, rather important ya think of what it is. Normally don't care about everyday posts. Trust me on this :D


Overlording like a boss.
@Spemout - Burning house rule, haven't seen you for a month, so going to assume you're out.

@yoshua171 @Retro-Grey Warnings. At least tell us your alive or bored IC or something to let us know your alive. We've seen you since Specs, so there's that. Ya got til the end of the week.


Overlording like a boss.
Thank you. you might have to fill me in though.
So far we've had a few missions for the genin, and hints of the bad guy. You have to read the Intro for info on him. Basically someone who's been gathering the Bijuu. Not sealed, they are still wandering around.
This last arc though, shit hit the fan. There was a chunnin exam that got interupted by the Mist attacking. We're in the middle of the invasion. It's been going badly.

* Hospital got bombed
* Hokage's delayed fighting a villain
* Mizukage is rampaging.
* Two squads got beat up by a swordsman, just got saved
* One squad is fighting an experiment Kaguya (bone person)
* And one squad is going to rescue med nin in the hospital

And we're still fighting. Hoping to wrap up here soon.


Overlording like a boss.
Well, congrats all, we finished what's probably the hardest arc to do. Ugh it was a pain in the ass, now we can get back to fun stuff, like revenge.

First, time skip, you'll have about 3 weeks to train, heal, and do what you need to. So what do you get for this training?

Next, the ceiling cap for any single stat is now 12. You get 5 stats, put them where you will. Also, if you were working on a B-rank jutsu, it is now complete. If you weren't, oh well, you already got your 2 jutsu.
Everyone also gets a shiny new C-rank jutsu.

As far as story impact, its up to you what happened, but these are absolutes:

All MAJOR clans got looted. If you belong to a major clan, your house is in shambles. If its not, we're assuming its not a big clan and was out the way.

Hokage is hospitalized.

Mist VILLAGE is destroyed. They have ninja but no home. War's a bit on hiatus due to this, though its by no means over. Bijuu done it.

Yoake is basically Akatsuki. They have a group of bandits working with them called Akai Kyodai.

So do with the time skip what you will. Good job all.

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