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Hi ya’ll! I’ve been craving a good OHSHC roleplay lately! I went through a period where I wasn’t very active, so i am looking for new partners to start up with!

Looking for someone who:

does ocxcanon


is over 18

writes at least a paragraph

matches length for each side

is at least semi active

up to plot and brainstorm!

I am ghost friendly! I am *usually* active daily, multiple times a day, but every now and then may go a few days off the radar. I don’t mind messages checking in and usually will do the same just to see if my partner Is okay! But I won’t hound you and appreciate the same courtesy.

I am okay with any gendered ships. I love drama, angst, love triangles, etc etc! I wouldn’t mind doing canon canon for your side if desired. I like to pair my oc with HIkaru.

Any other details we can work out together! Please message me if you’re interested :)

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