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Dice Our Shenanigans


Silly artist
- Isa Bianchi -
“Next day, beach”

Being squeezed, Isa quietly hummed. Then he chuckled as lips found his sweaty and warm forehead over and over again. His flushed cheeks turned redder as he was pulled closer, teals staring back at his indigo blues before krinkling in his happy sleepy smile. He kissed back, weakly reaching up to comb his slightly longer hair.

Deepening the more awake Moss became, leaving Isa breathless. He leaned in the soothing hand, pleasantly chilled compared to the warm fever he has. It’s better compared to yesterday. “Go-good morning, Moss.” He muttered, hugging the merman as he felt the same cooling hand slip under his shirt to rub his back. He saw the surprised expression and raised a brow. Chuckling.

”Less achy. Not as sore. Is something wrong with my back?”



Haiku Hitman
- Moss Adamaris -

"No, your back is good. It's just new to not feel scars, I'm used to scars." he touched his back again, then smiled. "But I'm happy they're gone. No more itchiness, no more poison." he nuzzled his feverish forehead. Then Moss went to caring mode, reaching into his backpack to get a cloth, freeze it a little, then drape it over Isa's forehead. He was still sick from the cleansing. "Do you want me to make breakfast now, Isa? Unfortunately, I'm not going to make you any fries. Something healthy with vegetables and cool fruits instead, maybe some chicken soup."

That morning and the next few days, Moss nursed Isa back to health. He didn't leave his side, as they walked along the beach, talking, joking around, cooking together, asking if Isa could teach him how to ride Smoky again.

Moss will admit it. He didn't want to leave him. He didn't want this to end. Until the guilt of his friends still in misery called to him, and Moss could not bear to stay any longer. He was torn, torn in two, and trying to be cheerful he burst into tears, sobbing and hugging Isa, wishing things were different, telling him his fears all over again and how he'll miss him.

It was a sad day. All he wanted to do was hold Isa and never let him go. But eventually with a heavy heart he did. Though he ran back and leapt into his arms and kissed him with so much longing and tenderness it hurt.

That day, after packing days worth of delicious food Isa just needs to heat up, making sure the man was alright and had everything he needed to be okay and warm for his journey, Moss took to the sea. He did not tell Isa where he was going, only that his route was to the east.

And that was the last Isa saw him. He didn't hear any ley messages from him as autumn turned to winter. Until the biker rode one blizzard night into the merry fortress of Sanctuary.



Silly artist
- Isa Bianchi -

“Tell me about it. I’m still not used seeing peach skin color on my hands.” Isa whispered, nuzzling back dazedly. He hummed curiously as Moss searched one his bag, only to sigh pleasantly from the soothing cold cloth on his forehead. He listened to the merman and playfully rolled his eyes. “Okay, mother. I’ll eat healthy foods.” He teased, resulting a soft hit from a rolled sleeping bag.

That morning and few days, Isa was looked after by Moss. Little by little, the redhead felt better. Strong enough to walk beside the merman on the beach’s shore and finally got to teach him to how to ride Smoky. Teasing. Cooking together. Talking. It was peaceful, but he knew it wouldn’t last.

Isa admitted it. He didn’t want to go. He wants to follow Moss and help him with his quest . . . But there’s something that he must do on his own. When he saw the merman try to be cheerful and failing, bursting in tears, Isa sobbed. Hugging him back and squeezing him as tight as he could, saying ‘I‘ll miss you too!!‘, confessing that he tried to stay calm when in reality, he was scared of losing Moss to someone else too. He couldn’t hold it back, not this time. He can’t be cheerful either nor calm. He’s about to lose the one person who made him feel like he was at home!

As he watched Moss go, leaning on his bike, the redhead was about to leave. Only to be tackled by Moss and hugged him back. Kissing, pouring his adoration and tenderness with each touch, each hug, each squeeze; it hurt. His heart is aching, crying out to stay with him....but he knew better.

After they made sure the other will be okay, Isa checked off his items will be waterproof—- secretly tucking a trauma kit and a note in his bag—, and reminded him that the spirits will always watch over him. He just needs to ask for guidance, should he need it. The redhead kissed Moss one last time before he dived in the ocean. That was the last he saw of Moss. Taking a deep breath, he sat on Smoky and rode out of the beach. Unable to stop his tears falling.

Nights became lonely for Isa, missing the one who caught his heart. Whenever he saw snow, he’d start humming the song the merman sang before. A reminder to finish his quest within two years. Just as promised, no leyline messages. He honestly believed he will not see Moss anytime soon...

but he was wrong as he and the merman arrived at the same blistering and freezing place called Sanctuary.


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