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Fantasy Our Now Strange World Lore



Dame of the Moon's Darkness
You can have almost any kind of power, but you may only select one. Now there are a few that aren't allowed that are listed below. This very well may not be all of the powers I won't allow but these are the ones that came to mind first. If you feel your power may be questionable, ask and I will let you know.

1. Shifting into a human - Just doesn't fit.

2. Mulpitle Shifting abilities - Pick only one other creature your wolf can shift to.

3. Time powers - These get abused, becoming OP.

4. Full Mind or Body Control - These get abused, becoming OP.

5. Animal Control - I can see this getting out of hand.

6. Invincibility or Invulnerability - No one likes characters that can't get hurt or die.

7. Power Mimicry or Power Stealing - Once again can get out of hand.

8. Physical Body Duplication - This doesn't apply to illusion powers as long as the illusion isn't tangible.

9. Any Kind of Dimension or Void power - Major OP.

10. Radiation Powers - Major OP.

11. Pain Infliction - Causing someone crippling pain without even touching them is major OP.

12. Summoning the Dead - Major nope

13. Gravity Control - Often abused, becoming OP.

14. Blood Control - Abused, becomes OP.

15. Size shifting - Gets out of control way too quickly.

16. Lifeforce Draining - Once again, too OP.

As was said before they have just gotten their paws on these powers, so it is highly likely for accidents to occur in the first month of them having their powers. Now, if you wish to cause a major accident that could lead to them needing to move out of the area. Ask me first, because I am up for that kind of idea, but I don't want it simply done without notifying everyone else.

You can have odd-colored coat patterns, but please keep them naturalish colors, like, tan, brown, black, white, silver, goldish, reddish(ginger wolves). Now if you want, you are allowed to change the color of their eyes to say match their power or just if you want it to change due to the effects of power gain. I don't have a care in the world as to what color you make your wolf's eyes.

The World
The Earth is now nothing but ruins, the moon crashing into it having destroyed almost half the world. Not to mention the effects that it had weather-wise. Sadly normal seasons are no longer a thing and the weather could shift from sunny and bright to cold and blizzardy in a matter of minutes.

Predators - The other predators in the world have been kicked into high gear on the aggressive side, they attack even when not provoked. This includes coyotes, snakes, bears, mountain lions, foxes, lynxes, tigers, even hawks, eagles, and other large birds of prey. The wolves seem to be the only ones that stayed normal.​

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