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Realistic or Modern Our Haunted Town

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Shannon Trevor

One Thousand Club

On name and first impressions alone, the town may seem like it's the ideal slice of Americana. White picket fences, an ice cream parlor filled with local teenagers and a movie drive-in still open for business

Beneath the surface however, the town has a corrupt and seedy underbelly. Smugglers, swindlers and ner' do wells have their own agendas and if you care to look a little harder, you'll see that something isn't quite right in Hopefield.

The average citizen may even acknowledge it, every town has its share of mystery and urban legend after all, but there's something beneath Hopefield's facade that is getting harder to ignore.

Hauntings, spectres in the night, creatures in the woods and unexplained disappearances have almost become a fact of life in Hopefield.

Rachel Porter; journalist, author, would-be amateur detective and Hopefield native has a keener interest in these stories than most. A sceptic of anything remotely paranormal, she has now taken matters into her own hands and decided to get to the bottom of the Hopefield Mysteries.

Despite the abundance of villains, shady landowners, would-be ghosts, creatures and the occassional old man in a Halloween costume, this is a lighthearted rp, in the vein of the old Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew books.

I'm looking for someone to partner with Rachel in her investigations.

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