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the morning after.
Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 2.38.02 pm.png What do you get Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 2.37.52 pm.pngwhen a mouthy socialite pisses off the parents that fund everything in their life? Cut off. You get cut off. That’s exactly what happened to Minsu and despite the immediate apologies and overdramatic pleading, it was set in stone.

“I can’t pay for this apartment. How am I supposed to pay for this without any money?”

His father scoffed. “ Like anyone else. Get a roommate. “

A roommate? 畜生 ! This apartment has SIX rooms. Then it dawned on him. . . he'd just apply for five roommates. Six strangers living under one roof? Did it sound miserable and potentially chaotic? Yes. Did he need the money in order to keep this part of their lifestyle?
Ugh, yes.

sacclothe; sacclothe; ` s and eIixir eIixir ` s plot.

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the morning after.
the party.

The sun is setting and the temperature in the air is cooling down; 5:45 p.m. The Bomdong building ( named after a springtime cabbage ) is hosting a Halloween party with three major celebration locations: the rooftop, the front yard and room 201.

Who would’ve thought that Bomdong could look anything but inviting. Lather it in a swath of spooky ambiance, tacky cotton spiderwebs and badly carved pumpkins and you’ve got a... still rather un-terrifying apartment building. But Bomdong isn’t without its mystery and fright. Tenants with lies and secrets that bite.
Enjoy yourselves at tonight's party.

ꕥ ROOM 201
Decorated by the tenants currently living there and hosted by Minsu. Their apartment theme? Haunted Fairy Forest. An amalgam of greens, browns, plants and dark fairy lights, ropes, vines and fae-esque trinkets, sparkles and decor littering the room. A soft, haunting tune plays in one of the back rooms. [
활동 : drinking games. secret note game. truth or dare, halloween edition. spin the bottle. ]

Decorated to suit the theme of Mt. Olympus. Ivory. Golds. Silvers. Light pinks. Outside of the residents, a pair of strange men who don’t live in the building have been loitering around, giving off a strange aura. Without knowing that they aren’t someone’s guests, no one can comfortably ask them to leave.

Decorations inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Hanging clocks and lights, red + black and nods to card suits. This area is sure to attract the attention of those passing by on their way to the Itaewon festival. Trick of treat.

sacclothe; sacclothe; ` s.

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caffeinated chaos
mood = curious & a little nostalgic but shh, don't tell.
location = the rooftop of apt 201.
outfit = click me!
tags = none yet.

It’s unsurprising, really, that Aleks has gravitated to the rooftop. The decorations were of less interest to her than the place itself — turning her chin to an unforgiving sky and feeling the reverberating hum of all that was going down below. Tonight, that hum was fervent. Perhaps that was it. What her more artistically inclined roommates planned was a nice touch, full of pastel royalty or clock-timed cards, but she knew such semantics would fall far short of the most riveting thing to happen tonight.

She blinked, slow and patient. The pair of strangers across the way had made themselves comfortable, it seemed. Aleks, for her part, had said nothing, but she had also been watching them warily. Small graces? It wouldn’t be fair of her to presume who they were, after all. In due time, some half-formed acquaintance of hers could come in and chat up a storm, dispelling a good few of her suspicions and making a headache begin to form.

Speaking of, there was already some faint chatter from downstairs. Aleks wrinkled her nose at the sound, breaking her line of sight with the strangers to observe the skyline. Itaewon was a cityscape at its core, lit up bright with square-topped buildings, and even now, the urban ambiance laid a fog over it all.

Kharkiv had been full of trees, and there were rivers and circular plazas, but getting sentimental would do her no good. Aleks looked back to what was (apparently) meant to be a mythos-tinged area. The men were still there, like puzzle pieces from the wrong jigsaw. Deciding that ignorance was the lesser evil, she rolled her eyes and hopped forward from where she had been standing by the railing, making her way to a table covered in golden-edged fabric.

“More accessories?” She said, mostly talking to herself. “Everyone’s dressing up already, what’s this for.” A spider ring, a childish-looking crown, some decorated headbands — all fitting, clearly, but Aleks didn’t get the use. Then again, she wasn’t dressed up at all, so perhaps she couldn’t throw any stones.

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the morning after.



seo haru.





the front yard.





There was so much to love about Halloween in Itaewon. A club on every corner with themed celebrations, the buzzing festival, beautiful strangers in costumes, and of course, the alcohol. Haru only cared about the last point; hanging around intoxicated bodies lead to the unexpected. She had lived there long enough to know that most people who came in and out of the building carried secrets. Tucked away in corners or spread across the roofs of their mouths, waiting to be tasted. Where there were no secrets, she was willing to create them.

She stepped outside of the building, her box in hand, and sat down on the nearest set of steps, the lights she put up the previous morning compensating for the setting sun. The cold bit at her fingers...and the rest of her, and she considered if the bare shoulder was a bit much, as if that exposed piece of flesh was somehow more inviting of the cold than any other. Haru was never particularly connected to her body, always in her head, or not there at all, so it was no wonder her logic was suffering.

The box, previously used by little Haru as a piggy bank, was something she found upon rearranging the apartment for the nth time. A couple of coins still rattled at the bottom; she never did end up finding the key to the tiny padlock. Now, it was the instrument of her latest project.

Shaking the box upside down sent several notes onto her lap, a few on the steps beside her, threatening to escape with the autumn breeze. Her disappointment over the first she unravelled absorbed her enough to steal away any awareness that was there. She didn’t notice the few rolling down the stairs, or the fact that she was completely blocking the path to the entrance, or the distaste her raised brows and cheeks were painting.

She pulled her pen’s cap off with her teeth and let it drop onto her lap before creating her own interpretation of the note. Barely changed, but upgraded. As she ripped the original apart, Haru tried to remember what the recipient looked like.

“The boys in 203 sure do blend into a boring mess. About as distinguishable from each other as court cards in an old deck.” she said, with volume that blurred the line between announcing and whispering.

Not that she regarded herself as anything more impressive, maybe a forgettable two of hearts that suddenly became the golden ticket in games where the Ace could be topped.

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*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

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    Minsu ( sacclothe; sacclothe; )

    ♛ Gown ♕ Scepter

    ~ Apartment 201 ~
    Strut || Kyung-hee's CS File

    Sweet and spooky. Comedic and enchanting. The chill of night and the warmth of lanterns. A series of dichotomous exhistances that no one would question. Halloween held a special place in her heart despite her rarely celebrating the foreign holiday. Kyung-hee aimed her focus on Itaewon when looking for a place specifically for their costume party. There would be no need to wander in to celebrate if she was already at its epicenter. She just never imagined how easy it would be to find a good party.

    Apartment 201 was the place to be indeed. She’d spent the morning preparing the apartment with the others, going wild with her fairy lights. The entire place had to look like a true fantasy forest and she was more than ready to bring it to life. She’d worked hard to even incorporate the theme in her own room as well. Though she had no plans of letting anyone in. The winds whistled and pushed in her curtains. She had left it open but she forgot to set up her fans.

    She pulled the lone floor fan that had been her saving grace for ages back in the dorms. With some proper placements she flicked it on so that the wine-colored curtains were blown out to billow with grandeur. She was lucky that her room overlooked the front yard. They’d taken an alice in wonderland approach and she couldn’t let the opportunity pass her by. She was the Queen of Hearts after all. She grabbed a handful of playing cards and approached her window, careful to not let the fan ruin her pretty updo.

    It took a while but she waited until she saw people approaching. She quickly tossed the cards out of her hand with a smirk. It wasn't a long period of time she spent in the window, she intended to enjoy herself at the party first and foremost. It was tricky to move with the big ballgown but so long as she kept her poise she’d be fine. The scepter was arguably the most annoying part of the costume, but damn if it wasn’t the confidence boost she needed.

    She grabbed the prop on her way out of her room. Blocking off her room was esencial, she didn’t want strangers in her space. Ever. Once she managed the task well enough she wandered to the kitchens intending to get a snack before people started piling in. Well, more people. She arrived just in time to watch her gracious landlord toss a nearly full bottle of booze into the trash.

    “Are you kidding... What pretty boy didn’t meet your fine sensibilities? You planning to supply the booze now?”



*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

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    Aleks ( solarsaphia solarsaphia )

    ✰ Outfit

    ~ Rooftop ~
    The Days When My Mother Was There (ATLUS Kitajoh Remix) || Yeong-gi's CS File

    Yeong-gi had spent the morning with his usual routine waking up earlier than a party boy ever had any right doing. His call to his baby bro had to be bright and early to fit into Ji-young’s schedule. He wasn’t jeopardizing his baby bro’s college studying for anything. Even if he did have a habit of falling back out immediately after. He still was still getting the sleep he needed, just at all the wrong hours. Today was Halloween and he certainly didn’t want to miss that!

    He’d seen the little box with the anonymous letters and couldn’t wait to see his recipient's reaction to his. His grin spread from ear to ear as he started to laugh under his breath too excited to fall back asleep. Instead he stretched out and went about his day. Food, dance, and Halloween preparations! He’d been inspired to make his halloween costume by all the little fuzzy friends Jun-seo kept failing to hide from their landlord.

    He’d settled for a mostly plain but still sexy base with some fluffy cat ears and slapped as many soft furry tails to the outfit as he could stand to drag around. Only downside was that the cats kept batting at them when he walked. He knelt down and stared one dead in the face before shaking his finger in front of its face.

    “Hey hey, respect the Gumiho tails.”

    He received only a little ‘mew’ as a response and sighed. What was he doing talking to a cat? His roommates must be making him even softer. He lifted the kitten up by the scruff of its neck before placing him on the couch and bolting out before the cat could chase his tails again. Hehehe take that.

    Well, making a plan might have helped him with his goal of messing with his roommates but he hadn’t cared enough to think that far ahead. Instead he just followed the sound of the footsteps as he saw people head up to the roof. He saw the regal looking decorations and stood in awe for a second before scanning around to find familiar faces.

    He managed to find one familiar face, one of the foreigners that had moved into the building. Strangely enough she was certainly not celebrating. Wasn’t Halloween big in the states? Or Europe? Actually he had no idea where the girl was from. He slunk up next to her tilting his head in a questioning manner.

    “Where’s your costume foreigner? Idnit big in the st- ...west?”

    His tone stumbled as he tried not to be too obviously unaware of where she was from but failed. He’d known she was fluent enough, probably. But that was the extent of his knowledge of the girl.

cherry lips

𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐚𝐬 𝐢𝐟
Namgung Kyung-Tae
Embarrassment was evident on the doctor’s face as he made his way to his apartment complex, not exactly thrilled by the idea that he was forced to dress up for a silly holiday. He had brought a costume to work as requested by his coworkers but he had been far too shy to actually wear it. But there was no escaping the costume as the nurses forced him to get all dolled up as it would “brighten the patients’ day”. Being a vampire in a hospital wasn’t something Kyung-tae found comforting, but he couldn’t deny the fact that various patients (mostly young women), were very flustered by his appearance. The young man made it through the day though and now only had the hurdle of the apartment complex party to get through.

He wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do at the party as he was someone who usually was dating someone and would stay at home to watch horror movies and have fun on Halloween quietly behind closed doors. Parties weren’t his scene as he never seemed to get drunk enough to let loose and he was always out of the loop when it came to gossip, rumors, and scandals. Still, he was impressed by how committed his neighbors were when he approached the entrance of the place. The front yard had been completely transformed and he felt a bit worried that people might’ve been angry at him for not helping set up decorations.

Running a hand back through his messy black locks, Kyung-tae greeted the few people he recognized and made his way through the apartment to his own residence, desperate to put his briefcase away in the safety of his bedroom. The noise of the party was significantly dulled by the thickness of the doors and walls once he was in his room and was able to put things away where they needed to go. He stopped in the bathroom in order to fix his hair and reapply a small amount of fake blood to the corner of his mouth, not forgetting to smudge a small portion of it across his lips before he disappeared back out into the party.

Following the crowd, somehow Kyung-tae ended up in apartment 201, which had been turned into a fairy-like wonderland. He was quite impressed with the level of decorations and made a mental note to compliment Minsu when he saw the individual at some point. He didn’t make it far before a girl walked up to him, drinks in hand and a bright smile on her face. The doctor was a bit startled by the forward woman who clearly had liquid courage backing her words, but he still smiled politely and spoke to her in a casual fashion, not minding the mutual flirting that was occurring between them. After all, she was most likely a friend of someone in the building and he didn’t feel like getting in trouble for being rude to a friend of his neighbor. That just spelled bad news.

Although he was curious as to where some of his friends in the complex were located. While he hadn’t spoken to Ahri more than necessary, he was a bit interested in seeing her at some point during the night. Naturally, he wanted to see Minsu, but he was probably going to be the easiest person for him to run into. The one he was most excited to see was probably Jun-seo. Their friendship was quite important to him and he had barely managed to make a proper meal for the guy that morning as he accidentally slept in, so he wanted to have a conversation to make up for the failed morning conversations they had practically every morning.

outfit: 01
mood: a bit nervous
location: apartment 201
tags: n/a
#doctor #loverboy #cutie
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cherry lips

𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐚𝐬 𝐢𝐟
Im Ji-A
Laughter spilled from painted red lips as the group of young adults made their way down the street, alcohol bottles being passed between them, various jokes getting cracked as they excitedly made their way to the third party of the evening. “Yah! Im Ji-a, you never said that your place was going to go all out for Halloween! We should’ve hit here first! What were you thinking, having us drag you to all those other lame parties” The woman that was dressed as Harley Quinn whined as she grabbed onto Ji-a, clearly pouting over the “crazy” party they didn’t hit first. To Ji-a she was more than happy to avoid partying at her complex, especially since things had become quite awkward between her and her landlord. It was very stressful for the woman so she left as soon as she finished helping that morning and didn’t have plans to go back until she was drunk as hell, or it was the next day. But she had carelessly mentioned that her apartment complex was full of pretty good looking people and naturally her friends had to check it out.

“Listen, I already told you guys why I didn’t bring up my apartment party, I didn’t plan on going tonight” She whined right back, but didn’t put up a fight as they passed through the entrance, everyone excitedly giggling as they walked by various people. Ji-a caught a glimpse of the doctor that lived in apartment 204 and quickly made sure to avoid pointing him out as she knew at least one of her friends would pounce on him and probably make things awkward. Instead, she ushered the group of girls inside of the building and attempted to push them past her apartment but failed miserably. As soon as Doyeon saw the open door, she pushed her away inside and naturally caused the rest to follow.

Ji-a silently yelled as she stepped into the place, nervously looking around to make sure she didn’t run straight into Minsu and make things extra weird. She was already aware that people were a bit on edge with her, but she didn’t want to make it worse. Although she was pretty sure that people wouldn’t really notice who she was as her appearance had completely changed from when she left that morning. Her ash blonde hair had been dyed a brilliant green color (not permanent obviously), greyish-blue contacts had been worn, and her regular pastel-colored tattoos had been successfully covered by fake ones to fit her costume.

Her friend Mina had originally planned on going as Harley Quinn with her boyfriend dressed as the Joker but they had broken up earlier that week so Ji-a had dressed as the Joker to help her feel a bit better. She hadn’t wanted to look cheap or like it was a rushed job so she had really worked on her appearance to make it look good. She had been satisfied with the result but she wasn’t particularly thrilled about her neighbors seeing her. She just hoped that if someone noticed they didn’t say anything and just moved on.

“I’m going to get some drinks, just mingle and whatever” Ji-a separated from her friends and made her way into the kitchen, shrugging off her silver jacket as she did so. Upon entering, she immediately saw Minsu and Kyung-hee, which caused her to panic a bit. She didn’t want to make a scene by running away so she tried to keep her head down as she grabbed some alcohol and plastic red cups, just hoping that she didn’t have to get involved in any complicated conversation. Once she was safely out of the kitchen, she returned to the living room area, only to spot one of her friends already chatting up Kyung-tae, after most likely conning some guy out of his drink.

“Yuri already sunk her claws into him huh?” Ji-a laughed a bit as she approached her friends and handed them cups before cracking open the bottles of alcohol. “We have to make sure she doesn’t make a fool of herself because that’s my neighbor and I don’t want him to think I’m friends with weirdos”

“Ji-Ji, I think that’s a little late, I mean I’m sure she’s already made a joke about him being a vampire and that being hot so I don’t think you can escape people thinking you have weird friends”

outfit: xo xo
mood: ready to run away
location: apartment 201
tags: n/a
#singer #flirt #newgirl
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It Is I
❝Nevous but exited❞

front yard


Clark Green

Halloween has finally arrived. Although the holiday was not as widely celebrated in England compared to the states, it was still her favorite time of the year as a child. And still is 5 years into her adulthood. It was the one time of year where it was encouraged to dress however you wanted. Nobody would call it weird or look at you funny as if you had Jam all over your face. You want to be an ax murder who eats children for breakfast? You do that. You want to be a blowup dinosaur that walks funny and does breakdancing on the side? Even better.

Clark chuckled at her thoughts as she finished up her last paragraph for the day. She couldn’t spend too much time on it or else she’d miss the party she had looked forward to ever since she had arrived! Quickly making sure that all of her work was saved, she shut her computer and started getting ready. She had had this outfit planned since last Halloween, and even if she was spending it in a totally different place than her hometown, she was still going to make it the best one yet. She moved here for a reason, and she was going to make the most of every new experience she had. How hard was it to make new friends? She had done it before so she can do it again. Besides, she’s already familiar with at least one person here. With a breath to calm herself down, Clark changed into her pirate attire that would surely be the best of all the costumes. After looking herself up and down in the mirror one last time, she grabbed her hat and headed out into the party.

Even though she did help with some of the decorations in the apartment, and knew what to expect, Clark's mouth still dropped with amazement. The fairy lights were placed just right to give off the best light, and there were so many plants to make the haunted fairy forest dream come true. She followed a line of vines down to a group of soju drinks that looked particularly appetizing after being in her room for most of the day. Funnily enough, you need to get fresh air every once in a while too. 'Wow, I really needed to take care of myself' she thought. After getting a bottle of soju, and acknowledging her angry roommate in the kitchen, she continued to find her way outside. This was a job and half itself because of the burning curiosity of finding out what was making him so angry.

Now, Which way should she go? To the rooftop or the front yard? She decided to go down to the front yard. As she opened the front door, Clark was surprised to see the sea of black and red decorations that seemed to be Alice and Wonderland-themed. She didn’t think they would have put this much effort into the front yard, but here she was. Another thing caught her eye though. A woman dressed as an angel in red, from what she could tell, was sitting on the front steps writing something on a piece of paper. She couldn’t remember if they had met or not, but she believed the woman lived here too.

Clark closed the door behind her and said, “Hey, What are you up to?”
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kenji matsuda

mood | terribly bored.

location | room 201

outfit | click the link!

Parties and holidays aren't really his thing, the number of people that show up is overwhelming, and the decorations are even worse. The decoration is pretty and all, considering how much time and effort his neighbor puts into it, but that doesn't mean he appreciates being greeted with vines and sparkles everywhere. Although he hasn't even checked the decoration outdoors and on the rooftop yet, being holed up in his bedroom for the past few days working on his new art project. But he assumes that it's also full of bright lights everywhere, which are also an annoyance due to the fact that his eyes are getting blinded every time he looks into them.

Grabbing his black robe, which was thrown onto the floor a few days ago whilst he was trying to find a costume in his closet last minute, not wanting to go out and waste his time shopping. Kenji sluggishly put the supposedly Jedi costume on and reconsidered all his life decisions. The only reason he’s even joining the party is because of the alcohol, and the alcohol only. He’s not that dumb to turn down the lovely beverages, even though it might mean that he’ll have to interact with real human beings and the thought alone is terrifying.

Saying goodbye to his peace and quiet, he pulled the robe’s hat up and went out to the party. He was immediately hit by the scent of alcohol, scrunching his nose up in annoyance he looked around, and Kenji could already spot people being intoxicated, and drunk out of their minds already. Pathetic. His mind dreaded back to the main goal, ignoring all the loud voices all around him, and quickly he speed-walked to the kitchen where all the glorious alcohol beverage is.

But upon hearing the voices of a potentially angry landlord and the hot-headed neighbor of his, like the smart person he is, Kenji decided to turn back around and mind his business. It's too early on to get tangled into someone's business, and besides, he'll just steal some drinks off people later, there's no need to risk pissing the landlord off even further.

Strolling around in the living room, he found a few faces that he could recognize, one of them being the doctor in apartment 204, who is talking to another woman yet again, and another being one of his neighbors, Ji-a, or whatever her name was. Tuning into her conversation with her friends, which is not eavesdropping at all, he’s just collecting information. And it turned out, that the new girl who the doctor is currently talking to is one of his neighbor's friends. Grabbing a bottle of beverage from her hand, he casually chimed in, Doesn’t the guy already have a fiance?

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Elijah was combing his hair, first to the left and then to the right but eventually deciding that the left side looked much better. He put on white face paint all over his face and pushed the red paint on the sides of his mouth. This year's halloween he was going as a vampire and if he said so himself; he looked pretty good in it too.
The noise from the living room put him in a party mood, being accompanied by a few 'friends', Elijah had not been alone for the last twenty-four hours. He met them at a social event he went to last night, two of them being high fashion models made it only that much better. The other one being II-Sung, his friend who he met in high school, put him at ease for leaving them alone for a few hours.
He came out the bathroom into the living room, showing his outfit releasing a few giggles. 'That looks amazing,' the girls said and II-Sung stuck up his thumb, laughing. 'I could wear this everyday,' Elijah laughs as he turns around and swirls the cape around him. 'You think you can manage keeping it safe for me here?' He asked right after, looking at II-Sung more than the two beautiful strangers who appeared like they needed more than just one good night of sleep.
He nodded giving Elijah the reassuring feeling he had wanted, he waved them goodbye as he dropped the key next to the door on the little coffee table with his favorite snow globe of Itaewon on top of it. He got it from his dad when he was only ten and it is one of the only souvenirs he had never lost or gotten rid of, something that rarely happened.

It was nice to have parties in the apartment, he didn't have to order an uber at the end of the night and had only a few staircases to crawl if he got too drunk. He hobbled down the stairs and checked over each room number, two. . . zero. . . one, there it was. The door was open – decorated with little spider webs everywhere and skeleton hands giving out candy. Elijah loved halloween and loved people who went all out, at the end of the day presentation is everything and this was very well executed. Everything fitted, Elijah didn't knew if he could do it better. Bigger for sure, but not better.

He wormed his way through the decorations as he looked for a table full of drinks but instead bumped into two familiar faces and one he couldn't exactly pin point but was sure he had seen around. Aleks and Yeong-Gi. Elijah knew Yeong-Gi from around the apartment but couldn't exactly recall them ever formally meeting, maybe because when they met it was always in this kind of scene. They had definitely never met at the grocery store. Elijah couldn't help but feel a pinch of jealousy rushing through him but shaking the thought almost immediately again.
As he had not seen Aleks in quite a while Elijah doubted if he should even say hi to her, but as his paranoia kicked in Elijah felt them locking eyes making him impulsively walk up to them and smile as a greeting.
The boy being covered in meters of fur made his smile turn into a grin, his cat ears stood out the most – he looked like every girl from college ever. Aleks on the other hand had not put any effort in her outfit what so ever, she looked just her normal, cute self.
'Luckily you didn't have to put effort in your halloween outfit Aleks, don't you wake up like this?' Elijah told her jokingly as he probably laughed at his joke the hardest, he hoped his joke wouldn't land to harsh on her. Their relationship at the moment was quite complicated, she snarked at him most of the time and Elijah still didn't have a clue what he had done wrong. Or maybe he did a little, but he was not going to bring up the past every other two seconds like she did.
He looked at the guy, Elijah hoped he wasn't trying to get into her pants as this conversation would only make that ten times more awkward. 'I don't think we formally met, I'm Elijah,' he then said sticking out his hand as he looked him up and down. 'Don't be scared by my fangs, they're fake,' he added jokingly again with a grin as he turned around to get a beer from the table and handed them to the other two, hoping they would accept and the party could start.



with aleks and yeong-gi

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a mess

jun-seo kang

mood | curtain call; lighten up

location | front porch -> 201

costume | initial, current
cats: honey, milk, suni, mochi, boba

tag | Haru (@ elixir)
Clark ( Evarius Evarius )

Ah, Halloween. The festive holiday created a certain buzz in the darkened streets of bustling night-time Itaewon, even as the young man turned onto the familiar street leading up to the apartment blocks, people dressed in costume and voices loud with alcohol walked ahead and behind. The buzz was not lost on him.

Jun-seo continued on his memorised walk back "home", despite initially telling himself this place was temporary a year had already passed by without much change, peach soju nestled comfortably in one hand and the other fiddling with the decorative pieces of his costume. This one had not been his own idea. As much as Jun-seo would've loved to spend the day helping his fellow residents decorate their building for the party, he'd been called away to classes and studio practice..... even on Halloween. The moment he'd allowed his tired limbs to drop to the floor of the dance studio, a group of the dance department Noonas appeared excitedly by the door and dragged him down to the arts building where the reason for their excitement laid in wait: a costume. A short few hours had passed since, and with one University costume party down, the dancer remained confused as to what, or who, he was supposed to be dressed as. Oh well, the girls had been happy.

A sudden squeal from the group ahead called Jun-seo's attention, and upon reaching the footpath leading towards the apartment, he understood the surprise. The familiar front yard was decorated in reds and blacks, hanging clocks that roused a mildly perplexed head tilt; what were they going to do with so many clocks afterwards? Giving a small shrug of tired shoulders the young man dressed in black stepped over some of the scattered playing cards and towards the small set of stairs leading up to the front door, the thought of stealing himself a moment alone in the confines of his room felt much more appealing now as the effects of the nearly empty bottle began to fade.

With dark eyes drawn to the few pieces of scattered papers laying over the bottom stairs, Jun-seo lifted his gaze to the slightly familiar dark-haired woman dressed in red, sitting comfortably in the middle. She lived here, that much Jun-seo was certain of, but her name had frustratingly escaped him and pulled a small pout to his glossed lips, he'd prided himself on at least knowing the names of the other residents, and for now blamed the alcohol. Before a word could be uttered however, another woman at the top of the stairs pulled his attention with a soft voice, this one seemed somewhat familiar too, Jun-seo was sure she had moved in recently. A sudden headache at the thought of upholding a conversation with both women drew a small groan from the young man, aching legs pulling his body up the stairs and through to the front door, though he at least managed a slight wave and dredged up a bubbly smile in form of greeting.

Finally. As the bedroom door pulled closed behind him Jun-seo released a breath and slumped towards his unmade bed, eyes begging to fall shut and get some rest before throwing himself out to the party. Of course, Jun-seo would not be getting what he craved. A shrill meow sounded from beside his soft pillow and not a second later the soft touch of a furry head brushing against his smushed cheek. Another sigh and the sleep deprived, over-stressed student slowly rose to sit up amongst his bundles of blankets - courtesy of the cooling weather. "I know, I know, I'm going", his soft tone of voice called the other felines from wherever they'd been napping, obediently finding their way to Jun-seo's socked feet. It was time to party, it was not time to mope and wallow. Unable to help the smile rising to his lips, Junseo glanced around at his feline companions with a spark of excitement - costume time!

It didn't take long for him to be standing before his tall mirror, his reflection clad in white silk & lace staring back at him, feathered wings almost heavy on his shoulders. He was scrunitising, a bad habit Jun-seo knew, but one hard to shake. Instead of releasing the sigh, Jun-seo straightened his slumped form and pushed his slightly broad shoulders back, chin lifting with a lazy smile, practised with ease. Jun-seo was a good dancer, he knew, but he too had almost practised to perfection the art of playing a part; earlier a diligent student, a tired drunk, and now the bubbly party-goer. Another perfectly timed meow had Jun-seo huffing out an affectionate laugh, bending to gently run his nimble fingers through the soft fur of the ginger feline. It was comforting, the knowledge that there were five little companions running around constantly aware of how he was feeling and when exactly he needed a touch of warmth. "Oh what on earth would I do without you", Jun-seo muttered in a soft voice to the rumbling purr of Honey at his feet.

Alas Jun-seo finally pulled open the door and dragged his feet out into the hallway, lean body circling around strangers as he moved towards another opened door, the familiar buzz of excitement climbing slowly through his veins as the noise & liveliness of the party began to fall over him, snuffing out the earlier anxiety. The young angel couldn't help but to gape as he came to stand in the entrance way of apartment 201, the shine of the overhanging fairy lights reflecting as sparkles in his chocolate brown eyes. It was absolutely, simply just .... beautiful. Jun-seo was sure he currently resembled a young child standing in the centre of Lotte World for the first time, in awe of the hardwork his fellow tenants had put in to completely transform the apartment. A sudden pout pulled on his plump lips - they would have to clean it all in the morning.

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