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For me, I do a number of things. Fishing, sometimes hunting, sometimes shooting. I don’t typically get to hunt or shoot because it’s too populated around me, and I have nowhere to shoot. Nor do I want to pay for an indoor range, because that can be expensive on top of the ammo you most certainly will need to buy.

When I’m not doing that, I’m probably trying, or rather attempting, to make music. I never had a formal musical education, but I have apps I play around with to see what I can come up with. It’s certainly not what I hear in my head, but I try.

Memes are another. I try finding as many memes as I can, especially the offensive ones. The memes I find typically intertwine with my political views too, which politics are another thing I enjoy, but not on here. I keep them away, more or less, from here.

While I’m not doing it now, I’m going to be moving (most likely) to a Rocky Mountain state. When I do, I plan on doing a lot of hiking and mountain climbing, as well as backcountry hikes and hunts. That’s something I’m dying to do.

When I get bored, I also sometimes research things I’m interested in. Or I try fixing stuff, or taking things apart. I need to be doing something with my hands, or else I get painfully bored.

But that’s about it, I think. I’m probably forgetting something.


you had me at whiskey
Cigars, writing (sometimes), watching youtube--including political commentary, history, GTA RP, and food reviews.


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shitposting and attempting to be more majestic. I've found it difficult: I'm already as pretty as a glittering waterfall in a lush golden oasis.


Video games, drawing, cosplay... aaand I wish had time to enjoy other stuff, but I find it hard to balance my current hobbies already, so aside from roleplaying I only have 3 others and nothing else.

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