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Realistic/Modern [OSV] "Our Small Victory"


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Browse the miscellaenous accessories aisle.

On one hand, guns makes sense because our powers give us an advantage at long range. We can shoot while deflecting the other’s projectiles. Also, we use guns since the beginning. Also sniper rifles are awesome.

But to play the devil’s advocate, our power is our weapon. Accessories can save our ass even when we are not in combat, like a device that heals or allows us to be undetected. It is the option that has the most chances of containing non-lethal devices, along with the blunt weapons. This could give us more options, like interrogations and conversions to our side. That is why we should take a miscellaneous accessory.


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Browse the ranged weapons aisle.
At first I was thinking we go grab ourselves a sword, but then folks are saying that guns are more Eryn's style. So okay.
They should just give us a handgun, because those things kill people, and that's exactly what we need.
(I'm disappointed the mindset graph isn't being affected.)
Browse the ranged weapons aisle.

Doctor Nope

The Geodoodle

"Our Small Victory"

Location: Heroes' Workshop, Time: 10:50AM

Since he'd been using guns in his two previous battles to some success, he figured that he may as well continue to do so despite a lack of skill. At the end of the aisle he saw Robin, who must have come from the miscellaneous aisle, discussing something with the ranged aisle's supervisor. In the aisle itself, he browsed a few ranged weapons that weren't exactly conventional. If he wanted a regular firearm, he could just get one from his dad. While browsing, the main items that stuck out to him were as follows:

"Taser Bow"
A bow able to fold into a compact form. Using the accompanying eyepiece, which can fit multiple lense shapes, the user selects up to 7 targets before firing a red energy node at the centre target. The target is electrocuted by the node, which at the same time sends out its own electrical beams to tether the other targets, electrocuting and restraining all 7 adversaries simultaneously. Typical range of up to 30 meters. Each charge cycle provides 20 shots, and recharging takes an entire night. The bow can be used as a sturdy melee weapon in an emergency.

"Concussive Pistol"
A handgun that fires blasts of concussive force at the opponent, capable of breaking bones upon impact and of sending adversaries flying up to 10 meters. The size of the "iris" at the front of the barrel can be adjusted with a dial on the side, allowing for both precise and concentrated blasts, or high spread blasts with less force behind them but are harder to miss with and can hit multiple opponents. The pistol draws in heat from it's surroundings to convert to kinetic energy for each shot, the amount of which can be decided by how long the user charges it by holding down the trigger (a standard trigger pull will knock a regular person over and cause rib fractures).

"Flash-freeze gun"
Fires a quick beam of energy that instantly freezes a maximum area of 3 Square-meters upon impact. Heat removed from the frozen area is exhausted from the sides of the barrel after every shot. Like the Taser Bow, it can be recharged overnight with each charge cycle providing 25 shots. Target area size is adjustable.

"Sniper Railgun"
A handheld railgun designed for long range combat, with a range of 600 meters. The rounds are capable of tearing through tanks. A single magazine holds 10 rounds, and the gun comes with 5 spare magazines. Specialised ammunition is required, which won't be available at most gun stores. Extra ammunition can be aquired from the workshop at any time.

New weapon time

Sniper Railgun.
Flash-freeze gun.

Concussive Pistol.
Taser Bow.

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Hey, Erin, do you want a weapon that can shoot through anything and everything a mile away? Who cares about what's behind your target when you've holding A BIG, FUCKING RAILGUN in your hands, right?

But of course, we should consider our more sensible options first.
Concussive Pistol - So, there's no restrictions on ammo? You can change how the weapon fires on the go? And there's no implied delay between shots? Well, alright then, I'm gonna spray this corridor down while the others make their way around.
Flash-freeze gun - This is way faster than just emptying a bag of marbles on the ground, isn't it? You could shoot someone with it, but the bad guys are sure to have a hard time running across a frozen sheet of ice. A little utility like that can do a lot in a pinch.
Taser Bow
This is the latest advancement in putting bad guys out of business. It's the most ideal weapon for when you're in a real bind and need something that'll keep an entire group off your back. It may even be useful for, say, restraining red, spiky monsters that try to attack you in your home.

Besides, I think we already have enough guns at our house anyways.


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Too bad Eryn can't just use one of his dad's guns. Oh well. Now let's see...

The Sniper Railgun seems extremely powerful, but maybe it's a bit overkill. I'm not sure that Eryn can actually wield it with ease, anyway.

Flash-freeze gun does not appeal to me. Ice has proven time and time again to be ineffective against villains, so that's a no.

Taser Bow: How is anyone supposed to hold this?

(That was a rhetorical question dont answer it mate)

Now the Concussive Pistol seems like a winner to me. Mainly because of how basic it is and how practical it could still be. Concussions hurt. Bones will be broken. Pain slows down people, unless adrenaline comes into play but I'll just forget about that.


Probably a Malkavian
Taser Bow.

Looking for a non-lethal weapon? There we go. Also, we are probably going to fight again with creatures like the one from the night. We can cause a lot of short circuits with this bad boy. Also it would be useful if we are cornered, as it can touch multiple targets at the same time.
Taser bow

Doctor Nope

The Geodoodle

"Our Small Victory"

Location: Heroes' Workshop, Time: 10:55AM

Eryn picked up the taser bow, which folded away into a neat messenger-bag looking thing that he could wear over his shoulder. There were various available eye-pieces, so he took the one that could fit directly onto his left goggle lense. A HUD appeared in his vision, which he was able to control by moving his pupils and winking. It was an odd experience and he was a little slow with it, but he'd get the hang of it soon enough. Moments after he minimised it, he saw Robin approaching him.

"Hey, nice bag! I didn't know those counted as ranged weapons..."
"Thanks. It holds the tormented souls of my fallen foes."
"So, what'd you get?"
"An auto-medkit from miscellaenous, but I also talked to the main dude in charge of ranged weapons, and he's gonna make something custom for me! I want my powers to actually be useful, instead of having to rely on a tool, so we're figuring out some way of amplifying them."
"Oh, that actually sounds pretty interest--"
"Oh, there you are!"

Eryn turned around and saw a girl running up to them. Her snake-eyes style visor was the only part of her mask alongside her LED cat-ear headphones, leaving her mouth exposed. She wore a long, white jacket that had a large collar that was folded up, along with an oversized orange scarf that acted as two thin capes trailing her, and had bleach blonde hair tied in a ponytail. She doubled over, out of breath.

"You're Ecto, right?"
"Of course you are, you're the hero with the most media coverage right now, considering that you're literally the ONLY officially active hero right now alongside Aegis. Although, I'm not sure why everyone reacted to her walking in and not you.."
"Aegis is a regular attendant here, so we've been more concerned with her safety than his."

Dammit, how many more people do I have to talk to today?

The new voice came from someone at the end of the aisle, half hiding behind it. They were wearing a dark leather coat and a jack-o-lantern helmet. The helmet's face was glowing green instead of the typical flame-orange, and the holes were emitting a green mist.

"Yeah, that's Jack-O-Lite by the way. If we're all using our made up names, though, I'm Kumori."

Eryn felt his social energy depleting by the second.

"U h u h"
"That being said, your costume needs some work if you want to keep your identity safe, Eryn."
"Yeah, yeah, I'll sort it out--- WAIT, WHAT?"
"Listen man, I was there when that fire broke out at school. You dissapear and then suddenly a shabby looking hero appears wearing the exact same pants and shoes? You're lucky that basically nobody pays enough attention to you to notice." Eryn heard Robin chuckling at that last line. "You're no better, Robin. A ski mask isn't nearly enough."

"GOD DAMMIT!" Robin yanked off his mask and chucked it onto the floor.

"Indeed. Ecto, you may have one-upped us all by being willing to act in the open mere seconds after an alert was sent out, but you are still severely lacking in focus."
"Uh..yeah, I get it, I--"

Jack-O-Lite walked out fully from behind the aisle, revealing a broom being balanced on the index finger of his newly visible hand.

W h a t ? ?

"To prove to myself that I can at least trump you in focus, I have made it my personal task to never let this broom fall, no matter what!"

W h a t i s w r o n g w i t h e v e r y o n e ? ? ? ?

"He's a little salty about you being the one to defy fear and become the first hero return to the public spotlight" Kumori whispered to him.
"Anyway, to cut to the chase, me and Pampkin head here were planning to take down a Werewolf tonight and were hoping you and Aegis could help out. Wanna come?"

"Ugh, sure, whatever..."

"Cool! We were thinking about what time to strike, since they'll be weaker during the day, but since I'm a vampire, I'll be weaker too. I guess it's up to you?"

When will you attack the Werewolf?

Go now.
Ask Sydney.

Go after lunch.
Go at night.

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Probably a Malkavian
Ask Sydney.

She never has a word to say in decisions! We need to change that. She’ll probably say to go now or to go after putting traps everywhere. Trust your partners. Except in school work. You will regret.
Go now.

Doctor Nope

The Geodoodle

"Our Small Victory"

Location: Heroes' Workshop, Time: 11:00AM

"Let's get it over with right away, I guess."
Eryn headed over to the bladed weapons aisle and saw Sydney, who was still browsing the swords. She now had a more robust looking sheath at her side, which held two swords in it.
"Hey, Aegis! We're going to fight a werewolf!" He called out to her.
"A were-what-now?"
"I said what I said."
"..Cool," she rejoined the group and took a look at the two new arrivals, then whispered to Eryn. "Why's he got a broom on his finger though?"
"Something about focus, I dunno, wasn't really focused on social interaction." He whispered back. He heard a brief, annoyed grunt coming from Jack-O-Lite.
"Of course you weren't.."

They went to the inventory record keeper, which was a dude at a desk with a notebook, who took note of what they were taking.

Ecto, Ranged, Taser bow.
Aegis, Bladed, Double sheath and Red-Spiral sword.
Jack-O-Lite, Ranged, Gauss Chaingun.
Kumori, Costumer, Self-repairing coat.
Alias-Pending-#42, Miscellaneous, Auto-medkit.
Alias-Pending-#42, Ranged, Custom reservation #212.

After Robin retrieved his ski mask, they headed out.

Location: Streets, Time: 11:10AM

As they walked, Jack-O-Lite and Kumori lead the way to where the Werewolf was supposed to be, with the latter using a parasol since her outfit didn't offer much skin protection to her face. Eryn questioned the practicality of such an outfit for a vampire, but kept his concerns to himself.

"What's the deal with this werewolf dude anyway?"
"Oh, he's a total asshole! One night about a week ago, I was walking home as one does. Then I see a werewolf and a vampire duking it out in the middle of the street, and this werewolf was kicking some ass. The vampire got knocked over to me and then attacked me, drinking my blood to recover and stuff before fucking off into the night in his bat form. The vampire is the most at fault I think, but then this werewolf decided to loot my wallet from my corpse too!"
"Not a shred of dignity from this guy, huh?"
"Nope. Anyway, I woke up as a vampire, had my life ruined, became a superhero, yadda yadda. Pumpkin head over here helped me track the werewolf down recently since they've just been causing a ruckus in general in this area."
"Aye. I specialise in hunting down creatures of the night such as this. Normally I'd be using silver bullets, but I'm gonna try out the new gauss gun for this one. And just as a heads up, this specific enemy seems to have already had illusion abilities before becoming a werewolf."

Eventually they reached a house near a bridge that was used by trains, which casted a shadow over the house. The area looked messy, with litter blowing around everywhere, and poorly maintained roads. The surrounding houses seemed decrepit and abandoned, but the target's house looked fine. In fact, it was the only thing around that seemed like it was being taken care of properly.

"So, Mr. Ecto, do you have a preference for how you do this sort of thing?"

How will you enter? Locks won't be a problem for your powerset.

Bust in through the front door and attack immediately.
Turn the group invisible and sneak in.

Knock and get them to let you in themselves, so you can talk shit to them for a bit.
Have different people enter simultaneously from different entrances, cornering the target.



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Have different people enter simultaneously from different entrances, cornering the target. Strategy seems to be our strong suit. Not to mention that this it’s an effective method for a 5v1, all the others they’ll just run.

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edit: choice changed from orange to blue
Knock and get them to let you in themselves, so you can talk shit to them for a bit.
I planned on choosing blue, but for a different reason: there's no Suplex Stan to deflect our insults this time.
Still, there's no denying the soundness in Pryno's reasoning here.
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Probably a Malkavian
Knock and get them to let you in themselves, so you can talk shit to them for a bit.

It’s not as dumb as it sounds. Those who have played D&D know this mantra by heart: never split the party. We may have cellphones, but wifi is not guaranteed, especially in a remote location like this one. If we are left without an efficient way to communicate in enemy territory, he can just hunt us one by one. Especially if he can mess with our mind. He could make us attack each others, lure us into traps, etc.

I doubt that we can take him by surprise with invisibility: wolves can hear and smell better than humans.

That leaves us with the blue and the red option. Put yourself in the werewolf’s skin: Kumori hunted his traces for a week, but the guy himself has no freaking clue that he has a target on his back. Will a bunch of teenagers and a vampire arise his suspicions? Certainly. It’s still the option that will give us the most chances of surprising him.


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Knock and get them to let you in themselves, so you can talk shit to them for a bit.
"Knock knock. Who's there? Fuck you." Sorry, didn't have anything more witty to say.
Knock and get them to let you in themselves, so you can talk shit to them for a bit.

Doctor Nope

The Geodoodle

"Our Small Victory"

Location: Werewolf Town, Time: 11:30AM

Eryn walked up to the door and simply knocked on it.
"I seriously doubt that's going to work. Why would THAT be the first idea you'd want to go wi-"
"It's open, come in," an echoing voice from within the house called. Jack-O-Lite groaned as Eryn chuckled to himself and opened the door.

In the middle of the hallway immediately after the front door, was a man sitting in a chair wearing a nicely tailored tuxedo. He was mostly obscured by shadow, but his glowing red eyes were clearly visible. Eryn noticed a distinct cold breeze in the house, despite having intact walls. He was unnerved until he saw 2D purple letters floating around the man, specifically the japanese "" being spammed. This illusion wasn't even trying to disguise itself. Eryn rolled his eyes from behind his goggles and stepped inside fully.

"What, are you a goddamn Dio rip-off now? You know that shit looks stupid in real life, right?"
"No, I just thought they looked cool-"
"Then why are you acting like a generic-ass vampire too, Mr. Not-a-Dio-rip-off? You're a WEREWOLF, right? What's with the freaking tux!?" Eryn began to slowly approach the man.
"I just like dressing forma-"
"And would it kill you to turn a light on? What's with the breeze, anyway? Did you cheap out on home maintenance?"
"Please stop interrup-"

When Eryn got close, he realised that he wasn't detecting any kinetic energy coming from the werewolf, not from breathing nor from even a heartbeat. He motioned for the others to approach and stepped back. Instead of calling him out on it immediately, he allowed the others to talk to the illusion while he discretely tried to find the target's real location using TK Sonar.

"What are you kids doing here anyway? I'm laying low and minding my own business here!"
"That explains why you tried to steal the key to a safe at the local bank, huh?"
"Oh? And what evidence is there of that?"
"Well, before you stole the key, I swapped it with a banana with my initials carved into it! A banana that you, for some reason, have proudly displayed in your flower vase over there!"
"Huh?" Eryn paused his search for a moment to look at where Kumori was pointing. There was indeed a flower vase with a banana inside it, the letters "V.M" carved into it. Eryn and Sydney stifled their lafter, while Robin just let theirs out, and Jack-O-Lite facepalmed. Or, well, pumpkin-palmed. Eryn resumed his search.
"Why'd he keep it!?" Robin asked through his laughter.
"Impressive...but I only expected that."
"Of course he did."
"Oh, I did. I expected you to swap it out with the banana," Eryn's attention was pulled from his search again.
This is about to get way out of hand, isn't it?
"...so, I stole the key BEFORE I stole it,"
Oh God, it is.
"...and hid it inside the banana before closing it back up! You delivered it right to me!" The man then took out a key from his pocket, letting the limited light in the room glint brightly off its edge.
This can't be real. Jack-O-Lite's not even reacting. Did he already know about this!?
"The key that you have, is a fake replica key, that I made!"
Ok that's not too bad.
"Funny you should say that!"
Ah shit, here we go again.
"Because I knew you would make a fake key! So I STOLE the fake key that you made,"
How did I end up like this?
"...and swapped it with the real one!"
Is this universe's punishment to me for all my shit-talking?
"So that when you inevitably swapped the fake one for the real one, you would ultimately put the real one back in its place!"
I'm pretty sure this entire conversation was stolen from a youtube sketch.
"In other words, the one you got from that banana, is the fake one!"
Why am I still here? Just to suffer!?
"And now, we get to kick your ass, Markus 'Wallet-thieving' Ryes!"

Kuromi rushed forward and threw a punch at Markus' head, but it phased through, not surprising Eryn.
"You missed one detail, kid." The illusion faded, revealing that nobody was on the chair. Only a phone that was facetiming Markus, who looked like he was sitting on a bed and talking to a laptop. He wasn't even wearing a Tux, just a dirty t-shirt. Eryn by this time had found his true location, a floor above them.
"I'm not THERE. I've been in a completely different building, CHILLING this whole time! Now you'll NEVER find me!" Sydney turned to Eryn.
"Ecto, can you find the-"
"Ha, Got'em."

Eryn immediately dragged the bed down through the floorboards of the upper level, crashing onto the ground with Markus and his laptop on top of it. Eryn telekinetically pulled Markus towards him, catching him by the neck. His eyes glowed blue, illuminating the area by a substantial amount, as he used continuous telekinesis in order to keep Markus lifted with one arm.
"Completely different building, huh? You've got some nerve trying to pull that after the shitshow you just subjected by poor ears to." Markus' eyes turned red as his fangs started to grow, but was interrupted by a swift bitch slap from Eryn's free hand. The werewolf transformation was completely halted by this, and even reversed.
"And now,"
SLAP. He interrupted another transformation attempt.
"My ears,
SLAP. And another.
"Shall be,"
SLAP. And another.
The final slap was caught by Markus, whose face was now bright red and starting to bruise. Eryn wasn't exactly tall, especially compared to Markus who now stood up properly, with Eryn now lifted off the ground as he maintained his grip on Markus' neck. As he began to try and telekinetically choke him out, Markus grabbed onto Eryn and immediately attempted to suplex him.


At the last moment before impact, Eryn telekinetically stopped himself from hitting the ground, and instead threw Markus off of him and through the nearest wall before landing himself safely on the ground. Red eyes glowed from the darkness of the room Markus was thrown into.
"I know who YOU are, though, Ecto. Stanford's legacy lives within all of us!"
"You've got to be shitting me..."
Walls of the house began to fade away just like the previous illusions. This place was in fact even more run down than the other houses in the area, which Eryn figured would explain the constant breeze he was feeling earlier.

The fully transformed werewolf broke through the wall to confront the group, leaving an even bigger hole than the one already there. It towered over them, at least 9 feet tall and buff as hell. Its claws and fangs glistened with light reflecting from Eryn's goggles. It confidently strode towards them.

Here he comes.

Collapse the roof on it.
Bind its limbs using the taser bow.

Use telekinetic joint-locks on it.
Get outside and into a more open area.


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