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Vairo - Scarab


One character per person unless permitted.

Characters have to be different from one another and be unique to the rp! Don't mimic other characters that are still in the rp. Read thought the character sheets to see whose dead or alive to get some idea on what is already there, or just ask in the OOC chat if you have enquiries. (Variety in characters is always good and having multiple characters who are the same as one another will make things stale. Spice it up!)

There is limited spots for new teachers. You will be required to have a Student and be very active to be able to be a teacher. Message @BryonyViolet on enquiries for new teachers.

If you have Discord it would be best to join our server here: Join the Osiria Academy Discord! Discord Server!

Make sure you specify who you are talking to and who is talking! We don't want too much confusion.

Make sure to at least type more then one sentence!

Please try to be active and reply often! (Often means preferably more than once a week)

Please acknowledge other people's interactions with your characters in your postings.

If you would like to stop RPing then tell us in the OOC chat and we will kill you off so to speak.

If you have not replied for a long time you may be sent a message asking if you are still apart of Osiria Academy. If you do not reply to that message within 5 days of it being sent, you will be assumed leaving and killed off accordingly.

Do Not Kill Other Students/Helpers/Staff! (Unless Permitted)

Mods: @BryonyViolet @RoyalPhoenix32 @GrimNight @Ginko The Mushishi

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Vairo - Scarab

Capture 5.PNG < School layout

Dorm room layout v

download.jpg < Osiria Roses

1. Medical Facility/School Nurse: Usually quite big as the last group of graduates had alot of... injured helpers and staff.
2. Principal's Office: Out of bounds unless called or you want a wonderful talk about suspension with Miss Goron.
3. School Counsellors Office: Conveniently close to the Courtyard and Dorms. Would be more convenient if they would replace the missing school counsellor.
4. Cafeteria: Serves a wonderful range of foods including flesh substitutes, blood substitutes, plant based foods and anything of human normalities.
5. Front Office: The worker in there is quite happy to give you your key, uniform and map as long as you don't get lost first.
6. Learning Centre: A place where students and helpers alike can catch up on their schooling or learning about the outside world.
7. The Courtyard: The main hangout for helpers of last generation, but may change with the new enrolled group.
8. Staff Dorms: Also out of bounds if you are a student or helper. The staff need to sleep somewhere.
9. Student Dorms: Home to the many dangerous student here to be rehabilitated or taught about the human world. As seen in middle picture.
10. Helpers Dorms: The many helpers are housed in this dorm. Helpers are like students only, they are here to set an example and aid students as they have or already know how to live in human society. Do note that entering dorms you are not housed in is strictly against the rules. As seen in middle picture.
11. The Oval/Football Field: The last place the counsellor and previous principal Mrs Taylor were seen alive. The sides are overgrown with Osiria Rose Bushes.
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Dorm Rooms


Vairo - Scarab

Staff Dorms
Miss Goron (Principal)
Miss Cunobelinus (School Nurse)
Mr Tyrian Aldersneed (Office Staff)

Students Dorms
Jade Kage and Alex Blood
Silith Nightdrake and Isroh
James Sanderson
and Violet Evergreen
Luxu and Asolu Mignin

Helpers Dorms
Shiyam Rosa

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Vairo - Scarab


• Osiria Academy is in the middle of the woods, with no known towns in a 1,496 kilometre radius.

• There are no specific classes. Most learning is done at the student/helpers own accord.

• It has been recommended that Helpers and Staff stay in their dorms after 9pm and don't leave until the sun rises, the rule put in place by a particular "accident" that happened with the last generation.

• The Last Principal Mrs Taylor began this school, most people did not approve. A few weeks after the end of the first generation she mysteriously went missing.

• The schools original name was Blue Snow Academy but after Mrs Taylor went missing, it was changed to Osiria after Mrs Taylor's favourite rose.

• To prove you have read all of this please put Blue Snow somewhere in your character sheet.

• As students slowly start to go missing, their applications identify if they are gone or dead for those who find them.

• Listen to the ambience of a place by clicking here! Sounds mixes from user BryonyViolet Note: We may not have all places explored but will get to it!

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Vairo - Scarab
Teachers of Osiria Academy

School Nurse: Miss Azura Cunobelinus 1539236667705.png @RoyalPhoenix32

Miss Cunobelinus is a 29 year old human/Water elemental hybrid that can manipulate 5 to 10 liters of water by flicking her fingers or summoning it from thin air. Either by singing or dancing makes the water appear in thin air but it comes at the cost of using her own water inside. She's always carrying around a large jug of water, so she can use it but she doesn't use her powers very often.
Azura seems to always wear a darkened blue dance like dress (as seen in picture) with the one exception of wearing leggings on both legs. She stands at 5' 6", being possibly the smallest of the teachers. Her hair is always seemed to be dyed a ocean blue or a sky blue but in actuality, it was a mutation from having her powers released during a bath when she was 12. She has light blue eyes and often wears a large headband on top of her head.

Azura likes how the water dances around her when she uses it, talking about signing though she will not sing even if requested, and her students needing help in life, you just never know when someone needs to cover something up from the headmistress though she would rat the student out to be in the clear. She loathes those who think higher than themselves than others (she calls them a derogatory word often in her head), people that use their powers to get what they want from people (They are considered fodder and will be used accordingly, her thoughts when hearing one), and being told to wear shoes.

Her strengths are varied but they are; Dancing to an inner beat while manipulating the water in one's body to get her point across (rarely uses it but she wouldn't kill any student, threaten yes, but never kill.), singing softly to occupy the free time she has when healing students while not using her powers, and sleeping in water when possible (has gotten in trouble for it as well, she could breath underwater if she wished but only for a half hour to an hour).
Her weaknesses vary as well; Receiving a backlash of water to her face when using her powers on troublesome students to behave, singing when pushed too often from students, and having to dance when inner waters are churned too much.

Principal: Miss Bryony Goron Bryony.PNG @BryonyViolet

Miss Goron is a 400 year old hellspawn with the ability to fly at high speeds, using her claws for most things like picking up food, opening things, e.t.c but also uses them as her defence and in last resort situations she has Pyromancy (Common in Hellspawn varieties) in which she can summon fire into her palms and can manipulate the limit of her manipulation is length of time as fire only burns for about 20 to 30 seconds before fizzling out and exhausting her in the process. She looks around 17 years of age despite being way older.

When she learnt of Osiria Academy's possible shut down because of the missing principal she jumped at the chance to take over. She does her best to keep students in check and the school running but can loose it becoming outright rude, harmful and crazy sometimes.

Office Staff Teacher: Mr Tyrian Aldersneed 1560375191753.png @Demonhunter

Tyrian Aldersneed is a 27 year old Moonshadow Elf who has the ability to be super stealthy and hard to detect at night, and on the night of a full moon he turn invisible. Tyrian was born and raised depending on wilderness survival skills. Kick him out in a forest by himself he can fend for himself pretty easily. Tyrian is also a master at monster hunting. In his time with his adventuring party they faced many a terrifying beast. Theres barely anything he won't fight. He carries a bow that can separate into two scimitars.

Tyrian was raised as most elves of his kind are now a days. As elusive hermits that avoid human contact at all costs. However Tyrian didn't do the anti-social thing too well. Lost hikers often ran in to him as he'd help them back or even adventurers. He couldn't stand being by himself, that was boring. He met Isroh, and started their relationship but things were in a strange and odd place in terms of exclusivity and whether or not they were 'dating dating' or just in a convenient partnership, but those weren't questions Tyrian wanted to ask.

So one day an adventuring party was passing through so he joined them! For six months him and his new friends traveled around, battling great beasts, seeing the world and even trying to save pieces of it on a few occasions all the while Tyrian and Isroh kept their odd relationship up through letters and drawn pictures... however one mission changed his life forever. They were sent into a tower to battle a vampire. The battle grew hairy and Orimir, someone Tyrian grew rather fond of over time, was about to fall. Tyrian rushes the vampire to grab it's attention to give Orimir time to get back up and rejoin the fight, but saving his friend cost the elf his life.

However, one of the party members held a secret, the orb he used to cast his spells could store the souls of the dead. He trapped Tyrians soul inside the orb, and in the two weeks Tyrian had to wait until they found a way to bring him back the other 4000 voices all screaming, laughing and crying around him drove him mad. He was alive again... but not the same. He could still handle most situations like normal... but when he was alone and there was no noise to fill the silence, his mind began to wander back to the time when he was in the crystal, all screaming in his ears. He couldn't take it any more. And long face times with Isroh every night weren't cutting it. He needed to stay somewhere more loud and busy to fill the noise and to try to fix himself. Isroh managed to convince him to apply for a job at Orisa is hope he would get to stay and perhaps control some of the trauma.

Tyrian has Juniper. Juniper is a service dog. He job is to chase away the voices when Tyrian is by himself or having an episode. Isroh got her for him when he did some reading on some of Tyrian's symptoms.

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Vairo - Scarab
A letter arrives in the mail sent by a strange school you may or may not have heard of. You read it carefully as to not miss any details, after all opportunities like this are very rare.

Dear Student, Helper or Teacher,

We are happy to tell you that Osiria Academy has opened its doors to you! If you haven't been fully informed; Osiria Academy is a school of sorts for sentient "Dangerous, Reckless and Untaught" supernaturals of ages 16 and up and all races to come and learn how to interact with other supernaturals and humans in the hopes of teaching them to live amongst humans and other supernaturals alike.
When your child or you arrive, please head to the Front Office where you will be given your dorm key, uniform and hopefully a map! Please do tell the office whether you are a student, helper or teacher as we don't want any mix ups to occur.

P.S: Make sure to bring a sweater!

Sincerely, Ms Bryony Goron,
Osiria Academy.


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