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Realistic or Modern Orville Academy (Characters)


"funny things to put in your bio" 🔎
Here is where you will post your characters. No code for this because I'm lazy

Sheets MUST include:

~Age (16-18)~
~Faceclaim (realistic only) and name of faceclaim~
~List of at least 5 virtues with descriptions~
~List of at least 5 vices with descriptions~
~Some likes~
~Some dislikes~
~Backstory of some sort~

Sheets may also include:
~Looks description~
~Literally anything else you wanna add smh~


Road work ahead? Uh, I sure hope it does...
"You’re really beautiful, you know that?"
"What? No I’m not."
@GiveMeABlake has set their name to:
Samuel Theodore Blake

@GiveMeABlake has set their nicknames to:
Sam, Sammy, Idiot

@GiveMeABlake has set their age to:

@GiveMeABlake has set their birthday to:
February 14

@GiveMeABlake has set their grade to:

@GiveMeABlake has set their gender to:

@GiveMeABlake has set their sexuality to:
@GiveMeABlake has set their hair color to:
Bronze-ish brown, bordering on red

@GiveMeABlake has set their eye color to:

@GiveMeABlake has set their body mods to:
Sun tattoo on his left shoulder blade.

@GiveMeABlake has set their distinctive features to:
Scar across his lower abdomen from getting his appendix removed

@GiveMeABlake has set their height to:

@GiveMeABlake has set their build to:

@GiveMeABlake has set their typical hair style to:
Messy, unkempt, falling loosely over his forehead.

@GiveMeABlake has set their typical clothing style to:
Comfortable: usually hoodies and jeans, or a t-shirt.

@GiveMeABlake has set their face claim to:
Mark Anastasio
@GiveMeABlake has updated their personality summary:
Sam can be described using three words: naive, clumsy and sweet. He is loud, boisterous and chock full of enough energy for three people. He has the tendency to run, rather than walk, and is always wanting to do something. His inability to sit still can be annoying to some, but he means well. You’ll never meet someone as sweet, gentle or caring. He’s a great friend, always willing to listen to any issues you might be having. Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t listen for long, however, that’s just his ADHD speaking. He talks a mile a minute, and always has some story to reenact or a really bad joke to tell. He doesn’t know what personal space is, and has a habit of touching whoever he’s around—hugs, cuddling, holding hands. It’s how he shows affection. He’s easy to trust, and super gullible, willing to do almost anything if you ask.

Sam is also very, very clumsy and tends to trip over everything—his own feet, stairs, the air. Because of this he’s constantly banged or bruised. He’s not the brightest, and is happy that way. He’s more than happy to learn, though, and enjoys school. He’d much rather be at home, or hanging with his friends (he considers everyone a friend) than doing schoolwork, however. He’s excessively optimistic and doesn’t let anyone’s bad mood bring him down. He hates aggression, and does his best to mediate any tricky situations.

@username has updated their virtues:

Honest: Sammy is very, very honest and won’t lie to spare his feelings. If he does attempt to lie it’s easy to see right through him.
Loyal: Once you’ve earned his friendship, you have it for life. He’ll do anything for those he cares about.
Empathetic: Sam is good at putting himself in other people’s shoes, and will always try his hardest to understand how you feel.
Humor: Sammy has an excellent sense of humor, and is always ready with some joke to tell. He also takes jokes made at his expense with good sportsmanship.

@GiveMeABlake has updated their vices:

Clumsy: Sam has the tendency to not pay attention to his surroundings and get hurt.
Naive: Sam has a very innocent mind, making him easy to embarrass and manipulate
Sensitive: Be careful of what you say around him. Sam is extremely sensitive, even though he tries not to show it.
ADHD: Sam is a constant ball of buzzing energy that doesn’t know when to sit still.
Stubborn: Sam is very stubborn and if he thinks he’s in the right, nothing you say or do can change that.

@GiveMeABlake has updated their likes:

♡ Food—literally any food. Especially pizza rolls, cookies and juice boxes.
♡ Cuddling or physical contact in general.
♡ Music—he plays guitar and sings
♡ People—he loves people, and hates being alone
♡ Adventures—Sam loves going out and doing things, like rollercoasters and swimming and playing games
♡ Movies—Sam can quote pretty much any movie
♡ Animals—especially dogs
♡ Flowers. Yep. I said it. This 6’2” hulking brute loves flowers. The smaller the better.

@GiveMeABlake has updated their dislikes:

❯ Mean people
❯ The Dark
❯ Scary Movies
❯ Salad
❯ Sleeping or sitting still

@GiveMeABlake has updated their background:
Sam was born and raised an only child in Amherst, MA. His parents, Molly and Christopher Blake did their best to shield Sam growing up, resulting in his naivety now. Devout Christian’s, Sam grew up in the church setting, which, depending on who you ask may or may not have been a good thing. As he entered his teenage years, he fell away from the religion a bit, and is now unsure of whether or not he believes in God. He had a relatively happy childhood, and there isn’t really much to comment on. When he was in middle school, he bagan voice lessons and learned how to play the guitar, resulting in his love of music. For someone as gullible and innocent as him, making friends was always hard, and all through middle school and his first year of highschool he was often the subject of mean jokes and pranks, making him extremely insecure and easily embarrassed.
@GiveMeABlake has updated their HC’s:
—Sam’s favorite color is green
—He loves watching the sunset
—Sam is constantly hungry, always looking for a snack
—His favorite animal is a dog (I know, how basic of him)
—He didn’t almost drop the croissant
—Road work ahead? Well, I sure hope it does...
—His favorite movie is UP.
—He’s convinced that ghosts are real
—He’s scared of the dark
—More Coming to theatres near you soon...

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Mr. Sparks

I’m not cool like you guys, so I will not be using code (idk how to)
If it’s not good enough, please let me know so I can fix it ;w;

Name: Ryan Wilson
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight..? (closet case)
Gender: Male

Personality: Sarcastic, mean, whatever you would use to describe a bully
Headcanons: Always has a bag of pretzels with him, his father is abusive and homophobic so he takes it out on everybody else, he loves his dog

Face Claim: Young Michael Weatherly because he’s hot

Height: 6’3

Caring: Underneath all of his anger, he really is a nice guy Who is willing to protect the people he loves.

Generous: He would be willing to give everything he has if it would help someone.. it’s not like he’s willing to let anyone know that though, so he doesn’t show it and instead takes from people.

Loving: Don’t let all his anger fool you, He really does love all of his friends and family.

Ambition: Ryan strives to be the best he can be, this can also be listed in the vices because he would do anything to be on top, even if he ends up hurting people in the process.

Anger: Because if his father, Ryan is very bitter and angry towards the world. All he really needs is someone to help him bring down the walls he built to protect himself from getting hurt.

Arrogance: Ryan believes that the only way to get anywhere, is to be the best.

Greed: He doesnt Want to lose anything, so he takes what he wants.

Depression: Ryan is very depressed because of a number of things happening in his life, questioning his sexuality, his father being a horrible person and his grandpa dying.

Likes: Pretzels, sports, food, his dog Skip, cooking
(believe it or not, this guy can cook!)

Dislikes: Math, his dad, losing people

Backstory: Ryans mom died when he was 8, from cancer, causing his dad to fall into a depression. His dad drinks a lot so.. you can guess what happens to Ryan. I’ll update as I think of more.

Family: His father, his dog and his cousin Laila.

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.Rubbish. 🗑
Juliet Orion
name:Juliet Orion
nicknames: Jo, Juls, Juju
birthdate:February 20th
sexuality: straight
occupation: record store associate

likes: any type of movie, loves musicals, swimming, sweets, painting, and animals
dislikes:bugs, fake people, bullies, coffee, and toffee
artistic: art is her gateway to expressing herself. She can be very creative if she is really intune with what's going on.

intuitive: commonly have very good empathetic abilities, meaning they can sense what others are thinking and feeling.

kind: Juliet is for the most part kind. She has a hard time saying no usually unless it's something she really isn't comfortable with.

smart: Juliet studies hard and has most of her priorities straight..Usually doesnt have time to socialize because of it..

forgiving: She can get mad,but she can never hold grudges that well. She has trued,tried, in the end forgives because it's too much energy and time wasted from being mad.

fearful: she is afraid mostly to let herself down and to be rejected, or even used again..

too naïve: even if she tries her selfless side can take over and make her naïve.

moody: depending on what's going on she can be very moody and sarcastic or shy and nice. Not really an in-between.

Envious: she is envious of people who weren't brought into the world on a silver spoon.

habits: twists her hair when she is nervous, bites her lip when she is concentrating.

Fc:Alba Roman
height: 5'7
hair: brown
eyes: green
dist. features: freckles
build: toned slightly
scent: tangerines

She plays piano and sings
♡Loves to read
♡She makes art, but mostly does paintings
♡She loves stargazing
♡Chooses waffles over pancakes
♡Watches horror movies by herself when she's sad
♡Loves theater and plays
♡Can cook very well
♡Takes pinky promises seriously
♡Is very clumsy unfortunately
♡Laughs at inappropriate times
♡She has a lot of kinky desires in that innocent looking face of hers
♡Doesnt like heights very much
♡Has night terrors frequently
♡Always wanted a tattoo,but never has gotten one
♡Favorite color is orange
♡Doesnt like chocolate milk
♡Likes anything strawberry

Juliet and her parents live..fairly well. She never had to worry about money problems,but she learned quickly that others would be her friends just to be fake towards her and use her. After a lot of drama happened freshman year she had stopped using her parents money. She doesn't even ask anymore. She has a job at a records store and gets paid just like everybody else. She doesn't want to be known as the stuck up girl who's rich. She just wanted to be Juliet the girl that succeeds on her own.

(If on mobile you can just turn your phone horizontal and see the photo)


私を見て !
hera ermine.
sophomore • 16 •
— introduction.
hera theodora ermine.
hera works fine but her close friends call her theo.
december 29.

— appearance.
pasha harulia.
hair color.
sandy brown.
eye color.
dark cerulean blue.
5 feet on the nose.
lanky and boyish with little muscle. she very much resembles a prepubescent boy.

— persona.
hera is not often described as an ideal friend by outsiders. at first she comes off as cold and dismissive, as if she is too good to have friends. however, she is simply underdeveloped in her social skills and any interactions with strangers leaves her anxious and defensive. she often fails to hide her social anxiety but the general public misinterprets it for distance and cold-heartedness.

once a person has put in true effort to learn how hera ticks, they will quickly find that she is a very kind girl once made comfortable who enjoys listening and sharing her own experiences equally. she is incredibly patient with others and is only known to lose her temper once in a blue moon. she is practical and thinks things through, which in the world of high school means that she can be a bit of a "party pooper" at times. she cares greatly for the friends she has but don't expect her to reach out to anyone for any reason, especially a stranger.
patient. hera has unending patience that makes her good with waiting, children, and fellow classmates. she is always the friend who will stop walking in order to wait for a lagging member of the group for any reason whatsoever.

intelligent. "smart" cannot describe hera and the way that she thinks. she is one of the best students at the school thanks to her practical and thorough mind. many slacking students attempt to get a peek at hera's work but she shares with nobody and thus leaves the rest of the class out of her genius. she has a promising future in science.

compassionate. although a friends-only virtue, hera is known as her friend group's "therapist". she will listen to the problems and worries of her friends and will either keep silent or give advice, all depending on the situation and person being talked with. hera's advice is incredibly good and thoughtful, often taking into account as many variables as possible to help figure out a solution.

ambitious. even though hera keeps to herself, she has dreams higher than many others at orville academy and more than one of them that she plans to accomplish. ever since she was young hera has been knocking on the glass ceiling, waiting for her chance to break the invisible barrier and become someone well-known and talented. she often doesn't boast about her goals or how likely she is to achieve them, likely because it would draw too much outside attention for her liking.

quick learning. hera is able to learn something very quickly and with practice can easily repeat it over and over again. she pays very careful attention to her mentors and with the help of note-taking has the ability to do practically anything. this has helped her exceed through learning foreign languages both from home and at school.
exclusive. there are many perks to becoming hera's friend but unfortunately for many they are not able to experience many of her virtues. she keeps to herself and her friends only, shutting out anyone who tries to join in without a second thought. it takes much longer for hera to let anyone in than a typical person.

cautious. there are many aspects of life that hera misses out on because of the way she thinks things through. she is constantly trying to play it safe and because large crowds are already a no-go for her, she doesn't experience nearly enough of the moments that make high school, high school.

try-hard. hera has been known to push herself to the edge trying to do everything at the same time. this typically ends up with her meeting deadlines late, forgetting to eat, and one massively messy room. she can be overconfident in her abilities thanks to the "gifted child" phrasing she was fed throughout her life, which fools her into thinking she is some sort of superhero when she isn't.

reserved. although hera devotes herself to helping her friends and listening to their problems, it is rare that she will ask for help from anyone when she needs it. she demands on being independent and claims that she can do everything herself when it's obvious that she can't. it often takes a lot of persuading to get hera to open up to even her closest friends.

pushover. when it comes to social situations, hera will often lay down belly-up at the first sign of a conflict. she despises arguing with anyone and when she is already uncomfortable in a situation, she is even less likely to fight back. this makes her easy to take advantage of, as she is sometimes victim to bullies stealing her notes or homework to turn in as their own, leaving her with nothing unless she is able to scramble something together. her friends are constantly encouraging her to fight back.
fettucine noodles, thick blankets, heated car seats, softly falling snow, the sound of the tv on quiet at night.
walking in the rain, large crowds or open spaces, being yelled at or criticized, raw meat of any kind, the sun in her eyes.

— backstory.
hera is the second oldest in her rather large family. she has four younger siblings alongside her two parents and their beloved pets - a black lab named vin diesel and a tabby cat named anne hathaway (or just anne). for most of her life, hera was homeschooled. she had little interactions with humans besides her family growing up, only occasionally coming into contact with strangers that she would often hide from. she became such a recluse that her family worried for her and by the time she was entering junior high, there was talk of her being public schooled.

not long after, hera was ripped from the comfortable world she had known living at home into the harsh reality of public school. it was galaxies different than what she had been born in, but she adjusted well. to the schoolwork and education system, that is. she still struggled to make friends, thanks to her lack of social skills. her journey in the public school system brought her to orville academy, where both she and her parents decided she would have better luck getting an education at an academy compared to a high school.
father. hamish ermine. a stout man at a height of 5 feet 9 inches with pencil-straight brown hair and a even face of short-kept hair.

mother. georgia ermine. a slight, slender woman standing just above hera at 5 feet 2 inches. she has a soft wave of pale blonde hair and very delicate features.

older sister. appearing to be around the age of 22, ericka ermine is the eldest daughter of the ermine clan. she is the tallest in the family at 5 feet 11 inches and has a runner's build, complete with a seemingly permanent ponytail of brown hair. she is attending college in another state and is on the school's track team.

younger brother. floyd ermine is the closest in age to hera at only 14 years old. he has continued to be homeschooled and has shown himself as a social butterfly. he is a bit large around and sports his mother's fair hair and delicate features.

younger brother. warren ermine is quite a bit younger than floyd at the peachy age of 9 years old. he has hair darker than anyone else in the family and skin so pale he looks like a vampire. he is the troublemaker in the family and creates a bad reputation for his two younger siblings.

the youngest. the twins, rain and dover ermine seem to be following in their brother warren's footsteps. although rain, the girl, seems to be presenting much like hera herself, dover is brash and clumsy, destroying anything in his path. although they are twins, the pair of 6 year olds look nothing alike. rain has pale blonde hair and dover has sandy hair the same color as hera's own.
✧ her middle name, theodora, comes from her maternal grandfather. his name was theodore.
✧ as an inside joke, all of the pets that the ermine family owns are named after celebrities.
✧ hera's favorite color is lavender.
✧ she has a scar on her left shoulder and her left knee after she got stuck in the couch during a game of hide and seek when she was seven.
✧ hera spends all of her time in her room whenever she is home, save for petting vin diesel and anne.
✧ she is often shadowed by her older sister because in her family, no amount of intellect could beat an athlete.
✧ hera is already thinking about colleges or universities to attend.
✧ she has social anxiety but she doesn't have generalized anxiety.


Cheshire Cat
Soushi Miketsukami




He's submissive and kind and gentle to everyone, always smiling away. He often looks for someone to be his "master," because he is determined to become a butler to wander different jobs to explore the outside world. He commits his life to his master instead of himself, whether he will stay with them or not. He follows his master's commands, but if they tell him a command that he believes is negative for them, he will seduce them into his way (often by crying beautifully).



186 cm

~List of at least 5 virtues with descriptions~
Loyalty~~ He has had lots of masters, but may find his permanent one soon...
Kind~~ He is kind to everyone, unless his master specifies not to, or they harm/try to harm his master.
Observant~~ He watches his master's and other's reactions to anything that people do, so he learns what to and not to do around people quickly.
Determined~~ Any commands he is given by his master will be fulfilled to the best of his ability, or else he will feel insufficient.
Strong lower body~~ trained to protect his master

~List of at least 5 vices with descriptions~
Submissive~~ He will follow every command he recieves by his master
No confidence~~ he often compares himself
Weak upper body
Despite how he acts, he is often emotionless.
Needs attention~~ He will feel insufficient if either he fails a command or does not receive any commands (the attention he wants is constant commands)
Obsessed~~ He never thinks of himself, only his master

~Some likes~
His master
People who like his master
People his master likes

~Some dislikes~
Rude people
Spicy food
Being rejected

~Backstory of some sort~

He lived secluded from everyone in his room, only let out to go to and from school. Now that he is 18, he managed to get his own apartment, but is still not good at his own socializing, so he's copied kind people that he's seen at school so that people will be willing to talk to him.

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