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Multiple Settings original ☆ multiple options: cyberpunk / dystopian / survival / gaslamp fantasy : seeking 1x1 or small group

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proof that you can be a grandpa at 22 with no kids
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for those interested in worldbuilding, adventure, discovery, systems of minor/limited magic or supernatural phenomena, and mixed elements of fantasy and sci-fi

hey! i'm red, and i'm searching for a new rp partner for a 1x1 or small-group (e.g 3-person) text based roleplay.
this account is new but i've been text-rping for nearly 12 years. i'm not a career writer but i enjoy it as a hobby and hope to improve my skills.

i'm a trans disabled & neurodivergent person -- i'd prefer to write with open minded people, and ideally other LGBTQ+ or neurodivergent people.

since i prefer rps to be a collaborative experience, i keep my story prompts open, sticking only to vague descriptions of setting and scope. as rp partners, i want to build the full premise of the story together before we make our characters. i get super excited about my characters and love talking about them and their interactions with my rp partner's characters. this means i'll probably make a playlist or pinterest board for our protagonists at some point :')

for settings, i'm super into the idea of a "gaslamp fantasy" or 19th-century/victorian inspired setting with fantasy elements and low magic built-in, similar to steampunk but only in the aesthetic sense. i also like dark/eerie fantasy wilderness, urban fantasy, mixed fantasy with sci-fi elements, and cyberpunk settings. i'm also partial to some high fantasy / medieval fantasy but i'm picky about it.

  • a small group of adventurers find themselves stranded in a post-apocalyptic world with traces of magic, and must survive and figure out what caused the disaster
  • our two protagonists have been framed for a crime, and are being hunted down by the authorities in a dystopian cyberpunk-inspired setting.
  • seafaring journey for a legendary treasure, with low-fantasy worldbuilding and piratey themes
  • classic vampire ot other low-key magic situation, but in a gaslamp setting
  • a group of superpowered youths who think they're the only one of their kind are brought together at a "safe" facility/camp/campus founded to safeguard them from outside dangers
  • rp partners must be over 18 years old
  • romance can exist in the story, but i do not intend this to be a ship fic
  • you should be comfortable to reply with wordcounts corresponding to the current scenario; e.g one-liners during back-and-forth dialogue, or paragraphs during exposition or less frequent interaction. (one-liners can still be productive replies, and this helps to avoid unnecessary filler. however please do not limit yourself to short answers all the time!)
  • i'm comfortable writing about most topics, but i draw a hard no at sexual assault/non-consensual romantic scenes
  • not necessary but i'm up for experimenting with statistic / dice mechanics (but only to complement a mainly text-based story)
  • i am trans, queer, neurodivergent, and disabled, and i will write characters with those identities and involve their identities in the story. if you don't want any of that, i am not the co-writer for you, sorry!
  • i prefer canon posts/replies to be written with fair effort towards correct capitalisation, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but i don't care about OOC communication (obviously, i havent used a single capital letter in this post so far)
  • i also prefer original-world roleplays. this includes stories set in the real world where fantasy or sci-fi elements have been introduced. there's no particular reason for this, i just prefer it to fandom rp.
  • i'm ok with "power playing" and any participant taking control & making worldbuilding decisions without consulting other players, as long as it doesn't override or interfere with someone else's creation. secrets and plot twists are part of the fun!!

some further info about characters:
  • multiple characters and large casts are welcomed, but we should each have a protagonist or main character
  • i'm super into found family trope, strong bonds (romantic, platonic, quasiplatonic, familial) between characters
  • my primary characters tend to be around my age (early 20s)
  • i also like rivalry / enemy tropes
  • i'm interested in finding new, fresh, fun ways to come up with new characters -- like basing them off songs or moodboards

BTW i work a full-time job and have some outside responsibilities, so i will not be available to contribute to RPs all the time, so i'm best with people who don't mind a slightly slower paced reply quota!

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