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Wooden spoon of justice
Recruitment thread? More like recruitment dread, am I right?

Well, hello there! The name’s Sash, pronounced like “hush” or “rush”, not like “dash” or “flash”.

First things first, some information about me you might find important:

🔸 I’m over 18 years of age and prefer my partners to be equally mature. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll turn down younger writers, but do warn me beforehand. I don’t want to traumatize anyone by accident, and believe me, you don’t want to be traumatized by me either.
🔸 Many years of role-playing. In fact, I lost count several summers ago.
🔸 I write original characters and settings only. I’m not here to violate someone else’s work, I want to violate my own! Besides, writing is no fun when you don’t really get a chance to… I don’t know… create things, maybe?
🔸 I play males, females, e-mails, everything that moves and on rare occasions even something that doesn’t.
🔸 Romance is not a must, as I prefer my plots to revolve around something more practical and filled with action. That said, I do enjoy a good romantic sub-plot. Preferably MxM or FxF, and I’m willing to try MxF, but it can come out awkward. Cause I’m kind of awkward myself, y’know?
🔸 I like large posts, five paragraphs and above, and won’t do one-liners. However, if you prefer to reply more often with shorter posts, I’ll try to match it. Let’s just keep in mind to give each other something to work with, alright? There is no such thing as an unnecessary detail.
🔸 I’m a sucker for drama. Give me some hardcore angst, baby! Let’s physically and mentally torture our characters until they form a bond of life-long friendship through a variety of near-death experiences! Hop on the bandwagon, laddies, lasses and lassos!
🔸 I also enjoy elements of humor and fluff, although I probably won’t let them dominate the RP even if you try to do so. Also, memes OOC. A lot of memes. Send me your favorite meme if you’ve read this far.
🔸 Sometimes I draw my characters (with a pencil (very badly)). I’ll draw yours too if you allow it.

‘Ight, we done here.

I have a bunch of plots in mind. I use the following abbreviations:
MC – My Character
YC – Your Character
Character A/B – for the plots where I have no preference for which one to play.

Temporary update: currently ONLY interested in one plot - "Just a Shopkeeper". Haven't deleted the rest only because I love them and might need them in the future.

MC couldn’t help acting annoyed when YC popped up at his doorstep. It was late, quiet and peaceful – a perfect moment to interrupt. MC remembered his friend like that, noisy and troublesome, hot-headed and a nuisance, always looking for problems and having a distinct talent to find them. He was glad though – YC was pronounced dead a while ago, and although MC never really believed it, a living proof was… nice.
Wait, living? Well, if it wasn’t for MC, not for long – after all, what other reason to show up behind his door other that the sudden need for his medical degree? “Not the first time you got shot, pal. Pray it’s not your last.”
They shared a long story together. The rebellion on a far-away planet – four of them over the course of ten years, in fact, and they were both young back then, jolly young, green and stupid to get involved. Trying to make a living out of mercenary work, personal vendetta with intergalactic drug dealers, etcetera, etcetera. MC settled down on a small asteroid colony two years ago – tried to, anyway, because it just wasn’t the same without YC. And yet here they are.
Little do they know, YC’s being followed step-by-step, and very soon someone else will knock on that door of MC’s. A good thing he still has a space jet parked in the backyard.

🔸 This one is weird because I don’t know what exactly to expect. A lot of action, definitely.
🔸 Would prefer YC to be male because reasons. Reasons is why.
🔸 “Yes, I definitely hate you, I promise!” *sacrifices life*
🔸 Dunno what YC got himself into, it’s up to you. Could be criminal activity, but I’d rather have something more on the do-goodies’ side, like “tried to single-handedly overthrow an oppressive government but overestimated the chances a little bit”.
🔸 Spoiler: their space jet will crash.
🔸 Two bros chilling on a space jet five feet apart cuz they’re not gay.
🔸 Or are they?

They’ve always had magic, but never got quite used to it. It took a war to accept necromancy, a genocide to understand merfolk’s water-bending, a tragedy to ban blood-magic and dark curses. Many people feel anger and distrust even towards the simplest of spells, even the healing ones, and would rather die than “submit to the demonic powers of those damned witches”.
Nobody knows who brought YC to such an imperfect world – a pity, for there sure must be someone to blame. YC is a child, an orphan no older than twelve years of age, who bares a powerful curse, harming people without control, being feared and haunted for it.
MC is a mage that cuts monsters in pieces with a sword and sets brawls with bare fists. He’s been through more than a bard can fit in a song, but never got tired of the life-long adventure. When YC comes across his way, his battle-hardened heart melts, and he offers protection, not yet knowing he’s destined to become the kid’s guard, but also a friend and, with time, a new-found family.

🔸 The set-up may sound fluff-ish, but I expect some action. And also a bit of character on YC’s part – I know it’s difficult to write kids, but in all honestly, “cute” or “brat” barely classifies as personality.

Or is he? Ever since YC arrived in this strange foggy town, just like in those cliché movies from the nineties, weird things started to happen. YC hears things that aren’t there, objects around the house keep moving, someone’s ringing the door and messing with the furniture in the middle of the night… And that “shopkeeper” of theirs seems to know something.
But he’s a strange man, that shopkeeper. He sells pretty much everything, from wrenches and batteries to soaps and fancy candles, and the townsfolk respects him. YC hasn’t been to the shop yet, but saw the man a couple of times in the street, in the evening, dressed up like he just got out of bed, messy and disheveled, but somehow too polite and smiley for someone with a drinking problem – YC rejected this guess.
It wasn’t long before YC got tired of the mystical anomalies and finally decided to pay the local weirdo a friendly visit.

🔸 MC is the shopkeeper, obviously.
🔸 Spoiler: the man knows a lot.
🔸 Also spoiler: we gon go haunt ghosts, babey.
🔸 This was originally intended as a found family kind of plot, but I eventually realised that MC is so chill he will befriend literally anyone. He also has a sweet eight-year-old kid and the two of them will readily accept YC in their odd little family.
🔸 I don’t have a preferable character dynamic here, but it probably won't be romance, because I just don't see how it could work for this particular plot.
- I'm DYING to do this one!

Underground auctions are very common. Did YC consider it when walked into one, or did it all seem like a whole new and special experience? The clients would pay equally little attention to both an unamused stranger and a cheerful young fellow gasping in excitement.
Well, whatever it was initially supposed to be, it didn’t turn out that way.
They’ve put up a cage on stage, chained a living being inside and put a price tag on it! YC couldn’t stand that kind of cruelty! The being was definitely a peculiar one, not of this world – that’s for certain. A mutant, maybe? Or an alien? Whatever it was, it was helpless against its captives.
So what now? Buy it? Steal it? Create a distraction and save it? That’s up to YC to decide.

🔸 Obviously, MC is the creature. A two and a half meters tall reptilian, with a tail and scales and fangs and everything, and it’s pretty much dying without water out there.
🔸 Yes, it talks.
🔸 And it’s not an alien, but it can show you a lot of cool stuff if you free it and feed it fish crackers or something.
🔸 Lizard boy needs a pal.

The Earth is at the dawn of space travel. Several alien species have already made contact, but the majority of the inhabitants of the galaxy remain a mystery.
YC is the sole survivor of an expedition vessel from Earth, who piloted a shuttle with a science team to an asteroid belt when the mother-ship completely disappeared, the reason unknown. The shuttle was damaged and forced to crash-land on a deserted planet. The science team died in the crash, but YC was lucky to survive long enough for MC to find them.
MC is a humanoid alien species with healing abilities. It’d be happy to help YC, but they first have to convince each other none of them is dangerous and/or malevolent.
Unfortunately, MC doesn’t speak Human.

🔸 The alien’s nice, actually, just don’t scare them.
🔸 Also, imagine YC having a family onboard that ship that disappeared, so now they absolutely have to find it, like, I’m not saying it must happen, but just imagine.

The Superhuman Association Directive clearly states that heroes must be deployed in pairs, two for every 100.000 people, or a city of such or close population. They’re assigned to quarters – together, of course, to better coordinate their work – and are trained to perform better with a partner that without one.
In fact, Character A is quite anxious to meet their new partner. They’re young and full of enthusiasm, and finally being assigned to a real city, with a real superhero colleague who has literally years of experience, is the peak of their dreams.
Character B isn’t so eager, considering they’ve recently lost their old partner and also a dear friend.
They’re off to a rough start.

🔸 Basically roommates who occasionally save the world.
🔸 Lovehate, anyone?
🔸 Also comedy.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m open to suggestions. Anything, from cheesy fluff to tough cookie action and angst – I’ll have it, honestly, I’m very RP-starved.

If you decide to PM me, please specify what plot you’re interested in (and which character, if it’s not pre-established). Also feel free to ask questions and make suggestions, I always appreciate the initiative.

And regardless of whether you liked my thread or not, have a nice day, y’all!
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Wooden spoon of justice
I've been through some tough shit lately, but it's all better now. If I ghosted you for some reason, please know that I'm sorry, and don't hesitate to reach out! Stuff happens, stuff gets resolved, but good partners are hard to find.


check out the survey in my bio
I wish I could like this post multiple times. Your plots are absolutely fantastic. I'm going to shoot you a PM, just you wait.


Wooden spoon of justice
Mister Bumpman, bring me a bump 🎶

Once again specifying that I'm only looking to write "Just a Shopkeeper" at the moment. Sorry, just not as excited for the other plots as I was before. Hoping to find long-term partners to write huge detailed posts with!


Master of Depressing Memes

Oh my goodness, I am interested in quite a few of your plots! Honestly, I am up for whatever you are most in the mood for, but the "adopted trouble" or "price of prejudice" ones seem like they could be super fun!

Oop just saw your edit. I am also interested in the shopkeeper one!


Wooden spoon of justice

Oh my goodness, I am interested in quite a few of your plots! Honestly, I am up for whatever you are most in the mood for, but the "adopted trouble" or "price of prejudice" ones seem like they could be super fun!

Oop just saw your edit. I am also interested in the shopkeeper one!

Great! Shoot me a PM so we can discuss the details!

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