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Fantasy [OPEN] World of Gea: The Greatest Adventure - An exploration Fantasy roleplay. [20/25]


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  • • Name: Chi'sa
    • Pseudonym: Szitakötő || Dragonfly
    • Race: Dragonborne
    • Class: A mix of range and magic is preferred
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 12
    • Birthday: 13th day of Hamalos (October) in the year 987
    • Height||Weight: 4'1" || 68 lbs
    • Nationality: Mezeikan || Kingdom of Fields
    • Current Status: Dangling from a wagon wheel
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My Interest Check
Name: Ziggy
Race: Half-Cobold
Class: Shifter; he transforms into a fully canine form and bites and scratches his opponents just as a dog would. He has also been studying some magic and can cast a few spells but is amateurish at best.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Nationality: Hamalan
Bio: He is the secret love child of the Hamalan Lord Franz Von Klausen's daughter with a Cobold man from a nearby tribe. The affair and pregnancy were kept secret in order for the lord to protect his daughter, and once he was born, he was taken in and cared for as a pet by the family. He does not know his lineage and believes he was taken in as a pet for the family as well.


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is this still open? i'm kinda new to rpn, but i'm interested!

Hey there and welcome to RPnation friend! Currently I am mostly "recruiting" acquaintances and friends. However, if you want to message me a character idea that I end up liking, I might get a spot for you! If not, I'll contact you next time there's a free spot.


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Allo! same question as Soda tbh.

This looks rlly interesting! Great world building here.

I'll send a CS your way if that's ok?? ☀️


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Actually, I was reminded that we did lose a couple of players and while some old ones returned, we technically have more space than I thought! So please A-Northern-Bee A-Northern-Bee and soda_512 soda_512 - feel free to send your sheets in in private and we will review them together! I would also like to tag VolcanicAccelerator VolcanicAccelerator and 123 123 who showed interest in the thread a long while ago, if they are interested still, there's still some space left!

Edit: And please feel free to ask any questions about the setting in messages, discord or here.


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Update 8/19/2022: Still open for new players! You can ask me any questions about the lore and setting either here or in DMs.
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Hallo lads!! Presenting to you all, my idiot creation, who will hopefully be joining your merry little crew soon 😌

"Festina lente, My Friend."

Cassim Mugshot.png

Name: Cassius Sage
He's never liked how sort of, 'formal' his name has sounded though, and is prefers to be referred to simply as 'Cas'.

Race: Human.
(As far as he knows anyway, hasn't started growing Horns or Wings or what have you just yet.)

Class: Rogue-Fighter

Gender: Male

Age: 37(-ish).

Nationality: Antonia,
But racially, he believes himself to be born of a Lisboan Father, and a Arcoñal Mother.

Laid-Back, Dozy, and only occasionally clever, Cassius is a interesting, if contrasting, sort of character. His mind often wanders, and he's prone to distraction here and there. An 'intellectual idiot' wouldn't be a terrible description by any means. Despite his profession, the man is alarmingly un-confrontational. At first glance he comes off as calm and unbothered, complaining or voicing his own opinion on a subject very rarely, and never with any particular passion. It seems that it would take a lot to get the man truly riled up. When he pulls himself together though, this unswaying patience and placidity casually conceals a cunning aloofness, that instils a silent terror upon those he wishes it to.

Cas was born into your typical urchin-esque existence. Parents died when he was very young and for a few years he lived off of his wits alone. So Gods know how he made it at all really. Luckily for him, he was adopted into the Servitude of the Noble Salaì Family of Belleantona. The Family was is, a large and powerful one, and they wanted resources capable of carrying out shall we say, more illicit and felonious doings here and there. Cas was trained with a handful of others to perform these tasks to the highest possible quality. He was a good student, and took to the profession remarkably well.

Good things never last forever though. No-one but the family and those others who were directly involved in the scandal seem to really know what happened exactly. But there must have been a fearsome disagreement of some kind. For Cassius, and the other Trained Rascals he had grown up with, were dishonourably cast out of the City, and for a time even Antonia as a whole. Fortunately, Cassius was (And remains to be!) Very, very, good at what he does. The Salaì incident took place when he was still a young man, but even then at such an age, he had built up a solid and creditable reputation to easily find similarly illicit and shady work. And so, that's how it's been. He's been in the business for years now, his reputation affording him the luxury of being able to work freely and independently. He floats from Contract to Contract, just doing whatever particular mission takes his fancy really.
Oh, and what pays well enough of course.

He's a tall one is Cassius, built strong, but still lean. With soft, yet sturdy muscle throughout. His skin is darker, and olive-like, and his hair is that specific shade of very-very dark brown that appears black in all other lighting. Said hair is long-ish, and placed up and away from his face when more serious work requires it. I suppose if he was being truly practical, he'd cut it shorter and save himself the faff. But the style (or more accurately, lack of) he wears it in currently seems to be more a decision made out of personal preference than functionality. His face is quite remarkable in a way, in that it is undoubtedly striking, his features conveying a heavy boldness to them that draws the eye immediately. The eyes in particular seem to attract people's attention first, and stay in their heads for the longest. They seem to hold your gaze in a increasingly strange and peculiar way the longer one looks into them. Again, wholly remarkable really, considering this same profound and dusky face can also quite often look like the most dozy-headed Clodpoll born to Gea. His demeanour breaks through to his countenance often, and at this point the man has resigned himself to a lifetime of gracelessness expression.
(Bonus Point: Did you know the guy has a gold tooth?! I don't even care where it is, I just want to know how they hell he afforded it. In today's Economy?!)

Attire + Equipment:
You would not know Cassius' profession from the way he looks. Which is a good things really I suppose.
With his current arrangement, his clothing is light and comfortable, with all his vitals covered sufficiently of course. He'll add armoured pieces accordingly, depending on the situation and job at hand. But otherwise, he wishes to remain as unencumbered as possible. He is additionally a man of simple tastes when it comes to handheld weaponry. A sword will suit him just fine if push comes to shove, but in truth, a dagger in each hand is his favourite way of getting the more violent aspects of his work done.


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Ahanu ka Yup'kwa

• Class: Beastmaster // Tamer
• Gender: Female
• Age: 110
• Nationality: Itu'pak'ki Tribe

Her people would be the Ircinak, a hardy dwarf people, who like the Koropokkuru of Shige, are completely distanced from the affairs of the Helmite dwarves and have no connection with the Empire of Goldemar.

• Bio:
As the oldest of her family, Ahanu was trained in the way of the tamers of the Itu’pak’ki. Unlike the others in her cohort who kept to the easier trails, Ahanu was always ready to face the more daring trails, not cliffside nor ice nor windstorm would ruin her hunts. With her trusted partner, Nimki, Ahanu had eyes in the sky ready to swoop in and assist with any shift of the ice around them.

As time went by Ahanu only became an even more skilled tamer and hunter. She connected with the land and devoted herself to the faithful following of ancestral traditions. She gave herself into the role of eldest training her younger siblings, Tallulah and Dakota, on the way of the hunt.

She had a child, Bly, and the family rejoiced. She was elated in teaching her boy the ways of their people. When the time came that her younger siblings too had children she too celebrated with them as Bly took on a mentoring role to his cousins.

Despite this joyous time, danger still lurked at every bend. When the Mana Maelstrom hit the Itu’pak’ki were just as strongly affected as the East. Suddenly, they could no longer trust the old paths. Trails collapsed, cliffs fell to the wayside taking everything in their paths, from old unearth caves beasts arose. The tamers were more necessary than ever before and every campaign out seemed to end with half as many returning. The people of the tribe fell even further into their worship as they waited for a sign from their patron of better times, a single guiding light of hope.

Ahanu told Bly of their Protected Beasts, the one thing the tribe banked as their guiding light. The ones that would always lead them through the dangers and the darkest of times. It was important for him to understand fully the tenants of their faith, especially coming into his own as he drew closer to the day he would be considered an adult. She would forever regret that choice.

Her boy's innocent faith would be his own downfall. Bly's belief in the mercies of their patron led him to seek out the Beast in the dead of night. It would be a full night and up to midmorning the next day before any would go looking for the boy. With her some of her fellow hunters and family at her side they braved the danger to create a scouting party for Bly. They would go hours following the trail before they found the grim scene left behind.

All that was left from the remains of Bly were being consumed by one of their Beasts.

Her heart-wrenching cries fell on deaf ears as several of the Hunters dropped their bows down.

Ahanu however raised her bow and let an arrow fly.

With a yelp of pain and the fury of an animal cornered the beast attacked. Appalled at the act and with the belief that Ahanu had brought the punishment she would receive upon herself several hunters fled trying to drag the younger members with them. Yet soon the group found several other beasts in the clearing surrounding them. Some escaped, some rose their own weapons to fight for their lives, and some still gave up.

When the dust settled the blood of three trainees, four hunters, and the near entirety of the pack of beasts were shed. All but one of the trainees succumbed to their injuries. Once they had buried the bodies of the dead they heard a crying come out from a nearby burrow as a young fox cub was orphaned in the battle. Despite the anger, she felt a tinge of pity and bubbling despair at the injustice of it all. She grabbed the cub by the scruff leveling it with her eyes. It had the same amber eyes as her own son and in a moment of weakness remembering his own love for the animals she took it along planning to care for it in his place.

Ahanu and Tallulah the only ones left uninjured in the fight took turns carrying the last living trainee back as the fox cub, newly dubbed Kwahn, was brought along trailing behind the group.
[Super WIP Super WIP]
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Update 22/8/2022


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Update 22/8/2022: As things become active in the main thread again, we still have a few spots open for new players. I've finally decided to set up the amount of free player slots - with 19 lovely players in, we have 6 free slots for new players and their characters. Feel free to message me or ask here for any information related to the lore, the setting or about your character.

I've also wanted to talk about Seconday Player Characters and Player-made NPCs. Players who want to play with various characters can do so, however, for now I am putting the limit of 2 characters per player, if the story continues forth and the player continues to expand both their characters well, they will be able to make a third one if so desired. NPC's on the other hand, have no limit and will be considered secondary support characters who will travel alongside the other NPCs of the Expeditionary Company.

With that being said, please! Ask any inquiries you might have and I hope to see you join The Greatest Adventure!


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Gonna be tossin' in a Character duo/faction concept that a friend and I drummed up for this. Apologies if it's a bit lacking. Been awhile.

• Picture: 0d52d5d5abc4eee3ec3ae7f88aef4fed.jpg
• Name: Odo Baumann
• Race: Human
• Class: Ranger - Ranged/Melee - Flintlock Pistol (1x, if acceptable) and an Iron Sword.
• Gender: Male
• Age: 32
• Nationality: Hamalan
• Traits
(Trait/Ability 1) Scattershot: Powder, Wad, and shot tightly packed down the barrel. Take aim and let loose the fire! A roar of smoke and a wide spray of shot in close range practically guarantees a lethal shot! Gods praise Hamalan Ingenuity! Point-Blank/CQC Ranged Attack, Requires a turn to prepare. Cannot be followed by a Melee attack due to the labor of loading mid combat.

(Trait/Ability 2) Combat medicine: Odo has learned much about healing wounds in the years of campaigning, and his skill has had plenty more practice since the beginning of the Long March. Permits the Healing of NPCs/PCs

(Weapon Function) Hamalan Farewell: A musket is terrible. Terribly effective that is! Any non-large enemy is instantly killed upon being hit.

Hamalan Blood: +2 to religion related rolls, +1 bonus in beer related rolls, +1 damage to non-Gaian believers/"Heathens".

• Bio:
A sputtering cough and deep pain brought Odo sputtering back from the black. His mouth tasted of blood and dirt, and the acrid smell of burning powder stung his nostrils. Every breath was a struggle as his gloved fingers fought to find purchase in the hoof-churned field in which He and his fellow Uhlanders had made their last desperate stand. He stumbled atop shaking legs, peering at the carnage through the mud and blood that caked his face at corpses of both man and horse that littered the field. Space about the battlefield in small groups, what little remained of Odo's kinsmen took to searching for fellow survivors as they too came clawing from the bloodied, mud-slicked ground. He watched with detached interest as a group of men and women managed to pull two others free from beneath the crushing weight carcass of yet another horse and Its accompanying Knight. Two more to the tally, Not great- Terrible, Arguably- But any survivors were welcome in the face of what seemed a certain death. It wasn't a common occurrence to stand strong against the might of a Cavalry charge and live to properly tell the tale... Not for long, at any rate.

It wasn't long before his tired legs brought him stumbling through the shattered palisade that marked the only way in, and out, of Uhland proper. Like many Mercenary Towns, Uhland had eventually found itself nestled between a vast wall of wood and stone, though it had done little to dissuade the Order of Desall and the band of Vain pricks that had been shot flat across the fields. Now the palisade laid burned and broken by vast flames and collapsing buildings. Uhland, and by extension the spirit of the Gheists, lay in ruins. There was nothing more to do than to pick up the pieces.

The hunt for survivors was a painfully short affair. In total, What was once a 200-strong band of the finest fighters Uhland had to offer, had been reduced to a mere 26. In turn, those 26 had only managed to find a paltry 44 survivors of Uhland's Citizenry. Perhaps more, had they been able to salvage something from the smoldering ruins of the Apothecary's den, though alas such was not meant to be. The scavenging of provisions and supplies was equally as swift; With the looming fear of yet another Desall charge, The Survivors set about gathering what little they could. Bodies were left unburied, The Town itself was left to burn, and only a small sum of the Gheist's armory was found to be in usable shape.

We also have two concepts for Group-NPCs to contribute to the Exped. force, though I figure I'd double check to make sure such things were still being accepted.
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"The price of a life is one I know well. Let us barter."

Bertilak Lohmeyer

• Picture:
• Name: Bertilak Lohmeyer
• Race: Human
• Class: Ranger - Rogue - x1 flintlock musket (if acceptable,) and a steel greatsword.
• Gender: Male
• Age: 52
• Nationality: Hamalan, Uhland
• Traits:
Scissor doctrine: Gheists train specifically to avoid a fair fight, and they have techniques meant to open up an opponent so their partner can finish them off, or vice versa. +1 to melee attacks against an opponent engaged by at least one other person.

Uhland Spirit: Since the Terminus, the Long March has made the existence of a rigid hierarchy quite impractical. Quite often a gheist will have to assume local command during battle. Bertilak has discovered a knack for keeping up other's morale, and is able to motivate others to keep the fight going in the darkest of hours. Removes fear/confused effect for player characters, for NPCs boosts morale.

Hamalan Blood: +2 to religion related rolls, +1 bonus in beer related rolls, +1 damage to non-Gaian believers/"Heathens".

Hamalan farewell: A musket is terrible. Terribly effective that is! Any non-large enemy is instantly killed upon being hit.

• Bio:
Bertilak was, however, not born to Uhland. Where he came to this world, he does not know. To anyone's knowledge, his coming starts where he was found - In the hay of a passing trade cart, shivering and hungry. A babe without name or family, he would be taken in nontheless by the people of Uhland. In his early years, he would remain without family, moving from home to home due to sickness or money. Still, he lived well and would be well taken care of by the people of Uhland, who saw him as another of their own. However, it was not until Twelve years that he would find his family. The man's name was Friedhelm, of the Lohmeyers family. He was, quite like Bertilak, without family. Though he once had a wife, his life in the Gheists often kept him from home. It was during one return he would find that his wife fell to sickness, and Friedhelm was left alone. In his grief he used his enlistment in the company to remain far away from home, and isolated himself when they would return. When his grief had finally subsided, he was simply too old to remarry, and had no manner to have children of his own. Or so he believed; Friedhelm's would be one of the many homes of Bertilak, though this one would be the last - Over time, Friedhelm came to see a son in the young stray, and on his twelve birthday Bertilak was gifted the name 'Lohmeyer.' The years went on, Bertilak fantasized of the mercenary life like many of his peers. His newfound father would tell him grand stories of the battles of the Gheists, the far-away lands he'd seen, the adventures he and his brothers had. Training was an expectation amongst Uhlanders, but under Friedhelm Bertilak was not training to be another militiaman. His father knew that look in Bertilak's eye as he heard the old veteran's stories, and he knew what the young boy wanted. Even as a youngster, Bertilak would learn, and train. When the duties of the day had relented, Bertilak and his father would spar, they would exercise, he would learn the old tips of veterans. He learned the basics of the sword, to aim with the musket, simplistic traps, how to watch your terrain, how to hide yourself. When he'd score a hit during their spars, he would be shown another of the underhanded techniques of more experienced mercenaries. Over time he learned how to fight within the gunsmoke of a musket volley, how to enter the guard and trip your enemy, methods of blinding a target, and simple disarms. When he was not training or laboring, he played with the children - who would, just as well, want to fight with their wooden swords and act out their lives as mercenaries. Finally, the the years that followed would make him a man. Friedhelm knew his son's drive to be a mercenary, and he did not stop him - He hugged his son, and provided a final gift: The old veteran's blade. With it, Bertilak served with the Gheists for years, from the moment he was a man to the present day he has always been a mercenary. He was there for the battle at Restraum hills, and he was there for the defense and evacuaiton of Uhland. His father was old by then, too old to run. It was the first, only, and last time that he fought at his only family's shoulder. He now serves in the veteran core of guardians during the Long March, protecting his people from the scum and beast that would see to their destruction. They are the last of the people, and to them the last of an era. The remnants of Uhland are his family now - His battle brothers, his neighbours, his friends, they are everything he has cherished in life, they are his whole world. Their situation seems hopeless, and he sees the pain in his fellows: Their fallen faces, their distant eyes. He hears their cries. On the march it is hard to hold hope in their world, but in his dreams he sees it - A town reformed, homes built stronger, men and women healthy and happy, new generations of Uhlander playing in the streets. A new home, shining a light in the dark. His fellows see it true, no doubt they have the same dream. But to find their new home, they all must work together.
The Long March, the remnants of Uhland, the Gheists of Uhland. Refugees, mercenaries, survivors. They have joined the expeditionary company with a simple goal: Find our home. In the outskirts of the known world, perhaps even in the lands of the unknown, they hope to build a new Uhland. One stronger and greater than before. But failing that, they will be satisfied simply having a home again.

Hi hello greetings I'm the friend Moritz mentions above.
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Hello hello! I'm the co-GM for Gea; You both got really cool ideas, I'll be taking a closer look at them both once I get back home tomorrow afternoon. I'll be free then to discuss with you both and see if there's anything that needs editing or if you two have any questions!

Moritz Moritz The Gunrunner The Gunrunner


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For some number of years, Arvess stalked the shadows, and in his wake, he left bodies upon the floor, mutilated beyond recognition. He was paid for his work, but his methods were more akin to that of a killer’s. There was no fine finesse in his deaths. Instead, there was only abject brutality. It was simple, in Arvess’ head- it served to frighten, it served to make his future victims think twice about entering a room alone, hesitate to cross dark alleys unprepared, and to walk unprotected without the cover of light. It made the hunt all that more challenging, all the more beautiful, all the more intriguing.

Not many children born with a silver spoon in their mouths would pursue such lofty, honorable work that he was in. He was no different. A disappeared father and a mother who broke her back trying to make sure he survived another year, Arvess counted himself fortunate to at least have a parent. At a young age, he had already mastered the art of having sticky fingers, and diving deep into the shadows if and when he was caught. His penchant for appearing and disappearing as suddenly as the other made him a prime candidate for…disposal, and he was introduced to a pack of thugs. It was simple work for him- cut a man down, leave no trace of his presence except the body, and he would get paid for it. Arvess took his first life at 15 years of age.

In the recent years, Arvess had grown quite tired of the work. The job no longer held any interest for him. He had bought he and his mother a comfortable life, and he no longer had any use for his particular set of companions. He announced his retirement without much fanfare. Though he did not speak it aloud, the promise that he would hunt every single one of her old compatriots down and leave their bodies in far worse conditions that his previous victims would be thankful for not being on the receiving end of, if they did not leave him be, hung in the air. With his retirement settled, he departed out the door.

He settled for working with the Cartographer’s Guild as his post-retirement plan. It promised to be relaxing work- after all, he no longer needed to stay within the shadows, no longer any need for poisons and concoctions hidden under his sleeves, and his many armaments could be used in the public eye.​
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This is just a rough outline


• Name: Eshin
• Race: half kitsune
• Class: Artist/prankster/Chie initiate
• Gender: male
• Age: 19
• Nationality: Shigese
• Bio: Born to a pair of Chie monks, Eshin thrived in the communal environment. While he knew who were his blood siblings (if not who his parents were), for their ages were the same, all of the kits were treated as a family with the older ones mentoring the younger. Like most kits, he was a prankster who learned quickly to talk his way out of trouble. It’s never something a kitsune fully grows out of, for especially the wise know the need for play.

All were welcome to come and learn and teach, and with his curiosity cultivated beyond his mischievousness, he thrived under the patient teachings of the monks, who did not force what one should learn, merely that they must. They believed that all knowledge could and should be nurtured into wisdom.

To that end, upon reaching adulthood, everyone is sent on a pilgrimage to learn their place in the world. Many return to renew their vows, though some find other interests. Eshin has just recently left on this pilgrimage. He joined the mercenary group because he wasn’t used to being on his own.

He found his niche in art, first as expression then flaring out into his skill with illusions and magic.
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Before I do anything rash like create a character for this, I wanted to make sure this is still open. If not that's totally cool, but if so consider me very interested.

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