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Heya! I’ve just finished playing Cuphead again and about to move onto the New DLC but I’ve fallen in love with like 80% of the bosses and need a long term rp friend to do an open world, character building with some plot ideas. I will be rping as my OC jessica, please bring your Oc too!(if you want)

Looking for

  • Someones who’s in the cuphead fandom
  • Someone who’s good at making up personalities
  • Someone who is good at rping as many characters at once(I will be doing the same)
  • Someone who’s good at world building
  • Someone who is 18+ and ok with a romance here and their
  • Someone who is creative ;)(most of them aren't human)

  • Must be 18+ and ok with romance
  • Must be able to write more than a paragraph or more(depending on what’s happening)
  • Must be willing to play any canon characters(I will of course be doing the same… if my Oc is talking to them, you will play them and if your Oc is talking to them I will play with them)
  • Must be ok with Canon x Oc ships
  • Must be ok with violence, bit of gore
  • Must be good at Open world Rps, where anything can happen!
  • Do not kill off characters/Ocs without asking!
  • I’m not really ok with My Oc x your OC(depends on how cute they are)
(for my Oc)
Jessica is an alien from another world, she was once a god but by breaking rules she has been punished by being trapped in this world for how long? No one knows, the other gods have taken 80% of power. She is weak but compared to most in ink well, she is very strong. She’s never seen a world quite like this before… She is bit scared but curious. The devil himself has seen Jessica and is just as curious about why she is here.
You can make up any plot for you OC!
About me
I’m 21/she/her, I’ve got ADHD(I talk ALOT about a lot of nothing), I love playing video games, I Love drawing, making OCs, world building and roleplaying. I love making long term friends!

If you’ve read all this(I will know if you have or not) tell me your fave cuphead boss/character ;) don’t worry its ok, you say some of them are cute.

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