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Fandom (OPEN) Some game fandoms ✨ [Danganronpa, Persona 3-5, Pokemon] {MxM / MxF}

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ, Mystery, Platonic, Pokemon, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Creative Nick

I'm not lazy, I swear-


I'm 20 years old and would prefer for my partner to be above the age of 18.
I do mostly Canon x Canon or, only in case of a Pokemon rp, OCxOC.
From parings I do either MxM or MxF as I play mostly male characters (there may be one or two exceptions)
I'm a a literate roleplayer who can go from one to multiple paragraphs, so I'm pretty flexible. Just nothing close to one liner please.
I'm pretty chill and love to chat OOC. I'm active on Discord and we can take any discussion there!

I love fluff and angst in my rps. I also don't mind any kind of adventure, mystery, supernatural and such. I don't do erp.

Below are some fandoms along with parings, characters I play and other info about it! Feel free to ask about any parings I did not list, maybe I will be interested.
Pokemon roleplays may not involve any romance and may be purely adventure based!

ALSO, don't comment under this post, if you're interested DM me ✨


Canon x Canon only!

Characters I play:
Nagito Komaeda, Kokichi Ouma, Shuichi Saihara (in game and pregame) , K1B0, Rantaro Amami

DR2 Parings:

Nagito Komaeda x Hajime Hinata
Nagito Komaeda x Chiaki Nanami

V3 Parings:

Kokichi Ouma x Shuichi Saihara
Kokichi Ouma
x K1B0
Kokichi Ouma
x Rantaro Amami
Shuichi Saihara x K1B0

Pregame Shuichi Saihara
x Pregame Kokichi Ouma

Shuichi Saihara x Kaede Akamatsu
Kokichi Ouma x Himiko Yumeno

Komaeda Nagito x Ouma Kokichi (lol)

Plots and AUs preference:
Been there, done that, any idea will do honestly, from soulmates and nobility to vampires. I like brainstorming with people. Preferably a non Despair AU tho.


Canon x Canon only!

Characters I play:
Any MC from Persona 3-5, Ryoji Mochizuki, Naoto Shirogane, Goro Akechi, Yusuke Kitagawa, Haru Okumura, Elizabeth, Theodore

P3 Parings:

Makoto Yuki x Ryoji Mochizuki

Makoto Yuki
x Aigis
Makoto Yuki x Elizabeth
Makoto Yuki
x Theodore

P4 Parings:

Yu Narukami x Naoto Shirogane
Yu Narukami
x Marie

P5 Parings:

Akira Kurusu x Goro Akechi
Akira Kurusu
x Yusuke Kitagawa

Akira Kurusu
x Futaba Sakura
Akira Kurusu x Makoto Nijima
Akira Kurusu x Haru Okumura


Makoto Yuki x Yu Narukami
(Too much Persona Q)

Plots and AUs preference:
Here I can do a post game AU, but I'd like to try also any kind of AU where the events never happened and the characters met in a different way. Brainstorming welcome.


OCs only!

Shortly about:
Here I'm mostly looking for a chill Pokemon Adventure in one of the regions! My knowledge is solely based on games, I haven't watched anime. Just traveling through the region, collecting the party and such. Can involve romance, but here I'm not really too set on that. I'm also open to gijinka roleplay ideas! Welp, that's it~​
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