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Multiple Settings [Open] Seeking: Mature Literate Writers~ MxM

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Supernatural


Mature Hobbyist Writer
INDENTHello and Welcome to my Search Thread!
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Yo yo yo I'm StraudBeryl or Stroodle. I'm searching for a long-term partner to write a tale, or many, with.
I'd consider myself advanced, or in best case scenario a hobbiest storyteller looking to improve and experience worlds.
To all piqued by this little ad of mine, I must preface that I am fairly picky and require a certain spark between us. I'm not a grammar nut and make silly mistakes all the time but I am looking for someone to challenge me and otherwise shoot the shit with. I'm casual and patient to a fault so if you're lacking in free time I'm comfortable allowing you however long you need between posts, given you hit me up once in a while with a quick hello ;p

I'm 25, androgynous, Canadian, and would appreciate someone within 6 or so years of myself.

I much prefer to write for male characters and romance is lovely. I can certainly write alternative pairings but MxM is my poison. As for plotlines I don't have many and along with enjoying the process of designing would rather discuss with a partner. I prefer utilizing Discord for primary OOC chatter however am comfortable writing on most platforms.
As per length, I'm entirely content with 3-8 paragraphs however am more than happy to push for longer posts. I'd really like to experiment more with adding more detail to my posts and utilizing my vocabulary.

INDENTSettings, Themes & Interests
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◆◆◆◇◇◇ Modern
◆◆◆◆◆◆ Romance
◆◆◆◆◇◇ Fantasy
◆◆◇◇◇◇ Futuristic
◆◆◆◆◇◇ Dystopic
◆◇◇◇◇◇ Sci-Fi
◆◆◆◇◇◇ Post-Apocalyptic
◆◆◇◇◇◇ Apocalyptic
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✚ angst ✚ slow burn ✚ psychological ✚ psychosis & mental illness [if played correctly] ✚
✚ gritty & dark ✚ macabre ✚ slight fluff ✚ survival ✚ thriller ✚ mystery ✚ the human psyche ✚ beasts ✚ revenge
moralistic complexities ✚ phobias ✚ toxicity ✚ romance ✚ platonic ✚ addiction ✚ death ✚ mafia & crime ✚
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- A paricular interest of mine is a modern setting in a World of Darkness-esque setting.
- Primarily supernatural abundant behind closed doors and talented masks; humanity none the wiser.
- I'd be curious to try my hand at incorporating a tabletop RPG aspect to the roleplay, however I would not let it lawyer the entire story, should we choose otherwise.
Thank you for taking the time to read, if you feel you'd like to pursue a story with me send me a DM with a writing sample, please!

INDENTWriting Sample
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Within his mind was a torrent of voices, melding into a deadening discord demanding of his attention; altogether the racket was incommodious. Each voice spoke only one or two words, their meanings lost amongst the sound of it, though it all tangled into one cacophonous static. The static, enough to send him spiraling into his own personal hell, was stark-overshadowed by the Hadean punishment he had been plunged into. Taz was vaguely aware of the arms which sought to caudle amongst the pain of the curse ravaging him, his body curling in unto itself as he was drawn towards Elias' chest. Within his mind, his thoughts were in a tizzy, irrevocably trapped within his withering form, and unable to react to his affliction in any way other than the most basic, instinctual responses. Unlike his venture into sitting passenger, he was offered none of the numbness or shelter accompanied with allowing Ebidysses the wheel, instead, leaving him to face within the claws of whatever the fuck Elias had chosen to give him alone.

In his mind's eye, a vision came to him; a field of mauve pansies. Within the vast yard, spanned the purple flowers, wet from the mist rolling in. His surroundings rapidly became dismal; plants shriveling as the dense fog developed and consumed until he could see no further than his hand. Humidity hung heavy in the air, its weight supernatural and gripping, pulling him into the damp soil for him to lay with the flowers resting limply beneath his feet. Overall the scene reflected a macabre beauty, and Taz found himself gripped with unfamiliar emotion and subtle pining. Wilting was the word he associated strongly with the scene, as though the field before him had been cursed with it; the curse of wilting was the name he connected inexplicably as though some smarmy asshole slipped him a note explaining the situation.

Amidst his dream-like state, Taz's body continued to wither. His jaw agape and body locked in a state of shock as his skin began to crack. Unaware until the last few moments of the violent, poisonous pain which diffused his very existence; his death and enviable end imminent, if not for the furious fight within his body and soul for mere existence. Snapping back into consciousness, Taz was faced with the reality that he had been gasping and clawing into Elias' form, his fingers curled firmly into whatever cloth or skin within his range. Unable to utter even a word, he bore witness to the tail-end of pain as, mute, his form ceased to fight and fell into torpor upon the vampire's chest.

Nebulous horizons again, the male stood within his personal purgatory with negligible relief. The first thought to strike him at that moment was that he had abandoned Elias once more; he'd left the vampire to lay alone within the pile of whatever remained of his body. Beyond this, he was aware that being in this state of limbo, he was likely to return to his body given it recovered to a functional state sometime soon, but he also entertained the idea that this was it, and that this was always going to be it. The vast abyss he found himself in; each and every soul's personal hell designed fit the type of life lived. His own experience one of neglect. Neglect for himself, others, and by anyone who'd ever come to know his sorry ass; teetering now within the vacuum of existence and non-existence. If this was hell, it suited who he'd committed to being.

As he stood within the yawning expanse of oblivion, he swallowed and took his first step. Never before had he been granted such an unfettered view of his soul's shed, unabated by the petulant curses which seemed only to gain substance within this shared domain. He walked forward into nothingness, a strange enough concept given that emptiness couldn't exactly come closer nor be moved away from. Nothing was exactly that, and as such, moving was a concept seemingly foreign to this place. This quiet, quiet place.

Taz, seeking some semblance of normality, swallowed again and licked his lips, dry, though he wondered if it was memory or reality. He yelled out the first thing to come to mind at the moment, which was unabashedly 'Taz' in nature. "FUCK YOU!" He inhaled deeply, teeth gritting as he lingered in silence a few moments before yelling again, though rather than words, he released a guttural scream. Once the sound faded, he was left standing within the same silence he'd started out with. Nothing had changed. No Lovecraftian creatures sought him out for devour, and no voice returned to him. Nothing.

He stood in contemplation for a long time after that, his body, he noticed, lacked any pain. In fact, he was without sensation entirely. Even his throat which should have burned from screaming was without the agitation of such, and he further realized that he lacked form entirely. The motion of licking his lips a basic function he was suddenly incapable of. Stricken suddenly with profound fear, he turned to face any direction within the darkness, but no change occurred, he didn't move; there was literally nothing. Indeed the curses did not gain substance here, no, he lost it. He was nothing, here. "Fucking fine. Fine! If this is fucking it, I will not! I will not, too, you fuckers!"

Gasping and further sputtering, Taz awoke rapidly from what could have been the most destructive nightmare he'd ever been privy, though wholly aware of its depths and the absolute truth it bore. His body continued to ache, and his eyes clenched shut as a broken groan, and further sob left him. He could barely acclimate to the pain, its grip on his body firm and wracking. Gasping again, sharply, he motioned to grip Elias' clothes, "F-fucking" He couldn't believe the relief he felt to be back; to feel. It was euphoric in the most unnatural way.
Context Notes: Taz is my immortal boyo and he's going through quite the struggle. All's fun and games until you take an alchemical drug that tries to devour you

I love you.


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hi! i'm completely new to this site, so hopefully i'm doing this reply correctly c: i'd be super interested in doing a m/m rp with you. i love discussing original characters with my partner and coming up with a plot and a world that we love.
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Can attest that Struberyl is a FANTASTIC writer, one of my favorite partners, and one of the most ingenious world-builders you'll find. Not to mention, their patience is incredible.
11/10 partner, would perish for.

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