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Hi! I’m Bella and I’m 24 and I don’t know what else to say about myself!
> Rules

[1. Grammar & Spelling]
I am an understanding person. Obviously we are all humans and we all make mistakes, so I don't expect you to be anywhere near perfect. I just ask that you have a basic grasp on spelling and grammar (capitalize names and places, end your sentence with a period, etc.).I also prefer 3rd person.

[2. Length]
As far as length goes, I prefer 3-5 sentences (if doubling this is per character POV). And upwards of two paragraphs. Longer is finer, shorter isn’t.
[3. Limits]
{What I am Comfortable With}
* Swearing *
* Violence *
* Gore *
* Love Triangles *
* Love Squares *
* Love Hexagons *
* LGBT+ *
* Age Gaps*
* Drugs *
* Drinking *
* Suicide *
* Online/Texting stories *
* Murder *
* Drama *

{What I am Uncomfortable With}

Pretty much nothing. Just no super graphic gore and I won’t do anything with incest/beastiality/and graphic animal abuse

[4. Reply Time]
It depends on the length of replies we are going for, I will say that I shouldn’t take longer than a week to reply and if I take longer than 3 days without warning you then feel free to message me again.

[5. Stopping & Starting]
If you want to stop I’d appreciate you letting me know, you don’t need to say why I’d just rather know than waiting for a response. You can also take a break if your life gets too busy, just please let me know.

[6. Miscellaneous Rules]
-I would prefer to only roleplay with people 20+ as I am in my 20s and would just feel uncomfortable interacting too heavily with minors. You can still message me if you’re 17-19 but whether I accept or not will be on a case to case basis .

I prefer to double with fandoms with ocxcanon characters but can also do ocxoc

Fandoms: (Will also like AUs)
-Alice in Boderland (I’m thinking
continuing from season 2 but can be open to being placed earlier)
-cirque du freak (books only)
-Naruto (Akatsuki or otherwise. I have not seen the full series but I know what happens)
-Avatar the Last Airbender
-Marvel (MCU- I have limited comic knowledge)
-Death Note
-The Boys
-Raven Boys
-Far Cry 5
-Harry Potter (marauders era only, not interested in the main series anymore)
-Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton, American Mcgee, and original versions)
-overwatch (not super up to date on the lore)
-Im probably forgetting some, if you really want a specific fandom ask if I’m familiar with it but have one of these for backup <3

Original Roleplays are also fine Im interested in:
-Supernatural (not the show haha)
-School (College, Boarding school, etc.), Coffee shop, coworkers, any slice of life scenario.
-Vigilantes/Superpowers/Organized Crime (Criminal groups, mercenaries, etc., )

-Youtubers/Internet Personalities/Streamers
-Feel free to suggest any as well!
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Double Luck
If you’re still up for American McGee’s Alice, there is one idea I had a long time ago for a sequel/crossover* loosely based on Alice’s ability to enter other people’s minds in the Otherlands animated sequels.

*The crossover in this case being with Amnesia: Justine, but no real prior knowledge of A:J would be needed on your end. The core idea is essentially Alice vs. the titular Justine Florbelle: a sociopathic French aristocrat who uses a series of torture chambers/devices to study the human psyche (and in some cases just to amuse herself).
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