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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Message me if interested!
(You choose your own ranger color and Zords)

1500 years ago, Camelot was a beautiful, prospering country with King Arthur as the ruler. However, Morgan Le Fay, his sister, hated him. She wanted to be the one to rule. It wasn't fair that only men could rule. She despised him for this. She despised him for his prophecy. So one day, she left the kingdom under night. Everyone searched and searched, worried for their princess, but alas, no one could find her. A decade later, she came back. She had fallen into the hands of dark magic with an army of the undead as well as demons and other dark mages. She lead and attack on the kingdom. Sadly, Arthur and Merlin had sensed this and seen visions of it. They knew what they had to do. They fought against Morgan, with the legendary weapons. These weapons were long lost legendary weapons created by some of the first mages in the kingdom. These weapons turned them into power rangers.

During the battle, much blood was lost. Many of the morphers were destroyed forever, in fact. And some were lost in time or space. However, the rangers that were left stood their ground. But it wasn't enough. Merlin was forced to use a spell to seal Morgan Le Fay away. However, it would only hold for a few centuries. Merlin knew what he had to do. He sealed Camelot away in an invisible bubble and waited. He waited until it was the right time. It was as the prophecy foretold in his slumber the night after sealing away Morgan Le Fay. In many years, when Morgan Le Fay is released, she will come back to the past, stronger than ever, using modern technology to fight. She will ultimately destroy the past. However, the descendants of the rangers, especially their leader, would be destined to come to the past and fight Morgan Le Fay. He told the rangers this and they all agreed to teach their descendants everything they knew and keep it as a tradition.

Fast forward, 1500 years later, on January 21, 2022, a lunar eclipse happens and the moon turns purple. Suddenly, the world is suddenly being enslaved by a mage who goes by the name of Morgan Le Fay. And then another Mage arrives named Merlin. Each ranger knows what they have to do. Their parents gave them a small cube with a button in the middle. Once they press the button, it will take them back in time. And so, with much hesitance, they press the button to go back in time. And when they arrived, they arrived only a month after Morgan Le Fay was sealed away.
Ranger Mentor (Open)
Merlin (Open)
Leader Ranger (Taken) Has to be one of the rangers below
Fire Ranger (Taken) PinkSodaPopRemix
Ice Ranger (Open)
Plant Ranger (Taken) Lord_Boreas
Wind Ranger (Open)
Water Ranger (Open)
Rock Ranger (Open)
Lightning Ranger (Open)
Morgan Le Fay (Open) They are a Mage
Morgan Le Fay's Three Generals (1/3 Taken) Can be mages, knights, or something else if you message me
Civilians/Other Characters (Unlimited)
Please have the ranger colors corresponded with your characters' elements. Message me for your role.
Duplicates of Colors are not allowed unless it is light blue and dark blue. Also Silver and White are not a duplication of each others
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