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Fandom (OPEN) Looking for an RP partner! (1x1 - OPEN for double up)

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Seer from the Stars
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I'm looking for anybody who can play one of these characters:

-Kurt Kunkle (from the movie Spree)
-Walter 'Keys' McKeys (from the movie Free Guy)
-Steve Harrington (from Stranger Things)

**NOTE THAT: I have only watched the two movies, and I am only on the first season of ST. I do not mind spoilers however, so I still admit him.

It's an OC x CC thing, however, I am willing to double up if necessary!

Please, be literate or more (I'm lit to adv lit), I won't accept less than 1 paragraph. I myself write from 1 to 3 paragraphs or more depending on how invested I am into the plot.

Platform of preference would be Discord or here!

Regarding ST. I know a few things about the characters, but what really matters to me from the scenario and plot is the vibe. 80s classing high school vibe, that's what I'm craving (along with some Angst too!)

As for doubling up, even if I don't know the character you ask me to play as, I can try my best! As long as I have a brief description of their personality and how they handle things, I can do just fine
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