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Multiple Settings [OPEN] Looking for a RP partner!


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I'm looking for a RP partner! I'm posting a new thread since my last one hasn't been getting much more attention and it's also a bit old!

I've been roleplaying for around six years, and I'm literate to adv literate (depending on how invested I am), around 2 paragraphs usually. I'd like someone that can match my level, though I don't mind higher (I can match too). I will not be taking any requests lower than literate. I will usually have minimum one reply per day, usually replying as soon as I see yours. (I can get several replies per hour if you do so too!)

I really enjoy taking a bit to fully flesh out the story or plot we're going for before actually starting! I enjoy making up and sharing headcanons too!

I am willing to double up! With any canon character of course (as long as I'm comfortable!). Can be from any fandom, not necessarily from one that I know. Even if I am not familiar with the character or story, with some research and a bit of help I can figure out how to play as them! I'm completely fine with any pairing! (Mind you my OC is Non-Binary AFAB).

I really enjoy ANGST and fluff mixed together into a plot! And I am also craving some post-apocalyptic settings! (Optional)

I'm looking for someone who can play one of these characters:

- Simon "Ghost" Riley
- König

-ARCANE and League Of Legends-
- Viktor (The ARCANE version)
- Aatrox
- Shieda Kayn
- Yone
- Zed

- Omen
- Cypher
- Gekko

-Wilbur Soot (the actual streamer OR C! Wilbur)

If you have any doubts or want to request the rp, just comment on this thread or pm me :D
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Looking very specifically for someone who can rp as C!Wilbur
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