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Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
The year is 1998. The world as we know it is coming into a technological revolution, 1592523576704.png
especially in comparison to the previous few decades. The internet is in it’s
adolescence and websites are beginning to take a hold of the market in terms of
online advisories and other such conveniences. Of course, owning such a system
is quite a luxury for the general populous. Never the less, the world is certainly on a
collision course with greater tech in the future, and our lives collectively will be
changed. However, I’m getting off topic. Our story starts in a little town in Japan
known as Tokyo.

In 1988, there was a massive influx of Stand Users in the general population of the 1592523726727.png
world. This was caused namely by a old witch serving a Dark God reborn, in
possession of the Stand Arrow. These stand arrows were scattered across the world
after the defeat of the resurrected dark god, and many remain undiscovered up until
this point. However, many have been found as well.

Tokyo has been affected deeply by these stand arrows. Now the scum and villainy of
the city have power beyond their wildest dreams, and crime has become a normal
daily life occurrence. The government is powerless, and a lawless gang of merciless
killers stalk the streets looking for anyone else to fuel their bloodshed and hatred
towards others. That’s where you come in.

You came into contact with the stand arrow, however it might have occurred doesn’t
matter, but you now have the mighty power of the Stand. It reflects your soul, and
turns it into a being comprised of your very willpower. They are heavily varied, and
depending on the user can range from a trapped cell tower to a shadow that can steal
your age. But don’t let it discourage you. You’re the only one who can stop the violence
and inhumanities going on in this living city once and for all.

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
Do you guys want a character sheets page up or should we just let some more people roll in?


Horizontal Staircase
Oooooooo, JoJo? I'm interested, but I'd like to know a few things first. Could we, say, totally hypothetically, have a character using something besides a stand? Like, let's say, this is completely hypothetical and totally not related to something I've had cooking for weeks by now, could they be a vampire?

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
Hmm, possibly. It would be a unique circumstance and it opens you up to many weaknesses as well as strengths, also introducing not only Vampires but possibly Hamon into the fragile Tokyo city circumstances.

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