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Realistic or Modern (Open) Interest check: Monster Condo.

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Welcome, I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in a sort of different slice of life roleplay?

It's about "Monsters" living in a condo, every monster would be disguised as a human, and every monster they interacted with wouldn't plainly be identified as a monster.

Every monster thinks they're the only monster in the condo unless they're found out. There a no consequences to being found out, yet.

Every monster has a power, a power they cannot control and if someone were to see this flaw that would be enough to be found out.

The point is if you don't want to be found out, you'll have to lie or trick the other(s) into believing your excuse. Thing is, monsters aren't very bright. It'll be easy convincing your roommates that your not a monster if you have a clever excuse.

Any questions?​

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