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Open for anything ~


Be foolish & have fun
Heya! Thanks for actually clicking on this title among the many others. I'm guessing that you're probably bored too and would like to role play; well, me too! :)

I don't have many requirements but just please be semi-literate and kind. If you're both of them things then we will get on like a house on fire. Not many rules either, just please be friendly and if you rarely want to talk I totally understand. I play female character prominently (because I am that gender myself) yet I am perfectly happy to/capable of playing a double with a male character.

So, the types of role plays I play... Well at the moment I'm craving practically anything. Romance, action, fandom (literally any, well, maybe not all but you get the jist), sci-fi, medieval, you name it and I'm probably up for it. My brain isn't being very creative today though so I'm not going to be good with coming up with good plots. However, if you yourself have some good orginal plots, then I would love to hear them!

Please get back to me via DM or comment on this thread if you would like to RP. Bye :D


Be foolish & have fun
JinxedRP said:
What fandoms are you interested on? c:
Haha there are quite a few to list. But, is there any in particular you would like to RP? We may just be in the same fandoms. :)

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