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First off, character rules! I covered hybrid rules briefly in the recruiting post, but I will cover them here as well.

While xeno-human hybrids are allowed, there are limitations and requirements that come with them.
-A x/y ratio of DNA is permitted, however, it must show.
^ A 70% xeno 30% human character isn't going to be able to blend in with humans, it just can't happen. There's going to be more xenomorph biology than human at this point, and maybe even very little visibly human characteristics.
-Go crazy, go stupid but don't go sicko mode. You can use different types of xenomorphs other than drones (ex runners, praetorians, prowlers...) but don't make them overpowered. (as hard as that is with a genocidal alien race-)
-The Queen is your queen.
^ Xenomorphs communicate long distances with pheromones, hormones, and a semi-telepathic link between the colony/hive. This isn't 'speak with mind' telepathy, but more like is you could sense when you were needed or if someone was hurt from a distance. It won't give away your location, but it could be a major disadvantage considering the xenomorphs drive to serve the queen.
-Implanted with an ID chip. High-security doors will alert B and C class personnel so be careful what door you leave from.
-full-blooded xenomorphs are ok but remember hivemind

Humans can be whatever. Soldier? ok. scientist? Pog, doctor man. A literal bounty hunter? Someone's gotta kill all the native life for colonization!

A class personnel - The highest level on Pandora. The Overseer and four others are the only ones with this pass. Unplayable.
B class - scientists, doctors, and the sort. High-level access to most places on the ship.
C class - Soldiers, engineers, and cleaners. The grunt work really...
D class - Civilian adults.
E class - Children.

Class: (alien NA)
Occupation: (alien NA)

Feel free to add as much as you want, but these are the basics
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