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Fantasy (OOC) Roller-Skating High-Schoolers against the Vast Expanse of Space

i went to....... a gender reveal party for my brother and his gf so i am exhausted tonight 😔 will try to get a post out tomorrow after i am well rested. i feel bad because i feel like i'm holding up the group aghh


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It's alright! I've been pretty inactive as well >.>
The easy part of the year is coming to a close so I completely understand activity becoming spotty as our lives get busy again, same is gonna happen for me. As long as you keep us updated it's all good! I'm glad you're still well, be sure to take care of yourself! ^u^
hi guys!! sorry i haven't been posting like... at all. i was having a bit of a writers block and my cat went missing two days ago so i've been an absolute wreck ahaa :')) idk if this rp is still alive (i hope it is 🤞) but i just thought i should let you know what's been going on 😔 idk whenever i'll be able to get a post out but i will try my best to get something out soon if the RP is still around!! ♥️


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To be honest, my muse for this rp has kinda faded away ;; I really enjoyed it while it lasted but I don't think I could continue it and give it the justice your characters deserve at the moment. Maybe one day in the future I could restart this RP but for now I think it'd be best for me to lay it to rest.
I apologize for the sudden end, but it was really nice getting to know you all!


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Aw, that's alright! Losing inspiration can suck, but I'm glad you were upfront with us about it. And if you do ever restart the RP, please tag me because I would love to join again!
aw, i'm sad to see it go but i'm glad Aris got some screentime!! ♥️ thanks for making that a possibility zera! i'm in the same boat as AreSneksSly AreSneksSly ; if you decide to redo this rp please tag me so i can join again!! i still love the concept and i'm so curious about how the plot will go hmmm. it was fun while it lasted and hopefully we'll see each other again somewhere!


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It was a ride, and I wish it was a bit longer. But all things must come to an end, I suppose.
Thanks for the opportunity, Zera. It was fun while it lasted.

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