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    Here we will discuss and converse. Please keep all such communication here and do not allow it into the IC thread.

    Thank you!

    READ THIS!!: Please do not post in any threads except for this thread, the Characters thread, and the IC thread.

    The other threads are not for discussion or conversation. They are meant solely to relay information relevant to the RP and the world you are about to enter. I will delete any and all posts made to threads other than those listed above.

    Thank you!
  2. How long do dragons live for? Also, do they tend to live in social groups/communities or are they largely solitary?
  3. Dragons live for thousands of years. Sometimes even tens of thousands.

    They typically live in communities since they live on the smallest continent on the planet.
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  4. Ok, thank you! I'd also like to know at what point is a dragon considered to be an adult? Do they mature at a certain age, size, or combination of both?
  5. Dragons typically reach sexual maturity at around 100 years of age, though that can vary from individual to individual.
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  6. The character sheet asks about the species of a dragons parents. Does that refer to their element or is it possible for them to actually crossbreed with the other races?
  7. The "species" refers to the size and color of the Dragon. I'll have to rephrase that in the Dragon's page.

    If they were a large black Dragon for instance, that's their "species".

    Dragons are genetically incompatible with other humanoid races because they were created by Sil'Eph Niir separate from all the other beings which populated the world after her labor was complete.
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  8. Howdy folks!

    I just took a look at all the threads and was wondering if there is a translation guide/dictionary of common dragon words, like colors and such, so that I can name my character properly in their language.

    Also, how did non divine dragons come to possess a human form? Were they just blessed by Sil'Eph Nilr, created in her image? I know in some video games and the fantasy genre that dragons can either possess round or heavily pointed ears in their human form. I'm guessing dragons in their other form will have rounded ears then, nothing which distinguishes them from looking utterly human?

    I apologize in advance if these questions were addressed in the threads themselves. There's always the possibility I missed some things. Thanks.
  9. You haven't missed anything.

    Sil'Eph Niir created the Dragons with a human form as a means for them to conserve energy. The Earth occasionally experiences droughts of Mana, especially during the shifting of the poles and when there is a sudden boom of population by a magic-wielding race. During times of such Mana drought the Dragons experience a great amount of strain on their bodies. The way they mitigate the strain is in their human forms. It consumes less Mana than their Dragon form to maintain and thus is ideal until the Earth's Mana is restored to its natural level.

    And yes, their human forms are indistinguishable from a regular human. No different shaped ears or other signs which separate them from normal humans. It's what allows the few Dragons who venture away from The World's Wing to remain in human populated areas for long periods of time without being discovered.
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  10. For those who have joined, if it wasn't done for you automatically please be sure to watch this thread by clicking the "watch" button at the top right.

    As well, if you are having any trouble posting in the Characters page, please let me know. It is open and you should be able to post in that thread without an issue. But if you are having continued issues please bring it to my attention and I will contact an admin/moderator about the issue.

    Thank you!
  11. @Abyss @Aura Of Twilight @Silki.Knight @SP3CT3R @Whisker

    Just posting a second time to make sure that tagging you gets the message to reach you through this site's crappy notification systems.

    If you are having any problems posting or replying to this thread or the Character's thread, please let me know ASAP. The thread is marked as "open" so it should not be stopping you from posting. But if it is, let me know and I will contact an admin/moderator as soon as possible to get the issue resolved.

    Thank you!
  12. I'm getting messages and alerts no problem. I should have a character up by tomorrow, if I can' get it done tonight.
  13. Now that I have hot minute to myself to actually think, I'm going to try and knuckle down on this character creation business sometime tomorrow.
  14. All right.

    If you need any help, let me know.
  15. @Abyss @Aura Of Twilight @Silki.Knight @SP3CT3R @Whisker

    I have added new information about the Dragon Language in the "Dragon Culture" thread. Feel free to look it over.

    It's very simplistic, so if you have any thoughts or wonder how something would be used in conversation then just ask and I'll answer as best I can.

    I look forward to your characters!
  16. What is the climate/geography around the World's Wing? I'm trying to figure out best where my character would feel most at home.
  17. The World's Wing is a very interesting location in this world in that it has a near year-round summertime feel to it. It's primarily comprised of mountainous islands with a few forested ones interspersed throughout as well. But there is no real fall or winter in the World's Wing. No leaves fall, no heavy rainy season, no snow. Nada. A near paradise of year-round summertime weather.
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  18. @Abyss @Aura Of Twilight @Silki.Knight @SP3CT3R @Whisker

    There has been a slight edit to the language section, so please double check that when you have some spare time. I realized an inconsistency between what I had provided and Sil's name so I rectified the mistake.

    Again if you guys are curious or uncertain about anything regarding the RP, please be vocal about it and don't hesitate to throw as many questions as you have at me. I'll answer all of them.

    And if by chance anyone has decided to move on from the RP please let me know so I can stop tagging you.

    Thank you!
  19. @Abyss @Aura Of Twilight @Silki.Knight @SP3CT3R @Whisker

    Hey guys.

    I am sorry to deliver this news on the holidays, but I wanted to let you guys know that this RP is going to close down on Saturday.

    I am grateful that you all joined, but it shouldn't have taken this long to make characters and get started. As a result of the complete lack of activity I have lost my desire and creative muse, and I no longer care to continue.

    However I didn't want to close the RP without at least giving you guys a head's up. It's a general courtesy to do so, after all.

    Thanks for joining, and good luck with your other RP endeavors.

    ~ ChoShadow

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