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Fantasy [OOC] Corvallis Academy


ave goin insane

here's to never growing up
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What songs do you guys recommend by ajr? I need new music and it’s not like I already have 900+ songs on my playlist
listening to finale (can't wait to see what you do next) on repeat so... definitely not that one. lol.
aside from the super popular ones (world's smallest violin, bang, etc) i recommend birthday party, 3 o'clock things, ordinaryish people, ok overture, karma, and don't throw out my legos ^^
also, the 900 song playlist is FELT


Just cause I read worse don't mean it ain't cursed
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Also, I think Arii's gonna have chewing gum in more than one orifice sooner rather than later e.e
Unfortunately for everyone involved, Arii is fast, and I think that would just end up like a mongoose fight in an enclosed area, lmao

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
I just like to imagine the crew of the ship is talking about what these new students are going to be like, and barely halfway through the trip there's a big hole already in the side of the ship.
Totally forgot to address this but in the hypothetical case that the clash between Bellatrix and Ryan would actually make a hole on the ship the wood would mend itself after a few seconds while temporally electrified around that area.


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I finnaly got the art worm out of my ear and can start workin on an actual post
also have no idea if magic is actually this flashy, so consider it a stylistic choice
or Rumi is literally just using an illusion spell for cool lighting

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