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Fantasy OOC chat

D. Rex D. Rex Sherwood Sherwood

No need, it says to use your passive perception and I have just been given a golden opportunity. I do wish to ask for you to wait a bit as I need to know what Rasanur and Inkiira are doing. Would that be possible?
Thank you. I think you might like what happens next but I will make another post to help with information if one of you want to take a second look at them.


Hold on, slow down, I'm getting slammed with notifications. How frequently are you expecting us to post?
I did mention that I was going to continue the adventure at 5:15 PM GMT+1 and then mentioned that I would make another post in three hours at about 6 PM.


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Just a short remark on that: Given that we're spread out across different time zones, it'd probably be good to give us at least 24 hours of time in-between - that way, everyone has a chance to get a post in, in theory. That 3-hour time window could potentially be in the middle of the night for all of us.
Silanon Silanon

I will allow an intimidate check vs the goblin you can see. What do you want to say in the message spell to intimidate the goblin? Let me know that first before you roll please.
Has anyone herd from welian?
He has yet to make a single post on the main adventure and I don't want to keep everyone hanging if possible.


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Has anyone herd from welian?
He has yet to make a single post on the main adventure and I don't want to keep everyone hanging if possible.
I have not, but I don't have him with me in any of my other games. I was starting to wonder if the game was going to fizzle.
I have sent him a message and if I don't get a reply then I'm afraid I'll have to kick him. I don't want to do that though but I will if I must to keep the adventure alive.
D. Rex D. Rex Sherwood Sherwood Silanon Silanon
Due to a lack of response, I regret to inform you all that welian is no longer welcome in this adventure. I understand that I times are difficult and would be willing to allow welian back in at a later date, but due to me wanting to get the adventure moving I am forced to say that welian is currently kicked from the party until welian feel they can keep up with the posts. I apologise for doing this.
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And suddenly, a wild Psychie appears!

A certain little armored kitty told me that there was an opening for a player here, so I decided to come on over. You guys are lucky to get a gal as wonderful as me on your team! lol

Seriously, Shadeofshade Shadeofshade Thanks again for the invite. I'll start rolling some numbers to see what kind of character I can pull out of the bag.

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