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  1. I agree with that conclusion. ^^
  2. I shall refrain from using the small meteorite attack then as it sounds too OP for comfort.
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    The power of the attack is relative to the point of origin. A meteoroid called down from the vaccuum of space that survived the journey through the Earth's atmosphere would be real hot and have an impact crater hundreds of times it own surface area. (thanks physics) A magic meteoroid that you constructed solely out of magic from an open palm may arch and hit a single target like a truck, or shoot straight forward and put holes in everything in it's path like an enhanced piercing round of out a railgun. You could even jut open up portals in the sky and call down meteoroids from within the atmosphere so the damage they do is consistent and dependent on heir mass and altitude.

    Portal option. The "heaven's lament" part.

  4. Hm, that does make sense. Damn it, I forgot the difference between meteor and meteoroid. Magic meteoroids falling everywhere from small portals. Though I still imagine that it would certainly take a lot of mana to consistently use it as a weapon.
  5. And remember when fighting with wide ranged attacks: please keep in mind the ecosystem! If the forest gets destroyed that would be troublesome and if it got lit on fire that would be problematic as well. xD just a friendly reminder from your environmentally friendly admin. (Gosh it gets me so annoyed how in practically every high level battle in animanga and shtuff no one takes stock of the damage they are doing to wildlife and the natural ecological systems!!! Saving the world doesn't equate to killing all dem trees, folks!)
  6. Idk about you, but Id rather destroy the enviroment in a battle to save the world rather than be conscious of the trees. The world can heal but it needs to be alive to do so
  7. Hey, if I were a superpowerful badass, I'd turn my enemies into trees instead of killing them. Then, they could become better people (soul wise) instead of reincarnating with pastlife emotional baggage
  8. Fk that. Let em reincarnate and them kill em again.
  9. But they won't even remember why. If you turn them into trees it's much more satisfying.

    You get to cause them excruciating pain as you force their body to break itself down and completely rewrite itself, then you torture their mind with the fear and knowledge that sokn they wont even be able to think like normal humans, and then you can tell them that you're gonna cut them down with a rusty chainsaw  or douse them in oil and let them burn to death slowly, so that that fear is trapped with them forever.
  10. Aye, I thought of that. But there is something so satisfying about doing it yourself
  11. Wow
  12. What woman lol
  13. Boys: always after the instant gratification.

    Leave the revenge plots to the real men, sonny.
  14. That escalated quickly.
  15. Can't escalate if that been in the back of my mind since the first ecosystem post you did
  16. Girl, if thats what you think, you wouldnt know a real man if he dropkicked you through one of those reincarnated tree people.
  17. I spy with my little eye so much sass. Alert: The ecosystem has increased the rates of sass in the atmosphere.

    *boy is that global warming or just the comebacks heating the place?*
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  18. Darling, I've had a real man, and believe me when I say that a real man who's a smart man knows when to back down before a beat down. Plus, no one would dropkick me anywhere and get away with it. In a world where I could make people into trees, he'd be lucky to walk away from that kick, let alone survive it. Trust me when I tell you, there's no bitch like my kind of bitch when I'm truly pissed. Read the signature. I'm not the Queen for show.
  19. I actually dont see the signature.

    All jokes aside though, I really do think torturing someone personally is better than letting life have at them.
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  20. Yea cuz Karma can always disappoint you.

    My Sig

  21. Interesting sig lmao. But yes, Karma has lwt me down before.
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  22. Let's go guys!! Not time to stop!!
  23. AGREED. =)
  24. Back in business bitches.
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  25. "sigh"
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