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Fantasy Onyx Academy (Open)

What house is your character in?

  • PhoenixEye ~ The Outgoing Girls

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • BloomsBury ~ The Quiet Girls

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Both!

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters
Sub Genres
Harry Potter, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, School, Super Powers


Every single year, we choose 20 teenagers who are the challenged. Who have many quirks, who have anything to do with magic.

Backstory to Onyx Academy? Here it is.
When Ally Onyx was walking to school, she encountered one thing:
She was magical. She wanted to find out about her magic.
Ally kept walking to school, until she found a stray puppy. Even thought It wasn’t a puppy. Ally took it in, she thought it was normal. Ally found it could talk, and they became ‘friends’. When her puppy was gone, it morphed into a dragon-a huge one-and tried to kill her, and the school she was in.
This caused the Magical War II.
Ally tried, and tried to fight it with her ‘magic’ until she blasted it with her very last scream, and shot a rainbow-colored liquid at it and it died the moment she did. It came out with colorful things, and heavy things.
In the ceremony, Headmistress Evergreen will talk about her to first years.
Ally Onyx was a sweet, admirable girl. She didn’t deserve to die. Her last words were:
I won’t let you kill my FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!
she will be remembered. Rumor has it she is still alive, where you can hear the echoes of her crying and saying

Headmistress Evergreen is the main Wizard. All you need is:
•A wand
•A broom
•Your Studies Books
•A Cat, Frog, Owl, or a Mouse.
she will provide you 50$ in Wizard Cash to get your supplies.

You’ve been sent A letter. From Headmistress Evergreen. You have a special quirk-and she knows about it very well. You can have as many visits with your parents as wanted, and you need to control those powers. Will you go and seek your adventure? Miss. Evergreen has some adults to show you around the place before school starts in September. The day is July 2nd, Tuesday, and we hope to expect you at Welcoming Ceremony September 18th. All you need is in the above, and the tests will roll in after the Welcoming Ceremony. All you need to do is relax, and study for as well this place accepts all sorts of genders.

House Spots:
For the really shy, quiet kids.
TheHaileyWilliams_ TheHaileyWilliams_
- Veil Walker Veil Walker
(Limit is 10)

For the outgoing, Crazy, People.
Kmbrly Kmbrly
(Limit is 10)
Limit to words is 400. One-liners aren’t accepted. We need around 5-Unlimited Sentences.
•Please, please be active!
•Romance ftb. (Fade-to-black)
•Limit to characters is 4.​
Headmistress: TheHaileyWilliams_ TheHaileyWilliams_
Headmistress Teacher Assistant:
Headmistress Student Assistant:
Secretary (Teacher):
Secretary Student Assistant:
Nurse: TheHaileyWilliams_ TheHaileyWilliams_
Nurse’s Student Assistant:
Hallway Monitors: (4 of them)

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Zipper Man
if I were to do a character who's quiet, but also charismatic, what house would they fall into?




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