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Realistic or Modern One x one

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Hello there and welcome to my little thread. Before I get into what I’m looking for in a partner, I should probably tell you a little about me.

- I’m in my twenties, a dog mom to two adorable pains in the ass, and work a full-time and part-time job. I’ve been roleplaying since I was around twelve, so it’s been years. I love out of character chat and can probably chatter with you about anything.

Now onto what I am looking for. I promise I will make this as short and painless as possible...
- I’m looking for someone who has little to no limits. I enjoy darker themes and mature subjects. I also would prefer you to be at least 18+, since again I am in my twenties.
- I tend to stick to male x female pairings. I am open to female x female pairings, but have little experience with it. Although, I have nothing against male x male, I am not good at it.
- I play a female main or we double, period. I will not just play a male character. In fact, I enjoy multiple characters in my roleplays.
- Realistic face claims please.
- I’d like someone who would roleplay in private message, email, or google docs please.
- I am looking for someone who will plot with me, isn’t afraid to tell me their ideas, and who gets into writing as much as I do.

Now onto what I roleplay...

- I stick to modern pairings. I do have a few plots, which I will gladly talk to people about via private message.

- Abusive/toxic relationshio
- Older x younger
- Stripper x client
- Kidnapped
- Obsession
- Addict x sober
- Addict x Addict
- Mafia, gang, or biker gang
- Road trip
- Friend reunion
- Boss x employee
- Teacher x student
- Therapist x client
- Inpatient rehab (addiction and/or mental health)
- Sugar baby x sugar daddy
- Cop x prostitute
- Vampire x human
- Ex x ex

I’d really love to combine pairings together and come up with something crazy as well. Please PM me if they are interested.

Professor red

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You darling had me at mafia. I was thinking a mafia based rp with with a mix of the older and younger pairing. I’d play say 17 or 18 and you can play what ever she you choose. How does that idea sound ? I can also do a collage based setting if that makes it easier. I have loads of mafia ideas and plots so please send me a message or reply to this post and I’ll send you a message


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I was thinking your character could be an ex prostitute/addict while my character could be a cop/vampire. Maybe she could be addicted to drugs. Maybe she could be addicted to the high of having a vampire's bite. Either way she has blood (as some do) that empowers supernatural creatures. Obviously she's an addict and wants to give out her blood but the cop refuses and is trying to get her sober so she can have her own life.

If you don't like that we could just do a cop/sober x addict/ex prostitute

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