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Realistic/Modern One x One

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca. I’m 25 years old, work a full-time job, a part-time job, am enrolling in graduate school, and am a dog mom to two cute little pomeranians. In my free time I really do enjoy roleplaying and attempt to respond at least once daily if not more.

- I typically roleplay via pms, email, or google doc
- I play male x female or female x female pairings. I also will play a female role or double as one of each.
- I have no limits and prefer if my partner has no to very slim limits since I do enjoy darker themed roleplays.
- I like face claims and have no preference as long as I can get a visual.
- I do like out of character speak and prefer to be friendly with partners.

Roleplay wise I stick to modern/realistic:
Abusive Relationship, Master x Slave, Sober x Addict, Addict x Addict, Older x Younger, Stripper x Client, Cop x Prostitute, Teacher x Student, Kidnapper x Victim, Stalker x Victim, Ex x Ex, Arrainged Marriage, Counselor x Client...

I’m sure there is more. I’m open to suggestions as well. Please PM me if interested and feel free to stop by at say hi!


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I'm interested! I'm pretty flexible pairing-wise (I usually do mxf since I'm new to the others, but i'm fairly easy to persuade to do whatever), so if you have any particular cravings for any pairings or plots, just shoot me message :)
Hey I’d be interested in your stripper x client, cop x client or arranged marriage one. Whichever you would prefer. I am new though so if you are interested if you could pm me that would be great 🙂

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