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Fantasy one x one with cjwrites and cruze

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Off. Something was off about the setting Dreki found himself walking in on. The door was ajar me it looked like it had been forced open. Dispute the door, everything looked perfectly fine. Sure, he hadn’t been to this home before to know what normal looked like. But everything just seemed too clean for young goddess who spend the night with one other. He had seen His sisters handy work before. Leia was not in the business of clean after a girl night out.

Leia had asked him to come get her. Here he was, and she wasn’t. The door had him on alert and he had his axe in his hand, using it to carefully lift up papers and look under them. As he continued to look about the room, his eyes settled on a mirror as he looked back at him self. Dreki looked carefully at the mirror. He looked behind himself in it and checked the sides for anything he might be missing from a normal viewpoint.

Eyebrows furrowed curiously as he looked at the corner of the mirror. Something stood out on it and he walked closer, squatting down to look at the corner of the mirror. Blood was on it. Not much, but it was something.

“Where are you, Leia.” He whispered to himself, standing up and looking around the room some more, trying to find and clue he could possibly pull together that she might have left behind.

It was far unlike his sister to ask him to do something and then not follow through. She might be many things, but flaky wasn’t one of those things. He growled a little and slipped the phone back out of his pocket as she tried to look for the message she had sent him the day before. Dreki wasn’t really one for technology, but his sister was trying to educate him on the modern age and help him keep up so he didn’t find himself in the dust. Not to mention, of all the things Leia told him, the cell phone sounded like it had potential for his cause.


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Ada was enjoying a quiet night in her London flat. London was no longer being the center of innovation it once was, but Ada always longed to spend more time in the place she was born. London was for downtime. For nostalgic strolls in Bletchley park, and spending time with people who weren't workaholics. Well not as much as Silicon Valley, Shenzen or Japan, the other places she could call home.

Her phone rang and she lazily reached over to pick up.

Incoming Video Chat. That's odd. Chelles usually preferred text.

"M?" Ada's daughter sounded frantic. The video was far from the carefully framed video posts Chelles usually sent, but badly lit and shaking as if. "M, please help."

"Chelles?" Ada sprang to her feet. "Where are you? What's going on"

"I don't know" Chelles sobbed. "This guy he just, I was hanging with Leia and, Aaaaahhhh-"

A violent shriek cut through the air and Ada instinctively reeled back. The video blurred and cut off.


"Chelles?" Ada panicked. She couldn't sense Chells' divine item anywhere. Had it been destroyed? A chill ran up her spine.

She willed herself onto the street outside the phone's last known GPS location, a luxury penthouse hotel room in downtown LA.

She palmed flipped her nervously as she exited the elevator and approached the room. The door was open but inside was completely dark. This felt wrong. There were no security cameras here, which wasn't too surprising, but what was shocking was the lack of almost any electronics at all. Only a single phone was inside and it wasn't Chells'. Chelles loved brightly lit bubbly places, surrounded by cute and adorable things and by the latest electronic gimmick to entice her fans. Ada always thought Chelles had too much of an online presence for a goddess and interacted too much too openly with mortals, but mortals couldn't hurt her, right?

Ada held out her hand and Atelier morphed into a drone, beeping a bit before casting a wide spotlight to show Ada the way as she stepped inside. It's spotlight almost instantly illuminated the silhouette of a man, a deity by the look of it, wielding an intimidating metal axe. Ada gasped as she peered into his blood-red eyes and Atelier's beacon narrowed, honing in and pointing at the man, ready to shoot.

"Who's there?" Ada shouted. And what have you done with my daughter"


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Dreki did his best to meander through the device in his hand but anything he tried rendered useless. He knew how to call his sister, how to answer the damn thin, and how to read a text message. The replying thing was still a work in progress. His fat fingers tried to hit too many of the wrong things. Leia said she got him the bigger one of the little squares. But as far as he was concerned, at six foot seven, the thing was still tiny.
Frustrated, the chucked the thing behind his head and let it clatter to the ground, not really caring about any damage done to it. What he wanted to know was something the rectangle could tell him. Where was Leia.

He growled lowly and flipped the axe in his hand, trying to think. He knew she was with a friend, a party? He wasn’t sure. It wasn’t I like her to party, but he didn’t know if it was just the two of them or if it was an actual party. It didn’t really matter.
Before he had a chance to look around much longer, his pupils dilated as a light was shown on him. Dreki growled again as his red eyes came to focus on a young looking woman. One of those do-dads buzzed beside her, the source of the light, and he shifted so he faced her.
Dreki scanned her up and down, not replying to her right away, but rather taking in her body language. She certainly had ‘momma bear’ written all over her. Though he had no idea who her daughter was.
“I’m afraid I don’t know who your daughter might be.” A husky voice finally spoke. “But I’m here looking for my sister, Leia. She asked me to meet her here.”
He stepped forward a little more into the light, not feeling to threatened by the woman, and his axe became a small pendant on a worn leather cord that he slipped around his neck.
“So, who might your daughter be?” He asked with a cheeky grin.


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Ada relaxed a little as Dreki put away his weapon and Atelier returned to being an oversized flashlight. "I'm looking for Chelina, the goddess of social media. She and Leia hung out a lot. I got a frantic call from Chelles, maybe ten minutes ago? I rushed over here as soon as I could but her phone's dead, gone, like they're both hidden from my purview" Or gone forever. Ada didn't want her thoughts to go there. A lump formed in her throat and she started rocking back and forth on her feet.

"Did Leia call or text you?" Ada's voice was still frazzled and high pitched, but it was obvious she was trying to sound confident. If she had noticed his checky tone, she didn't show it. "Maybe I'll have more luck locating her phone instead. Can I see?"

A small voice in the back of her head whispered warnings in her ear. Dreki towered over Ada's slender five foot six and if he caught her by surprise, she wouldn't be able to escape. What if he was lying about Leia having a brother? What if he and Leia planned this together? Ada had never heard Chelle's friend's name in anything more than passing. Still what else could Ada do? She was desperate. Anything to help her daughter. Chelles had gotten into trouble before but Ada could always locate her before. Ada would know if he was telling the truth if she had his phone. For now, she had no choice but to trust the hulking figure in front of her.


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Watching her body physically relax as his weapon went away made him chuckle to himself. He had never been in the business of hurting women. Not unless the decided to hurt him first, which was very seldom. Yet he understood where she was coming from. A goddess of social media? He hadn’t heard of such a thing but in passing from his sister. That must mean the one in front of him and her missing daughter were rather young deities. New to the world and the nightmares it could bring.
Dreki watched her carefully, seeing her rocking back and forth. She just wanted to make sure her daughter was alright. He ran his tongue across his teeth and pondered her question about a call or text from his sister. He had leaned on a counter for a few minutes before pushing himself off it and turning his back on her.
“She sent me a thingy-ma-jig last night. Haven’t heard anything from her since.” Where the hell did he put that stupid thing. He scoured through the living space, all he remembered was chucking it over his shoulder.

Carefully he walked back to where he was when he threw it and followed where it might have gone. Ah. There it was. Under a couch. Must have slid under it. He grabbed it and smiled, looking at its now cracked screen, and passed it off to Ada.
“There ya go. Probably more use in your hands than in mine.”
Dreki decided to look about the place one more time, trying to find something his sister might have left behind as a clue to him. Yet he was falling up short. If she had left anything, someone came through and cleaned everything up.


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Ada practically snatched the phone out of his hands. Dreki didn't even have a passcode for his phone, not that she couldn't have bypassed it anyway.

The phone was barely used and was quite beat up despite the fact that it was relatively new. Whoever this mysterious God is, he wasn't good with technology.

She scrolled through his texts. He seemed to be telling the truth about his relationship with Leia, at least.

"I can't find her phone either," She said "It must've been another god and an ancient or powerful one who could hide things from me"

It seems like Leia was the only person this man texted and he didn't use it for much else and from a quick perusal of incoming and outgoing traffic to the phone, almost all of it was likely from, to or by Leia. Hold on.

She opened up the email client and showed Dreki the screen.

Come to the Plains of Plataea tomorrow at sunset if you ever want to see the girls alive.
"The sender's IP address is from Greece," Ada said. "The sender's email address is xXOGWarGod69Xx@aol.com. Does that ring a bell?"

But he had a sneaking suspicion she knew the answer. She prayed she was wrong. What would Ares want with her daughter?


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Dreki growled as nothing was coming up. Leia was smart. He taught her to use her head, and she hadn’t. It made him angry. He expected something from her but came home dry.
Finally he walked back to the young goddess and he sat down on a bar stool, hands clasped on the counter as he watched her carefully. She was amusing. Clearly worried for her daughter. And where Dreki was concerned for his sister, he knew he’d have no issue getting her back.

“Hmm. So, what exactly is it that you do? You are clearly a rather young goddess. I keep hearing there are some new ones popping up threatening some of the older ones. Which one are you?”

As she scoured more through his special rectangle, he sat patiently. She mentioned something an email and he smiled. He knew who it was. That was too obvious. Too easy. His smile turned into light laughter and he nodded.

“It’s Ares.” He beamed, reminiscing on the last time he and his counter part fought. It was too easy. They were on neutral ground even. Neither one stronger than the other. Just skill against skill. And Dreki won. It was too easy honestly.

“Come on, sweet cheeks.” He stood and gave her a kiss on the cheek, finding himself excited at the thought of a second go. “If Greece is where were going, we’ll need to make a pit stop.”

And with that, Dreki made a step out the door.


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Ada nodded. She had feared as much.

"Yeah. I'll need to go see someone too. She will probably know" She said. Something about the other deity creeped her out. The nonchalant tone and cocky attitude he had when talking about Ares.

Adelaide was powerful, don't get her wrong, but she wasn't a match in terms of raw power against an ancient god. She didn't interact with them much outside of her friends and other knowledge gods and Ada could only dream of the power they had over other deities.

Ada was still processing her thoughts as Dreki caught her off guard with a kiss. She stood still, blinking dumbfoundedly, before running to catch up, her cheeks crimson. It must be an old fashioned thing.

"My name is Adelaide." She said. "Goddess of Computation. I've been on this earth for almost a century but I don't go hunting ancient beings for fun. It's usually the opposite in my experience. I'd be dead decades ago if it weren't for Athena, Hephestus, and Thoth. Who might you be?"


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Dreki kept walking, his longer legs made strides she had to almost sprint to keep up with. He made a mental note of it and slowed down for her sake. He found himself making his way down stairs rather fast. As she spoke her name and what she was the goddess of, he froze mid step.

Dreki turned around and looked back at her. Their eyes level with one another. He watched her carefully, red eyes searching her face curiously. He had heard the word before, is passing he though. Wasn’t really something he interacted with much himself though.

“Athena, eh? Have seen her in a minute.” He mused at the thought before turning back down the stairs. “Heard of the other two in passing, but haven’t met them.”

He had finally made it down the stairs to the large apartment like buildings lobby and kept his pace fast, but still slow enough she could keep up with him.

“I must say, it is quite nice you meet you, Adelaide. Been a while since I’ve had the pleasure.” He stopped again once out of the building and gave her a smile.

“I am Dreki, God of War. Son of Freya, goddess of fertility, and Caym, god of hell.” He grabbed her hand and kissed the top of her hand. A charming smile on his face. “Please, call me D.”


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"Oh I see." Ada cast her eyes downward and rubbed her hand where Dreki had kissed it. She didn't think much of where mortals went after their deaths and she didn't really want to. "My friends call me Ada." It wasn't an open invitation, but she didn't close that door entirely either.

"I've heard of Freya before. She's quite powerful. Are we going to see her?" She asked him, still quite flustered from running to catch up with him and his old fashioned ways. She was grateful he slowed down for her. They could've taken the elevator instead. "I don't have parents, but I owe a lot to Athena and she has a lot of history with Ares so I think it would be good to drop by her place as well."

Ada held out her hand, assuming Dreki would take it and teleport them to wherever he wanted to go.


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Dreki smirked at her comment. His mother? Most defiantly not. She preferred social visits. Not ones that had a task or request with them. Well, that was wrong. Certain tasks or requests she might help with. But that was neither here nor there. He needed a hound or two from his father. He often brought them along on more risky adventures.

“Mother?” He spoke with a smile and shook his head as he took her hand. “Most certainly not mother.”

Within a matter of moments, they two stood at the gates of hell. The place he spent his days as a young boy. As much as he would love to say his mother raised him, his father had a strange control of him since he was a child. His mother saw him here and there, but his father was the one who raised him.

“Father is who we’re seeing. He’s also Leias father. He’s more inclined to help than mother would be. And her mother, Peitho, has been out of the picture since she was born.”

Dreki smirked and opened the gateway into his fathers stronghold. He could feel death coming off the walls, something he was far to accustom to. He glanced back at Adelaide and noticed the expression on her face.

“You should, uh, probably stay by me. Unwelcome guests are often frowned upon down here.”

He had initially taken his hand from hers to open the gate, but offered it back to her if she so wished it for some sense of security. Or comfort? He wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter either way.

The hallway in was lit by torches and made of stone. They were well kept and had doors about the place. It was a fairly long corridor to talk down until Dreki could get what he needed to from his father and they could leave.


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Ada swallowed the lump in her throat and took Dreki's hand as he led her down the corridor. She drew close to him as they walked further, practically clinging to his arm. As much as Dreki initially creeped her out, he was her sole anchor to security in this place. Ada silently vowed never to fraternize with any war deity ever again. At least not ones who weren't Athena.

"Chelles doesn't have a father" Ada explained. "She was born out of the ether like me, all my divine kids are. She's barely fifteen and has so much potential. Minor fame and communication gods are always after her but they know I would ruin them if anything happened to her. I don't know what an ancient war god would want with her."


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Having her cling to his side produced a smirk on his face. Every time he brought someone down here this happened. He kept his pace fast enough for her to walk with. And listened to her as she explained. He sighed softly and glanced down at her, worried expression on every ounce of her face.

“Sometimes is sounds nice not to have deity parents.” He sighed softly as they walked, hearing something off in the distance that was probably his father throwing a tantrum again. “A lot of you younger deities are making some of the older ones grow weak and fade off. They’re not liking it. The ones who can’t adapt are trying to get rid of you before they die off.”

Just as he finished up, he opened the door where his father was chucking something into a wall. Dreki cocked an eyebrow at his father and made sure Adelaide was safely tucked at his side. His father had noticed the two and he shifted awkwardly, clearly not expecting company.

“What brings you down here son,” he glanced at the girl glued to his side. “And with your newest flame?”


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"Yeah? Well, they should just get with the program," Ada said, sounding annoyed for the first time today. "The future will come, and they can't change that. They don't have to take it out on some poor defenseless kid." In different circumstances, Adeline would have been smarter about voicing her true feeling but she wasn't thinking through her words. The oppressive atmosphere made her lightheaded and she was overflowing with worry and anger. Anger at Dreki for inadvertently dragging her daughter into whatever feud he had with Ares. As far as she was concerned, Chelles had just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ada jerked away from Dreki, not noticing how closely she had been clutching his arm.

"Why would I date him?" Ada said instinctively, before realizing the company she was in and how out of her element she was.

"I mean," she backtracked instantly, "Nothing personal. I don't date gods in general, it's too messy, and I haven't met anyone who wants to date me either."

Ada nervously tugged on her ponytail. She's definitely unattractive by divine standards and while she didn't know it, many gods didn't want to sleep with goddesses more powerful than them and they were used to getting what they wanted. Things had gotten better since antiquity but even in modern times romance and dalliances rarely work out well for goddesses unless they specialize in it. There was a reason so many still held vows of chastity, even if Ada didn't.

Ada wanted to disappear on the spot. Screw this, she wouldn't die here because she accidentally offended some random god of war. She could go find Chelles with the help of Athena unless either god decided to keep her from leaving.


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Dreki laughed slightly at his fathers tone and also at how Adeline responded to it. He felt her shadow jump from his arm. Her glanced behind him and could keep the smile off his face at how she replied to him. Dreki liked her. She had spirit. He liked spirit. Granted she was a little nervous, but he figured that had to do the circumstances.
“Rejected again I see, Dreki. Perhaps if not you, she’d like to stay the night here?”
Dreki glowered at his father, he wanted to get to the point of them being here. Not deal with his fathers atrocious flirting.
He turned his attention back to Ada, a more curious look on his face now as she had the body language of fleeing. Quickly, before she had the chance to jump out of the quarters of hell, he grabbed her hand.
“Don’t panic. We’re almost done here, then we can go to Athena.” He sighed softly and the glanced back at his father, giving him a pointed look not to scare her if possible. He’d probably manage it again.
“Father, I just need to borrow a hound or three. Ares has Leia, and uh, her daughter,” he gestured to Adeline “Chelles. Adeline here is one of the newer goddess,” he tried to explain but got a strange look in his face. “I don’t really understand what it is these new ones do. Leias tried helping, but hasn’t done much for me.”
“Plus, I wouldn’t call it rejected. It wasn’t really presented as an option since we just met within the last twenty minutes.”
Caym sighed softly, following it with a growl. He was always reluctant to send the hounds with his son. But his daughter was at risk and he knew they’d probably need the help.
“Take two. That’s it. I want these ones back, and your sister.”
Dreki scoffed at his father and waived a hand at him, dismissing his comment.
“I’ll bring them back.” He muttered and smiled at Adeline, a very charming look on his face.
“You wanna pick out the two we bring?”


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Ada turned even more red at Caym's comment and mutely shook her head, even though she was relieved at being let off the hook for her rude comment. She took comfort in Dreki's dulcet voice and calmed down.

She watched silently as the two men went back and forth before she was given a choice.

Demonic dogs or the creepy old man.

"Why don't you pick them out, and I'll stay right here," Ada said quickly. "And then we can head to Cambridge to see Athena" And get out of this hellhole as fast as possible.

She could deal with the flirting for a while.


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Dreki nodded, slightly surprised. Despite the name, the hounds were rather friendly. They only became less friendly when there was a threat to their master. Dreki gave his father a pointed glare as he pointed to Adeline.

“Be nice.”

His father looked at him baffled that he would have to say such a thing. But Dreki narrowed his eyes again, firmly, and then headed out the door. He tried to make his trip as quick as possible.

“So,” Caym began slowly, taking a seat at a table as he watched her precariously. “So, you’re a young goddess.” His hands clasped together in his lap, eyes not leaving her. “What exactly is your domain?”

Before long, Dreki had come back in the room and sighed having out of relief that she was still there. He needed his sister back and he had the feeling he needed Ada to get Leia. So swing her gone would have made this frustrating.

“Ready, uh, when you are. Unless you want to stay and chat some more I guess?”


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"Oh." Ada sounded surprised. This was something she could do. Her eyes sparkled as she sat down and started on her explanation "Well, I'm the goddess of computing. I govern hardware, software and it's used, its trade, it's development and everything else in a product's lifecycle. We're rapidly growing and seeking to expand into other domains to help them leverage our technology and information to be more productive in...."

She babbled on for a while longer about her work, words that must've gone over Caym's head, and not letting him get even a word in.

She was so engrossed in her technobabble explanation, "Oh, right, we should go," She said and got up before turning to Caym. "It was lovely meeting you, thank you for the conversation."


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Drekis eyes scanned the room. Ada has still being talking to his father and his father seemed extremely confused. This was probably the first time Dreki walked in on his father after leaving a woman with him, and his father wasn’t clinging to her hip flirting. What the hell did Ada do to his father?

“This is strange.”

Deciding not to spend time on it, Dreki put his hand out to hers and gave her a weak smile that lasted but seconds. It had been years since he had seen Athena. Where did she even hang out anymore? He had no answers to his questions, to would be relying on Ada to get them to her.

“I believe Athena is your realm.” He muttered to her, walking outside of where his father was so they were now in the hallway before they left. Dreki didn’t like being around his father when teleporting was a thing.

There were two hounds beside him. Though normally they looked rugged and menacing, he had them take a more subtle form in case they needed up in the mortal realm. If anything they looked more like big, fluffy, Newfoundland’s.


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The dogs were a lot cuter than Ada expected, as she ruffled one behind the ears.

"Yeah, let's go" Ada replied.

Instantly, they appeared outside a large federal-style building in Cambridge Massachusets. Pallas Athena Research Group etched on a steel plate on the wall at eye level.

"Athena is here most days" Ada explained. "Two the world's most renowned universities and the birthplace of modern democracy in the same area? Of course, she's here"

She pushed open the large wooden door and the inside was nothing like the outside indicated. The floor was covered in a light ceramic tile that always looked shiny and new. White couches basked in soft warm light emitted by decorative pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.

Ada beckoned Dreki to follow her inside, where the receptionist behind a large marble desk greeted them.

"Welcome to Palla-, Oh hello, Adelaide, I thought you had your own research space in Silicon Valley? Or are you here to visit Athena?"

"I am," Ada said regretfully "But unfortunately this is not a social visit. My daughter's missing, his sister too, and we think Ares took her"

"Oh no..." The receptionist muttered. "Well, Athena is in her private workshop as usual. I do hope your daughter returns safe and sound. Some deities think axing others help but we know true power lies in numbers."

Ada thanked the receptionist and Dreki led down the hall and towards a door. She took a badge out of her pocket and scanned it against the card reader. The door buzzed and Ada pushed it open.

Blueprints and diagrams of all sorts were pinned to the wall and neatly outlaid on drawing boards. Something projected a blue hologram of a building plan onto the table and a sewing machine sat in the corner.

"Adeline," Athena moved away from the drawing board she was sitting at and greeted her guests was at least half a foot taller than Adelaide but still shorter than Dreki. A hairband held her curly brown hair together in a messy. "You swung by in years" The way she said it made it sound more like an observation than an admonishment. "What can I do for one of my most successful protegees?"

Ada blushed at her compliment.

"Oh," She turned her attention to Dreki, crossed her arms and leaned against a nearby shelf. "Freya's spawn, right? I haven't seen you in centuries. Time has been kinder to you than many of our lot"


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Dreki watched, amused at how she reacted to the hellhounds. Most people lightened up around them when they took a mortal shape. Especially when they looked like teddy bears. Within moments the four switched location. Dreki found himself outside a rather nice, fancy looking building.
Dreki nodded slowly at her comment about Athena, but didn’t really process much of it, he simply walked forward with her, hounds obediently at his side. Dreki never leashed them. It was unnecessary, they followed and were quiet. Most would even know they were there other than the fact they were giant fur balls.
He stayed mostly quiet, hands in his pockets. At the desk, he smiled at the woman with his dashing smolder, leaning on the counter as she and Ada spoke. The receptionist seemed a bit worried about Ares. Most were. He wasn’t one often trifled with.
They were on the move again and the hounds followed closely behind. Someone had asked for them to stay behind, but he ignored and kept up with Ada. The dogs were far safer with him around.
In the new room, Dreki felt a little out of his element. Everything looked up to par with technology. He still couldn’t work a rotary phone. As the two spoke, he began snooping. He would casually lift up papers and glance at what was under or start reading what was on them. He enjoyed pressing buttons and seeing what would happen. That was exciting.
When hear heard what sounded like an address to himself, he glanced up to see both of them looking his general direction. He pulled a quick smile and nodded at Athena.
“Yes, ást, it’s been a while.” He smiled at her finally dropped his hands from what he was toying with. He watched her carefully and then glanced to Adeline. “Honestly, did think we’d cross paths again, Athena.”


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"Perhaps not," Athena said. "There's not as much work to be done as a war goddess and most of us aren't that cooperative in the first place. Military strategy just isn't as important anymore, although I could talk endlessly about modern business strategy. These days I've been focusing on research instead, and helping young gods like Ada here grow into their own."

She turned her head back to her former student. "I know you detest social visits, not when you could text instead. To what do I owe your company?"

Ada sighed. "My daughter, Chelles, the social media one, called me last night pleading for help. When I got there, she and her friend, Leia, Dreki's sister, were gone" She handed over Dreki's phone to Athena. "We think it was Ares"

"Hn" Athena scoffed at the mention of his name and rolled her eyes at the text. "Sounds like Ares all right. Wants to meet you at Plataea, eh?"

She looked at Dreki's hounds and scratched one behind the ear.

"Ares has always been bitter but the last couple of decades even more so. Since the last two world wars, it has been relatively peaceful, and technology has made war more precise with fewer civilian casualties. Ares thrives off chaos and bloodshed, I imagine he's not too happy about the computers and since he cannot match me, he's decided to go after one of my prize pupils. But be warned, Greece is where Ares thrives and there's a reason he picked Plataea and not Sparta. It's further away from civilization and a little more south. It's his trap and you're planning on walking right into it." By this time Athena was clearly addressing Dreki and not Adalaide. Her cold grey eyes glinted in the fluorescent light of the workshop. "Are you sure you can best him?"


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Dreki scoffed under his breath at Athenas mention of war. Not much to do? He was surely finding plenty. And thriving at it too. Had hadn’t felt so powerful before. But he also didn’t see war similarly to other war gods and goddess. Most of them saw similarly to Ares, a means of bloodshed and battle. Or to Athena, a game of strategy. But ask any Norse god, all of whom are war gods, and they’ll tell you something different. War could be found in every aspect of life.

There was war in love, in friendship, in technology. Leia told him of battles over the internet that fought in the form of rap, that’s how she called it anyways. He wasn’t sure he understood just yet. But in a world that was growing more and more connected, he found war and conflict flourishing. Girls fought over pictures. Something so petty. It was too easy.

Athenas mention of the world wars brought him from his daze and he looked back at her. He liked to think he caused those wars. Though he was certain in was a collaboration of gods to pull them off. Everyone working against everyone. Typical. As she continued her monologue of Ares, he could sense the topic was switching in his direction.

The smiled remained on his face as she spoke of the trap. He knew they would be going in with the odds against them, but Dreki was confident. Probably his fatal flaw if he were honest. He nodded simply to her as he looked about the place a little more.

“He goes there because he’s weak. It’ll be easy. Just like it was last time.”

He fiddled with his necklace a little before red eyes settled back to Athena and Adeline. His smile had faded and he kept a more serious tone to his voice. He had done that really since he and Ada ad first met in the little apartment.

“He wants her, anyways. I’m just a bonus. I bet you he’ll even try to barter for her.” He smiled again. “Leia, goddess of Love for Adeline, goddess of... computing.” He paused mostly because he wasn’t really sure if he got her title right. He sure hoped he did. That’d be awkward.

“But don’t worry,” he winked at Ada, “I won’t accept.”


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Chills ran down Ada's spine. She hadn't even considered it. Would she bargain Dreki and Leah's life for Chelles? Given no other choice? Would Dreki keep his word if pressed for the same

Athena stared at Dreki, her cold steely gaze on him was enough to convey the message. Don't.

"Come with us, then," Ada told her.

"Ahhh... Us greek gods do not fight against each other, at least not directly. Ancient rules, you wouldn't understand" Athena waved her hand, which kinda ticked Ada off. She wasn't a child anymore. "But, you will want to increase the odds in your favor." She walked over to another workstation.

"Take it," She flipped it around in her hands a couple of times before giving it to Ada and strapping it to her arm "It will protect you, more than Atelier can, and Ares has always been jealous of it. Well, that's what he gets for being an unadaptable prick. He's not very smart and I'm sure with your wit and Dreki's brawn, you can succeed"

Ada took the shield and her upper body crumbled against the unexpected weight. Athena gave a hearty laugh and guided Ada's other hand to help prop up the shield.

"Are... are you sure?" Ada asked and Athena nodded.

"Oh, and one more thing" Athena reached in between Ada and the shield and tapped it lightly in the back. Instantly the shield shrunk onto her wrist to become a watch. "You both are free to use the facilities while you wait for sundown, although I would advise gathering more reconnaissance to fight Ares."


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Dreki noticed Adelines expression to his comment of trades and had a quirky grin on his face. Red eyes peered back at Athena who was giving him a hard glare and he frowned at her, disappointed. He wasn’t the type for tradesies. Especially not when a fight was offered. He liked fighting. It was fun. A little blood never hurt anyone.

Seeing Adeline handle the shield made him laugh a little. She certainly would need a little practice with the hefty tool if it would prove useful to her against Ares. That could easily be addressed though. He was about to go help her when Athena took to the task her self and the shield just swooshed into a watch.

He furrowed his eyebrows, though he shouldn’t have been too surprised. His own weapon shrunk into a handy necklace around his neck when he didn’t need it. Dreki huffed at her mention of the facilities. He wouldn’t need them. That would be silly. He practiced essentially on the daily. The more he thought of it though, Adeline would probably need to use them. Especially if she was to get the hang of using that shield.

“We’ll see,” he huffed and looked over Ada carefully. “She might need some clothing a little more suited for a fight though. I don’t take it shes been in many.”

He glanced from Athena back to Adeline and gave her a friendly smile, one that was warm and inviting. “Are you comfortable face him? If not I can go alone, bring them both back.”

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