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Welcome! I've been RPing for a reeeeaally long time now, but haven't been able to expand the fandoms for a while now. The characters underlined are ones I would like to have but I also play, and the others listed normally are ones I can play! I'm flexible with plots and whatnot, so either respond on the thread or PM me! I have Discord and Google as well, so ask for that info if you'd like it!

DC UNIVERSE VERY FLEXIBLE WITH CHARACTERS: Wisteria Isley, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Red Hood/Robin/Jason Todd, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Barbra Gordon, Robin/Tim Drake, Robin/Damian Wayne, other villains welcome!

MARVEL UNIVERSE VERY FLEXIBLE WITH CHARACTERS: Peter Parker/Spiderman, Gwen Stacy, , MJ, Steve Rogers, James 'Buchanan' Barnes, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Tony Stark, Loki Laufeyson

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN : Connor (BOTH RK-800 AND RK-900), Markus, Kamsky, Gavin

SUPERNATURAL: Dean Winchester

ARCHER: Very Flexible with Characters

GREY'S ANATOMY: Fairly Flexible, Jackson Avery, Mark Sloan

CRIMINAL MINDS: Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid

HUSH HUSH SAGA: Patch, Nora, An OC, of Mine, Vee

ETERNAL EDEN TRILOGY : Brynn, Patrick, William, Flexible


SHADOWHUNTER CHRONICLES: Extremely Flexible with Characters

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