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Fandom One Piece: The Overshadowed Generation OOC Page



My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
Got some writing done but sadly im too damn tired to finish it so will finish it up in the morning and post it.


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
Its probably cause i have to work 16 hours a day now, for 3 weeks then i will have 4 weeks off.
And then i will be able to post every other day if not more often.
But now im just too tired.


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
well So far our captain got the shipwright and cabin girl.
With cook , martial artist and helmsman on the way.


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I'm still debating joining here, since it looks like we have a lot of the crew joining on this one island. I might just have my guy be someone you notice but doesn't involve himself with you lot just yet, kind of a Nami type deal minus the stealing. He may get involved but not join the crew yet persay.


One Time Luck
Hm. I might have Yuichi be something like a situational ally for right now since his character doesn't really want to get involved in the affairs of Pirates right now. Still testing the waters to see what he can actually do before he does anything to ridiculous, ya know? So I'll do a small introduction for him.


The Swiftest Shot In The West
I don't expect everyone who appears on this island to join the crew right away, but perhaps they can all work together to escape the island


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
I planned Arian to be a temp crew for now.
As in he is interested in both the Nightingale and Seadricks, or to be exact in them saving people from both sides of the conflict.
And if they make it more interesting for him he will stay.


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Finally got something out. Christmas is a crazy time where i work (Combined with them offering an increased overtime rate for December) has had me doing 12h days, and working rest days when i can.

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