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Fandom One Piece: The Overshadowed Generation OOC Page



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Personally, I feel like Nightengale would be the type of person whos more than able to tease others and is confident in doing so but very against committing herself to a relationship


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Arian is open to romance but good luck being able to do it.
He is as dense as a brick when it comes to romance, and him not feeling attraction to people unless he is interested in them.
So good luck but its possible


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
i only need to finish the backstory then i can post him.
But first iv gotta get some food


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Random question but how far is everyone into one piece? I'm up to date with the anime and nearly with the manga. Just wanting to know if they is anything I should stay away from saying about it.


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I might be a chapter behind at most. Last thing i recalled was
Sanji unlocking his new power in the Fortress Raid

Also i finished backstory for now unless i need to add more. Was told it was a little short before


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Im up to skypeia as far as seeing 100% of the episodes of the arc.

Big mom is as far as i know however.

That said spoilers dont bother me.


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
ok got the food and other stuff sorted.
Now to finish up the character and post it.
Oh and to make it pretty.
Sea shanties playing in the background, me singing along with a bottle of captain morgan.
If this wont be the most interesting thing i write it at least will be the most thematic.


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
Ok, need to go to sleep, for a bit.
Too damn tired to finish it (Falling asleep in a chair isn't nice).
But 75% of the backstory is done. So early morning of mine and he will be done.


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.
That is true, eye patch boys wearing almost nothing on the upper body with spear-esque weapons who hate people in power will unite.
One a bandit, the other a revolutionary pirate.
Both united under the same flag.

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