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Fandom One Piece: The Overshadowed Generation CS Page



The Swiftest Shot In The West
This is where you will find information on other characters and where, naturally enough, you will be posting your cs's. As the adventure progresses you will be asked to alter your sheets by myself to reflect changes in ability etc. Likewise, you can find the current roles filled below.

Captain- Frances D. Nightengale ( Swiftshots Swiftshots )
Marksman- Zieg “The Gunslinger” Deschain ( The Black Knight The Black Knight )
Cook- Arian Graham ( Megilagor Megilagor )
Historian/Translator- Garrett Ashenbreaker ( Creedishurr Creedishurr )
Helmsman- Enzo "The Flag-Bearer" Benkei ( BBHawking BBHawking )
Spymaster/Martial Artist/ The Captain's Babysitter- Honeydew ( PlusUltra PlusUltra )
Cabin Girl- Vanessa Williams ( shadowdude505 shadowdude505 )
Swordsman- Yuichi Bouchard ( weiikaza weiikaza )
Entertainers- Julius Ezekiel Solomon Thomas Eugene Rosewald, Sidney Sulis 'The Mime' Figueroa, Sin G. ( Solemn Jester Solemn Jester , SidTheSkid SidTheSkid , Sinny The Clown Sinny The Clown )

lieutenant Cero ( blankcanvas blankcanvas )









Hair Color:

Hair Style:

Eye Color:


Primary Aspiration:


Character Flaws:


Fighting Style:

Weapons Carried:

Devil Fruit:

Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Unique Abilities:

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Frances D. Nightingale


The Swiftest Shot In The West

Name: Frances D. Nightingale, Doc. Nightingale.

Captain Frances D. Nightingale

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Sexuality: Bisexual

Human (Needle Human)

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Style: Ponytail

Eye Color: Steel blue


Primary Aspiration: To explore the new world and become a world-renowned doctor. Although she would never admit it she also has aspirations to become known as the worlds best doctor.

Personality: Usually calm in the face of apparent calamities, Nightingale is nearly always able to remain professional during crises, something very important in her line of work. However, she has a hidden darker side that can surface when dealing with rare or yet unknown medical issues or infections. In which cases her lust for experimentation can lead her to torment her patients as she explores all avenues on the path to their recovery.

When out of the office or during her free time on deck Nightingale is relatively laid back, prone to dozing off and in general a fan of teasing other crewmates. Nightingale enjoys sightseeing and shopping but has almost no understanding of the quality of money or goods she intends to buy meaning she must always have someone company her outside the ship for fear she gets the crew scammed. A huge fan of sweets and baked goods.

Character Flaws: Nightingale has no concept of monetary value and thus is always prone to be scammed and or scamming others. Her distaste for bitter foods can leave her in a terrible mood for hours on end. Her habit of experimenting on others when intrigued is quite disturbing and more than excruciating for those involved. As a doctor and surgeon, Nightingale has no shame when it comes to her body and or the body of others meaning she is prone to asking questions or getting into situations others would think extremely embarrassing. Nightingale can often be found sleeping through the most turbulent of seas and or arising situations when off duty. Were she to be kidnapped or a cannon to fire aside her she likely wouldn't budge. Nightingale despises admitting she is wrong.

As a captain, Nightingale is rather carefree. Unlike when she has undertaken a surgery the woman is far more approachable and far more willing to joke around and have fun. Longing for adventure and with a rather hot head, she is typical of the D. name. Her aspiration is to explore the world and become a world-class doctor, but there's plenty of time for an adventure in doing so, the world is a large place after all and pirates, well pirates could go where they pleased!

Skills: A fantastical doctor, Nightingale has cured numerous patients even in late stages, and to date never has one of her patients lost their life. Moreover, she is able to produce medicines similar in quality to those made professionally with just with coals, tar, and other natural substances.

Fighting Style: In battle, Nightingale defends herself by injecting her attackers with anaesthesia and other substances. Her devil Fruit also allows her to pierce armour and tough skin letting her strike tougher opponents with surgical precision to render them temporarily paralysed or unconscious.

Weapons Carried: Scalpels, hypodermic injections and medical supplies.

Devil Fruit: Hari-Hari Fruit (Needle-Needle Fruit)

Devil Fruit Abilities: This devil fruit power allows the user to create needles made of a blue energy-like substance created from the user's hands or mouth. These needles are as hard as iron and extremely sharp allowing for the user to pierce even the thickest of skins. The user can also create a thin string attached from their palms to the needles. The user can absorb the needles back into their hands with a touch or use the string-like energy link to pull them back within their body from a distance.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: The Hari-Hari fruit is extremely useful in a capable doctors hands and can be used to perform surgery or stitching on the fly. However, this fruit does come with some drawbacks. With each needle created the user will suffer a hit to their energy, depending on the length and sharpness of the needle created and indeed the length of string attached the user can end up fatigued rather quickly. The further a needle travels from the user's body the quicker their energy is depleted, using needles as projectiles in battle while effective is very tiring for the user. After all these needles are a part of the user's body thus moving the needles far away from the source is akin to pulling on one's limbs, the damage inflicted on the needles will also be felt by the user and if a needle is dropped into the ocean the user will very quickly become effected by the oceans draining effects.

Unique Abilities: Devil fruit user, Surgeon

Backstory: Nightingale was born into a family of surgeons aligned with the Marines, her father Frances Nightingale being quite famous for his miraculous track record in theatre. Nightingale's mother however was nothing overly special in comparison but in terms of surgeons, she was more than qualified for her position within the Marines. Life growing up was tough for Nightingale, sure she was the only child in a very well off and respected family but she was practically raised by herself in a big and empty house on Marine HQ Island. Perhaps it wasn't as tough as being an orphan out on the streets of Fishman Island but it was tough in its own way.

Growing up Nightingale was a highly intelligent child, spending her days alone at home reading through mountains of medical research her parents had stored up in their personal library. By the age of ten Nightingale had finished reading everything her parents had stored up and she began experimenting with surgery on live fish she'd procure from the docks. In the following four years, Nightingale would come to find the Hari Hari fruit within the stomach of one of these fish, trapped within a wooden box it had swallowed. Researching what fruit it was wouldn't be necessary as it was one of the very few fruits named and pictured in her parent's books. The needle fruit, a devil fruit highly sought after by surgeons the world over. Eating the fruit took courage and left Nightingale in a terrible state for several days before her body took to the powers of the fruit. It was at this point Nightingale began training her powers for surgery more seriously. Moving on to dummies and eventually deceased pirate corpses in the Navy Academy.

At 18 Nightingale graduated at the top of her class and began working in the Navy HQ's theatre alongside her father who, although sour about her devil fruit power, did his best to pass on as many practical skills as he could to his daughter. At twenty Nightingale was making a name for herself as a head surgeon in her own theatre with her mother as her second, having taken over her position. The navy had high hopes for Nightingale and saw her as a replacement for her father when her track record began shaping up to be like his own. She would go on to do great things here in the HQ. Or so they thought. You see Nightingale vanished on the eve of her 22nd birthday and has been travelling ever since to widen her understanding of the world and different diseases, infections and remedies she could use in practice. She has yet to let a patient die and in the past year she has wound up on the east blue island of Foosha aiding with the influx of those severely wounded from the aftermath of a recent navy battle.​


Four Thousand Club
Name: Honeydew
Nickname: Honey, Little Koi
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race/Species: Human
Hair Color: Green
Hair Style: Messy/Fluffy
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6' 4"
Crew Role: Spymaster/Second
Primary Aspiration: Learn the secrets of the world and become the world's greatest martial artist.

On the surface, Honeydew is confident and self-assured. They act as a free spirit, toying around and teasing others though often still remaining closed off and secretive regarding herself personally. Prone to softening quipping or provoking those adversarial to her with snark and wit it can sometimes be questioned if she is taking such things seriously at all. When she does open up though, she can, in fact, be extremely caring and understanding, letting the masks fall in one on one and showing her thoughtful side. When the time comes for it however she is not above putting on an authoritative persona with a far more forceful stance, and in combat, her persona can become downright savage in stark contrast to her normal appearance.
Character Flaws: Closed, Deceptive, Deflecting, Manipulative, Secretive. Stubborn.
Honeydew has a strange quirk when it comes to her actions at times, namely her view when it comes to food and meals with a competitive drive to take both the napkins and first bite of meals. She has also been known to let her curiosity get the better of her with somewhat random fascinations at times.

Skills: A Quick learner, Honeydew possesses a keen eye and ear for details especially when it comes to martial arts, capable of observing and breaking down her focus in relatively little time. Her ears in particular allow her to filter through the background noise and assortment of conversations to pick up information within otherwise crowded locations. Physically adept, Honeydew has proven to be fast and agile in her acrobatic movements, capable of moving swiftly through environments using trained parkour. She taken efforts to condition herself and further push her limits with several unorthodox training methods to condition every part of her body. She also appears to be skilled in various forms of subterfuge when required, her observational skills giving her a good read of individuals for the sake of negotiations, deception, or manipulation.
Fighting Style: Varied, Honeydew attempts to incorporate a multitude of styles learned from those she encounters, often innovating or adapting them into her own. Her primary style however is known as the Open-Gate Fist. This style features powerful elbow strikes, arm/fist punches, hip checks, and strikes with the shoulder, delivered with explosive, short-range power. Most of the style's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from very close range: the bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb and is further magnified by the charging step technique. Before an attack, she will often open the opponent's arms forcibly with six different strategies: using the fist, elbow or shoulder to push forward and upward, putting arms together as if hugging someone, elevating the knee to hit the thigh of the opponent, or elevating the foot to hit the shin of the opponent, using a single move, using the hip, entangling with rotation around the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. This is most useful in close combat, as it focuses on the elbow, knee, shoulder, and hip strikes. She has been known to supplement this with a secondary style using this power in a more direct and savage style, often incorporating environmental objects.
Equipment Carried: Chain and Hook
Devil Fruit: Shibo Shibo no Mi / Wring Wring Fruit
Devil Fruit Abilities: The user is capable of draining fluids from both living and nonliving objects by wringing them either through a twisting motion of their hands or channeling the effect through a held weapon. They may use the drained fluid to either empower themselves or create projectiles when expelling it. In addition to the fruit's primary effects, it appears they are also capable of distorting and twisting items regardless of if such should naturally be possible as well as showing remarkable durability in their hands, capable of taking hold of otherwise dangerous objects. This naturally extends also to their mouth and stomach, seemingly unaffected by what would be overwise toxic or harmful substances when drunk.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: The user is at a disadvantage in dry arid environments with little moisture to extract, in addition, they are highly susceptible to dehydration requiring far more to drink.
Unique Abilities: Devil fruit user, Martial Artist, Spymaster

Originally a resident of the Goa Kingdom, she would have little memory of her parents either through her young age or perhaps some greater trauma and instead recall much of her early life among the heaps of the Grey Terminal. With little to her name, she would instead come to rely on her body alone, leading to her focus on the martial arts in particular while surviving day to day within the trash heaps.

Her initial path into the arts themselves would come at the hand of her somewhat eccentric teacher and savior who owned a bar within the city itself as its "Night Lord". Her efforts to survive in the relatively tough environment she had been living in had led her into more trouble than she could handle with a local gang, having worn her down and beaten her before putting the blade to her throat at the Night Lords arrival. The blade however was not the deterrent they believed it would be, and a quick turn of her body to launch a kick to the one holding her gave him all the opening he needed but caused a large wound along the side of her neck and eventual falling unconscious. After taking her for treatment, the man had been impressed by the "crazy shit" and even went to take her on as a ward of sort, pulling her from the trash heaps and into a better city life while studying under her teacher with somewhat unorthodox methods.

This would eventually lead to her chasing the legend of "The Dragon", said to be the greatest martial artist in the seas, yet at the same time having never claimed a life in all his conflicts. Given her goal to become the world's greatest it was natural she would seek him out to challenge. Though this was not an easy task, at the same time lead to her developing her knack at information gathering, often trading such secrets and knowledge to make her way and find what she was seeking when her hands would not do.

By chance, she would encounter the Dragon by chance as his journey had brought him into the City in search of something unknown, an opportunity Honeydew was quick to capitalize on to challenge him. Suffice to say the attempt ended badly, something made even more painful to her pride especially at the Dragon's refusal to actually strike her directly yet the result was all the same. Yet this would only ignite her drive further seeing the target of her goal more clearly and redoubling her efforts.

She would however wish to sail the seas and broaden both her knowledge and skills, seeking her goal as she claimed to be "Swimming Up Stream" in how she would tackle the adversity encountered head-on.
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Zieg “The Gunslinger” Deschain

The Black Knight

One Thousand Club
Name: Zieg “The Gunslinger” Deschain
Nickname: Gun
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race/Species: Human
Hair Color: Rouge
Hair Style: Zieg often wears his hair long and straight. Sometimes, he’ll pull it into a ponytail and rarely does he wear it short and cropped. His long, soft hair is one of his most attractive qualities.
Eye Color: Dark maroon and appear crimson when the light hits them.
Height: 6’3”
Primary Aspiration: Zieg plans to maintain his title as being “The” Gunslinger, the fastest gun on The Seven Seas. He is in search of the ultimate round.

Personality: Zieg can be a dog at times. He believes that he is pretty smooth when it comes to hitting on a pretty face. He will even hit on a beauty who is trying to capture or kill him. While he does appreciate an attractive woman, he can become a jerk if she proves to be more trouble than she’s worth. However, pretty girls may find Zieg easy to manipulate even if it is trying to get him to do something he absolutely doesn’t want to do.

For being the one bearing the title as “The Gunslinger” one might not believe it on first impression. He can be rude, crude, and at times, an absolute fool. He will also runaway from fights he doesn’t feel like dealing with, which makes him come off as more of a coward than “The Gunslinger.” His reputation shines in duels. In combat, there is no question that Zieg is “The Gunslinger.” He ascends to a higher level of concentration that makes him a threat to even devil fruit eaters. His prowess has made him a wanted man with authorities and riffraff. Some want to believe it is his unique guns. Zieg would claim it’s just pure skill.

Character Flaws: Zieg is susceptible to a pretty face even if the pretty face was a crossdresser. It could make him easily manipulated by feminine enemies, and he could accidentally betray the crew. It’s a problem he knows he has, and he tries not to fall for it every time, but he’s a fool. Zieg, sometimes, doesn’t take battle serious. He tends to only get serious when he believes the opponent actually has the capability to kill him, otherwise, he is prone to underestimate others. His title as “The Gunslinger” has made him arrogant, but unlike other egotistical folk, he can actually backup his prowess. He isn’t much of a reader or listener if the explanation is very long or complicated. Short and sweet makes his ADD happy.

A guilty pleasure for Zieg is drinking. He likes spirits and will happily indulge when the time is opportune. He can indulge so much that he could be found lying in a gutter somewhere, or in a similar pathetic place. If he is passed out drunk somewhere, then it makes finding him rather difficult because he literally could be anywhere. It may be best that a more responsible crewmate supervise him so they don’t have to find him later.

Skills: Zieg is a skilled gunman. The gun techniques that he uses allow him to go toe-to-toe with blademasters and fruit users. He has become a legend on the high seas, and both his guns and his bounty are desired by authorities and criminals. Zieg is knowledgeable when it comes to firearms, and he knows how to conserve his ammo to go for a long time in combat. He doesn’t just pointlessly shoot. The only time this Gunslinger squeezes the trigger is when he knows he won’t miss. His rounds are at times unique themselves, exploding on contact or fragmenting. His gun tricks can be lethal due to their unpredictability. At the moment, Zieg doesn’t have a name for his gunfu. He honestly hasn’t even considered naming it.

Fighting Style: Zieg can use long-barrel rifles to snipe enemies from a safe distance, or he’ll use his revolvers to get directly in their face. No matter what weapon they wield, Zieg brings a gun to a sword fight, or “x” fight, and he does extraordinarily well. His reaction time and his eyesight are his most deadly talents. He can bob and weave around enemy movements, deflect the projectiles and sometimes even a round from others. He can shoot a bullet into the barrel of another enemy’s gun to jam or destroy it. He can make shots deemed nearly impossible using ricochet techniques to have his round bounce off other objects. “The Gunslinger” isn’t called that for nothing. Anyone who takes his name lightly regrets it.

Weapons Carried:

Dual SAM 35 Double-Action Revolvers
Source: Tikita Gunsmithery - Best custom gun shop in the world. Only downside is, you must be a friend or trusting acquaintance of the smith, Wilson Chambers. His warehouse is a maximum-security death trap, and every time Zieg must go back, there's always a new trap he has to figure out.
Function: Double-action, light recoil, and controllable.
Description: SAMA (Save My Ass) a special alloy in its purest form. The gun resembles a foggy platinum with a smooth barrel. The words etched into it spell, "Gilgamesh," and the barrel has a checkerboard design minus the colors [A trademark design of Wilson]. It holds up to eight rounds total, and the beauty of it, it only needs to be cocked once per reload. The stock has a nonslip grip even when dealing with perspiration and is molded to Zieg's handle. Anyone who tries to wield Zieg's custom weapons will have a tough time being accurate.
Item Value: Everyone wants these guns for not everyone knows the secret of getting through Wilson's warehouse. The gun's value is near priceless.

Huntng Knife [SAMA]

Boot Knife [SAMA]

SAM 930 12-Gauge Shotgun
Source: Tikita Gunsmithery - Best custom gun shop in the multiverse. Only downside is, you must be a friend or trusting acquaintance of the smith, Wilson Chambers. His warehouse is a maximum-security death trap, and every time Zieg must go back, there's always a new trap he has to figure out.
Function: 12-Gauge, medium recoil, and controllable.
Description: SAMA (Save My Ass) a special alloy in its purest form. The shotgun resembles a foggy platinum with a smooth barrel. The words etched in it spell, "Abaddon," and the barrel has a checkerboard design minus the colors [A trademark pattern of Wilson]. It holds up to eight rounds total. The stock has a nonslip grip even when dealing with perspiration and is molded to Zieg's handle. Anyone who tries to wield Zieg's custom weapons will have a tough time being accurate.
Item Value: Everyone wants this gun for not everyone knows the secret of getting through Wilson's warehouse. The gun's value is near priceless.
Range: 100m
Length: 3'

Devil Fruit: N/A

Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Unique Abilities: Extraordinary eyesight, accuracy, reaction time, and gun techniques.

Backstory: Tikita is a desert island, and the home of gunmen. Once children are old enough, they’re taught how to handle a gun and undergo training to make them defenders of the special techniques. Unfortunately, not all children can master them and some don’t survive the training. Those who do are given a title, in Zieg’s case, his was Gunslinger. Instead of remain on the island and guard it from raiders seeking its secrets, Zieg took his techniques and left, angering his family and mentors.

Wilson Chambers could have been the one to blame for when Zieg was undergoing his transformation into a gunslinger, after surviving the old man’s deadly traps, Wilson told him about a powerful round that supposedly God uses. He claimed that if God wielded a gun, this was the round he would shoot, but didn’t say much more about it. It could have granted wishes; it could have been a weapon of mass destruction; no matter what it was, Zieg wanted it. Rumors of One Piece have Zieg believing that it could be the round he is looking for. He has learned that pursuing it has gotten him into trouble with multiple characters some who serve justice and some who serve themselves.

Zieg has a 40 million berry bounty on his head, and due to his elusive nature, and people underestimating him (due to him acting like a halfwit at times), he has managed to slip through the fingers of those pursuing him time and time again.
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Enzo "The Flag-Bearer" Benkei


New Member

Enzo "The Flag-Bearer" Benkei







Hair Color:

Hair Style:
Neck length, messy

Eye Color:
His left eye is blue and his right eye is white.


Primary Aspiration:
To abolish slavery, bring an end to the world government, and to be able to claim he has sailed all the seas.

While laid-back, Enzo is far from being a completely "relaxed" individual; he openly seeks to enjoy himself without regard for what others think of him; this leads to Enzo being deliciously mischievous at times as he simply wants "to have fun," frequently leading to him pulling pranks or joking around when others would be completely serious. While his behaviour may be deemed "inappropriate" for a pirate and revolutionary soldier, he has been known to slip into a serious demeanour more "fitting" for a man of his status, albeit on an extremely rare basis, that has been reported to send chills down the spines of his peers as his demeanour swings to one that is the very embodiment of killing intent and no longer cares for entertaining those around him as his mind is focused solely on the task at hand. This "transformation" is uncommon and short-lived, not to mention extremely difficult to trigger, as his usual jovial attitude will almost definitely win out in the end.

Enzo is an honest man with a wild and proud streak, and he openly admits that he doesn't care in the slightest what other people think of him. If given the right analysis, his way of life is incredibly admirable. He is often the "light" in any scenario, bringing joy to others on a regular basis while also being exceedingly loyal to those around him; if you can get into his good graces, you can rest assured that you will be safe from harm while in his presence as long as he can prevent it. However, this does not prevent him from being "lax" in his obligations, and he frequently delegates the majority of his job and other responsibilities to his companions while he sunbathes or engages in another equally delightful pastime. To this purpose, he has no qualms about "kidnapping" individuals around him in order to relieve them of their mundane responsibilities, even if only for a brief while. Enzo maintains the same mentality when he engages in devious teasing tactics, but for his own amusement rather than theirs, since he has no qualms about utilising sexuality to "tease" both males and females.

While Enzo is easy to get along with, he isn't the most trusting human on the planet. If someone refuses to drink with him (without good reason), they are immediately deemed untrustworthy, as he believes they have something to hide that could be revealed over a few drinks. Interestingly, this is Enzo's preferred method of interrogation, as he employs both well-chosen words and the influence of "liquid fire" to gradually elicit more information from those who may have aroused his suspicions. To accomplish this, he may dress like a typical drunk, spewing fake secrets as he progressively causes his target's guard drop with each drink they ingest, while he himself can drink the vast majority of people beneath the table. Enzo is a leisure smoker who is frequently seen with an elegant pipe loaded with aromatic mixes of herbs and tobacco, implying that he does not smoke for the sake of addiction or taste, but rather for the smell.

While Enzo takes his helmsman role as if it were any other job and tries to delegate it to someone else the bulk of the time, he enjoys nothing more than battling against the elements and always rises to the occasion when the circumstance demands it.

Character Flaws:
Enzo is generally carefree, regardless of where he is or what he is supposed to be doing, to the point where he has nearly been jailed on multiple occasions. His favourite anecdote about this is about a time when he was on a mission with the revolutionary army and ended up sunbathing in the centre of a marine base because "it had the best light," in his words..

He's hopeless at long-range combat. Enzo lacks ranged skills, and even the most basic ranged weapons perplex him; even if he tried, he couldn't hit fish in a barrel.

Enzo is outraged by slavers and often goes into a rage if he encounters one, regardless of the reason; as a result of this weakness, he has put his companions in risk on several occasions.

Enzo has a bad habit of stealing flags, and his mercurial nature frequently causes him to vanish in order to claim his newest gain.


The ability to stand his ground is Enzo's most amazing skill. Whether in a fight or battling against the elements, Enzo refuses to yield an inch unless forced to, which is a testament to his fortitude. His time at the helm has given him tremendous strength and incredible hand-eye coordination. He can also read the water to assist him in figuring out weather patterns to assist him in his duties, though it only works in his immediate vicinity; it makes him a force to be reckoned with at the helm, able to use even the tiniest bit of wind to his advantage, and he frequently uses his flag at the helm to assist him with gauging the wind. Enzo is a remarkable climber, and while he doesn't show it off very often, he does so when stealing a flag, and because of his martial arts expertise, he can even climb steep rock cliffs by forming his own holds.

Fighting Style:
Enzo uses two main styles of combat: a style he calls flagpole combat, which combines several forms of staff combat, and Ryusoken, a martial art largely focused on striking in a claw-like motion and injuring adversaries with a firm grip. He usually fights by using his flagpole like a Matador uses a muleta, drawing their attention to it and using it to distract them for a while, then attacking with the intent to injure but not solely relying on the flagpole if it fails to incapacitate his opponent, before suddenly switching to close range and attacking with his Ryusoken. Of course, this is dependent on the situation and varies from battle to fight. Against huge groups of opponents, Enzo's flagpole is his best friend, and he can utilise it with incredible strength and speed.

Weapons Carried:
Enzo's only weapon is a huge staff that has been converted into a flagpole; it stands at 6'5 and is frequently seen with whichever flag Enzo has chosen for the day. In his arsenal, he presently holds 5 flags. The revolutionary army flags (both the dragon head with the R before the dragon and the A after it and the red triangle flag), a marine flag, the sturdy pirates flag, and two flags seized from crews.

Devil Fruit:

Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Unique Abilities:
Ryusoken martial arts, flagpole combat, reading the water, delegating, and stealing flags.

Enzo was born into a poor hamlet that had to do some pretty unethical things in order to pay the king's tax. Enzo has no recollection of his parents or the village he came from; all he knows is that the town sold one out of every four children into slavery when they reached the age of seven, and Enzo was one of the unfortunate ones.

So, at the tender age of seven, Enzo was shackled, chained, and thrown into a boat, bound for who knows where. He was bought after less than a day at the slave auctions. Young slaves were well-known for being quickly purchased because they could be shaped into anything the owner desired.

Sir Fredric was the man who acquired Enzo, but he wasn't a noble knight; he was a vicious and merciless man who had more than a dozen slaves, and Enzo was simply another addition to his collection. As a result, he was once again shackled, chained, and thrown into another boat bound for another port. A group of seven men, fully armoured from head to toe, and a carriage awaited them at the port. He was forced to walk behind the carriage, hungry and dehydrated, and when he finally began to fall behind, a burning pain struck his back, and the sharp pain brought tears to his eyes. Looking behind him, one of the knights held a whip in his hands that was now dripping with blood...He made sure not to fall behind again.

The walk felt like miles, but eventually the sight of a huge manor came into view, walls as big as anything he had seen before, it reminded him of a prison, the gates swung open and as they did almost like it was planned, a loud piercing scream filled the air, almost like it was planned. "Welcome to hell." He said, as the same pain crawled up his spine as another rapid whip slashed him. His tears began to flood the floor as a result of the pain, hunger, and dehydration, he already knew this was going to be hell but it was already worse than he could have anticipated. The same guard with the whip quickly shut him up with a swift kick.

The next thing he recalls is waking up in a dorm-style room with twelve other slaves of both sexes. His head was spinning and he was fighting back tears once more. A gruff old voice rang around the room "It seems that the rookie is up, two cracks of the whip and a kick, not bad, you were lucky." The look on Enzo's face when he heard the phrase lucky had to be priceless, because the others laughed at it. The same old voice spoke again, and Enzo finally put a face to the voice; he was a small old man with numerous scars; he immediately swept the room, and the first thing he saw was that the others were scarcely scarred in comparison to him."So what’s your name kiddo?” “Enzo” “Okay Enzo I’m sure you heard this at the gate but welcome to hell I’m Merlow and you're going to be with me on maid duty.” The man placed a hand in front of Enzo and he shook it, it was rough, clearly the hands of someone who has been doing the hard work for years. “Now let me get a look at those wounds the first few times suck but you get used to it and we look after our own.” Enzo quickly spun around on his bed, at least Merlow seemed like a nice guy. Maybe this wouldn’t be that bad... That optimism didn’t last long

So it was his first day in hell, and Merlow showed him the ropes, and it didn't go too poorly until the inspection. Turns out that anything done slightly incorrectly earns you the whip; it could be as easy as a bit of dust left someplace, and you'll get whipped for it. As a guard proceeded around the room, he came to a halt and rubbed his finger over the fireplace, where he must have discovered the tiniest speck of dust as he rapidly spun around. "Show me your backs now." Merlow must have noticed Enzo's worry and confusion because he just smiled and spoke.“Hey come on, cut the kid some slack. It's his first day just give me four. I know how much you love using that whip of yours so why only use it twice when you can use it four times.” Whether it was the smile, the sarcastic tone of his voice or just Enzo's luck the guard took the offer and whipped Merlow four times, he didn’t even flinch. Enzo quickly guessed why he was more scared than the rest. The rest of the day was uneventful.

The next seven years passed in the same way, with Merlow acting as the group's makeshift father and Enzo filling in as the big brother. Enzo patched everyone up as best he could, began to take more punishment as a way to train his body, and did everything he could to make everyone feel a little more at ease. He and Merlow had gotten closer over time, and Enzo had learned a great deal about and from him.

Merlow, it turns out, was mostly here of his own volition. He used to be a pirate and a revolutionary, but when he learned that his daughter had been kidnapped and sold, he went on the hunt for her and ended up with himself here, giving his life for hers. He's also had over twenty chances to flee, all of which were offered to him by either his crew or the revolutionary army, but he's turned them all down since he refuses to break his oath. Enzo had also learned about his many journeys, his revolutionary days, and a lot of stories about the revolutionary army's second in command who had progressively became Enzo's idol along with Merlow himself. He had also been learning how to defend himself being both unarmed and armed with a staff, or at least a branch that looked like one.

Another year passed and during that whole time Merlow had never had to take a beating for him since he was never given one. However one day the guard brought a heavily beaten up Merlow who looked to be on death's door behind the guards stood a man dressed in marine clothing. “Well then Merlow ‘The Sturdy’ since we clearly can’t break you let's see how your friends cope.”

The marine was going to pick one of the new captives after inspecting the room and checking over all the slaves when the guard pointed to Enzo. "Trust me, take him." Enzo's heart plummeted before a small smile spread across his face; he'd prefer it be him than anybody else. When he walked past Merlow, his lips twitched but no sound came out, but Enzo recognised what he said: "I'm sorry."

That was the longest night of Enzo's life, as he was beaten and whipped nearly to death in front of him, but he didn't crack and never stopped smiling, as he usually did. One of the guards returned with a large metal rod with a plate on the end, the plate bearing the inscription 'property of Sir Fredric,' and Enzo spoke with his widest smile yet. "How boring; I was hoping the last portion would be entertaining." Enzo spat blood in the face of the guard.

He awoke the next day to Merlow nursing him the second he saw he was awake he hugged Enzo. “I’m sorry kiddo they wanted me to sell out the revolution and I just couldn’t do it.” He teared up, no physical pain could break this man but seeing what these people could do to a young boy could, seeing the whipping he could take, the occasional beating too but to brand him like an animal broke him. “We leave tonight, finish your duties, do not draw attention to yourself. If my guess is right, today should be the day the revolution gets in touch.” It was a challenge for Enzo to do so because his injuries from the night before lingered, and doing things he had been doing for the past eight years suddenly felt like a whole new job. He managed to do all of his tasks while avoiding drawing attention to himself, and Merlow was contacted by a member of the revolution, just as Merlow had assumed.

The revolutionary gave Merlow two items: a method for deactivating the slave collar and a detailed map of the complex, including escape routes and guard shift routines. The revolutionary members would enter through a tunnel that had been dug out and hidden. The plan went off without a hitch; they arrived at the tunnel, discovered it, and escaped through it; all was well until Merlow was crippled by a loud bang...it was a gunshot

“Enzo thank you for everything and I’m sorry.”To say Enzo was perplexed would be an understatement, but he didn't even give him a chance to react before knocking him unconscious.

Enzo woke up on a boat for the third time in his life surrounded by people he had never met before minus the member that helped them escape, he looked around but didn’t see Merlow. The crew were sitting around a small table drinking, in their hands a small cup of sake each and they were sharing stories, stories of Merlow. Enzo wasn’t naive enough to think he was on board, Enzo guessed he couldn’t make it and he stayed behind to let the other two escape. Enzo didn’t say a word and just broke down, he wasn't shackled, not chained he was free...finally.

The crew must have been alerted by the sobbing since the person who saved them simply patted the seat next to him and grabbed it. The man spoke. "Welcome to the Sturdy Pirates, revolutionaries by night, pirates by day." Enzo's face was lit up with a pure joyous smile. "It's great to be here." He recognised this crew the moment the name was mentioned; it was Merlow's crew, the crew he had established by rescuing people in distress. Hilton was the man speaking; he was Merlow's ex-second in command and now captain, as well as Marlow's lone student till Enzo, the rest of the crew having their own fighting styles.

Enzo spent the following nine years with the crew, improving his strength, speed, and toughness on a daily basis. He spent the majority of his time learning both the art of combat and how to be a helmsman from Hilton, and he ultimately caught up to him in terms of expertise. During this period, he developed into an extraordinary helmsman, capable of handling even the most severe weather and outrunning even the most capable ships. During this time, the revolution began sending the crew on larger and more frequent missions, granting Enzo a great chance to put his new skills to the test, and all of their bounties began to rise, including Enzo's, which wasn't bad for a first bounty. At 15 million.

The crew had not been called upon by the revolution for several months, but when they were, they answered without hesitation. They arrived at their destination and proceeded to the meeting building...it was a trap or so it seemed. As soon as the crew of sixteen arrived, a loud noise was heard, followed by the building being sealed and gas being flooded in. The next thing Enzo remembered was waking up on a ship with a note. The note was self explanatory "we knew you'd never leave if we asked, you'd cling to this family you have made aboard our ship but it's time you spread your wings, brought your name to new heights, and found a reason to fight other than revenge this world is an amazing place given the chance go see it. Sorry for the theatrics but we wanted to see you off in a unique way with love your family aboard the Study Crew." Clinging to the note, Enzo pushed forward, docking at the first island he came across, which happened to be Foosha.
Experiment Subject 0, Cero


New Member

Name: Experiment Subject 0

Nickname: Cero

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5'6

Race/Species: Former Tenryubito

Current Objective: Complete any/all missions given to her


"Cero? Oh...you mean the Vice Admiral Hina's dol- I mean...Lieutenant Cero right? Actually, now that I think about it...huh, that's an interesting question..."

"She's good at her duties, I guess? Uh...what were her duties again?"

"SHE IS SO CUTE! She makes me want to hug her! It's so unfair that Vice Admiral Hina has her all to herself! Have you seen just how adorable she is? Sorry, what was the question again?"

The very first impression that Cero seems to impart upon people is her overall small stature. From the offset, the dark-violet haired female gives off the feeling of a very vulnerable individual that needs protection from the corrupted side of society. It doesn't help that both her body language and facial expression betrays absolutely nothing about what she is thinking or how she is feeling. No matter what angle people try to approach her, she displays the same bored mask to all that attempt to interact with her. This doesn't change much when she is on-duty or carrying out her mission. Any assignment that is given to her will be completed without any hesitation or even a second thought. The only thing that concerns her is finishing it to the best of her abilities. It would go without saying that she fully believes in fully obeying the authorities without question. They are the ones that bring about order and balance in the world. It is everyone else's job to play their parts, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Now, one of the rare times that a person can see Cero actually change is on the battlefield. When she is engaged in a fight that has a situation or opponent that she properly deems to be worth the clean-up effort, her demeanor slowly begins to change. Initially, the shift is ever so subtle, with her body evolving into that of a deadly-fighting stance, and her face hardening with fierce focus and concentration. However, the elongation of the aforementioned battle, along with the rise of body counts, blood shed, and any other factors can warp the small-statured female into a full-blown chaotic terror. As for the last comment that was made, when she is off-duty, then she can usually be sighted around the premise of Vice Admiral Hina - usually on her lap and being cuddled by her. Of course, there are times when Hina is unavailable, or when Cero is away on a mission, then she is usually confined to her assigned private quarters. Doing what? Either reading, studying or training. There have been some rather rare moments where her pure and immature outlook manifests as a point of curiosity...

Character Flaws: Due to her upbringing, Cero does not have any agency of her own. In fact, because of how controlling and sheltered her life has been, she is unable to comprehend innate human concepts. Ordinary things such as showing emotions at appropriate moments, struggling with personal vices, grappling with the "grey" area of morality, and decisions that people tend to make that will decidedly shape "who" they are...none of these really make any sense to the violet-haired female. To top it off, because of her inability to grasp these things, she also cannot detect things such as sarcasms, jokes, and the likes.

As it was also mentioned in the personality trait, she has total faith and devotion to the current regime that has retained her services, and does all of the missions that is required of her, no questions asked. Also, because of how much of a strained leash she has to the amount of 'freedom' granted, she is quite naive to the ways of the world, with her entire viewpoint being painted black or white.

Marine Rank: Lieutenant

Skills: A rather shallow skillset which is narrowed down to killing people and having the knowledge of all known spoken tongue across the world. Nothing more was really needed for her to learn outside of things to help her personally complete her missions. Also, would it be considered a skill if people can't help but want to either hug her, pat her on the head, or touch her due to how irresistibly adorable she is?

Fighting Style: Cero has two distinct 'modes' for each of the sword styles that she uses. One is for assassination, and the other is for combat. Then there is also the tiers of seals and skills that she is allowed to unlock. Finally, depending on the situation, she can either opt for a single-blade, double swords, or two-handed sword style.

Weapon(s) Carried: Two oddly carved katana-like blades that can be wielded on either hand. If they are placed together, they can then be combined into a single-heavy sword

Devil Fruit: None at the moment

Devil Fruit Abilities: None at the moment

Devil Fruit Weakness: None at the moment

Backstory: When Cero was born, it was said that she was fortunate enough for it to be within the Tenryubito household. However, unlike those that were birthed in a similar circumstance as the violet-haired girl, her situation could be considered anything but the norm. From the moment it was discovered that her mother was pregnant with her, it was all but decided that she would be sold to an underground black-market trader, who would then transport her to a mad-scientist, only to be used as a exclusive experiment. Unfortunately for her, Cero's parents were not the most mentally sound individuals, and had been somehow convinced that the only ingredients that was necessary to complete the research upon immortality was that of a fresh newborn from the chosen class.

How did she know this? Her past tormentors all but gleefully remind Cero of her origin, point to the slave brand, before barking at her in a sarcastic remark, "Experiment Subject Zero, please return to your home and wait dutifully for your next set of tests and injections." Yes, she wasn't even given a proper name and her home for the first portion of her conscious mind was that of the laboratory. She didn't even understand that this was regarded as cruel or abnormal, since this was the only thing she had known for her young existence.

"Experiment Subject Zero, why are you crying? Are you pointing to where you feel pain? I see...well, I guess you need to be taught that this isn't appropriate."

"Experiment Subject Zero, did you just make that noise? Guess you still have enough energy for another lesson, I see..."

Not everything was doom and gloom for the young girl during her years held in forced subjugation. Yes, there were other additional slaves that were brought in to be test subjects, and most of them did not survive such harsh treatment. However, there were a few that managed to survive these rounds, and one of them was a non-descript female. Why non-descript? The lighting of the area was terrible, and the former Tenryubito preferred to keep her eyes closed. At first it started off with her complaining out loud, and just speaking to anyone that can hear her that was within the vicinity. Eventually, this turned into the other girl telling stories and tales of the outside world and some of the adventures and sights that she had experienced.

The violet-haired slave was mute through it all.

This story-teller had herself transferred into the same cell as the young girl. The interaction continued, with it being a completely one-sided affair. The other person speaking whatever came to her mind, while the experiment merely looked like she was listening. But, she was finally able to get through to the silent one, managing to grab some of her attention, and it was pretty obvious that all of the tales were finally getting through to the violet-haired girl.

"Look zero...one day, we'll both get out of this shithole, and when we do, I'll make sure to always watch out for you, okay? Your nee-san will make sure of it, okay?"


Those were the first words that came out of her mouth, at least, ones that weren't that of unsolicited responses. It wasn't long after that a massive pirate raid had invaded the laboratory. Chaos and mayhem had ensued with everything being thrown into complete disarray. By some chance, some of the pirates had come across the room with the surviving subjects. At first, they were going to keep on moving, since it looked like there was nothing of value here. However, the former Tenryubito's cellmate took notice of the passing men and shouted at them for assistance.

"Now, what do we have here?"

"Please help! Please!"

"Hey boss, this one still looks alive, what should we do with her?"

The one called boss grunted and replied, "I don't want to take any unnecessary baggage onboard, take her with us and let's hurry and finish."

The last thing the slave heard from the nondescript female was one word, "Good-bye" before disappearing from the laboratory. Afterward, the place became a mess, with there being almost no real function behind it, and no personnel doing any work inside of the building. However, it would be quite some time before another living being would come stumbling into abandoned area. In the meantime, the she didn't know the exact reason, but she knew that if she wanted to survive then she would need to comply with her bodily needs. There was nobody to inject her with any artificial supplies, and she was never taught how to prepare any proper sustenance. Though if there was one thing there was plenty of, then that would be the dead bodies of those that did not survive the pirate raid.

The one who would find her was eventually an agent that was part of CP9, or Cipher Pol Number 9. It would be by one of the rarest and most luckiest coincidences in the entire world, but she had somehow been discovered by this person. There was no paperwork involved in her discovery, no higher-ups were informed, and her overall existence was never properly acknowledged by the marines. However, CP9 did treat her a lot better then what she was initially used to. True, most of the time she was confined to the areas that she was allowed limited access to, granted there were nearby supervision to guide her. But, they did feed her a nutritional balanced diet, along with clothing her and generally treating her like a human being. Once she became a bit more independent, they decided to drill her on some of the more basic arts that they could share, without violating their own end of the bargain with the marines.

"So, what's your name?"


"Well, there's this big O that we found tattooed on top of the slave mark."

"A O mark huh? Well, she can be agent zero, since she isn't technically supposed to be part of our group."

This too came to an end when the group was replaced by another round of different agents. They were not as kind as the previous regime, and promptly shared her existence with the authorities. A lot of politics and paperwork were tossed around behind the scenes, but eventually, the Vice Admiral Hina stepped forward and decided to take responsibility for the one called Cero. From here well...let's say that Hina treats Cero like the daughter that she never had, or is it a doll that she never played with? As for the nickname?

"What is your name?"

"...Agent Zero"

"No, not your CP9 assigned number, but your name."

She struggled for a second before answering, "Experiment Subject Zero"

Distaste and anger shrouded her face for a second before a smile descended upon the pink-haired woman's face. "Hina doesn't like any of those, from now on, we'll go with Cero. Don't ask Hina why, but that is your name from now on, understood?"
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Arian Graham


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.

Name: Arian Graham

Nickname: “Silver Anchor”, “Food Bandit”

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race/Species: Human

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Style: Messy, spiky, medium length

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Height: 6’5’’

Primary Aspiration: To travel the world, gather prepare and eat the best food in the world. And not to let people starve like he had to before.


Arian is a big cheapskate mainly because he didn't have much most of his life, buying things was the last thing he would do, you could much rather find him trying to make or get the damn thing without having to buy it. Yet this part of his character flips around when it's about health, he spared no expense on that, for he knew that while it was possible for him to get the other things but health was irreplaceable.

Arian might not look like a sensible person but he would gladly lend his shoulder and ear to anyone in need of company, he will listen to your worries and sometimes help you fix them, cause for him a crew is like a family and that's what families should do.

He lives by a simple rule “Those that have treated me with kindness, I will repay that kindness tenfold. And those that treat me with injustice! That use me. That hunt me down. That hurt my friends! I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over. ” by those words lived every man of his family till the day they died, and he won't be the one to break this tradition.

In fights, he tends to be a bit reckless but that's to gather the enemies' attention on him for he does not want anyone to get hurt more than him. For that would be more painful to him than the wounds that the enemy inflicts upon him.

Character Flaws:

Can’t leave a starving/hungry person without food. Utter hate to those in power and those who waste food. Being a dense person who never loved before he can easily misattribute his feelings. He often experiments with weird foods to others’ dismay at times.

Role: Cook

Skills: Great survivalist and a weird but magnificent cook, he gathers the ingredients and prepares them himself. Even in the harshest climates, he can make decent food. Although Arians cooking doesn’t look too good since that’s something he needs to work on, the taste is what matters and it’s great.

Fighting Style: Arian has a brutal but simple fighting style. Chop, slash, or pierce anything within range of his weird spear, and if the enemy is in close quarters then kicks and headbutts fly in along with him slapping people using the handle of his weapon. Although he does not kill his enemy unless absolutely necessary.

Weapons Carried:
Anchor spear and a pair of carving & butchering knives.

Devil Fruit: N/A

Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Unique Abilities: Anchor spear combat, cooking. foraging, fishing.


Arian was born on a relatively big island in East Blue.
Most of the island was unreclaimed land, big forests, and even bigger mountains, with the only town being the port town.
Arian's family wasn't rich on the contrary he didn't have much throughout his life but what he had were a loving family and friendly neighbors.
He spent his childhood helping around the town and in his family business, he used to go with the old lumberjack into the forest to gather lumber, he also taught him how to do it properly and which things in the forest are edible and which are not.
He tended to spend most of his days helping in his family tavern, preparing food with his dad, and waitering with his mother.

Those days were peaceful, but as all stories of bandits begin, something had to go wrong.
On the day of Arians eighteenth birthday his mother went out to buy him a present but she never returned, a day later she was found hanged upon the noble castle's walls, according to those damn nobles she tried to steal a gem from them but that didn't make sense, his mother wasn't a thief.
His father was furious but powerless, but he wouldn't let it slide, so he gathered a few like-minded individuals in his tavern, and they schemed during the night.
On one of those nights Arian woke up from a nightmare and went out of his room to look for his father, he was sitting downstairs with those people, Arian overheard what they were talking about.
“I tell you, Your wife isn't a thief, she was at my shop looking for a pendant for Arian, but then the noble came and demanded the necklace for he found it pretty, and it would suit his wife. But your wife already bought it and didn't want to give it to them. Then they took her away by force and I was powerless.”
Those words broke them, both of their hearts filled with misery, rage, and desire for vengeance.
Since that very night, the tavern was closed, no one was allowed in, father and his people prepared for something, something sinister but rightful.
After a week of preparing they set off during the night and set the noble’s castle ablaze, and killing everyone within even at the cost of their own lives.
Thirty men died that night but they slaughter half of the noble's forces along with his vixen of a wife.

Not having a family or a place to call home, Arian packed up his things and ran away fearing for his life.
Eight years he spent in the woods within a cave, armed with what used to be an anchor that used to hang above his parent's tavern as a sign, now was used as his sole weapon of survival.
He ate anything he could find, sometimes he even starved, he drank what little drinkable water he could gather, and swung this anchor every single day for hours upon hours, only stopping to eat drink, and sleep.
After all of those years of training and avoiding people, he finally decided it was worth finding out if that darn noble was still searching for him.
So he ventured down the mountain towards the town, on the way he met the lumberjack, he advised him against going into town for that noble had given an order to his men to find and kill everyone related to those who attacked his castle, and even marines joined the noble’s side.
Hearing this news Arian’s rage began to burn anew, he told only one thing to the lumberjack before leaving yet again into the woods.
“Meet me here in a month, till then gather as much information about their routes, of both the marines and nobles. It's time we take that so-called justice down a peg.”
During said month Arian prepared himself mentally and his weapon for what will become the reason for his eight million berry bounty.

After learning of their routes a month later, Arian would periodically attack and steal their supplies, while mocking them for what they stood for wasn't justice it was avarice.
Every single time Arian stole what he could and gave most of it back to the townsfolk, he did not kill any of the people he would attack at most he would severely wound them so they would learn their lessons.
But they did not learn, and the search for him only worsened, year after year only more people were hurt by him, and even more, were robbed from them, and yet they kept doing it, at that point, the only word Arian used for them was ‘Madmen’.

After five and a half years of doing his bandit activity he got really hurt, one of those darn marines gouged his eye out, but Arian paid him back by biting his nose off his face.
That was a moment he would not forget for some time, it was the first time in those few years that he felt so much pain.
For the rest of that year, no one heard or saw Arian, for he was recovering from the injury and the infection that got into his wound.
Finally beating the infection and recovering from that wound, he decided that maybe this life wasn't for him, there was no meaning in this.
So he sneaked into town and waited for a ship to sail forth from this place.
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Vanessa Williams
"M....my n...name...."
Komi 1.jpg
Cabin Girl

Name: Vanessa Williams

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race/Species: Human

Hair Color: Raven

Hair Style: Shoulder length

Eye Color: Indigo

Height: 5'7"

Primary Aspiration: To make lots of friends

Vanessa is a quiet girl. On the outside she looks calm and collected, but on the inside, she's shy and anxious. She's an introvert that longs to make friends, but struggles to find her voice; stuttering and talking very softly if she even talks at all. She's more comfortable with writing stuff down to communicate with others.

Vanessa is generally a task focused individual. As long as she understands a task, she can generally complete it. She actually likes working and doesn't tend to complain, but her love of animals can be a bit distracting. Her favorite animal is the cat. If she sees one, she just has to pet it and is disappointed when one gets away from her without her petting it.

Character Flaws:
Communication anxiety: Vanessa has trouble communicating and sometimes tries to avoid speaking; for example, pretending to be asleep (if the situation allows.) Her lack of communication skills can sometimes give people the wrong impression and she has a hard time saying "no," making it possible for her to be roped into things.

Loves animals too much: Vanessa can be distracted by animals, causing her to zone out of conversations or get a strong impulse to follow, especially if it's a cat, so that she could pet it. If she doesn't get to pet the cat, her face turns pouty.

Taking care of animals

Fighting Style: She can slap and kick, but has no actual combat experience.

Maybe in the future she could tame some animals to fight for her.

Weapons Carried: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Unique Abilities: Animal handling

Vanessa grew up on an island that neighbored Foosha Island. She was just a simple girl. She was a quiet girl and didn't have a lot of human friends. She helped her parents run a local zoo and once wanted to be a veterinarian, but one day everything quickly changed. She spotted a cat on her way home from school and followed it into a bad part of town. She overheard pirates planning to attack the marines. She froze in her tracks and tried to sneak away. As she slowly backed away, her heel hit a can and rolled it down the alley. Suddenly a bunch of pirates were all around her. They looked scary.

"Oy! You here to join?" one pirate asked, putting her arm around Vanessa's shoulder. She wanted to say no, but before she could even attempt to say the word, another pirate came up beside her and put his arm around her other shoulder. "You better be. You know what they say about snitches..." he added, laughing boisterously.

Vanessa just nodded.

Her school uniform already looked like a sailor's uniform. Add an eyepatch and she looked like a person low on the pirate totem poll. She nervously did as she was told; all the while, screaming internally that she had to survive. She was the top swimmer in her class, she just needed to find a chance to escape, preferably near land.

Once ship combat began, Vanessa tried to use the chaos to help her slip away. A well-aimed cannon shot from the marines sent the pirate ship, and Vanessa, into the sea. Unconscious, she washed up onto the shore of Foosha Island.
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(Revisioned OC | Decided on a guy instead of a female)

Yuichi Bouchard

Yui | "The Comic Relief"


(Physical) 23
- (Based on appearance) 14



Hair Color:
Faded black with red tips

Hair Style:
Pointed and messy

Eye Color:
Faded amber with pointed pupils

Height: 5'5"

Primary Aspiration: While he does not seek any kind of title for himself, his most notable goal would be able to reach the pinnacle of all swordsmanship, perfecting each and every technique he utilizes to it's absolute best.

Personality: Yuichi is a temperamental and bombastic man with an extremely sharp tongue, being regarded as a rather immature individual. He is willing to speak his mind about any and every subject no matter what it is, much to other people's probable annoyance, though he is still well aware of the concept of manners. It's just the fact that he finds them unimportant. When in the midst of combat, when faced with an enemy of weaker strength, he won't hesitate in lashing out insults at them in order to get the point across that they're weak, with the only exception to this are enemies that are weaker, but have much potential to grow. To which he simply remains calm but steadily gets more and more excited as they progress. When fighting against someone presumably equal to, or even stronger than himself, his overall demeanor shifts from a confident one to an unusual seriousness.

He's not prone to showing too much kindness thanks to his stubborn nature. Nonetheless, he is willing to spare anyone a helping hand should they need and stands at the absolute nuetral between the affairs of Pirates and Marines, only following his life in the direction of his own moral compass and what he views as fun.

Character Flaws:
- Because of his temperamental personality, he has some trouble maintaining friendships.
- It should be noted that because he has never had any kind of formal education, he finds reading to be somewhat hard, taking it a long time for him to actually process written words.
- Yuichi has an extremely sharp tongue, so he can come off as passively rude when speaking to most people.
- Yuichi's stubborn attitude prevents from expressing himself more openly.
- Like most anime characters, Yuichi has a problem of announcing his attacks when he does them.

- As an experienced swordsman, Yuichi is one to be reckoned with when it comes to wielding a blade. Besides a sword though, he is well-diverse in other forms of weaponry, martial arts, and combat, having decided to rapidly develop these skills in order to contend with the likes of Devil Fruit users.
- Yuichi is very good at adapting to the environment he finds himself in.

Fighting Style:
Mizu-Ittoryu | Mizu-Nitoryu
- Obvious Series

Weapons Carried:
- Two moderately curved Shobu Zukuri-styled Katana
- Hidden Knife Compartment (Located at the end of the scabbard of one of his blades)

Fighting Style Description:

- MIZU -
- Mizu is a swordstyle personally developed by the likes of Yuichi Bouchard that can be used with one or two swords. It gets it's name from the graceful and flowing like motions the user strikes their opponents with, similar to that of water. While the movements do look graceful when gazed upon, they can still do hefty damage if underestimated. The main basis of this fighting style is to be fluent and flexible with movements that are capable of flowing into one another, similar to that of water, basically replicating the liquid within the user's own techniques. This makes it quite useful in enclosed areas, and goes well with Yuichi's short demeanor.

- The Obvious Series is something Yuichi is mostly known for. He's witnessed numerous people utilize Martial Arts in the various battles that he has gotten himself into, and as such, follows by their example, gaining a good deal of fighting skills. Considering he prefers fighting with his swords, he does not seem to care too much to implement some kind of finesse and skill into his hand-to-hand fighting style, making due with simplistic attacks. This is what Yui refers to as the "Obvious Series." Despite the simplicity of this fighting style, it is much more harder to fight against than one might assume, as the techniques have virtually no set-pattern, able to be thrown out at completely random moments in time. This, combined with his already superhuman strength makes this style pretty difficult to do battle against.

Unique Abilities: Swordsman | Enhanced Perception | Flexibility

Backstory: Very little is known about Yuichi's past life, nor does he know most of it himself, though the only real thing that is notable is that he was raised somewhere deep on a island that mostly consisted of vast amount of forest. With the island mostly being forest, it was no question that it contained a ton of viscous animals and wildlife that sought to consume human flesh. With his life on the line, Yuichi was forced to constantly adapt his movements and skills in order to just get by for the majority of his life, inevitably making his place atop the very food chain the island seemed to have adopted for itself at the age of 14. With Yuichi domaining at the most supreme in the hierarchy of the island, he eventually grew bored of killing and eating the same animals day in and day out, leading to Yuichi falling into a small state of emptiness because of how overwhelming bored he was.

With this emptiness, Yuichi became void of morality for quite some time, resulting in the boy becoming more ruthless and open to killing anything that seems to have been bothering him at the moment. His most gruesome display of this was when he gutted a gorilla-like monster with his barehand because the creature robbed him of the food he managed to group up and collect for the winter. With this brutality continuing for his stay on the island, he eventually drove all of the creatures living there to extinction, which by correlation, left him without food for a good long while.

And so, he began to starve, his craving for food growing with each passing day. Thankfully, by chance one day, Yuichi would come across a bunch of wandering pirates who seemed to be interested in the island's Grim atmosphere, claiming to be looking for adventure. Unfortunately, with Yuichi being the way he was, they'd find themselves quickly being taken down by Yuichi and feasted upon. One by one, they fell extremely quickly underneath Yuichi's monstrous strength, and with great fear, they began to retreat towards their captain with Yuichi not far behind. Having reached the ship, Yuichi would've began to engage everyone on board in combat, this obviously resulting in the boy's loss and imprisonment on the ship.

During his stay on the ship, the captain would've taken quite the interest in Yuichi's potential as a fighter, having witnessed first hand during the boy's attack on his ship. So, he decided to bring the boy under his wing, and in return, the boy would be fed and properly dressed up.

Although taken aback by the proposition at first, Yuichi would've eventually cope, deciding to go along with it until the time was right to strike once again.

And so, the next few years of his life would've passed on the ship. With this few years came tons of experience for Yuichi, garnering a vast amount of combat skills thanks to the captain's instructions. With this experience, Yuichi birthed his own original fighting style: Mizu-Ittoryu and Nitoryu, both which are skills that are heavily inspired by the ocean he seems to have grown fond of during his travels. Along with experience, Yuichi gained a fair understanding of the morality of murder and brutality, which softened up his rather aggressive attitude to the point where he didn't lash out as much.

It should also be mentioned that Yuichi wasn't even aware of what his name was, the captain having given it to him during his stay on the ship.

Eventually, Yuichi would've began outgrow his life on the ship, each passing day seeming to grow more and more dull to the now-young-man. Though his past bloodlust would've soothed, his craving for action adventure would still be very much present, leading to the young man inevitably parting ways with the people he came to know in order to seek out the thrills that await him on his journey. And so, with his head held high, Yuichi continues to wonder across the world, gaining more experience and knowledge in the process and developing his skills as a swordsman.

" Kiss my ass. "
- Yuichi Bouchard
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Name: Garrett Ashenbreaker

Nickname: Garre

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race/Species: Human

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: Medium, Straight, and Unkempt

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6’2

Primary Aspiration: Write a collective histories of the world and its peoples

Personality: When he’s not intoxicated, Garrett is often very solemn and in his own head. Once he gets some liquor or beer in him he’s a wild and somewhat unpredictable man to deal with. Spends most of his sober time writing in his book of histories and recording tales he’s heard in passing and his own recount on world events.

Once intoxicated Garrett is much more of a handful. Usually excited and the life of the party, Garrett’s lack of emotional control means he can change from drinking and laughing with you and throwing you across the bar in a heap on a dime, only to completely forget what he was doing and return to his drink. The worst thing for anyone though, has to be a drunk and sad Garrett…..

Character Flaws: Garrett's Alcoholism and self destructive tendencies never cease to plague him.

Skills: An absolute force with an axe, photographic memory, painstaking attention to detail and fluent in several languages.

Fighting Style: Two Handed Crowd Control- Garrett doesn’t focus on one on one fights, simply swinging his two handed Steelwind through enemy crowds as gashing as many of them as he can to clear a room.

Weapons Carried: Giant Steel Axe called Steelwind

Unique Abilities:
Steelwind Tornado- Garrett spins like a top with Steelwind extended and creates a vortex of singing steel to slice through his opponents.

Backstory: Garrett grew up in a small village in the east blue that was controlled and often raided by the Donquixote pirates. There people paid hefty taxes and tributes to fund projects in Dressrosa. His parents were slain when he was young, leaving him in charge of his baby sister Shanda. It was when he was 17 that Shanda was taken from him by Doflamingo’s men. Killing her in a drunken rage whilst he was working at the docks. When Garrett returned from work, his little sister was dead on their porch, clutching Garretts log of stories he had written down from passerby sailors. This changed something in Garrett. He trained harder with his father’s axe and sleighen the men who had taken the last of his family. He was then forced to leave his home. He burned down his parents house in order to make it look like he had been torched asleep and to the next boat out.

Garrett spent many years traveling from place to place in the East Blue, writing the stories of its people and the events of the times, including news of the new pirate king and his death. Garrett’s log became a heft tome of knowledge, with still room for quite a few chapters. Had he had any will left, perhaps he’d get more serious about writing a log of the world. However, loneliness and hatred consumed Garrett and led him to the bottle. Most of his cash off of odd jobs are spent on booze of any sort. In his moments of clarity, Garrett continued to add however his heart ached at his lack of ambition and loneliness. In one of those moments of clear mind Garrett stowed away on a ship bound for Foosha Island to record more of the homeland of the last Pirate King.

After drinking with the crew for many hours, Garrett finds himself passed on the beach of Foosha village, starving and a bit sick from his partying the night before…

Solemn Jester

Smiling God of Fools

Julius Ezekiel Solomon Thomas Eugene Rosewald

Titles, Epithets, Nicknames

Jester, Solly (by clown), Mister Musclestache (former alias) Coolgai (another former alias)









POW! PIES: They're delicious, they explode. What more explanation could be needed. It's gooey, messy, filled with fun with a bang at the end! He can't help but chuckle when they toss a Pow! Pie, and someone screams about their eyes.

Normal Pies: He can't help but love pies. The sweet smell calls to him. Begging for him to take a bite out of their sweet delicious crust.

EXPLOSIONS!!!: BOOM! BANG! KAPOW! These are just a few of the deafening noises that Jester loves. Maybe it's the chaotic effect they have on people or all the glorious ways they can be used. But Jester just loves em.

Adventure: He wants to see everything there is to see in this world and the next! He loves to Adventure! To be free, and spread joy to all those people of the world! This is what he was born for!

Performing: of course he was born to perform! Well not actually, but he feels that way. He loves the laughs of the crowd. Their oohs, and ahhs. It all just makes him so happy to bring excitement, and joy to their lives.

Making people laugh/scream: This is heavily tied to his love of performances, and explosions. He just can't help but enjoy stirring up a crowd. Whether through his comedy, or his explosions. Sometimes both.

Friends!: Building bonds with new unique individuals is just another part of what makes an adventure, and life so great! It also tends to give him ideas for their show, and even props.

Fans: He couldn't do what he does without his loving fans! Well...he could, it would just be really hard. Especially considering the fans are their prime source of income. So yes! This one goes out to all his adoring fans! Jester loves you J-stars!

Good jokes/entertainment: While a joke doesn't have to be great to get a chuckle from Jester. At least a small amount of effort is required. He appreciates the effort put behind jokes, and shows. It always brings a smile to his face to see someone actually trying in their attempts to make others laugh.


Bad jokes/puns: Jester enjoys jokes, he likes to laugh. But he finds some jokes, and puns are just terrible. He feels if you're going to tell a joke you should put effort into it! He thinks of puns as the lowest form of comedy, and as such he rarely does them. Although he can't help but find a small few of them amusing. (But don't tell Bozo that)

World nobles: They're basically all the kinds of people Jester hates rolled into one. Plus, they're all snooty, preppy and junk. Real buzzkills. Always trying to ruin his fun!

Party poopers/show Crashers: Often at times, when their show hits the road and finds a new place to settle down at. Their shows get interrupted. Often by people who are trying to collect their bounty, or just get revenge on them.

Handsy fans: Being a superstar is a hard life. Sure the fans are awesome. But sometimes they get a little crazy. Attacking the objects of their affection. Grabbing the goods, and just being a nuisance. Jester hates those types of fans. They give his fan base a bad name.

Rude people: He hates em! They ruin his show by talking and whatnot! It's so uncool! Although he always enjoys getting revenge with practical jokes.

When his gadgets don't work: It's funny when they miss fire or explode. Even if they just do something unexpected...except when they don't work. It just ruins the punchline for him, and makes him look like a real fool….wait a second...he is a fool.

Boredom: He's an entertainer. With nothing's happening he doesn't feel complete. He has to have something going on or he might explode!...which he might actually enjoy...


Barudou Island: a fairly large island located somewhere in Paradise, once a thriving hub of different performers coming together to form a thriving community has since become a shallow husk of its glory days. Over fifteen years ago back when Barudou was still at the height of its glory days, it had become considered the centre of entertainment along the Grand Line. It was the birthplace of several famous celebrities and where performers came to show off their talents. The celebrities of Barudou Island would once live in the region of the island known as the 'High Rise', a lit-up fortress that overlooked the rest of the island and became its envy. Parties and festivals were once commonplace and everyone lived each day dancing, singing and joking about with every new day being a reason to celebrate.

The island layout itself was something almost akin to that of a theme park, being split up into several districts with their own theme with the residents of some of these districts even adopting distinctive styles of fashion or behaviour. The districts are the following: Circus Cascades (Circus Theme), Tune Town (Music Theme), 101 Avenues (Theatre Theme), Showbiz Safari (Zoo Theme) Red Carpet Colosseum (Hollywood theme) & the High Rise Residencies.

But all of this changed the night a devastating tsunami hit the surrounding regions of Barudou Island and laid waste to all but the High Rise Residencies. In addition, the tsunami brought with it a permanent change to the weather patterns around Barudou Island. This devastation forced a lot of people out of business, and just as the island was starting to repair itself a family of World Nobles would arrive on the island after the story of the tsunami which devastated Paradise's centre of entertainment hit newspapers. This family of world nobles, the 'Rosewald' family would claim the island as their own and forced all the occupants of High Rise Residencies out of their homes, claiming the gleaming fortress as their own estate. The Rosewald's had a strong distaste for the performing arts, and seeing it as a good opportunity to rinse the island dry of all the potential it once had: then laugh from the High Rises as they watched the pinnacle of entertainment throughout the Grand Line crumble into a shallow husk of its former self. Taxes were applied and increased to all the residents of Barudou Island, and over time more and more forms of entertainment would become illegal across the island. Forcing the districts to shut down, and anyone that could leave the island did in the hopes to find a better future elsewhere.

No longer would Barudou Island play host to talent from across the world, famous performers or aspiring celebrities. Their only visitors are from other noble families, marines or unfortunate souls with nowhere else to go. The streets were no longer filled with people, parties or music. The island is now silent and the joyful spirits of those who remained and try to make something out of what was left have turned sour and songless.

Note on Barudou Island Weather: Barudou is plagued by a variety of pretty bizarre weather, which is believed by some of its residents to be the result of a curse. These bizarre and dangerous weather patterns began eleven years ago after the tsunami hit and flooded/wrecked most of the island. Now the island experiences strange and sometimes toxic weather on a day-to-day basis. Things like confetti rain, bubble blizzards and lightning hail (lightning strikes that freeze upon impact).

Julius Ezekiel Solomon Thomas Eugene Rosewald. What a snooty, pretentious, lameo name aye? Well, you can forget it! Just call me Jester! My real name's a mouthful GoiGoiGoi! So my story starts, truly starts. On a glorious island known as Barudou. I was born to a family of world Nobles. Basically a bunch of big important boring people, who don't know how to have fun. We used to live in some big, boring, empty mansion with nothing to do. My parents absolutely despise most forms of entertainment. Unless it's some dreadful classy stuff like 'reading’, or Opera! Ugh, I almost died of boredom at an opera once. Ironically enough. This hatred of entertainment brought them to an island basically made for the stuff! I'm talking carnivals on every corner! Shows on every side! Zoo’s, and all sorts of stuff! Unfortunately, a tsunami had flooded the lower part of the island, and my parents enjoyed seeing what they considered trashy showbiz people suffer. Decided to move to this island somewhere in the grand line.

This island was known for being the biggest entertainment district in all the grand line! I, of course, immediately saw how wonderful the island was, and fell in love with it! But my parents didn't really let me out of the house. Which you can imagine, no fun and no play makes Jester a wee bit crazy. So after some much-needed family time, and a wee bit of convincing. I finally forced/convinced them. To get me something to fill my dull days. Of course, I didn't expect them to get me a person! Obviously they much rather some weirdo stranger entertain their son inside their home.

Rather than let him go out and be tainted by the world. His name was Yvain, and he was a Jester. I suppose they thought I'd see him as a toy to pick apart as I wished. I guess I can see why they'd think that. Being raised by cruel joy hating parents why wouldn't I do the same to him. Unfortunately for them, Yvain brought light into this drab, lifeless prison I called home. He was hope in a sea of despair! Joy in a forest of sadness! Entertainment! On a cake of boredom! So I quickly grew attached to his wacky, and humourous antiques.

It was always a joy watching him pull pranks on other members of the staff for my amusement. But those brothers of mine. They could never go long without breaking my toys! My brothers Ricardo, and Yoland. Decided dey was gonna go and mess with my stuff!!! One day, when I was taking my daily nap. Ricardo snuck into my room and took one of my most valuable possessions! A super valuable knife that I got from my Grandpa when he was still alive. It was probably the only item I cared about. Since my Grandpa had been my favourite person in the world before his death. He reminded me a lot of Yvain in a way. They were both funny and enjoyed spreading smiles.

Anyway, back on track. My brother stole the knife, then planted it on Yvain when he was performing one of my favourite acts. The knife juggling show, for my parents. Not realizing he had the knife, he tossed it into the air. Juggling it with the others. It was at this moment my younger brother Yoland screamed, ”There!” Spooking Yvain, and causing him to drop his daggers. Most stuck to the floor, or just hit it with a clatter. But my knife was ornamental. Basically, it wasn't very durable, and not very good for stabbing. So upon impact with the floor, it shattered to pieces. Now you might think this isn't a big deal. But the knife meant a lot to me, and so did Yvain. Of course, my brothers knew this. Unfortunately, they were also aware my parents had been waiting for a good reason to dispose of Yvain. Believing he was a bad role model for me, and not wanting to just get rid of him without reason. Cuz that would have made them look bad.

But this, ohohoho! This gave them exactly what they needed. No one could complain about this. Even I believed he had taken my knife. I said some terrible things to him. Called him some terrible names, I was a kid, who had just been betrayed by my bestest, and onliest friend. My mood was understandable for the circumstances. But I still regret my words. Even more so considering Yvain's words to me. He gave me a sad smile before telling me,” I'm sorry, I know it won't make up for the precious item I've destroyed. But please take one of my knives, as proof of my sincerity, and remember to always smile. Even when you're feeling blue, and the world's against you. Just give it a big smile, and laugh at its face.

So on the day, Yvain was to be executed, I was moping around the mansion. All alone and sad, like a deer who had lost his mother in a forest fire. When I passed my brother's room and heard them laughing about their stoopid plan! I was so furious, so livid, sooo PISSED!!! That I snapped! The next thing I knew I was standing over my brother with one of Yvain’s daggers in my hand. I had basically maimed my older brother Ricardo's face. He would be disfigured from that day on. But I had more important things to worry about! I ran from the room, dagger still in hand. I ran to the centre of town. Where I knew they'd be holding the execution. Tears flooded down my face as my tiny 12-year-old legs struggled to make it to his execution.

Once I got there I was met with a crowd of angry performers. My heart was lightened by this sight. I thought maybe the performers had come to revolt, and save their brother performer. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. It seemed they had believed the accusations of his crime, and thought him to be a disgrace to their line of work. They had come to watch him die. I knew I was his only hope! So I squeezed my way through the crowd. Trying to yell over their cheers for his death, and caws as they tossed rotten produce his way. He yelled and reached out dagger still in hand. He climbed his way into the stage and aimed his dagger at the guards. Ready to try and save his friend. Of course, you can imagine I got my face kicked in. Defeated, and had no way to save my friend. I watched, in sorrow! As he was hung, the rope tightened around his neck and choking the life out of him. But even with all of that, he smiled, as cheerful as ever. Truly a fool to the end. That day I decided I'd follow his legacy! Which wasn't hard since my family disowned me when they found out I disfigured my older brother. But jokes on him, good luck finding a family willing to marry their doctor off to that ugly mug!

(Extra notes)

So alone, without anything but the crapload of stuff I had stolen from my room. I searched the city. Looking for somewhere to go. It wasn't long after this that he met a kid, a year younger than him, and not the brightest. Named Bozo.

Both may also have small or otherwise amusing bounties under different aliases & disguises over the period they spread pranking terror across numerous islands. They have also been a part of numerous crews along with their adventures and before ever encountering the current crew.

When Jester is exiled from his family and island, both he and Clown perform one last ‘CONVIVIUM PRANK!!!!!’ They were captured and then sent away to north blue where they committed most of their antics and crew swapping



Clown - bestest friend in da whooole world. He'd do just about anything for him. He often enjoys shooting him out of a cannon.

Mime: Best gal frand! He'd protect her just like Sinny! He often finds her odd movements funny and thinks her lack of talking compliments his, and Sinny’s constant chattering very well.


To be the world's greatest entertainers/tricksters.

To pull off the greatest prank of all time on the world government.

Individual goal- revenge against his family, as well as the other world nobles.

Crew position

Ship entertainer, fool, and just all-around trouble maker.


Devil Fruit



Unpredictability: Being a fool, in a foolish trio. Jester has a talent for being unpredictable. Often doing the last thing you'd expect at the time. This comes in handy since it makes it hard for his foes to predict his moves.

Aerodynamic!: He's cool, he's sleek! He's got all the moves! No one can touch him! Or at least that's the plan since taking too many heavy hits means he'll be one sore Jester! He usually uses agile and evasive moves to avoid any up-close encounters with foes who might try and play tag!

Mastermind!!: Being the leader of a trio! Julius has the job of coming up with all the schemes and plots they pull off! Although he can tend to act goofy, and even childish sometimes this is all a ploy to lower his foes' guards! Because once they're lowered he's sure to have some plan waiting in the wings! Ready to spring a trap at a moment's notice!


Frail: He isn't very good at taking hits. AS A MATTER OF FACT! He's heavily reliant on not taking hits! So he doesn't go and get his poor delicate temple of a body demolished.

Egotistical: Ok so the former Celestial Dragon has a bit of an ego! Big SUPRISE! You'd have one too if people worshipped you like a god! Although this can cause some teamwork issues when he refuses to listen to the suggestions of others. Meaning he often finds himself in sticky situations when he intentionally doesn't listen to the suggestions of those he deems lesser than him.

Make pranks not war!!!: Or in this case a prank war! While he has the potential to fight people he has no desire to face anyone in an up-close encounter. His actual fighting skills are poor, and if he's all alone then his only chance is to book it and hope his evasive skills can pay the bills until help arrives.


Name: Throwing Knives

Description: Jester most often carries a set of throwing knives wherever he goes, with Clown carrying an extra set on himself for whenever Jester needs them or if Clown feels like waving them around carelessly.

Name: “Rainbow Bombs!”

Description: These are homemade smoke bombs which were designed with numerous dyes to produce smoke that shared all different colors of the rainbow. Not having much more practical effect to normal smoke bombs, and only being able to carry enough for a one time use every trip now Clown can flee in style.

Name: Hand Buzzer

Description: Another fun prank, or dirty trick both Clown & Jester utilize are fitting ‘joy buzzers’ on their hands to give an electric shock to whoever they come in contact with (they try to make it a little less obvious with gloves).

Name: “POW! Pies”

Description: A nostalgic trip of their past for the foolish duo, but a nightmare for whoever they use them on. Utilizing the classic ‘pie to the face’ prank, and giving it an extra ‘kick’, being one of the first inventions Clown & Jester came up with together - it is also what kicked off their initial `Grand Pie Massacre’ (or something along those lines). The pies are rigged with highly explosive powders which can ignite to explode as they are thrown. (Sometimes they may also pack the pies with fireworks instead)

Special Moves

‘Final Drink, KUMPAI!!’ - Either as a dirty trick to somebody they don’t like, or a fool’s attempt to get the upper hand when they feel endangered. Pulling out two mugs of sake, they offer their opponent/victim to drink with them! Either claiming it’s out of respect or simply an island tradition and as they clank their mugs in cheers the opponents drink is rigged to explode!!!

‘Mega Clown Cannon (Mega Piero Kiyanon)’ - After revealing/taking out a cannon they had stolen from a marine ship during one of their ventures. With showman-like fashion, Clown hops into the barrel of the cannon with Jester waiting to light the match - the results, A MEGA CLOWN CANNON!!

‘The Flashy Pinwheel Attack!’ - Using a giant-sized pinwheel, with either both separating to toss it across to each other or by one of them fitting themselves on the pinwheel while the other tosses them around in loops & dashes at the enemy, aiming to catch them and stick them on the human pinwheel with them, with the other still swinging them around. Eventually causing some serious dizziness & sickness. However it also has alternative uses to Clown and Jester, either as simply throwing them at the opponent hoping they don’t miss or using it to further elevate their knife-throwing capabilities. (One of them gets strapped on with knives while the other spins them around as they throw knives in all random directions)

‘Mesmerizing Explosive Grand Jester Juggling Circus’ - Clown takes out an extremely large tarp from under his pants and within a cloudy flash creates an easy-to-setup Circus show around themselves and the enemy with Jester & Mime at the centre show and spotlight on their position. Jester puts on a knife juggling show of fabulous proportions while Mime uses her unique umbrella to mesmerize the crowd! Putting on a display to draw attention away from Clown, who will set explosives along the outside of the tent and setting up for the 'Grand Finale'. With Mime mesmerizing everyone to keep them still and Jester's knives flying in all directions inside the tent, they all make a flashy escape before the rigged firework explosives are set to ring in the magnificent end of their show!!


Theme Song

Additional info
- At any sign of the slightest trouble Julius default is often to eat their pack mule pet Wooly Hippo “Bigbunny”/Okibani

- Clown & Jester will often come up with theories or conspiracies about important world figures such as warlords, admirals etc.

- Julius can often be seen wearing a mask that covers only his eyes. More than anything it's him making a fashion statement. But it also helps to disguise himself from anyone who might recognize him as a world noble, or even some of the people he's angered in the past under his many aliases. It also helps when he as well as Bozo pull some of their terrorist activities. Due to their numerous pranks against the World Government or as they like to put it, "Acts of terror!" Julius and Bozo have ended up switching aliases and personas a few times as well as crews. As a result, this means they've traveled all over while being hunted by the WG and any pirates that may have gotten caught up in their mischievous antics. Luckily they are MASTERS OR DISGUISE!!! No one can see through Jester's super amazing personas! Once the mustache comes on it's over with! He might as well be an entirely new person. But his ingenious aside, he and his friends currently find themselves in the East Blue searching for their next crew.

(My friend Sinny The Clown Sinny The Clown and potentially my friend SidTheSkid SidTheSkid may also be joining just waiting for Sinny to post Bozo and haven't asked if Obsidian is gonna play our mime third friend yet. So if he doesn't she shall be off on her own adventure)
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♠ Just a Skid named Sid. ♠

Name: Sidney Sulis 'The Mime' Figueroa.

Nickname(s): Although respectfully and professionally regarded as ‘The Mischievous Mime’ due to her staging performance.
Sidney has gained an innumerable amount of nicknames through her wacky antics and overall zany personality these
include but aren’t limited to: ‘Silent Sidney’, ‘Misses Musclestache’, and lastly ‘Siddy’ which she’s referred to by her fellow

Role: Crew Entertainer (Like her friend Julius).

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race/Species: Human

Hair Color: Completely white; becomes a slight mixture of grey/white when it's
been doused or submerged in water for some time.

Hair Style: She prefers her hair to have a partially messy look because of her loose and energetic
personality, however, Sidney gives her disorganized cut a bit of 'pizazz' with the addition of a couple of
crimson-colored hairclips and by also keeping her hair at a shorter length so the end of her bleached
locks have a slight curve to them.

Eye Color: Violet

Height: 5'4"Ft / 64 Inches

Primary Aspiration:
Her own personal dream is being able to communicate verbally again, at least with the likes of Solly & Sinny.
Taking in account that this is an especially private objective she tends to keep it to herself rather than addressing
this dream of hers to others, in fear that she’ll be given pity or they’ll wind up seeing it as impractical.

Whether it’s Julius or Sinny both of them are very impassioned by their dreams! Having such a sympathetic personality,
Sidney adamantly believes that helping them carry out these wild dreams will be able to show them a greater extent of
happiness and will provide her with the benefit of accomplishing her friend’s fantastical wishes.

Lastly, there’s the issue of the oh-so-familiar fondness that ravages her beating heart when in the midst of both her
lifelong companions. One day she hopes to fully admit her feelings of love to one of them, if she could decide which
one to choose!

Sidney Figuero is mainly described as an intricate mixture of buoyant, vibrant, and even teasing at times
when it comes to amusing those nearby with general tomfoolery that she exhibits through her comical traits. Out of the
brattish fools, Sidney is perhaps by far the most 'blossomed' out of the group as far as maturing throughout their ventures,
usually, this represents itself through her different choices of non-verbal dialogue as well as how she displays herself during
certain situations, even so, she’s far from being completely and utterly somber! In-fact when paired with both Sinny and Julius,
she’s almost bound to reach their level of 'craziness' to some degree and will often times be taking part in silly pranks that leave
the trio giggling hysterically as they run away from their outraged victim.

Character Flaws:
Lack of Communication:
Unfortunately she’s one of the most inopportune colleagues to have when it comes to communicating fluently as
she has been rendered unable to speak as a result of her tragic past circumstance, meaning Sidney cannot advise anyone of incoming attacks
without it being too late nor can she formulate an easily understood strategy without someone getting confused aside from Sinny or Solly.

Physically Weak: You’d think with a former alias known as ‘Misses Musclestache’ that she’d be more than proficient at accomplishing
intriguing feats of strength but however this is not the case at all, if anything she’s most likely the weakest of the trio as she less than adequate
in a physical confrontation involving nothing but raw bodily power. Although, this doesn't always equate to her other attacks, getting whapped
with that trusty umbrella of hers will still be pretty darn excruciating!

Feeble without Numbers: If by any case her colleagues were to be defeated by anyone, Sidney would have to continue evading an enemy’s
attack without any time for recovery making her very susceptible to incoming strikes.

How else can a Clown and a Jester perform such silly gags on some trouble-maker if they keep trying to move out of the way?
Knowing this too well, she usually makes attempts to bind them to one location by entangling them with ribbons or opening defenses by
capturing an arm or leg.

Perfect Distraction: Hanging out with those hooligan friends of hers allowed Sidney to obtain some pretty bad traits, some of which
include being an absolute bother to those in a fight. Pies to the face, Banana peel throwing, and even childish taunting are very likely
to happen in an altercation with Sidney.

Combat Flexible: From early childhood ‘miming’ required plenty of skill to master, particularly when it narrowed down to being remarkably
limber enough to perfect specific movements that have been able to assist her when it came to performances and eluding attacks in self-defense

Confusing Movements: Theatrical mimes are known for being adroit in the skills of bodily illusion, leaving spectators continuing to guess what
their movements are leading up to! Because of this Sidney is exceptionally gifted in the art of alternation and disguising attacks.

Fighting Style:
‘Taunting Tantrum Mimic Style’ ~ Sidney’s quarreling skills are primarily focused on obtaining the immediate attention of nearby
combatants through any means necessary and using her adept flexibility and endurance to help avoid the attacks her colorful partners
would otherwise be unable to avoid. Going about this unorthodox fighting style usually involves connecting her diversions with rude
taunts such as including ‘blowing raspberries’ to nearby combatants and even mimicking their moves and body language just to further
infuriate them; possibly leaving them open to potential attacks from her fellow crewmates while she has their full attention.

Weapons Carried:
‘World’s Strangest Umbrella!’

Description: You’d think it’s just an ordinary umbrella! I mean it’s got the same stereotypical shaped handle, sleek design, along with a flexible
material that’s only bizarre when it comes to the spiral design scattered across it. Nonetheless, that’s where you are misled! As this peculiar
umbrella’s material contains closely woven wires, compacted enough to withstand hardened blows from her adversaries. Oddly enough,
there’s also been those that seem to be almost fascinated by the gyrating pattern on her umbrella, nevertheless, it’s probably nothing ‘special’.
(The spiral pattern on her parasol umbrella is used in her ultimate ability)
‘Ribbon Rally’
Description: Restraining foes use to be a great hassle but not anymore! With the latest and greatest slightly primitive technology known
as a whole heap load of Ribbons which Sidney likes to address as “The Ribbon Rally’. With these numerous slender bands of cloth/plastic
she’s able to easily snatch onto the appendages of her enemies and pull them in a certain direction or leave them vulnerable.

‘Triumphant Trumpet’
Description: When it comes to antagonizing dastardly foes, there’s nothing that pushes their buttons more than what’s known as the
‘Triumphant Trumpet’ which is a simple curled brass instrument in which she uses to thunderously blast excessively obnoxious noises into
their unsuspecting eardrums.

‘Bag O’ Props’
Description: Seemingly mysterious, Bag O’ Props is a comically scaled knapsack concealed in sprightly looking colors. However, this is not any
ordinary luggage as it’s possibly one of the largest bags you’ll ever find in your life! She wasn’t sure why but it almost felt like the bag was bottomless
due to the amount of equipment that was all stuffed down in that freaking abyss by her fellow performers
(Bag O’ Props carries her partner’s supplies).

Devil Fruit: N/A

Unique Abilities:
‘It's Raining Rain-Blows!' (Ultimate Technique)
- As a last resort, Sidney will gather up all of her adrenaline before unfolding her unique umbrella
towards her opposition and swiftly revolving the fabric’s material in a sudden burst of energy causing any rivals gaping at the parasol’s optical illusion
pattern to become abruptly paralyzed for a short period of time. Following their guard being dropped, Sidney will quickly take advantage and attempt
to strike her opponent’s midsection in rapid succession before they recover, eventually concluding this all with a very rough blow to one of the enemy’s
head once the hypnosis begins to fade.

- More to be added as story progress and she finds herself in more confrontations. -

Formerly residing in North Blue, Sidney has spent most of her existence living beside her brothers and sisters on a quaint series of Isles
called Ashen Reef also entitled ‘Monochrome Islands’ by foreign travelers due to its extraordinary lack of colors except for black and white
which some believed to be a result of the inhabitants going out of their way to paint nearly every stretch of marked territory with a consistent
black or white tinge. It’s unexplained as to why the locals ultimately do this but Sidney always claims that from her early years in childhood that
this was one of their seemingly tedious traditions that acted as an accolade for a mysterious higher power, although it’s unknown as to whom they
were paying homage to...
Living in such a sensory deprived land claimed by overbearing tradition it was occasionally difficult for her and the other adolescence to develop a
sense of personal creativity and almost always resulted in boredom except when it came to a yearly ceremony that involved hand-picked inhabitants
to perform a one of a kind theatrical performance involving telling stories through bodily motions and props, sooner or later be known as ‘miming.’
Seeking out a break from her slightly mundane childhood, Sidney had dedicated her livelihood to instructing herself the art and in due time she was
able to become a maestro in the theatrical art and even a small icon in the eyes of her people!

However her rising prominence throughout the isles would quickly change once a duo frivolous looking entertainers managed to come to her island
and greet the residents with a lovely show yet unfortunately all except for the likes of Sidney took displeasure in the idea of seeing them dressed in
flashy colors and using different styles of pigment in their art, due to this the pair of fools were nearly attacked by the mob of outraged villagers but
luckily they managed to hastily escape, still leaving Sidney in utter awe due to their spectacular performance before conclusively trailing behind the
fleeting duo in a small sail-boat in bright hopes of discovering more of the outside world and the miraculous arts hidden within.

A few days had passed whilst continuing to follow behind them until she finally found enough courage to climb aboard their vessel and eventually
introduce herself to the misfits with a desperate plea of joining their crew to which both of them happily accepted and established themselves as
the ‘Jester noble’ Julius Rosewald and the ‘Clownish’ Bozo C. Nwolcs. From that point forward their group was renowned as being ‘The Three Fools’ a
trinity of ‘ninnies’ that leap from ship to ship in hopes of finding a reliable ship-crew or just simply delighting all those aboard before departing even
though this would soon lead to a tragic event in Sidney’s life.

She was soon taken captive by a notorious pirate captain that would scar her permanently prior to throwing her overboard and nearly leading to her
death, luckily she was saved at the last second by the two other fools and were able to rescue her but not without leaving Sidney without the ability to
speak as the grievous wound caused by the malicious captain had robbed her of speech, only allowing her to communicate in sign language which soon
became her only way of being able to truly interact with everyone around her. To this present day, Sidney learns to live and cope with the tragedy with the
help of her friends along with involving herself in extravagant performances around the many seas.

Extra(s): Adding this for the sake of bringing in some other information about my character.
(This'll be put in a spoiler to prevent it taking up unnecessary space)
Full Body / Face Appearances:

Character Relationships (Expands with the more characters she meets):
Bozo C. (Cyron) Nwolcs
- He may be the most ‘juvenile’ of the three as far as age but when it comes to that eager appetite he has for laying out a beautiful
performance as a showman he’s absolutely the greatest, not to mention his outstanding homemade pies that she finds scrumptious! Alike Julius Rosewald,
he too has been a target for Sidney’s endearment because of his inspiring past and uncanny talent of being able to cheer someone like herself up when she
needs it most.

Julius Ezekiel Solomon Thomas Eugene Rosewald - In spite of the fact he’s the prime fomenter when it comes to precipitating arguments amidst the ship’s
company, possibly ascribed to his unprohibited homemade cannon ‘act’ that may or may have not caused a few scuffles! Julius is thought of highly by Sidney,
she considers him to be a good-hearted prankster with a knack for brilliant slapstick which almost regularly gave her an opportunity to share a short-winded
laugh. Altogether she believes that is one of a kind humor is one of the sole reasons that their wonderful band of ‘fools’ has stuck around for so long and
because of that she genuinely admires him, to the point where she has even obtained a certain suppressed fondness for the lovable jester.

- Involving herself in intricate performances created by the likes of her associates, whether it simply be practicing for an act or carrying it out in front of an
enormously large audience. -

- She absolutely loves consuming Pow! Pies, of course without the overly unrestrained amount of gunpowder making them an immediate danger to her health
and everyone’s overall safety! So yeah, just normal pies without the boom! -

- Engaging in fun activities around a ship-crew, mainly when it comes to pirates and participating in emptying barrels of rum into their gullet even though she’s
very much a light-weight when it comes to drinking. -

- When it comes to sailing around there’s nothing more enjoyable in her mind than seeing the vast open environment around her! She’ll usually sit on the top
of the ship’s wooden mast at times to look out at the crashing of waves in the ocean. -

- In spite of entertaining performers being so rare to spot at sea, it’s always nice to come across one of them once and a while and share unique stories
about their background and how they were introduced into entertainment as a whole. -

- There’s never a dull moment between those two other buffoons that she hangs out with! Most of which involve them deliberately creating situations
where they’re prone to injury and even with them being gluttons for punishment. She is still prone to worrying that they’ll wind up hurting themselves in
those dangerous stunts of theirs. -

- Misunderstandings with communication are easily one of her biggest pet peeves, especially since Jester is one of the few that can actually comprehend
sign-language. She’ll often shoot disappointed looks or give off irritating gestures if someone doesn’t understand what she’s saying. -

- Being bombarded with affectionate remarks along with overwhelming Sidney with attempts to 'woo' her is something she doesn’t mind that often
although on the contrary when it comes to a stereotypical lover-boy or lover-girl she tends to want to keep her personal space. -

- Traumatic dealings with a pirate crew captain named ‘Razor-Mouth’ had resulted in her losing her voice. It’s not surprising to see why she’d hate this
individual so much considering what he had done. -

- Without a doubt, being ignored or interrupted is one of the biggest pet peeves that she has. -

Theme Song:

( THE FOOLS ARE BACK BAAAYBAAAAY! Sinny The Clown Sinny The Clown & Solemn Jester Solemn Jester !!! )
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Sinny The Clown

The Fool's Prophet

Bozo Nwolcs - Given Name
Sin G. (Goober) - Chosen Name

Sin & Sinny, Sin was his former Clown name and Bozo took a deep liking to it because, in his eyes, it made him sound fearsome.
Clown (Nickname, it is what people usually call him.)
The Sin-sational Clown Rocketeer (His old stage name)
Dr. Kellep (One of his aliases where he pretended, rather poorly, to be a doctor)
Musclestache Junior (Another alias)
Gummy Dropper (Yet another alias..)



Hair Color: Black with light grey streaks
Hair Style: Undercut and slicked back into an upward curl
Eye Color: His right eye is bright red while his left eye is light grey (similar to his hair)
Height: 5'7ft


Primary Aspirations
Like his parents, he aspires to become a famed pirate & adventurer and shares a dream with his close friends Julius (Jester) & Sidney (Mime) to become the world's greatest entertainers and pull off the world's greatest prank.
- Living for the party, Sin wants nothing more than to have a good time with the nakama he makes and one of his favourite phrases outside of their own 'Convivium!' is 'Kumpai!'
- He loves to see other Circus' across the blues, he also has a secret desire to one day visit a real theme park as he's never been to one. Listening to him talk about it makes it sound like he's been a thousand times already.
- Eating competitions with Julius (or anyone else for that matter), Sin takes great pride in his ability to chow down!
- Daydreaming about achieving the trio's shared dream to pull off the greatest prank the world has seen!
- Receiving any form of compliment or praise, especially compliments to his showmanship! Bozo is not used to praising, so when he does get it he overflows with joy (and can maybe take his reactions too far sometimes.)
- Bozo enjoys taking inspiration from others, incorporating the things he learns from individuals along with his adventures into his own set of skills. He may also see a gadget he likes, and see if the trio isn't capable of making something similar.
- Meeting other entertainers, performers and showmen like himself. If given the opportunity he might even pick up a few new tricks!
- Holds an admiration and natural bias toward all Clown-like figures, while not being much of a 'real' clown himself Bozo enjoys watching other clowns and the tricks they might have up their sleeves!
- Bozo loves all types of stories and the people who tell them - he doesn't even care whether or not they are true!
- His childhood home Barudou Island and learning more about its history or hearing stories of its former "glory days". One day he wishes to go back, and with members of his trio, restore Barudo as the centre of entertainment in Paradise.
- Light shows, festivals or pretty much anything with a lot of color. Sin likes colors! "I...LOVE!!! COLOORRRRSSS~!!!!"
- While Bozo doesn't have any particular fondness for animals, it does seem that animals, especially small critters, have a fondness for him. Bozo is often terrorized by the local wildlife.
- Possessing the heart of a prankster, Bozo is inclined to pull numerous jokes on his friends, Bozo's pranks tend to be simple in their approach if not extreme. Leaving Julius to come up with the more elaborate pranks.
- Living up to his name 'Clown': Sin loves ALL kinds of jokes whether or not they are good (Bozo sometimes prefers the bad ones.) He is especially a fan of puns, much to the frustration of Julius who despises them.
- PIEES!!! Of course, his love for pie leaves him at constant odds with his chances of accidentally eating the wrong pie...POW!!! Sin has accidentally consumed one of the trio's staple POW!-Pies on more than one occasion.
- THE BIG BOOOOMMMM BOOOOMMMS!!! (Explosions, he loves explosions.)

- His name, 'Bozo', he is quite insecure about it and this is the reason he prefers to refer to himself as 'Clown' (He feels it is a big step up, contrary to how others might see it.) or 'Sin': his old clown name as well as his 'chosen' name. He can easily mistake someone calling him by his real name as an insult. "I'm no bozo! You're a bozo!"
- A summer child, Bozo is ill-equipped for dealing with cold environments. Ironically, while he despises the cold he has a conflicting obsession with snow. Making any trip to cold places a love-hate experience for Bozo.
- Bozo can be extremely sensitive to criticisms, especially over his skills as a performer no matter how slight: being highly prone to having a complete emotional breakdown where he questions (with extremely dramatic overtones) his self-worth.
- Having the heart of an entertainer, and coming from a place where performers struggled to keep the show alive Sin has a natural disliking for anyone who disrespects the craft in any way. Most of all frauds!!!
- After a traumatic past experience, Bozo has developed an intense phobia of horses: resulting in him having several successive panic attacks whenever he happens to come across one. (A horse zoan user would be his worst nightmare.)
- Considering himself a free spirit, Sin doesn't like being contained in one place for too long and lust for adventure makes him loathe the slow moments of the day when there is nothing to do. He hates being bored.
- World Nobles: It was one of these families who took over Barudou Island and turned a place of songs, entertainment and parties into an island of silence, darkness and loneliness. It was also because of them that he and Julius had to leave the Grand Line. Sin doesn't necessarily have purely hateful emotions towards them (yet) but he does consider them nothing more than a group of "Dull lameos", and may go out of his way to mess with them if he gets the chance.

Character Flaws
Moronic Clutz: Perhaps it is a family trait, or Bozo was bonked in the head one time too many as a boy but Bozo has had a long-standing reputation among his trio of being something of a moron. Lacking almost any ability to think through his choices, or even think at all can lead to him getting himself in a lot of trouble, and usually relying on others to think of a way to get him out. He is also a natural clutz, even as a talented acrobat he is prone to constantly tripping over his own feet or getting himself tangled up when performing more flexible manoeuvres. His natural clumsiness can also cause some of the well-laid out plans of Julius (or others) to be ruined as he manages to screw up even the most simple of tasks. He is the type to try executing a sneak attack by charging at them and screaming "SNEAK ATTACK!!"
Pain Seeker: There is just something about clown's and their proneness to injury, Sin being no exception. As if drawn to danger and injury, if there is a way to hurt yourself you can safely bet that Sin will be the first to find out. His affiliation for pain has also led some to believe he's a borderline masochist, and who knows?! Maybe they're right!? He often refers to himself as the 'meatshield', often proudly.
Stubborn Foolhardiness: Sin is a pretty emotional guy, and when it is time for action there is little one can do to slow him down or act with caution. His approach to everything usually being the same: charging headfirst and figuring out the rest as you go. While this can sometimes work for Sin, it can also cause a lot of problems when working as a team or when the trio's plans require a more subtle or light approach. All in all, Sin is about as reckless as they come on a sea of fools.
Mischief Maker: A trait that the entire trio seems to share. Their love and talent for causing mischief wherever they go can be quite something to behold, and they spend the majority of their free time coming up with what their next scheme or prank is going to be! Sin himself especially enjoys 'clowning' around with others, and takes a secret enjoyment in being chased after meaning that he will sometimes go out of his way to stir up trouble or put a lot of attention on himself.
Codependent: The complete opposite of a 'lone wolf'. Whether or not he admits, or even realizes it: Sin is almost entirely dependent on the trio. Without his bestest pals around, Sin wouldn't have a single clue what to do with himself! When they are together, Sin is confident and his usual reckless self, knowing that when the trio is together he will always have someone to fall back on whether that be Solly and his high-minded schemes or Siddy with her handy bag of props! Without them, Sin becomes lost, unsure of himself and hesitant with everything he does or just all-around lacking any ounce of independence...Sin's codependence is by far his greatest flaw.


Occupation & Crew Role
Entertainer (Clown & Canonboy), Prankster, Thief - Pie Terrorist
He will be a ship performer, fool, and mischief-maker.
Under the guise of other aliases, Bozo has accumulated a total bounty of 50 million beli.
His real bounty, the one he has under his current identity as (mostly) himself is only 300 beli.
The trio has already been on numerous adventures with different groups, they have accomplished quite a bit in the two years they started their adventures. Among all the things they've accomplished so far, however, their most notable achievement thus far has been covering the entirety of (fairly small) island with their 'POW!-Pies'


An entertainer and acrobat, Bozo or 'Sin' was a former performer of Gilly's Flying Circus for the Sensationally Stupendous! where he performed as a canon-boy clown. Performing a series of amusing tricks and goofs that was topped off by shooting himself out of a canon: blasting off toward the stars above! Now he acts as the willing test dummy for all of the new "POW!-Pies" that has become a staple of their trio. He makes sure that every pie is packed with enough POW! to rock the system. As a result of endless POW!-Pie testing he's become quite tough and used to pain; he's rarely ever seen without some type of injury somewhere. He is used to pain and fighting while heavily injured.
List of Techniques & Combo Attacks
"Final Drink, KUMPAI!!" - Usually used as a dirty trick to play on somebody they don't like, or simply a fool's attempt to gain the upper hand when things aren't looking so good. Pulling out two mugs of sake and offering one to their target, they claim it as a token of respect or simply a tradition from where they come from, and (if/)as they clank their mugs together in cheers: their drink is rigged to explode only a couple of seconds later!

"POOW!! PUNCH!" - Mixing the awesome POW!er of 'POW!-Pies' with his inclination toward brawling Bozo has created a whole new type of boxing! By taking advantage of the 'natural resistance' he's developed toward the explosive pie, Bozo uses the trios staple 'POW!-Pies' as boxing gloves on his hands: giving each punch that extra POW! This does mean that Bozo also takes damage to his arms, with his natural resistance only negating the effect slightly. Making the prolonged or excessive use of these attacks take a considerable toll on his arms. For this reason, Bozo normally only uses 'Lvl 1 Pow!-Pies' for the time being. (He can punch ten times with a Lvl 1 pow!-pie before the damage to his arms starts really taking effect.)

"Mega Clown Canon!" (Mega Piero Kiyanon!) - After revealing/taking out a canon they had stolen from a marine ship during one of their ventures. With showman-like fashion, Clown hops into the barrel of the canon with Jester waiting to light the match - the results, A MEGA CLOWN CANNON!!

"Flashy Pinwheel Attack!" - Using a giant-sized pinwheel, with either both separating to toss it across to each other or by one of them fitting themselves on the pinwheel while the other tosses them around in loops & dashes at the enemy, aiming to catch them and stick them on the human pinwheel with them, with the other still swinging them around. Eventually causing some serious dizziness & sickness. However it also has alternative uses to Clown and Jester, either as simply throwing them at the opponent hoping they don’t miss or using it to further elevate their knife-throwing capabilities. (One of them gets strapped on with knives while the other spins them around as they throw knives in all random directions)

"Mesmerizing Explosive Grand Jester Juggling Circus" - Clown takes out an extremely large tarp from under his pants and within a cloudy flash creates an easy-to-setup Circus show around themselves and the enemy with Jester & Mime at centre show and spotlight on their position. Jester puts on a knife juggling show of fabulous proportions while Mime uses her unique umbrella to mesmerize the crowd! Putting on a display to draw attention away from Clown, who will set explosives along the outside of the tent and setting up for the 'Grand Finale'. With Mime mesmerizing everyone to keep them still and Jester's knives flying in all directions inside the tent, they all make a flashy escape before the rigged firework explosives are set to ring in the magnificent end of their show!!
Fighting Style
"The POWer Brawler!"
That's right, Bozo is going to be the pioneer of a whole new form of brawling! Putting all the POW!! Into power Bozo's philosophy on life is very similar to his approach to combat: give every ounce you got and nothing less! Bozo puts his all into everything he does, including his strikes and when he hits he likes to hit as hard as he can. He isn't the type to try to think around his opponent's attacks but instead rushes headfirst into them. He has never received any formal training in combat, making him something of a self-taught 'expert' and incorporating his past experience as a circus performer together with things he has seen throughout his adventures so far into his own way of fighting. Bozo can be predictable, but he is also creative and doesn't lose pride from attempting to copy someone else's moves!

His one weapon of choice is a hammer crafted after the one in the 'whack-a-mole' carnival game, it is both a light and durable weapon that he can swing around with ease but does not possess any real skill or techniques with the weapon. Mostly using it merely as a means to break through defenses that his fists can't handle.

- Tough & Tenacious, he is used to pain and getting back up from it. Being something of the designated 'meatshield' of their trio, he is always diving in front of fire.
- Innovative fighter, he can be pretty good at coming up with things to do on the spot and being creative with the tools and skills he does possess.
- Acrobatic & Agile, his former occupation as a circus performer has made him a showy high-flyer! He is very good at jumping, flipping and climbing freely and is quite flexible.
- Strong & Hard-Hitting, physically the toughest and strongest of the trio Bozo is much more physically capable than he may appear.
- Can't swim (Not because of a devil fruit weakness, he just doesn't know how to swim.)
- Impulsive & Reckless, he always lets his emotions take the wheel and runs into everything headfirst without the slightest bit of cautionary thought. (Refer to character flaws)
- Dependant planner (He relies on Julius to plan things for him, and isn't one to think ahead in any real capacity.)
- Codependent on the other members of his trio (Refer to character flaws)
- Moronic Clutz (Refer to character flaws)
Weapons Carried
Okibani Calling-Horn
A uniquely crafted calling horn, given as a gift to the trio by Okibani’s former caretaker. Sounding the horn acting as a sort of ‘calling summons’ for Okibani so he can find the trio even when they may be far apart.
Explosive Mugs
An explosive device taking the shape of an unseeing drinking mug! You might want to be careful whenever one of the 'foolish trio' offers you a drink!
Whack-A-Mole Hammer
One of his many weapons of choice, the Whack-a-mole hammer is a large version of the carnival game. Useful for mostly one thing ~ bangin’ heads. The hammer can also be folded upon itself, becoming small enough for Bozo to easily fit into his deceptively puffy pants.
Flower Surprise
A small unseemly flower that Clown often wears on his person, the flower can squirt a liquid or gas substance. Having only a few limited uses before needing a refill, the types of substances range from saltwater (to spray in some poor souls eyes), chilli-powder or SAKEEE!!!! Which one it is can really depend on the situation.
Rainbow Smoke Surprise
These are homemade smoke bombs that were designed with numerous dyes to produce smoke that shared all the different colors of the rainbow. Not having much more practical effect on normal smoke bombs, and only being able to carry enough for a one time use, now after every trip, the trio can flee in style.
Easy-Go Tent
A next-level miraculous tent, all capable of being shoved down in one's pants if the need calls, a large tent-like tarp coming equipped with a centre stage and audience area whenever the need calls. This can be used simply to get some shade whenever off ship, or do their profession as entertainers on the fly; they also use it for the ‘Mesmerizing Explosive Grand Jester Juggling Circus’. Other times Clown will use it to wrap up his opponents (Or settings it up as a trap for someone to walk into) to give Clown a chance to LAY DOWN THE PAIN!!!
A ‘blast to the past’ for the foolish duo, but a potential nightmare for any victim of eating the ‘wrong pie’. After accidentally stumbling across this invention when attempting to make their own homemade pies (and accidentally replacing one of the ingredients with gunpowder instead). Every POW!-Pie they make has a number carved in the top, indicating what level of explosive power it possesses. The higher the number, the bigger the POW!!!
Lvl 1 POW! - A mild explosion that causes little to no physical harm but does result in a lot of pie bits going everywhere.
Lvl 2 POW! - A stronger explosion, inflicting minor injuries to those caught in its vicinity
Lvl 3 POW! - *Danger territory* A strong explosion that can break through weaker wooden structures such as doors or certain bridges. Stuns weaker enemies.
Lvl 4 POW! - A fairly powerful explosion capable of blasting through cement/brick structures & inflicting serious wounds on anyone caught in its vicinity.
Lvl 5 POW! - The pure explosive power of a "Lvl5 POW! Pie" is equivalent to that of a Marine Fleet cannon. It has enough explosive power to blow holes into a ship, and easily break through brick walls. It is currently the most explosive "POW! Pie" in the duo's arsenal.

Devil Fruit

He has no Devil Fruit as of yet.
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses
Unique Abilities
Performer, Acrobat & 'Baker'


Gilly Goober
Gilly was the Ringleader of the "Gilly’s Flying Circus of the Sensationally Stupendous!" and the mentor/father figure of Bozo's early childhood. Gilly had first arrived in Barudou Island via his flying circus (the circus floats like a hot air balloon type deal) on the night the thunderstorms on Barudou Island began, they crash-landed onto the island, and their one-of-a-kind mechanism which allowed the circus to 'fly' was destroyed beyond repair. With them was a young Bozo, who was placed under Gilly's care by his parents who had to part ways as a result of their lifestyle (they were 'celebrity' pirates). Gilly had made an old promise to Bozo's parents, and since the day Bozo was put under his care, Gilly looked after Bozo as if he were his own son. The relationship between Gilly and Bozo is now a fairly complicated one, after a life of lies about Bozo's parents (well-intentioned lies by Gilly that was said in the hopes Bozo would choose a different path) it would all be for nothing after Bozo was exiled from Barudou Island. Gilly and Bozo have not seen each other since, but Gilly's departing words to Bozo were that he still had a promise to keep.
Mama Gloria
The grandparent figure of Sinny. A large lady standing slightly above 7ft tall, and a long golden beard curling down into her cleavage. She acts as the Grandmother figure of Gillies Flying Circus for the magnificent. With a laugh equal to the jolliness of her round belly she has always been very fond of Sinny and was the first to encourage his dreams of adventuring the open seas.
Julius Ezekiel Solomon Thomas Eugine Rosewald
Bozo's Nakama & showman partner, Bozo would never stay mad at him for long and there isn’t a thing Bozo wouldn't do for him. Growing up on the same island, the two may have come from opposite backgrounds but from the moment they met and everything they have gone through since; they think of each other as brothers.
Sidney ‘The Mime’ Figueroa
The tres of the trio! While they may have not known each other for almost two years, Bozo and Julius were both quick to take an extreme liking to the 'Mime', and it didn't take long after their initial meeting for the original duo to become a foolish trio! The three of them have come to consider each other as something like a family, and they'd be willing to do anything for each other. Bozo often likes to try to imitate Sidney's movements, but for some reason, he can never seem to get it right...Maybe it's the clown shoes.
Okibani (Big Bunny)
The trio's woolly companion, a 'White Walkie' or otherwise known as 'Wooly Hippos'. They met Bigbunny during their travels around Paradise, at the time they were under another alias and members of a smuggling ring run by the Ringleader of the island local circus. The duo had been working for the ringleader, smuggling desired objects to sell at auction. On one of their adventures, they first come across Okibani, and Bozo, in particular, formed an instant connection with the creature. Alas, they move on to do what they were tasked but as they return and participate in the next auction - the same Wooly Hippo Bozo formed a connection within the wild, was captured and sold at auction to the same circus ringleader he'd been working for. That was when Bozo made a rather thin-layered plan on smuggling Okibani off the island, and while Julius had been reluctant at first due to a deal taking place. When that deal was broken, Julius was more than obliged to help Bozo. Ever since smuggling him off the island, Okibani has become a permanent part of their group.

Barudou Island: a fairly large island located somewhere in Paradise, once a thriving hub of different performers coming together to form a thriving community has since become a shallow husk of its glory days. Over fifteen years ago back when Barudou was still at the height of its glory days, it had become considered the centre of entertainment along the Grand Line. It was the birthplace of several famous celebrities and where performers came to show off their talents. The celebrities of Barudou Island would once live in the region of the island known as the 'High Rise', a lit-up fortress that overlooked the rest of the island and became its envy. Parties and festivals were once commonplace and everyone lived each day dancing, singing and joking about with every new day being a reason to celebrate.

The island layout itself was something almost akin to that of a theme park, being split up into several districts with their own theme with the residents of some of these districts even adopting distinctive styles of fashion or behaviour. The districts are the following: Circus Cascades (Circus Theme), Tune Town (Music Theme), 101 Avenues (Theatre Theme), Showbiz Safari (Zoo Theme) Red Carpet Colosseum (Hollywood theme) & the High Rise Residencies.

But all of this changed the night a devastating tsunami hit the surrounding regions of Barudou Island and laid waste to all but the High Rise Residencies. In addition, the tsunami brought with it a permanent change to the weather patterns around Barudou Island. This devastation forced a lot of people out of business, and just as the island was starting to repair itself a family of World Nobles would arrive on the island after the story of the tsunami which devastated Paradise's centre of entertainment hit newspapers. This family of world nobles, the 'Rosewald' family would claim the island as their own and forced all the occupants of High Rise Residencies out of their homes, claiming the gleaming fortress as their own estate. The Rosewald's had a strong distaste for the performing arts, and seeing it as a good opportunity to rinse the island dry of all the potential it once had: then laugh from the High Rises as they watched the pinnacle of entertainment throughout the Grand Line crumble into a shallow husk of its former self. Taxes were applied and increased to all the residents of Barudou Island, and over time more and more forms of entertainment would become illegal across the island. Forcing the districts to shut down, and anyone that could leave the island did in the hopes to find a better future elsewhere.

No longer would Barudou Island play host to talent from across the world, famous performers or aspiring celebrities. Their only visitors are from other noble families, marines or unfortunate souls with nowhere else to go. The streets were no longer filled with people, parties or music. The island is now silent and the joyful spirits of those who remained and try to make something out of what was left have turned sour and songless.
Note on Barudou Island Weather: Barudou is plagued by a variety of pretty bizarre weather, which is believed by some of its residents to be the result of a curse. These bizarre and dangerous weather patterns began eleven years ago after the tsunami hit and flooded/wrecked most of the island. Now the island experiences strange and sometimes toxic weather on a day-to-day basis. Things like confetti rain, bubble blizzards and lightning hail (lightning strikes that freeze upon impact).

Bozo - "Hey! Didn't I say NOT to call me Bozo! You bozo!" The real name's Sin and don't let anyone else tell you differently! Sin isn't sure where he was born, only that it was likely somewhere in the Grand Line, he didn't know much about his real parents either. Travelling abroad 'Gilly's Flying Circus for the Sensationally Stupendous!' Sin was taken under the wing of its Ringleader, a clownfish-Fishman named Gilly Goober who was a most auspicious visionary with a dream of establishing a circus that travelled to every reach of the world - hence the flying circus tent. Operating like a hot-air balloon they sailed across the skies instead of the seas and visited many places that Sin was too young to remember. What he does remember is that fateful night they reached Barudou Island as the tsunami struck, bringing along with it a series of heavy thunderstorms and other bizarre weathers which have affected it ever since; he was five-six years old. "I remember that! We went BOOOOOM! And brschchshschschch *crashing sounds*"

The flying circus was shot down from the sky and they crash-landed into the Circus Cascades district just as the tsunami hit and the mechanism which made the circus tent float was destroyed on impact. This would be the first of many tragedies to come, while everyone would survive the crash relatively unscathed, Sin may or may not have hit his head on the crash impact. This would be the first of many more tragedies to befall not just Gilly and the circus members, but all the residents of Barudou Island. Even with the priceless mechanism that made their tent float gone, and thus potentially Gilly's dream, Gilly was quickly inspired by the companionship of Barudou Island's residents. Everyone banded together and helped each other to slowly rebuild and keep the districts in operating condition, for a time things would start looking up as they were underway with making full repairs. Gilly reopened his circus only a few months later...

Sin instantly fell in love with Barudou Island, the dazzling lights lining every street and corner, the music that played throughout the streets and all the interesting places or things to see and do. He remembered thinking if there was a place to get stranded, this wasn't their worst choice. Living in a circus, it was only natural that Sin would quickly aspire to perform, and he was only a little boy still called 'Bozo' when he asked Gilly for the first time:
"I want to be a clown! Just like you!!" "Bozo you idiot I TOLD you a thousand times already! I'm not a clown!"

He was turned down! Oh, what was there for a poor aspiring clown to do when the one who inspired him most turned him down!? That night, Sin would walk around the different districts of the island, watching people as he drifted by, along the way he came across a group of people gathered close together in a circle of whispers. He first tried being sneaky, getting close enough to hear but not be seen but failed miserably after tripping over his untied shoelaces "Always tie your laces kids!". Luckily for him, they didn't actually mind him barging in and he was invited in to listen. One of them was talking more than the rest, and for the life of him, Sin can't remember just about a darn thing he said! Some talk about a curse looming over the island or something, but he didn't care about any of that because, throughout his speech, Sin was given an epiphany! Somewhere in all those ramblings, the man had talked about a 'sin'. Everyone around was drawn in as the word was uttered, and it was the first time a young Sin started to see the power words could wield. Sin was memorized by all their reactions, and it was in that moment he decided within himself: 'That'll be my name!' and all the way home he kept thinking about that word, 'sin'. If he was going to be taken seriously by Gilly - maybe this was the way how!?

"Gilly....Gilly~ Giiiilllyyy! GILLY!!!!!" "Please..No! Not the cremepuf-WHANGA!??! Bozo!!! Why are you waking me up so late!?" "I know what I'll be!! I will be...CLOWN SIN!!" *strike epic pose* "What kind of stupid..BOZO YOU ID-Wait...Hrmm, sin? Sin the Clown? Hrmmrmrmrm...Well alright...Then what will you do then huh?" "I'll juggle!!" "NOT GOOODDDD ENOUGGHH!!! BEGONEEE BOZO!!"

It was the second of many more failures to come, but of course, Sin didn't give up, as his heart was set on finding his place in Gilly's circus. QUEUE THE MONTAGE!! Every moment of every day for the next week Sin tried his hand at all sorts of things, trying to find the right act to bring to Gilly and finally get his own spot on the show. Helping Sin in this endeavour was Mama Gloria, a large lady with a giant white santa-like beard that covered her bulging belly. She was a jolly old lady, and she offered words of encouragement whenever Sin got down or thought about giving up. "Don't be sad darling! Look deep in yourself, all the answers you could ever want are there sweetie<3" - that is what she would tell him, and it would work every time. Anything Sin had picked up from the other circus members he tried to replicate himself: trapeze, knife juggling, animal taming, jumping through hoops of fire, card tricks and magic tricks but each time he came to Gilly he'd get the same response "NOOT GOOOOD ENOUUGGHH!!!" Gah! It all seemed hopeless, but one day as he was looking outside the window of their tent toward the coastline that he got yet another epiphany! He watched as people checked on the canons lined along the entrance walls of the harbour, and those canons had given him a brilliant idea! Later that night, Sin snuck out, 'borrowed' one of those canons for himself and then spent the rest of the night preparing and practising in secret...In the closing days of that week, Sin didn't come to Gilly with some new hair-brained idea for his circus act and he was getting worried. So Gilly thought he would take the initiative to go talk to him and try to raise his spirits. Gilly didn't expect to barge in on Sin stuffing himself into the end of a canon *jaw drop* "WHAATTT ARE YOU DOING!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?!" "Look at me Gilly!! Behold! The Sin-sational clown rocketeer will blast off to the stars!" "WHAT!? No, Bozo waaaaait!!!" *BLASSST OFF!!!* *Distant crashing!!* and with that first attempt to blast off to the sky, the Sin-sational Clown Rocketeer was born!!!

During their next show, it was finally time for Sin to make his flashy debut!!! He would never forget that night as he dazzled audiences with his tricks, made them laugh with his goofy movements and then made their jaws drop to the floor in awe as he climbed into the barrel of a canon and was shot off into the stars above. He never felt as free as he did in those moments, where time seemed to slow down and it felt like a cloud hanging in the sky, watching over everything unfolding below; he recalled that night seeing a vessel approaching in the distance - and could only just make out the crest on their sails.

In the early of dawn, they arrived. A family of World Nobles called the 'Rosewalds' simply showed up to Barudou Island and claimed it was now theirs to rule, now how could they just do that!? Sin had no idea who the World Nobles were or the type of power they carried with them but he would soon come to learn. With almost the whole town as a witness, the Rosewalds were escorted to the High Rises, Sin tried catching a glimpse of them but couldn't get past all the 'big people'. They were escorted to the High Rise Residencies, which was where most of the residents now lived after the tsunami destroyed so many homes, the soldiers escorting the Rosewalds aimed their guns and everyone in the High Rise Residencies was ordered to leave, and anyone who so much as questioned the decision was shot without a second thought. That day the island was in an uproar of panic and confusion, it was just a big ole mess! And Sin didn't really understand what was going on most of the time but there were a lot of tears that day - and for many days to follow...As time went by, things got worse. First came the absurd taxes driving anyone who was still in business, out of it, causing more people to go homeless by the day. It also meant that the repairs which were underway to the wreckage caused by the tsunami from eight months earlier ceased production, and eventually became abandoned altogether. Then people started leaving Barudou Island, at least those who were still able to afford to do so, and Sin had to say goodbye to a lot of faces he'd grown familiar with, it was a sad time for the clown that would only grow sadder as time went on and the rules the Rosewald family placed on the island grew harsher and harsher as they began to outright ban numerous forms of entertainment. One by one, all the things that brought Barudou Island to life was being stripped away: the dancing, the singing, the cheering and the laughing, all of it went away and the dazzling lights shut down, casting darkness on all but the High Rises...

To cheer him up, Gilly would start regaling Sin in tales about the parents he couldn't remember: tales of them going on adventures where they rescued some maiden in distress, or slay some fearsome creature terrorizing towns and taking out all the bad guys. Painting a picture of his mother and father being something like knights in shining armor, heroes who stood up for the weak and upheld justice! Gilly's stories would cheer Sin up when he was down, and he never thought to question just how real they were.

The many dreams of Barudou Island's residents had been crushed by all the rules and taxes imposed by the Roswald's, but not them. Not Gilly or the rest of his flying circus for the stupendously sensational! Gilly said to hell with the rules of a bunch of pompous dullards! Gilly wasn't about to allow his dream to slip through his fingers just because some 'rules' told them they couldn't, and he was willing to do something about it: the result was an underground circus! A circus show held in secret, away from the judgemental gaze of the Rosewald's, and there: ALL forms of entertainment was allowed, carrying with it the small flicker of spirit remaining on Barudou Island. Stories were told, jokes passed around, Gilly himself told many grand tales of heroism and adventure on the open sea. For a short time Sin was able to continue performing in their underground shows, but that too stopped the day of some execution of some guy he didn't know. Gilly stopped him from attending, but the rest of the circus left in a storm and when they returned their faces were...Different. After that, Gilly would tell Sin that he wouldn't be allowed to perform anymore, and no matter how much Sin tried to get him to explain why he just wouldn't answer!

Frustrated, upset and feeling alone...Sin did what he always did when he was upset, put on his clown mask and wander around the island aimlessly until he was tired. Looking for something to do or something to vent his frustrations out on, Sin came across a kid roughly a year older than him with a smug look on his face. His name was Julius.

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Theme Song

Other Notes & Trivia Stuff
- His given name (birth name) is 'Bozo Nwolcs', which he has mostly abandoned.
- His current surname, which he usually only states by its initial: 'G' for 'Goober', is a name he took from his former caretaker Gilly Goober.
- Bozo started his adventures with Solly & Sid 2 years ago, and over the course of that time, they have gone on numerous adventures under different aliases and have been a part of several crews.
- Sin has a clown mask that he wears whenever he is upset. It is the same clown mask he was given by Gilly's on the night of his first performance.
- Bozo has a habit of changing his name to whatever he feels like. Currently calling himself 'Sin C. Nwolcs' his real name is actually Bozo Nwolcs.r.
- He still sometimes refers to himself as the 'Sin-sational Clown' (Like 'Sensational' but with Sin instead of Sen).
- Bozo's laugh: "Hyugugugu!" (Genuine laughter) and "Gyugyugyugyu~" (Hidden/Mischievous laughter)
- The trio (or primarily Clown & Jester) often come up and theorize about the mysteries of the world and other conspiracies surrounding the vast sea.
- Sinny acts as the test dummy for any new gadget they come across, not just the POW!-Pies.

(THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST! THE THIRD FOOL ARRIVEZZZZZ!!! Solemn Jester Solemn Jester SidTheSkid SidTheSkid !!!!!!)
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