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Fandom One Piece: Rebirth

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU

Lady Warlock

Anime RN
I posted! Wasn't quite sure what to do so I just have the girls casually conversing for now. If anyone wants to join them, they're welcome to.


Four Thousand Club
Yeah, already being on the ship does raise a few questions regarding how they joined and what happened etc. So guess ill say Freesia joined on the last island....whatever that was.
If we are going to Reverse Mountain i guess Loguetown? Curious about something else but will wait to see if Navigator mentions it later.

Lady Warlock

Anime RN
So guess ill say Freesia joined on the last island....whatever that was.
That's where both Iris and Risa joined as well. I think we're approaching from the South Blue, though, rather than the East Blue like canon.

Per Japanime, we've been on the ship together for about a week.


✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Yeah, sorry. That whole thing severely lacks detail. I'm sure we can figure it out though.


The Flowiest on site
I'm gonna have to drop sorry, missed a lot of alerts and now that I'm working more hours I haven't even had time for rp's I made aha


Dark Lord of Creativity
I'm also going to have to drop out too, sorry. I've got other things to do and this has gone too long.

Lady Warlock

Anime RN
Oh... also, since we lost Conny, Ed can step up and be a navigator since it's already built into CelticHero37 CelticHero37 's character.

Will that work Japanime Japanime ?

Sorry if I'm posting a lot. I'm just super excited and hoping that this rp doesn't collapse before it really started.


Rainbow Ninja
Poor Ed. She finally built up the courage to join a pirate crew again and finds herself thrust into the role of navigator again. You couldn't have a better navigator on your team... it's just that she's got some major self-doubt problems right now :P


Rainbow Ninja
Japanime Japanime Hey, in your first post where you ask Conny how things are going, do you want me to treat it like you're addressing Ed? Or do you want to establish Ed becoming the navigator later?

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