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Fandom One Piece: Rebirth Character Thread



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Basic Character Information

First Name:
Middle Name/Initial:
Last Name:
Human/Fishman/Mink/Sky Islander/Cyborg/Giant/Horned (You may choose any race, as long as your character's personality and history is fitting for a member of that particular race).
Faction: Are you a pirate, or a marine? Maybe a revolutionary or a bounty hunter?
Profession: Are you skilled in a particular trade? Are you a talented chef? Or perhaps an eloquent merchant with knowledge of complex economics? (You may choose whichever profession(s) you like, as long as you don't go overboard with them and fit them within what your character should be capable of. Including how your character became acquainted with this profession in the history section would be a good start.)
Role: Role on ship.

Physical Appearance

Height: Giants can only be 50 feet tall at most. All other races can be up to 20 feet tall.

Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

The Past

Main Traits:
Unique laugh:
Does your character have a unique laugh like a load of the characters in One Piece?



*Delete the whole next section if you don't plan on having a Devil Fruit.

Name your Devil Fruit here

Devil Fruit: What is it called?
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia/Zoan/Logia

Devil Fruit Description: Give full description of what the devil fruit does.

Fighting Style: Name of your fighting style.
Weapon Utilization: Do you use any weapons with your fighting style?
Description: Briefly describe how your fighting style works.

Toggled and Passive Abilities: List any and all passive abilities and properties your devil fruit/fighting style gives you.

*The next section is for non-Devil Fruit users.

Name your Fighting Style

Fighting Style: Name of your fighting style.
Weapon Utilization: Do you use any weapons with your fighting style?
Description: Briefly describe how your fighting style works.
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Four Thousand Club
"It ain't strength darling. I'm just livin' the life I choose to lead. That's what bein' a pirate really about. People think we're criminals or whatever. But I'm proud to be part of something bigger"
Basic Character Information

Name: Boa D Freesia
Epithet: Morning Bell
Birthday: 13/02
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: A skilled individual Freesia has proven a highly competent writer and widely read, picking up a variety of languages along the way. This has also given her skill with books and research in general which transfers well to log keeping as a Quartermaster. Finally she
Are you skilled in a particular trade? Are you a talented chef? Or perhaps an eloquent merchant with knowledge of complex economics? (You may choose whichever profession(s) you like, as long as you don't go overboard with them and fit them within what your character should be capable of. Including how your character became acquainted with this profession in the history section would be a good start.)
Role: Quartermaster

Physical Appearance

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 195lbs

Hair: Long Styled Raven Hair flowing to mid-back.
Eye Color: Purple
Scars: N/A
Wardrobe: Clad in a variety of designer fashions depending on the situation through a preference for sleeveless tops beneath coats, there also seems to be an ever-present set of ear muffs despite the weather.

The Past
Main Traits: Charming, Confident, Coy, Determined, Discrete, Playful, Willful / Closed, Deceptive, Deflecting, Manipulative, Secretive. Stubborn.
Likes: Books, Cocktails, Fashion, Snakes, Travel
Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, Liars, Deserts, Restraints, Sand, Smoke,
Unique laugh: Himeshishishi

Hometown: Amazon Lilly
Personality: On the surface, Freesia is confident and self-assured. They act as a free spirit, toying around and teasing others though often still remaining closed off and secretive regarding herself personally. Prone to softening quipping or provoking those adversarial to her with snark and wit it can sometimes be questioned if she is taking such things seriously at all. When she does open up though, she can, in fact, be extremely caring and understanding, letting the masks fall in one on one and showing her thoughtful side. When the time comes for it however she is not above putting on an authoritative persona with a far more forceful stance, and in combat, her persona can become downright savage in stark contrast to her normal appearance.

History: Freesia states that adventure is in her blood, and a fascination with stories of the world outside her island only stoked this wanderlust. It even inspired her study of navigation in general and her eventual departure across the Calm belt into the blues. Such was not without obstacle, however, as the daughter of the current empress she had been expected to remain upon the island to grow into the role she was born to hold. Her leaving was eventually permitted less by approval but more the attempts to stop her being lessened on her mother's command. Since then she has rushed forward in all her beliefs and proving that her mother was not mistaken in hers with the opportunity granted. Their dream is to document the world beyond the island so others can be inspired to make the same journeys.

Shibo Shibo no Mi

Devil Fruit: Shibo Shibo no Mi (Wring-Wring Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Description: The Devil Fruit allows its user to twist and wring both living and non-living objects, distorting them as well as drawing out liquids making the dehydration human. The wringing itself does not cause any direct damage however it may restrict movements, though the removal of liquids can often leave the target dehydrated, shriveled, or more fragile than it was previously. This effect may also be channeled through held weapons. The liquids extracted can take the form of a variety of drinks that can be consumed without damage and used to empower themselves or items carried, though excessive absorption will cause the user to increase in both size and weight. Absorbed liquids can be released as highly pressurized bursts.

Toggled and Passive Abilities: The fruit appears to make the user highly resistant to poisons and contagions being able to wring their own body to remove unwanted elements. In addition, they can freely twist their own body without harm or pain.

Real Island Beast Style

Fighting Style: Real Island Beast Style
Weapon Utilization: Improvised weapons and local environment.
Description: Much like the name it is a wild and flowing savage style using pure strength in an unrelenting assault. Raw, brutal, and heavy-hitting it incorporates many wrestling-style moves as well as taking full advantage of improvised weapons and the environment in general. There are also elements of powering through blows from sheer durability and will to deliver devastating strikes. The other notable feature is a willingness to strike vulnerable points with unexpected and beast ferocity.

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Basic Character Information

First Name: Marsden
Middle Name/Initial: D
Last Name: Finch
Epithet: Windstorm Mars
Birthday: May 20
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Pirate
Role: Captain

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs

Hair Style: Spiky
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark blue
Scars: N/A

The Past

Main Traits: Laid-back, stubborn, and reckless.
Likes: Meat, autumn, orange, and training.
Dislikes: Condiments and sauces, being woke up from a nap (especially in a wild manner), and people who hurt or disrespect the people he likes.
Unique laugh: Wahahahaha

Hometown: Shells Town
Personality: Marsden is no coward and will never run from a fight. This often times puts him in the position of finishing anything he starts or is brought into. His mother criticized him for this personality trait, but he doesn't really care. Along with his braveness, comes fearlessness. Marsden fears no one. Status is irrelevant to him and he thinks it's a waste of time to fear death. At times, Marsden can be quite charismatic and influential. Growing up, he was a big troublemaker and would make problems with bullies, adults, even the marines somewhat. His fearlessness and bravery inspired other kids to do reckless things without fearing the consequences. He could also easily get other kids to join him in doing mischievous things.

Marsden was born and raised by an ex-Marine and business owner in Shells Town. For his late childhood to mid adolescence he was raised solely by his mother as his father had left in his earlier childhood. Reason being, is that his relationship with Marsden's mother was quite toxic. Marsden's father was an alcoholic and he was abusive. Marsden's mother tried several times in the years they had been together to help him with his alcohol addiction and give him more chances to get his act together but he failed to do so. He told her he would change but went on to drink behind her back and try to hide it. But she eventually found out and it just caused more distrust and toxicity in their relationship. Marsden, a kid at the time, would hurt seeing his parents fighting, arguing, and being upset with each other. He would also hurt when he was verbally abused by his father. Marsden's father would sometimes lash out at Marsden or get pissed over very small things. He'd yell in his face, treat him like a marine recruit rather than a son, and insult him. Marsden's mother could handle her husband's abuse but she loved Marsden dearly and he was only a kid. She absolutely would not have her bastard of a partner abuse her son. She went on to make arrangements to move away but Marsden's father left himself before she could.

Growing up, Marsden was all about having fun and doing whatever he wanted. He made friends easily and he'd go on "adventures" with kids of the town. Essentially they would explore the island and go different places doing different things. They'd even roleplay as things like pirates, marines, bounty hunters, kings, monsters, etc. There were the occasional bullies in the town but Marsden didn't fear them like the other kids. Even when faced with several bullies he stood his ground for not only himself, but for the other kids. Thus, he'd get in lots of fights, winning some, and losing some. Eventually he had built up enough experience and skill to be able to take on several opponents at once. Marsden also had an influence on the other kids. Over time, he realized they stop fearing the bullies and at some point they began standing alongside Marsden and fighting with him. Ironically, the kids starting having fun when they fought. The bullies actually began respecting Marsden and thought maybe he wasn't so bad. The bullies started to become drawn to Marsden and soon enough he had an influence on them as well. Both bullies and victims came to be friends. They still fought, but it was more competitive to see who was more skilled and stronger rather than defending from harm. Marsden was the strongest and most skilled kid. He'd train at home just because he liked training and because he wanted to protect his fellow friends from any type of harm. Marsden was from then on, a leader to a large group of kids in town and they'd go on even grander "adventures". Causing trouble almost everywhere they went.

As Marsden grew into the middle stage of his adolescence he only grew more troublesome and defiant. He got scolded by his mother a lot for the foolish things he did. His reckless acts even became as serious as to catch the attention of the marines but that didn't stop him either. He wasn't scared of them or any consequences he might get from his actions. The biggest incident he had was when he was messing around with some other kids and they accidentally broke a somewhat expensive item at a nearby stall. They definitely didn't have the money to pay for the item so they apologized and booked it. A passing Petty Officer in the Marines saw this and chased after the kids. He eventually cornered them and told them they needed to pay for destruction of property. The kids tried explaining they didn't have any money but the Petty Officer struck one of them down and told them they shouldn't be messing around foolishly near stalls and establishments. The Petty Officer told them they better figure out a way to get the money or have their parents pay before walking away and laughing. Marsden didn't care if he scolded them or laughed at them but he was not gonna allow him to strike down one of his friends. He may have just been a young teen and the Marine a grown man, it didn't matter. He was gonna apologize. Later that day Marsden, along with a large group of his friends standing alongside him, confronted the marine base in town. He knew the Petty Officer bastard would be there. Marines who were guarding the base questioned the teens and asked why they were there. Marsden explained he wanted the Petty Officer to apologize for what he did to his friend. The Marines apologized and told them the Petty Officer didn't have time to speak with kids. That's when a brawl broke out outside the Marine Base. Reckless teenagers vs Seamen. It wasn't necessarily a fair fight. The teenagers had some experience fighting and there were quite a bit of them but the Seamen were trained and they were older and stronger. Eventually the Petty Officer made his presence known in the midst of the brawl, questioning what was going on. Marsden, bruised and bloody and surrounded by fallen comrades (knocked out or cuffed), told him he wanted him to apologize to what he did to his friend earlier that day. The Petty Officer held in a laugh and gave a insincere apology. He then proceeded to knock out Marsden and cuffed him. He was going to be locked up but his mother bailed him out. She was in complete disbelief that her own son would do something like that. She told him he was essentially grounded and not allowed to past as far as the front or backyard of their house.

During the time of being grounded, Marsden decided he wanted to be a pirate. He had heard all about One Piece and the Pirate King. Marsden thought the fact that the Pirate King was really powerful and his name was known worldwide was cool and he wanted to be like that. He also thought being a pirate and going on real "adventures" would be fun. At that point he officially decided he was gonna be the next Pirate King. He was gonna be the strongest Pirate sailing the seas and his name would be known all around. He knew his father was an ex-Marine but he didn't care. He didn't even consider his bastard dad's thought or feelings when he made his decision. Just like his father did when he decided to leave. Marsden talked to his mother about it and surprisingly, she expected it. She thought he already acted as reckless as a pirate and it would be but so long before he decided he actually wanted to be one. She wasn't opposed to the idea seeing as her son was so ambitious and excited about it. She just explained to him it's a dangerous and crazy lifestyle and to make sure he's ready. That got Marsden thinking. He couldn't sail out now. He needed to train much more before he was ready to sail out and form a crew. From that point on he would train rigorously for hours everyday.

One day when Marsden was in the backyard training, he noticed a strange looking fruit sitting by a tree. It walked over to it and examined it. It was a weird fruit he had never seen before. It was grey and had a round spherical shape. It had swirls going around it all travelling upward. He decided to bring it inside and ask his mom if she had ever seen anything like it. She told him no and encouraged him to wash it off and try it. Marsden did just that. The fruit was horrible. It tasted absolutely disgusting but the reward was one worth the troubles. Some time later, Marsden realized he had the special ability to turn his limbs into wind, send out gusts of wind, etc. He told his mom and his mom couldn't believe it. His mother talked to people locally about it and they explained he had eaten the fruit of the Devil. More specifically, a Logia type Devil Fruit. She then explained it all to Marsden and he couldn't have been more excited. He had gained an ability that would surely help in his quest to become Pirate King. The only downfall was that he'd be an anchor in the seas. He just figured he wouldn't fall to the sea then.

From that point forward, Marsden spent the next couple of years training his body and honing the abilities of his Devil Fruit. He'd work day in and day out, making himself stronger and practicing control and power with his Devil Fruit. His mother would make snacks for him to eat throughout his training sessions. She was impressed with how much her son was growing. Then the time finally came. Several months after he turned 18, Marsden told his mother goodbye and all the townspeople who came to see him off. Out in the crowd he could see some of his old friends who wanted different careers/life paths and familiar people he'd get in trouble with. Hell, he could've sworn he saw the Petty Officer from a few years back hidden deep in the mass. After his goodbyes/farewells, he set out to gain a powerful crew and be king of the seas.

Kaze Kaze no Mi

Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia

Devil Fruit Description: This Devil Fruit allows the user to transform the composition of their body into wind at will, as well as create and control it.

Fighting Style: N/A
Weapon Utilization: N/A
Description: Marsden's fighting style is completely improvised. It follows no particular code of honor, and so if necessary, he will attack women or animals, hit below the belt, attack his enemies even if they have their backs turned or are otherwise unprepared or unsuspecting, and even use enemies as human shields. While fighting, Marsden is adept at improvising, and regularly comes up with creative counterattacks to use against his enemies.

Toggled and Passive Abilities: Intangibility (Not unlocked) and Flight


The Flowiest on site

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Basic Character Information

First Name: Yahno
Middle Name/Initial:
Last Name: Tark
Epithet: Bomb-Man
Birthday: March 15
Age: 23
Gender: male
Faction: pirate
Profession: Hunter born and raised.
Role: First mate (Though I'm happy for anyone else's character to be this role if it makes sense As Yahno is basically fighter whose only just learned how to contribute on a ship)

Physical Appearance

Height: 5ft11
Weight: 80kg

Hair Style: messy
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Scars: general cuts that have faded nothing amazing

The Past

Main Traits: happy, cocky, curious, hungry, greedy, naive, confident, loyal, accurate.
Likes: hunting, eating, drinking, fighting, winning, fish, women,
Dislikes: puzzles, riddles, swimming, losing, being called names
Unique laugh:

Hometown: not really a town but a island full of large animals and tribal humans. Caraocho is it's name.

Personality: Yahno is one to fly his flag high and think thoughts outloud, unafraid to speak his mind and show whatever emotions he is feeling. He's happy when hunting or relaxing, he's worried when faced with incredible odds and particularly hates when he is insulted on matters relating to hishis intelligence.


Born and raised on Caraocho, a island with a abundance of large animals and beasts was the Tark tribe. With Yahno's mother dying during childbirth and his father not there on account of him being a pirate living on the seas or dead. The Tark tribe raised Yahno together, which most likely needed a group effort. Since the moment he could walk Yahno chased creatures and tried to hunt like the others in his tribe, by the time the boy was sixteen he was equal in hunting with the chief and almost able to best the man in combat.

It was by chance when the young boy found a odd coloured fruit whilst hunting monkeys, as the beast fell from the trees clutching this odd food yahno's curious nature got the better of him. Why would the monkey protect this strange fruit instead of flee? It's purple swirls looked delicious, but it wasn't...
The fruit tasted so rotten that yahno tried to spit out that first bite, only for his spittle to explode the monkey it landed on get a mess all over himself. The tribe's elder explained the legends of magical beings who gained powers from Demon fruits. It was on a fishing trip days later when Yahno and the tribe discovered a explosive young boys inability to swim or be submerged in water.

Much to the tribes approval, Yahno eventually got a handle on his new abilities before the entire island was destroyed but it made killing the beasts he hunted to easy. It was the tribes chief who spoke words that forever stuck with the boy...

"You must strengthen your arm and your eyes as you do your booms and bangs,
you will once again find warmth and fulfillment from what you hunt..." a lot more was said but Yahno moved on once he heard what was needed. It was only when Yahno considered himself truely stronger than anything living on Caraocho did he have his dream of hunting different prey and sailing the seas to find it.

Name your Devil Fruit here

Devil Fruit: Bomb bomb fruit
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Description:
The Bomu Bomu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to make any part of their body explode, whether it be their limbs, hair, mucus, or even breath, making the user a Bomb Human

Fighting Style:
Self proclaimed master of the Bomb style
Weapon Utilization: Metal blowdart tube, bow and arrows, spears/boomerangs (wooden or metal)

Description: Bomb style is essentially any physical move in which Yahno intends to activate his devil fruit abilities. "Bomb punch" "bomb kick" "bomb clap" etc. More in-depth techniques involve Yahno spitting/licking/sucking on arrows or whatever he wants to explode before shooting/throwing at something deemed in need of murder.

A technique Yahno has developed to survive (mainly to avoid falling into water)
Is the bomb clap performed by violently slapping his hands or feet together and pushing himself with the force of the explosion. Bomb clap has also been used to deflect projectiles.

Toggled and Passive Abilities:
The fruit's main strength is that the user can turn their body parts into a bomb with no harm done to the user. The explosive quality extends to emissions such as mucus and breath. The fruit also grants immunity against all other explosions, as well as the ability to evaluate their quality
However, it seems that the ability only activates when the user initiates contact, or at will,
(as in yahno won't explode unless he intends to he can be attacked without him becoming a landmine)
Other than that, this fruit has no apparent weaknesses aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



Eel Fishman.jpg
Basic Character Information

First Name: Conny
Middle Name/Initial: None
Last Name: None
Epithet: None
Birthday: First of April
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Race: Electric Eel Fishman
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Conny is particularly knowledgeable when it comes to marine life, sea currents, waves, and weather. He is sensitive to atmospheric changes, which he makes use of when sailing.
Role: Navigator

Physical Appearance

Height: 20 feet tall
Weight: 1800 pounds

Hair Style: Not one to fix up, Conny keeps his hair spiky hair long, untied, and messy.
Hair Color: Mustard blonde
Eye Color: Black
Scars: Conny has a large diagonal scar across his chest

The Past

Main Traits: Carefree; adventurous; oblivious; fearless; friendly
Likes: Animals; fighting; eating; crowds; attention; treasure; gold; pain
Dislikes: Dull colors; silence; inactivity
Unique laugh: Gororororo

Hometown: Atlan Island
Personality: A tad unhinged, Conny is in it for the infamy, the thrill, and the sheer fun of being able to do what he wants. He is a person who has found what he loves in life and who simply strives to challenges those boundaries. He has basically no sense of ethics.

History: Born an orphan in the isolated society of the sea nomads, Conny spent most of his life atop the sunken mountains of Atlan, where the sea nomads lived peacefully, training their younglings in the arts of fishman martial arts, which Conny cared little for. However, Conny found most of the things the nomads praised, he loathed. He wanted adventure, excitement, while the nomads wanted peace and understanding. The nomads were an old fishman tribe, their peaceful environment and pacifism doubling their life spans. Unfortunately for Conny, a severe blow to the head while a baby took out most of the intelligence a nomad would otherwise possess, forcing him to live his many years as a child in mind. A rascal by nature, Conny started venturing into the wild, experiencing new things, all the while being scolded by his masters for being disobedient, even though they would all be better off without Conny, as his pranks and reckless behavior took a toll on the society. A mutual agreement was made. On his eighteenth birthday, he would be allowed to leave their home on his own, but had to do good until then. He was trained in fishman karate and juijitsu, and mastered the art of tanking; basically, learning to take insane amounts of damage without flinching. When the day had finally come, Conny was taken to the shrine on the very bottom of Mount Atlan, where the holiest of holy was stored, the Sacred Fruit. Conny learned about what the nomads protected, and some more gibberish about their philosophy. All Conny heard was “Yummy fruit. Extremely yummy fruit”. And so, Conny left Mount Abata, together with the Sacred Fruit, which had taken refuge in his stomach.

Yami Yami no Mi (ヤミヤミの実)

Devil Fruit: Yami Yami no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Logia

Devil Fruit Description: The first and foremost strength is that it allows the user to control darkness and its unique property of gravity. The darkness is visually demonstrated by a black smoke-like substance spreading out from the user's body. The darkness is a void that devours and crushes everything. Due to this, the user can absorb physical matter and attacks of any type by sucking it into the darkness. The user can also use this ability to irresistibly pull the opponent to them, regardless of their current state. Similar to a black hole, the user can absorb things inside a vortex. It seems that it does not completely compress and annihilate that which is sucked in as an actual black hole would do, but rather creates some form of space where things are stored. The most unique and frightening advantage of the fruit is that the user also has the ability to nullify the powers of other Devil Fruits by simply touching the user and draining them of their abilities.

Fighting Style: ---
Weapon Utilization: ---
Description: Conny's fighting style relies on his immense strength, durability, and stamina along with his fishman physiology. He excels in close range fighting and makes use of grapples and grabs to immobilize his opponents, before overpowering them with brute force.

Toggled and Passive Abilities: The user of the fruit is still vulnerable to attacks, which do not pass through the darkness they turn into. If they fail to absorb an attack in time, the user can be hurt like any other normal human being or even more
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Basic Character Information

First Name:
Last Name: Mori
Epithet: Red Flash
May 15
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: pirate
Profession: Chief
Role: Cook

Physical Appearance

5ft 4in
Weight: 150 lb
Hair Style: Ponytail
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: red
Scars: n/a

The Past

Main Traits:
charismatic, alluring, chatty, versatile, adventurous, caring, loyal, and generally pleasant to be around.
Likes: cooking, children, and helping
Dislikes: cold climates, chocolate, her unruly hair, people making fun of her laugh
Unique laugh: hahaweee (it sounds like letting go of a wind up toy car I based it on my own laugh) she is embarrassed by her laugh and she tries to hide it
Hometown: Yuba in the Kingdom of Arabasta
Personality: Florus is an approachable person that radiates kindness wherever she goes. She will fight for her friends and family and wont back down until they are safe. Florus gets her self worth from how she is seen by others.
History: Florus was born in the village of Yuba to a small family of Wushu masters. She started learning the art of Wushu at a young age and was being trained to me the next master of the family's dojo. That was until her younger brother Noi was born and her father started to train him instead of her. She felt like she was being replaced by Noi and begged her grandfather to teach her so she can be recognized as a master of Wushu by her dad. As well during this time in her like her mother started to teach her how to cook, Florus found passion in cooking and starting cooking all her family's meals and even cooked for the homeless as well as training with her grandfather. In the following years she started working at a restaurant, The Cactus Tavern and perfected her craft in cooking and became the chef for the restaurant. At the age of 18 her grandfather told her that she is a master of Wushu but she could never hear her father say she was a master and that he was proud of her for he had passed away a week earlier. So she keep working at the Cactus Tavern hearing stories of pirates' adventures and wishing to go on some herself

Fighting Style

Fighting Style: Wushu
Weapon Utilization: Guando Polearm
Description: Emphasizes strong slashing movements and momentum to keep the heavy blade moving through a series of spinning cuts.
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Dark Lord of Creativity
Basic Character Information

First Name: Rook
Middle Name/Initial: Takes
Last Name: King
Epithet: "The Freelance Editor" AKA "Greenback Jack" depending on what 'face' he's currently using.
Birthday: Unknown, Rook usually claims it's his birthday when he really wants something.
Early 20s
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Rook is a skilled editor with a love of reading. Any book he gets his hands on will quickly have any errors compiled in a separate notebook. Otherwise Rook's talents mainly revolve around theft and other illegal means of acquiring items and money.
Role: Any job not currently being done. Usually relating to fixing things, theft, or money.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'1.75
Weight: 190 lbs.

Hair Style: Messy but often-brushed
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green
Scars: None, Rook uses his Devil Fruit's powers to remove them.

The Past:

Main Traits
: Friendly, greedy, hungry, generous with those with less than him and covetous of those with more than him, knowledgeable, lazy.
Likes: Money, treasure, art, books, helping people in simple ways, food, relaxing.
Dislikes: Having to spend or give away money and/or treasure when he doesn't want to, people mistreating other people, destruction of art and/or books, having to do complicated plans, being hungry, people who value objects over people, alcohol, having to work hard.
Unique laugh: CtrlxctrlpCtrlxctrlpCtrlxctrlp

Hometown: Unknown
Personality: Rook would prefer to live life at his leisure, enjoying himself with friends or alone as he pleased while helping others or taking down those who'd harm them as necessary. His carefree attitude and various eccentricities when relaxing leads many people who encounter him to believe he's unintelligent, an assumption they're disabused of the moment they try to take advantage of him or if he feels like showing his true self. When he has to Rook tries to find the fastest method of solving a problem and gets frustrated if that doesn't work.

Rook loves money and treasure. He likes the feel of cash in his pockets and has had to fight to avoid getting mugged when people figure out how much he carries on him. The only times he'll willingly part with his possessions is if it's to purchase something he wants more or if the other person obviously needs what he has more. In those cases Rook can be surprisingly generous. In any other case he'll kick the ass of anyone who tries to take his stuff and then rob them for good measure.

History: Rook was an orphan raised by traveling scholars, who ensured he knew the value of properly formated knowledge and art. The criminals using circus the scholars were part of as a front ensured he also knew how to pick pockets, burglarize buildings, and disguise himself. The fact they only stole from the corrupt and spread the wealth to the needy taught him about inequality and what one could do to rectify injustices. The Marines who arrested the circus and executed every member of it because a Celestial Dragon didn't like how they'd painted their wagons (with Rook only surviving by having been away casing a house at the time) ensured he had every reason to despise the World Government and understood what "Justice" was and wasn't. Rook used his skills to survive as a petty thief, but he barely managed to keep from starving. Eating a strange fruit he found growing on an otherwise barren tree out of desperation gave him the power of the Clip-Clip Fruit. And from there Greenback Jack was born. A phantom thief who stole money from the greedy, saved banned books from destruction, and always left a single bill at the scene of his crimes as a calling card, Greenback Jack was assumed to be a member of the World Rebellion (who would gladly have had him join if they'd been able to contact him).

Unfortunately Greenback Jack was unable to endure. As his activities became more and more embarrassing for the local police it became clear that a strong response was soon to come. Greenback Jack was last seen with his iconic green cloak ablaze and full of bullet holes as he plummeted from a castle roof into a pit of giant crocodiles. Rook survived that, having used his powers to have a dummy made of meat take the fall instead, but having seen what would happen if he continued as he had he decided to put his own life ahead of his activities and fled after making one last appearance to show that Greenback Jack had survived.

And from there Rook Takes King the "Freelance Editor" Pirate was born. Well he was born after Rook convinced Marsden D Finch to take him as part of his crew after encountering him in a tavern. There may or may not have been begging involved. Greenback Jack occasionally makes a reappearance when Rook wants to take advantage of the legend or doesn't want something associated with his current life.

Clip-Clip Fruit

Devil Fruit: The Clip-Clip Fruit
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Description: The Clip-Clip Fruit lets Rook 'edit' reality in ways that involve moving one designated section of space-time.

Fighting Style: Rook's combined his Devil Fruit's abilities with his own talent for sleight of hand and some knowledge of martial arts to create a fighting style that is all but impossible to predict. Mainly because Rook makes up most of it as he goes.
Weapon Utilization: Rook wields a pair of clubs he can also chain together to use as nun-chucks. He is less than skilled in using them, but his Devil Fruit compensates for that.
Description: Rook prefer rearranging the battlefield and his opponents so they take themselves or each other out or so he has an easier time hitting them.

Toggled and Passive Abilities:
  • Cut and Paste: Rook 'cuts' out a section of space-time and 'pastes' it somewhere else. For example he could move a person about to strike him so they were facing the opposite direction, change the location of bullets so they go in a different direction (or just move himself out of the way), teleport an item from one location to another (although it would be in some variation of the same position it was in), etc. When doing this the effect appears exactly like if you were to cut and paste the target using a computer, although nobody in-universe would know that to make the comparison.
  • Undo: Rook can reset the condition of objects or himself using his power as long as he saw them before they were damaged. He could undo a wound he suffered or return a broken vase to it's former condition for example. The main weakness of this is he needs to concentrate to use this power, making it too risky to use in battle outside extreme situations.
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Basic Character Information

First Name: Elta
Last Name: Paine
Birthday: March 16th
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Doctor
Role: Doctor

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 lbs

Hair Style: Long, curls slightly at the ends, two bangs framing her face and reaching down to her chest, short, upward ponytail above her forehead.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Scars: N/A

The Past

Main Traits: Loving, caring, and kind.
Likes: Learning about medicines and herbs, sweets, and animals.
Dislikes: Bugs and fake doctors.
Unique laugh: Hihihi

Hometown: Unknown island in South Blue.
Personality: Elta is a loving and compassionate person who extends kindness to her friends and strangers alike. She is rarely seen in a bad mood and can put up with the crew's quirks. Elta is adamant about keeping her comrades healthy and can also be sensitive and anxious when in serious situations.

History: Elta was the daughter of two brilliant surgeons. Having studied under them, Elta had been preparing for a medical profession from a young age. When she was a child, her mother passed away from an illness. She continued to study under her father for several more years. But eventually her father died of a different illness when she was in her early teens. Elta's parents tried to teach and pass on all the medical knowledge they could before they passed. Turns out while they were raising and teaching their daughter, they were trying to discover a cure for their illnesses. Elta remembered one thing her parents told her, to explore the world and help whoever she can. Discover new medicines and learn more medical techniques. Become a great doctor and heal the world!

Personal Lab
Fighting Style: Personal Lab
Weapon Utilization: Mainly a rapier but also needles, scalpels, scissors, syringes.
Description: Elta uses her rapier in many different ways. Most commonly like a large needle to impale opponents with, a scalpel or scissors to slice open and cut opponents, and a syringe to drug or inject opponents. She has a special rapier which allows her to put various drugs in it and if she impales an opponent, she can use it like a syringe to drug them. Sometimes, to be unpredictable Elta will infuse the use of small needles, scalpels, scissors, and syringes to get the better of her enemy. Throwing them off guard and using strategy to overcome.
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Anime RN
The Hatter
Rhyse “Risa” Talone
Pink Hatter
Biologically male. Female by choice and mental status.
20 - Born August 12th
HATTER! (can also function as a tailor for basic clothing repairs)
Physical Appearance
Risa has shorter blonde hair and she is ALWAYS wearing a hat because she is a hatter. This means that her hair is usually hidden; she keeps it in a bun more often than not to make wearing and modeling hats easier. Risa wears makeup at all times to make her face look more feminine and she wears feminine clothing on most occasions although she does tend to prefer functionality over “pretty ruffles.” Risa weighs about 150 lbs. Her figure isn’t the most feminine hourglassy figure because her body is that of a male. She’s not about to wear high heels when she knows she’s going to be running around a lot. Risa has blue eyes.
Risa is very much a salesman (saleswoman?) at heart. She walks up to everyone she meets and is always trying to sell them hats. She is not beyond lying in order to try and convince people to buy her hats and she will never see that there is any problem with lying in order to try and sell something either. Risa was raised on the belief that selling hats was the only reason to do anything. Of course, that happens when you come from a family of hatters.

True to her position and to her history, Risa is always a very welcoming and friendly person because those are the qualities found in a better salesperson. She smiles whenever she’s meeting someone new and one of the first things she notices about someone is the size of their head. She makes hats for almost anyone who wants one without even asking if they want it before she starts making it.

This brings us to the point of payment. Making hats, as Risa always says, costs money. She needs supplies and she needs to be paid for her labor. When people don’t pay her for a hat, she either revokes the hat or she steals the money. And seeing as she’s (at least, eventually) going to end up with a crew of pirates, she is more often than not going to steal the money from the person who she made the hat for.

There are some exceptions to her rules on payment, though. Risa’s goal is to spread her family’s business and therefore, if someone important is wearing one of their hats, it helps the business. In the cases of important people, Risa is always willing to waive the fee on the condition that they wear the hat in front of other people and let them know where they got the hat from so that business is brought back to her family’s business.

That is Risa as a saleswoman. However, there is more to her than that. Among people she gets along with, Risa has an awful lot of pride in her work and it shows. Anyone who insults her work is bound to find themselves fighting her face to face. Risa’s also not going to take too kindly to being called a boy under any circumstances unless she’s meeting someone for the very first time. She gives them one screw up and then she starts getting mad if it happens more than once.

Traits: Pushy when it comes to sales, creative, color-coordinated, feminine

Unique Laugh: Uhm… no?
Likes and Dislikes
  • Hats
  • Colors - there is no bad color if you ask her
  • Wearing make-up
  • Her family
  • Home and the thought of returning
  • Encouraging girls that they can be anything they want to be
  • Money
  • Wearing red
  • Flowers (as long as they're not pink)
  • People who insult her hats
  • Being called a boy
  • People who don’t respect her choice to be female
  • The thought of never getting to go home
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Boy's clothing
  • Oddly enough - the color pink
  • Window shoppers
Strengths and Flaws
  • Charismatic
  • Strong salesperson
  • Creative
  • Sense of fashion
  • Self-sustaining in most situations
  • Knows how to make money efficiently
  • Homesick often
  • Too prideful
  • Stubbornness
  • Sees nothing wrong with pickpocketing
  • Doesn’t ask if a person wants a hat before making it
  • Assumes everyone likes her hats
  • Values hatting over her own safety
Fighting Style
Fighting Style: Wire Wind

Weapons Involved: This weapon style incorporates wires or thread. Thread is not as strong as wire, though, so wire is preferred.

Brief Description: Users demonstrate a natural aptitude for the way of using the wire or thread as a weapon/tool. They can wield a wire or thread with great proficiency in range, accuracy and speed allowing them to perform feats such as wrapping then pulling things or bringing them closer, binding their opponents, scaring/lashing opponents, binding then snatching others weapons, swinging from high altitudes and slicing the flesh of their enemies when striking at great speed. It’s also highly useful for setting traps if the user knows of a fight that will be coming and has time to prepare for it.
Hometown: Istuk Main Located in the West Blue

Hatting is the business of the family a pair of twins were born into. Rhyse and Reyson were both intended to follow in their father’s footsteps to become hatters themselves and both young boys were excited to do exactly what their father did for a living. The boys grew up together and they started by drawing hats that they wanted to make. Reyson’s were always the “functional, yet fashionable” kind and Rhyse’s hats were more pretty, more out there, more colorful and overall more unique. There was no problem with this. Both were essential skills to hatting and their father appreciated both boys equally as did their mother.

However, as time passed, a rift slowly started growing between the two boys, not because they didn’t like each other, but because it was the twins themselves who began noticing that Rhyse didn’t fit in with their classmates in school. He always preferred to hang out with the girls and he began to feel more and more out of place. It wasn’t that no one liked him; more and more, though, Rhyse noticed that his body didn’t feel like it belonged to him anymore. He wanted to grow his hair long, he wanted to wear make-up, he wanted to go shopping and overall, he just didn’t want to be a boy anymore. It took a while for him to realize that was the problem, but the minute he did, Rhyse chose to become Risa instead.

Their father was furious with him. Rhyse was beaten for trying to be a girl instead of a boy because girls, according to their father, could not be hatters. For some reason or another, Rhyse endured his father’s cruelties. Reyson kept trying to tell him that all he had to do was pretend and their father would stop. Rhyse didn’t want to lie, though. He refused to do such a thing.

Abuse for wanting to be a girl became his life.

Then, when the boys turned 16, their father died of a heart attack. It was the greatest relief for Rhyse who could finally become Risa and stay Risa. And it was the hardest thing in the world, too. How can a child be sad for the death of a man who beat them, a man who was their father? Reyson and their mother cried at the funeral. Risa did not. She did comfort her twin and her mother, though. That much she was capable of.

Since their father died, it was time for Risa and Reyson to take over the family business. No one meant to stop Risa from helping, but Risa decided that she didn’t want to do things the conventional way. She never did. So she decided to do something different and Reyson agreed to it. Risa would travel the world and spread the hats that they made to every corner of it. Her end goal… to hat a member of the government, a pirate warlord, a pirate emperor… Risa wants to be the one to make a crown for the pirate king. And so Risa left her home with Reyson’s farewell. She spent some time thinking of the best ways to approach achieving her goal and decided becoming a pirate would fit most adequately because it got her close to all the people who showed up in posters - if her hats make it into those posters, then people will certainly see how awesome they are and likely seek to buy one. It’s not bad logic, really, and as a pirate, she is one step closer to hatting the pirate king.

Reyson knows that she’s still a part of the family business. She always will be. Reyson knows that half the customers who come into his shop were sent by his twin sister, a woman who he has the utmost faith in.


Caelus Cicereius Minianus (Callum).jpeg

Basic Character Information

First Name: Minma
Middle Name/Initial: J
Last Name: Gate
Epithet: Coldhearted Gate
Birthday: January 17
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Vice Admiral (Soon to be Pirate)
Profession: Doesn't have a particular one.
Role: Yet to be discovered

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'6
Weight: 170

Hair Style: Short and well keep
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Honey brown
Scars: One on the back that stretches from his right shoulders blade to his left back dimple.

The Past

Main Traits: Confident, Egotistical, Loyal, Laid back, Intelligent, Cool headed
Likes: Training, banquets, beer, sparing
Dislikes: Loud mouths, racism, sexism, liars,
Unique laugh: Deerashesheshesheshe

Hometown: A small village in the east blue called 'Decup Village'
Personality: Minma is a hard working person. He doesn't fear anyone or anything that crosses his path in life. He believes in his power and skill level to be able to get him through any hardships. He can be boastful about his skill at times and is never afraid to challenge someone if he thinks his being slightly disrespected. To the ones his loves he's the upmost loyal and would trade his life for some. Minma keeps a cool head when under pressure. His intelligence level is on a different level and he's proud to show it off. With his intelligence it made him a quick thinker and fast doer. Minma loves to train and is steady working on improving himself.

History: Minma was born on a cold winter night. The village doctor had to come to his place for the birth. His mother sadly died shortly after having him. Minma's father thankfully found a caregiver to look after Minma up untill the age of five since his dad was enlisted in the Marines and didn't have a lot of time to look after him. Minma's father is a highly respected Marine captain and takes his job very serious. Ever since a child his father insisted Minma join the marines.

As a kid Minma would often sneak out and go on long adventures. He would go hunting with his village friends and would even venture out to other villages. He caused a lot of trouble throughout the village. He would cause wreckage and often get caught picking fruits from other peoples trees. At the age of seven Minma's father placed him into a dojo where he would learn taijutsu of different sorts. It taught Minma discipline and how to fend for himself. Three years had passed with Minma taking classes in the dojo. At the age of ten Minma dropped out, saying the dojo was no longer useful to him.

Now that he wasn't part of the dojo Minma's father began to train Minma himself. The training sessions were long and hard. Throughout the training sessions all Minma's father could seem to talk about was how Minma was going to make a good marine some day. At the end of the session his father would tell him about all the crazy adventures as a Marine, not to mention all the crazy fights he had been in. The way his father described the fights caught Minma's attention. If joining the Marines meant he too could fight such battles then he was sold.

Years passes and Minma worked on his goal of becoming a Marine. At the age of seventeen he finally enrolled into the Marines. Gaining acceptance was nothing more than mentioning his father's name. He started out like the rest of them. A small little solider boy. When he held a gun he could feel his body tremble some. His captain was tough on all the newcomers. To Minma it seemed he was fumed by fury. Minma had been doing some late night ordered cleaning when he stumbled upon a fruit. Being the food lover he was he sneakily gobbled up the fruit without second thought. Although this time the fruit tasted horribly, not normal some would say.

The next day the Captain's fury was unmatched. He brought all the newcomers together and broke the news about a devil fruit being missing. He asked who had eaten a purple colored fruit inside the storage room. Minma was no liar so he raised his hand to which the Captain responded with a punch. But this punch didn't faze Minma. It actually made contact with his arm that then turned into ice as a means of protection. Minma had eaten the Hei Hei no Mi fruit. Having such a powerful fruit gained him respect throughout the Marine core. It didn't take long for Minma to climb the ranks and at the age of twenty five he finally became a Marine Vice Admiral.

Name Your Devil Fruit Here

Devil Fruit: Hei Hei no Mi (Ice ice fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Logia

Devil Fruit Description: Allows the user to create, control, and transform into ice at will, turning them into a Freezing Human

Fighting Style: n/a
Weapon Utilization: He often generates wepaons with his ice. Daggers, kunai, swords etc...
Description: Minma is a free flow fighter. He reacts in response to his opponents moves.

Toggled and Passive Abilities: He can walk on water, eliminating the worry of drowning.



  • Basic Character Information
    1617917712900.pngFirst Name: Varro
    Middle Name/Initial: F.
    Last Name: HornBuck
    Epithet: GreenFinger
    Birthday: 30th April
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dwarf

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Rainbow Ninja

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV

Basic Character Info

First Name: Françoise​
Middle Name/Initial: T.​
Last Name: Applegate​
Epithet: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV/Walking Circus​
Birthday: January 1st​
Age: 19​
Gender: Female​
Race: Human​
Faction: Pirate​
Profession: Wanderer​
Role: Entertainer/Navigator​

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’3​
Weight: 125 lbs​
Hair Style: Ponytail​
Hair Color: Dark Red​
Eye Color: Light Brown​
Scars: Beneath the Skin​

The Past

Main Traits: Conversationalist, Animated, Free Spirited, Curious, Troublemaker​
  • Food
  • Cockatoos
  • Mongoosen
  • Freedom
  • Chess
  • Games
  • Challenges
  • New Things
  • Shiny Things
  • Interaction
  • Art
  • Neon Colors
  • Paint
  • Instruments
  • Being Hungry
  • Rules
  • Boring Things
  • Party Poopers
  • Losing
  • Marines
  • Letting down those she cares about
Unique Laugh:
  • Ed: Gee-hee-hee!
  • Ein the Mongoose: Chree-chree-chree
  • Popeye the Cockatoo: WAKA-WAKA-WAAA!
Hometown: Judicial Island​
Personality: Ed is a conversationalist who likes to explore all sorts of interaction. In general, she's more animated than Mickey Mouse and just does life off the cuff. She also has an insatiable curiosity and seems to have a short attention span. Although when a situation demands, she can get in the zone and get the job done quicker than most. Edward is prone to finding trouble and always throws a wrench into the mix of what's going on. If there's one thing all should know, it's not to underestimate her because of her animated personality that seems to lack seriousness.​
History: Françoise was born, the typical savant child to a high class marine family. She was thrust into formal schooling a year earlier than most children, yet she seemed to excel above the rest of her class as if she had been held back a year. She was particularly exceptional at math and science. On top of all this, she managed to complete more than one grade every year. Part of this was due to the regimented schedule she had. Being such a gifted child, her parents found it important to micromanage every minute of her day. By age 9, she had surpassed the standard school system and had been awarded a personal instructor. It was the hope that through this new instructor, she would be shaped into the perfect Marine, the leader of the next generation.​
Not only was she proving to be smart, she was also quite receptive when it came to training with her father. Her father was the reason for their high status. He was one of the esteemed members of CP9. As such, he had begun to teach his daughter the Soru technique of the Rokushiki. She would later adapt this technique to her own style, calling it 'Goritsuki' -- or Gorilla-punch. At first, Ed found the learning quite fun, and reveled in her earned achievements. However, being a young child, she grew to detest the long hours and strict schedules. She wanted to explore and play with the other kids she saw outside. The problem was, every time she'd try to do her own thing, she'd be strictly dealt with and have more of the nonexistent freedom taken away. So one day, she decided to use this knowledge everyone else seemed to cherish against them.​
She snuck out of her house one night by throwing a rope out her window. She didn't bother to change out of her pajamas, as she found all the formal clothing she was forced to wear rather uncomfortable. She brought with her nothing more than her goggles and a few other odds and ends used for navigation. After all, she took much better care of her instruments than most others did. They were her best friends. She snuck through the night and climbed onto a small vessel whose crew was hitting the tavern. The few guards posted were snoring loudly and never noticed her pulling away from the dock. Using her navigation skills, she somehow managed to commandeer the small marine boat. It wasn't that long after that she crashed the boat into a nearby island.​
Ever since, the girl has been wandering from place to place just making ends meet and living life the way she wanted. She met her Mongoose friend, Ein, on that first island, and it stuck with her ever since. That was because Ed had found the poor Mongoose with a broken leg and took the time to nurture it back to health. Ed was just happy to have a new friend. They'd become inseparable. Ever since her escape, the Marines have been chasing her. However, every single time they pick up a clue, they seem to pick up ten other clues that seem to point in the most random directions and have not been able to pin down her location. This is partially due to the fact that she picked up a different name for herself. Now, she's still the same person as she was the day of the escape. In fact, she has so much fun with disguises and messing around that there might be a number of minor misattributed bounties that really belonged to her.​
Then came something that would change her life. Ed found herself stowing away on a ship one day, minding her own business as it was stolen and passed into the hands of a budding new captain, Scarlet Johanna Ingrid. It wasn't long after this that Ed was discovered. To her surprise, she wasn't chased off the ship. Instead, this new captain was looking for crew members and decided to make Ed her first mate. Normally Ed didn't like staying in one place too long, but this seemed like an interesting opportunity. So she decided to play along for a while.​
Before she knew it, a crew had been assembled, she had spent a few years with them as the first mate of the Red Ribbon pirates, and had made their way to the Grand Line. It was there that trouble arose. Soon after arriving at the Grand Line, they encountered a pirate warlord that drew them into a battle they could not win. At first they seemed to be doing well, until the warlord's trap was set. Then everything started to fall apart. It wasn't long after this that Ed was knocked out by something hitting her in the back of the head. She was out for most of the fight as her crew mates were taken out one by one. The ship was destroyed and all was lost.​
Finally, Ed started to hear some ringing in her ears. It sounded like someone was screaming. Suddenly, she popped up with a start, blurting out, "To the left! Hoist the wheels! Batt'n yer swiggets! ... huh?" She found herself on a large piece of driftwood from the destroyed ship with Ein making noise next to her. For a long time after that, all that was left on her face was a blank stare. They had lost. She had lost. For the first time in her life, Ed had lost at something. Everything was a blur and she couldn't figure out what went wrong. She felt like it was all her fault. Her first mistake had cost so much that she felt she was dangerous to have as a navigator or in any position with important responsibilities.​
It took a while for her to recover from this, but over time she started to gain interest in musical instruments. Whatever she could get her hands on. She mostly remained speechless, but opened up and became more animated when she played her music. Her music eventually attracted the interest of a Moluccan Cockatoo that not so subtly inserted itself into the little family. Now there was Ed, her Mongoose Ein, and the Cockatoo. This Cockatoo helped her to break out of her shell a bit more. Eventually, she named the Cockatoo Popeye. From there she started to dabble in other artistic fields such as art and storytelling. Then, it came time when she had finally built up the courage to step foot onto a pirate ship again, but she didn’t take on the role of navigator as she had done before.​

Name Your Fighting Style:

Fighting Style: Rokushiki - Goritsuki (Soru?)​
Weapon Utilization: Brain, Ein the Mongoose, Popeye the Cockatoo, Rope, Paint​
Description: Like a... monkey. She claims to know a super secret evolved Rokushiki technique that she calls 'Goritsuki' (Gorilla-punch). In reality, if she gets into a hand-to-hand fight, her fighting appears to be nothing more than flailing, or drunken boxing at best. However, someone that knows the Soru technique might notice a resemblance in her movements. Either way, this wouldn't be a likely situation, as she tends to fight with her brain and environment rather than her fists.​
Ein is mainly a distractionary fighter, running circles around enemies and using his quickness to find ways to bite. Popeye will attack on command, taking a liking to the ears and eyes of his targets.​
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Anime RN

“I spent 20 years in captivity. I’ll die before going back.”

Basic Information
First Name: Iris
Middle Name: Daphne
Last Name: Tsumire
Epithet: “Two Face” / The Silver Bow Smith
Birthday: August 11th
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Race: Mermaid
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Blacksmith
Role: Smith / Backup Shipwright

Physical Appearance
Height: 7 ft tall
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Style: Usually it's a ponytail. It’s a messy bun if she has to put it up quickly. She keeps it up so it doesn’t get caught in her work.
Hair Color: Bright Red
Eye Color: One eye is milky and doesn’t work. Her other eye is an orange-ish shade.
Scars: About 1 quarter of her face, and her left shoulder and upper arm are all covered in burn scars.

Life So Far
Main Traits:
  1. Focused: When Iris sets her mind to something, her focus on accomplishing that goal is impossible to interrupt.
  2. Stubborn: Iris does not like to accept that she is wrong or believe that she might be naive to any part of the world.
  3. Blunt: Unlike the weapons she produces, Iris is blunt as one could possibly be.
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Freedom
  • Pain
  • Fog or smoke
  • Ranged combat
  • Cages and fish tanks
  • Beautiful women
Hometown: Iris does not consider herself as having a hometown because she spent much of her youth in captivity and therefore doesn’t consider that place to be “home.”

Personality: Iris is hyperverbal and will spew her life story to anyone that will listen. Well, almost anyone. She’s not particularly fond of other women who she considers to be pretty because she knows that she would have turned into a beautiful lady herself were it not for her burns. She’s highly envious of them and this makes her interactions with them particularly sharp and unpleasant. Iris is never afraid to speak her mind and if she doesn’t like someone else’s idea, she will outright say it. However, Iris is also capable of accepting the fact that she may be outvoted on some things. Iris is not very good at keeping secrets because she’s never had anything to hide so she doesn’t quite understand the concept of needing to keep certain things to herself. It’s something that will likely require reinforcement by her crew before she’s any good at it.

Iris was born into the freedom that the sea offers and she absolutely loved it. Growing up with two loving parents who had decided to abandon the larger merfolk population in preference for isolation, Iris didn’t realize that she was missing out on being socialized. She was just happy to swim wherever she could without many limits being placed on her at all. Needless to say that she likely would’ve ended up spoiled rotten had she stayed in that living situation much longer than she did. Whether fortunate or unfortunate, that was not what happened.

Swimming too far away from her home, Iris was captured in a fishing net when she was only six years old. Taken from her home and thrown into a black market that she couldn’t make sense of, her life became restricted to the tank she was kept in. All she could discern from everything everyone said was that her kind was rare wherever they were going and that they were planning to make a pretty penny by selling her to the highest bidder. There were other individuals of varying species kept around her and in the naivety of her youth, Iris tried to talk with them and get to know them a little bit. She was the youngest of them all, though, and no one was really interested in entertaining all of her imaginings, hopes or dreams. Young six year old Iris didn’t truly believe that anything bad would come of her in those early months.

It wasn’t until she was in a tank on an auction stage four months later that the reality of her situation - that she was never going home and that none of these people would ever let her go - really became a fear in the back of her mind. Iris was purchased by a man who only ever referred to himself as “The Collector”. He referred to all of his goods as “antiques” even though a fair few of his goods were actual living beings - Iris included. The young mermaid spent the next 20 years of her life in captivity controlled by “the collector.” Some of their time was spent traveling because he would put all his goods on display at circuses and the like. Iris quickly learned to dread her life and her lack of freedom. She hated being trapped in a little tank, but she couldn’t get out because she lacked legs to walk.

Eventually, though, Iris did manage to befriend some of her fellow captives - one in particular, actually, became as close to a father for her as anyone else had ever been. He was a half giant blacksmith and although he was on display as a rare species as well, there was another element “The Collector” used him for. Haldor was also a blacksmith trained by the man who made the first Pirate King’s weapons - all of them. Of course, this blacksmith’s work was legendary making Haldor’s close to the same. “The Collector” learned he could make a pretty penny off of forcing him to create weapons on the side in addition to using him in his exotic displays. Iris was often in a good position to watch Haldor work and she was always fascinated by the flames of it all. Eventually, he noticed her curiosity and started talking her through all the steps in his process. For the first three years or so, Iris just watched, wide eyed and awestruck as he produced weapons that were not only deadly, but also absolutely beautiful.

One day, when he decided to give her a go, Iris didn’t quite realize it at first. All she noticed was that Haldor’s workstation was set up closer to her little tank than it usually was. He was gone for something or other - surely “The Collector” was behind it. Nonetheless, Iris investigated what was nearby and found that even though she’d been watching Haldor for several years, she still knew next to nothing about what each piece of equipment did. Iris reached for what she could and explored the make of each tool. Most of it was too big for her, but she could lift most of it nonetheless. Experimenting on her own definitely wasn’t the wisest idea, though, and Iris paid a master price for it. Leaning over, Iris knocked her tank over - something that had never happened before - and the hot coals from the forge flew skyward, landing over half her body and burning it to shreds. Iris cried out, gaining the attention of both Haldor and “The Collector.”

Furious, “The Collector” brought in medical supplies immediately and left her in the care of Haldor. “If she dies, you die too. She’s valuable merchandise and you put her in danger.” Six months of burn treatments still couldn’t get rid of the scars, but Iris survived and so too did Haldor. She lost most of her sight in one eye in the process, though.

Despite the accident, Iris still wanted to learn Haldor’s craft. She spent the next ten or so years learning under him when they had time and weren’t out on display as part of one of “The Collector’s” antique shows. Eventually, Iris created her own signature - a silver bow.

Tired of captivity, Iris and Haldor created a plan to escape. They would wait until “The Collector” brought them onto a ship because that was when escape would be the easiest and that was when Iris would be the most mobile. If she could get into the water, she knew she would be able to get anywhere she wanted to be. She would have freedom. That’s what the sea meant to her - freedom. Haldor pulled her out of the water and ran out with her once the timing was right. However, “The Collector” had been anticipating a pirate raid on their journey. He had guards on the deck, prepared for trouble. Gunshots fired once they were seen trying to get away and Iris knows a few of them hit Haldor right away. However, that wasn’t what killed him. A cannon ball from an oncoming pirate attack actually hit him squarely, knocking both him and Iris over the deck and into the sea below. Iris was finally home, but she couldn’t leave Haldor. She pulled him to the surface, onto a wooden board that barely supported him.

His last words to her were of his daughter, whom he lost when “The Collector” captured him. She’d been killed by him and she always wore a silver bow in her hair. Iris’s signature changed that day. Her smithing signature is a silver bow to remember Haldor.

Returning to the water, Iris knew she had four years more of technically being trapped, though in a different sort of cage. She couldn’t walk the land yet, and see all that freedom offered there. She couldn’t resume her craft. The water prohibited it because all the fires ceased there. However, that didn’t mean there weren’t things Iris could take care of. She learned that “The Collector” survived and Iris gathered up all creatures of the sea that she could find. After all, they spoke the same language she did. “The Collector’s” ship was swarmed with sea life and pulled beneath the water where Iris found him. For hours, Iris tortured him as punishment for the captivity she’d endured before leaving him weighted at the bottom of the sea.

He was dead.

It was over.

But Iris’s life was not. She enjoyed the freedom of the water until her tail split in two and then she took to the land with eager enthusiasm, learning everything that surface life had to offer. It was what Haldor’s life had been and she wanted to know all the pleasures of it to make it easier to remember him. She resumed her work as a blacksmith. She traveled. She made a name for herself, too. Eventually she stumbled upon a weapon Haldor had made that “The Collector” had sold. Sneaking in overnight, Iris stole it and made it hers. Though it was two sizes too big for her, Iris strengthened herself to carry such a tool. It was a mallet and it would allow Iris to smash anyone who tried to obliterate her freedom.

Finally, after ten years on land, Iris realized where true freedom lied. It existed in the life of a pirate. That was where she wanted to be. Haldor had been trained by a man who forged the weapon of a former Pirate King. Iris wanted to do the same. It kept her close to a home she’d been away from for far too long and gave her new purpose. For five years now, Iris has been searching for a man who inspires in her the same courage that Haldor did, for a man worthy of a crown. Perhaps she’ll find one in the South Blue.

Fighting Style
Fighting Style: Water’s Wrath
Weapons Utilized: None
Describe: Iris swarms her opponent with speed that’s inhuman and fish that follow her commands and answer her calls. This style of fighting is feral and relies on speed more than strength. Iris appears more animal than sentient being, but she has a lot of wrath inside her that demands some release. She only can use this style of fighting when she’s in water.
Fighting Style: Hammer Force
Weapons Utilized: A mallet created for a half giant to wield
Describe: Although it’s extremely slow, it’s what she has on land. Most people are so shocked to see her lifting such a massive mallet that it usually buys her time for one good hit which is usually all she needs. Iris’s reach is extended with the mallet’s reach and its heavy enough that even without too much muscle, one hit hurts an awful lot.


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