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Fandom One Piece: Rebirth {ARC 1: Reverse Mountain}

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✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Thatch Winsted was the only man in history to conquer the Grand Line and become King of the Pirates. Enough time has passed since his death for an infant to grow into a man. It is the Great Age of Piracy, a time of adventure and seafaring in search of Winsted's legendary treasure, the One Piece. There are as many pirates on the sea as stars in the sky, and the most powerful of all of them are called Emperors of the Sea for the way they rule over the New World. Together, they are called the Four Emperors. The World Government attempts to counterbalance the Emperors' expanding power by establishing the Navy Headquarters at Marineford, and establishing a team of privateers called the Seven Warlords who have the legal right to pillage. If these three great powers are thrown out of balance, the world's uneasy peace could come crumbling down. The greater each faction's power becomes, and the more they fight, the more precarious the future seems. Power and governance, alliances and betrayals. The world is in a state of both peril and excitement, shining with the allure of the unknown and driven by the engine of greed. In other words, it is an age of that which knows no bounds. The dreams of humanity. Rebirth.

Finch D. Marsden

A beautiful day it was. The sky was a vast blue, being almost entirely clear. The sun shined down on the crew's basic caravel as it calmly glided on the calm sea. The young captain was splayed out on the wooden flooring. "I'm starving..." Overhead from the ship he could see seagulls squawking and flying by. A single moment went by before he lifted up his head to look at his beloved cook. "Hey, Florus! Can you cook?" Something sudden happened that caught Marsden's attention. "Huh?" He finally fully sat up. Everything seemed normal. No, wait. It didn't. The water currents seemed to be picking up. "Say, Conny... Is everything okay?" He was referring to the path they were on and if they were still going the right way. They were supposed to be heading towards the Grand Line. Or more specifically, Reverse Mountain.

Location: Crew's Ship
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Iris Daphne Tsumire and Rhyse “Risa” Talone
“Captain, I think the currents are allowed to change whenever they want to. It doesn’t always have to mean something is wrong,” Iris commented with a chuckle when she heard some subtle concern in Marsden’s tone. She, of all of them, knew the water well. Sure, she may not have been a navigator or an experienced sailor, but she’d quite literally lived in it. Iris liked to think that counted for something.

Thinking about it, she figured Conny might be able to say the same thing, but then again, she wasn’t quite sure. Any of her own conversations with the fishman had been very brief and she didn’t get the sense that Conny’s heart longed for the water the same way her own did. It was certainly something Iris wanted to ask about later.

A subtle smile decorated the mermaid’s expression as she walked along the deck of the ship and stared into the water. After being on the ship for about a week, walking and living amongst the other members of the crew, Iris’s initial paranoia had waned down quite a bit. Although she knew the captain was more than delighted to have someone of her… unique species… on board, she no longer feared that someone would try to capture her and utilize her as a commodity. That didn’t mean she knew very many people well yet, but she was coming out of her shell. One of the people she’d met before even coming aboard was their resident hatter - Risa Talone. The two had actually met one another before they’d met Marsden. On the last island the ship had docked at, the two of them had been in neighboring merchant stalls selling their own goods and they’d struck up quite a few pleasant conversations. Iris liked to think that Risa was something of a friend.

That friend, the hatter - Risa, was currently sitting on a chair closer to the middle of the deck with a needle and some thread doing a repair job on one of her many pink dresses. Currently, Risa wore a similarly bright pink tank top with a pair of jean shorts. The hat upon the hatter’s head was surprisingly not pink, but black. It did support some pink and red decorations, though. Broad shoulders didn’t quite fit her feminine expressions and desires, and neither did a very flat chest, but Iris wasn’t about to question it. Instead, she decided to question Risa’s choice of project to work on. That, at least, felt a bit more appropriate. “Risa, I thought you were supposed to be a hatter?” The question was asked more in jest than in seriousness, but there was a sincere question there as well.

“I don’t know when we’re going to be making port again,” Risa explained, “so it seems best to me that I wait for proper inspiration because I won’t have time to make many if we don’t make port for a while. What about you? Why aren’t you attending to your craft, Iris?” Never once did Risa’s focus leave the project at her fingertips. Some of her hats involved elements of sewing, but it wasn’t something she could claim to be the most skilled at. Other skills were more up her alley.

“I figured it would be best to avoid setting up the forge until after we passed through reverse mountain. After all, the mountain does have a reputation for rougher waters and anything too much might knock things over and set the ship on fire. I’ve had enough experience with fire falling everywhere to suspect that Captain Marsden wouldn’t appreciate it.”

Risa nodded in understanding. “Sounds reasonable.” The hatter’s attention shifted then to their captain, wondering if he would still be anxious about… well, whatever it was that had excited him in the first place.

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Florus sighs but keeps leaning over the railing, looking out of the sea with her Guando Polearm beside her. She has covered the polearm's blade with a cloth to protect the blade and make sure anyone who messed with it doesn't get hurt. She turns around and looks at her captain. "I can make you a snack; it isn't dinner time yet." She says to Marsden and grabs her polearm. Florus then starts to walk to the door down to the hull but stops.

"No one mess with my polearm," she says and puts her polearm by the door. Florus doesn't like weapons in the kitchen and makes sure that she follows that rule. Florus then goes to the kitchen to start making some snacks for everyone.


Rainbow Ninja

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV

Ed had somehow found herself at the helm of another ship. Her knuckles were white as she held the big wheel of the ship in a death grip. Her mask covered her mouth and hid the nervous expressions she was making. The rest of her body language was loose and relaxed, though. Ein the Mongoose was coiled up sleeping on a barrel next to her and Popeye the cockatoo was perched on Ed's shoulder, chewing absently on her coat collar. Part of her knew what she was doing, but this was the most responsibility she'd taken on since the incident, and she did not trust herself. Unfortunately, the moment they had found out she had navigation experience, she found herself unable to speak up. Thus, she was stuck at the wheel.

She still didn't know everyone on the crew real well, and she felt out of place. All these thoughts were milling about in her head as she stared blankly into the ocean. It wasn't until a voice called her name to ask how things were going. Ed blinked and looked around, her eyes eventually landing on the captain of the ship. For a moment, she was speechless, just staring at Finch. Then, Popeye the cockatoo flapped his wings and yelled, "BWAAAAAAAK! HAAAAII!"

Ed blinked again and for a moment, her old self sprung into action, "Aye, aye! Don't worry shirtless boss man! The waters just wanna dance! Gee-hee-hee! Sing for 'em Popeye. We're right on track! ... I-I think... er... um... h-hold on..." Ed leaned over to take a closer look at the map she had laid out at her side. In the past, she wouldn't have needed a map at this point of the journey. She moved one of the weights holding the map down and extended a shaky finger as she reviewed her route and searching hard for the mistake she knew must be there. To her own dismay, she couldn't find what she was looking for, and this only made her more nervous. Had she found a mistake, she would be more confident the route was right after fixing it. However, since there was nothing to fix, her nerves remained high.

Finally, Ed returned to the wheel responding shortly, "We'll be fine." Ein the Mongoose shifted and relaxed a bit, feeling the resolution of Ed's conflict. That wasn't the end for Popeye, though. The cockatoo spread its wings and bounced its head up and down, letting out a loud caw with every bounce up to five. Then he lept off of Ed's shoulder and circled around in the air, coming to land in front of Finch. The bird cocked its head to look Finch in the eyes with one of its own as it commented, "Turtle fart. BWAAAAK! WAKA-WAKA-WAAAAA! HAAAII!" This managed to get a little giggle out of Ed. Then Popeye took an interest in the polearm Florus had left. He observed the shaft of the polearm and opened his beak for a moment as if he was going to chew on it. Then he shifted his gaze up to the helm and looked at Ed. From there, he decided to focus on chewing a loose board instead.

Ed had almost started to feel comfortable with the situation. That was until the others started discussing the situation and the topic of fires was brought up. Ed took in a quick breath and her body tensed a bit as memories flashed into her head. She started to mumble to herself, "No... no... i-it wasn't me... I don't know... I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG!" Ein the Mongoose's head shot up in response to the last outburst and he let out a loud chirping sound at Ed. This managed to bring Ed back to the real world. Before she could slip back into the memories, Popeye flew up to her shoulder and commented, "HAAAII! Soup n' Salad. BWAAAAK!" Ed nodded and managed to return her focus to the ocean.

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Minma's fingers were beginning to turn numb. Drops of sweat slowly made thier way down his cheeks. He stood infront of the desk of an admiral, but that wasn't the reason he was feeling uneasy. He had just got back from a buster call. One of the most powerful attacks the military has to offer. Minma was one for justice, but not just that, he was for equality too. When he was order to participate in the buster call he was nothing more than excited. He had another chance to take down evil, so he thought. Minma entered a flashback. Him and other fleets of ships arrived to the island quickly. Minma was confused at thier arrival. There was no sign of a promblem. He could see kids running around there house through the window, playing joyfully.

Minma turned to address the situation and call off the buster call but before he could even turn around his heart dropped. "FIREEE!" Yelled by the captain of the operation. And so they did. They shot aimlessly at the island and they were meet with no resistance. Cries echoed in the far distance. Minma stood there apualed for the first time in a while. He refused to participate in the buster call, yet he wasn't going to speak out against it. It would have meant punishment for him. A yell broke his flashback.

"Dammit Minma. When I speak to you, you listen." Said the Admiral. "Understood." The Admiral leaned in over the desk and stared Minma in the eyes. "So do you agree to the mission? It's simple. We got word a pirate ship with a big crew is making the arrival towards reverse mountain. So all you need to do is sit in the other side where there to exit. And once thier there, you strike down on them. We can't have any more scum making thier ways to our ocean waters." Minma was annoyed and griped the desk. He couldn't let his emotions get the better of him. "Understood. I'll make my departure now."

Minma was now only a few miles away from his destination. He was alone, sailing carelessly. As he sailed he couldn't help but recall memories from the buster call. He never expected the military to be so ruthless and unjust. To Minma those actions that were took were unnecessary. He let out a sigh of grief. He wondered if he joined the wrong side of the two opposing forces of the world.

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Finch D. Marsden

"BWAAAAK! WAKA-WAKA-WAAAAA! HAAAII!" Marsden was going back and forth with Popeye. Both mimicking and mocking each other until he flew away. Pulling down one lower eyelid and sticking out his tongue, he expressed his teasing and playful side. "Nyaaaah!" The captain was relieved when he heard everything was fine. He was also relieved to hear Florus was making some food. The wooden flooring of the ship creaked under Marsden's feet as he made his way to the front of the ship. Up ahead would be an extremely tall mountain reddish in color. "A MOUNTAIN!!!" His face lit up. It seemed like they were coming up on their destination. Or the entrance of it at least. "It’s so tall!! It’s Reverse Mountain! Gotta be Reverse Mountain!" Wanting to share the excitement, he turned to his crew, or at least the ones on the main deck and pointed to the mountain up ahead. "Wow, this is amazing!! Look at that mountain!!!"

Crew Ship
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Anime RN
Iris Daphne Tsumire
Iris’s gaze briefly flickered to Ed at the ship’s helm as she heard mumbling that sounded in subtle distress. As she was just now starting to feel comfortable around the other people in the crew, she hadn’t interacted with their navigator much yet and didn’t know what could be causing such trouble currently so it was difficult for her to intervene. The mermaid did know that Ed’s pets were cute, but she doubted that would be helpful information in these moments of strife for Ed. Iris wasn’t capable of distrusting animals. There were animals in the sea. They were part of her home.

She decided that it seemed Ed had calmed down well enough for the most part so intervention didn’t seem necessary. Even if it had been needed, Iris certainly wouldn’t have been a good person to offer it.

That problem having been resolved gave her more ability to pay attention to the captain when he offered a little excitement to their journey. Her eyes wandered towards the front of the ship when he pointed out a mountain. It wasn’t just any mountain, either. This was Reverse Mountain. She’d heard stories of it, but never been through it before. As a mermaid, she simply swam through the calm belts when she needed to cross. Being on a ship was still kind of new for her.

“Do you have any orders, Captain, considering we’re close? Anything that needs to be secured to the deck so we don’t lose it or anything of the sort?” Iris’s own equipment was already tied down and she had faith that it wouldn’t be going anywhere. She wasn’t sure whether or not there were other valuables that would require the same care, though. It seemed prudent to ask.

Japanime Japanime
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