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Fandom One Piece: Great Pirate Era CS Thread



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Feel free to add anything where you see fit. Also ask questions if you have any.

Full Name-{First//Last}:

Nickname(s)-{Do//Did they happen to have//had any nickname(s) that their family, friends//allies, crew mates//marines-[If they are//were a pirate or marine], enemies//rivals//love rivals or others call//called them by or not?}:

Epithet(s)-{Do//Did they have//had any epithet(s) they are//were also known by their others//enemies or not?}:
[For example: Monkey D. Luffy's epithet is "Straw Hat Luffy"]

- Reason Behind This Epithet(s)-{Why were they given this epithet(s) in the first place?}:

Gender-{What gender are//were they? Or are//were they genderless//sexless?}:

Age-{How old are they?}:

Species-{What species are they?}:

Sexual Preference//Orientation-{Heterosexual//Homosexual//Bisexual//Etc}:

Occupation(s)//Affiliation(s)-{Do//Did they happen to have//had any occupation(s)//affiliation(s) or not? And if they do//did}:
[For example: Are//Were they a pirate, marine, bounty hunter, etc]

Organization(s)-{Mostly for the character(s) that either are marines or criminals, do//did they belong to any organization(s) or not? And if they do//did}:

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Life-{Only for those character(s) that are//were either a pirate or marine}:

Bounty-{Only for the character(s) that are//were either criminals, pirates or apart of any organizations like the Revolutionary Army or Baroque Works. How much is//was their bounty?}:

Bounty Disclaimer(s)-{What is//was their disclaimer(s) on their bounty: Dead or Alive ; Only Alive ; Only Dead or is//was it unknown?}:

Birthday-{When is//was their birthday?}:

Blood Type-{What is//was their blood type?}:

The Character's Appearance

{Describe your character(s) appearance or place a picture}

Height-{Describe your character(s) height}:

Weight-{Describe your character(s) weight}:


Tattoo(s)//Birthmark(s)//Scar(s)-{Does//Did your character(s) happen to have//had any tattoos//birthmarks//scars or not?}:

Extra Feature(s)//Never Seen Without?-{Any particular extra feature(s) or items they are//were never seen without or not?}:

About The Character

{Describe your character(s) personality}

Favorite(s)//Like(s)-{List your character(s) favorite(s)//like(s)}:

Least Favorite(s)//Dislike(s)-{List your character(s) least favorite(s)//dislike(s)}:

Hobbies//Habit(s)-{Does//Did your character(s) happen to have//had any particular hobbies//habits or not?}:

Phobia(s)//Fear(s)-{Do//Did they have//had any particular phobias//fears or not?}:
[For example: How did they get these particular phobias//fears in the first place, how it affects//affected their daily life//lives, etc.]

Best Qualities-{List your character(s) best qualities}:

Worst Qualities-{List your character(s) worst qualities}:

Goal(s)//Motivation(s)//Dream(s)-{Do//Did they have//had any goals//motivations//dreams or not?}:

The Character's Abilities//Powers
{If your character(s) has not eaten a Devil Fruit, then just state 'N/A' or 'None'. Also, if they have other abilities//powers that aren't related to a Devil Fruit whatsoever, then give some information about them, but if they have both, then like I stated before, give some information about their Devil Fruit powers//abilities and the other powers//ability they have//had. Custom Devil Fruits require approval.

Devil Fruit Information
Did they eat a Devil Fruit or not?:

- If yes, Devil Fruit name?:

Etymology-{Any etymology about the certain Devil Fruit they ate?}:

Devil Fruit Type-{Paramecia//Logia//Zoan}:

Abilities//Powers-{Despite the various different abilities//powers Devil Fruits have, are//were there any other abilities//powers they have//had that aren't from their Devil Fruit or not?]

Strength(s)-{List your character(s) strengths}:
[For example: The strengths of their personality, skills//talents, abilities//powers, etc.]

Weaknesses-{List your character(s) weaknesses}:
[For example: The weaknesses of their personality, skills//talents, abilities//powers, etc.]

Fighting Styles
Haki: Awakened//Not Awakened//Unknown

If Awakened, which one?: Kenbunshoku Haki//Busoshoku Haki//Haoshoku Haki//All Three?

{If they have either one//two or all three of these Haki's, describe about how they use these Haki's in their lives, how they use these Haki's when they fight and so on}

Kenbunshoku Haki:

Busoshoku Haki:

Haoshoku Haki:

Any other fight styles:
[For example: sword styles, martial arts, etc.]

Preferred Weapon(s)-{Any particular weapon(s) that they prefer//preferred to use//used or not?}:

The Character's Relationships With Others

Reputation-{Describe your character(s) reputation among family, friends//allies, crew mates//marines, enemies//rivals//love rivals}:

Relationship Status-{Are//Were they single, dating someone or are//were they married?}:

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies
{Only for those character(s) that are either pirates, marines or are apart of any organization like Baroque Works, the Revolutionary Army, etc. If they're apart of any of these classifications, describe them. If they are not apart of anything yet, which most of you won't be, explain what they want to be apart of. Make sure to include their role.}

The Character's Bio//Backstory//Background

Sea Of Origin-{North Blue ; South Blue ; West Blue ; East Blue or The Grand Line?}:

Birthplace-{Where were they born?}:

Date of Birth-{At what specific date where they born?}:

{Describe a little about your character(s) bio//backstory//background. Doesn't have to be long.}​


Trash talking the Garbage can.
Nariki Z Youcha

Nickname(s): Cha. Its extremely annoying.

Epithet(s): Glass Fist Nariki.

- Reason Behind This Epithet(s): Mostly his pal in the marines doing him a favor.

Gender: Male.

Age: 19

Species: Human.

Sexual Preference//Orientation: Straight.

Occupation(s)//Affiliation(s): Popular author, and captain of the Glass Fist Pirates.

Organization(s): Nope. Unless pirate crews count.

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Life-: Glass Fist Pirates. [DISBANDED]

Bounty: 600,000,000

Bounty Disclaimer(s): Dead,

Birthday: Sept 15th

Blood Type: O-

The Character's Appearance


My profile pic

Height: 6,3

Weight: 108 lbs. When glass, 300.

Handedness: Ambedexterous

Tattoo(s)//Birthmark(s)//Scar(s): He has a scar under his right eye.

Extra Feature(s)//Never Seen Without?: The scarf around his neck. It belonged to his brother Mikoto, who was brutally murdered by Alvida at age 12.

About The Character


He is often quiet, and he has a bit of a temper.

Favorite(s)//Like(s): The sound of a full sail. It helps him sleep.

Least Favorite(s)//Dislike(s): Bad food. Lol

Hobbies//Habit(s): Writing.

Phobia(s)//Fear(s): Nope.

Best Qualities-: Determined, and mostly forgiving.

Worst Qualities- Stubborn, and occasionally un-empathetic.

Goal(s)//Motivation(s)//Dream(s): Yes. To re-unite with his lost family, and obtain revenge for his brothers murder.

The Character's Abilities//Powers
Can shatter and reform.

Devil Fruit Information
Did they eat a Devil Fruit or not?: Yes

- If yes, Devil Fruit name?: The Pane Pane No-Mi

Etymology- Nope.

Devil Fruit Type- Logia/paramecia? (Some sort of mixture. Idk)

Abilities//Powers- Allows him to shatter and reform as though made of glass. (Because he is)

Strength(s)- Cannot die by stabbing, punching, spearing, ect.

Weaknesses- Drowning, And Sea Prism.

Fighting Styles
Haki: no
Preferred Weapon(s)- Twin scythes with adamadite blades.

The Character's Relationships With Others

Reputation- Highly feared by most marines.

Relationship Status- Single, but open.

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies
Pirate. Ex member of the Glass Fist Pirates. [DISBANDED]

The Character's Bio//Backstory//Background

Sea Of Origin- Grand Line, but migrated to the East Blue.

Birthplace-Warship Island

Date of Birth-: Sept 15

His entire life, Nariki was an outcast, being an orphan. Other children picked on him, because his parents weren't around to protect him. One day however, at the age of 10, by beating a devil fruit user in a card game, he obtained the Pane Pane no-mi. Suddenly, everyone seemed to fear and love him all together.
He formed his own pirate crew, surviving by the skin of his teeth. One day, they encountered "The Kizuki Pirates". They seemed nice enough. A group of cutthroat savages, yet not without sympathy.
However, one glance at how synchronized and well rounded they were, Nariki's crew was discouraged. Upon parting with some good feelings, the crew disbanded one month later.
Nariki is now a solo pirate, searching for revenge over his parents murder.
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Four Thousand Club
Full Name: Sunflower September
Aliases: 24601, September Morning Bell.
Epithet: The Mourning Star
Reason Behind This Epithet: Depending upon who is asked it may originate from multiple sources, and even vary within its spelling. The most popular are painting her as an evil scourge of a devil, her strange crying eyes at times, her choice of weapon, a ghostly ethereal nature, or perhaps something else entirely.
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Unknown
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Occupation/s: Freebooter, Freelancer, Merchant, Navigator, Trader.
Organization: Traction City Grimsby (Formerly)
Pirate Crew: N/A
Bounty: Beli.png [REDACTED] (Marked as Dead)
Bounty Disclaimer: N/A
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: N/A
On the surface, Jane often appears as a quiet, dark, and solemn individual with their feelings locked behind a passive face, though it is her eyes that appear to captivate like deep pools of night. Loose locks of layered raven hair flow freely forming into several spikes and complimenting a pale blue skin, the surface of which seems a canvas of scars of various age. Tall in stature, she still holds a deceptive amount of muscle and although at times can come across as tomboyish or delinquent, it is still clear she places exceptional care into her appearance.

Normally clad in dark colors that contrast with her skin, they are never the less well made with many custom designs often with some form of embossed iconography, well made and hard-wearing. Sunflower carries herself with care and purpose, displaying a great deal of confidence in their stance each step and movement seemingly well placed and with thought, efficient and simple. The same can be said with her speech, a low yet firm tone with little obvious emotive inflection, though there can be found small undercurrents of curiosity, annoyance, or interest depending on the topic in question. Finally, there are a number of abnormalities clearly visible if someone would take the time to look, most notably the absence of any particular breathing outside of her taking breaths prior to speaking and the lower temperature of her skin at rest.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 124lbs
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Markings: Vertical scar-like markings run down the center of her face, arms and legs until they all intersect at her sternum. In addition to these, there are multiple over cuts and markings across her form of various ages and stages of healing. Finally, she wears a single brass earring within each ear.
Extra Feature: A large brass Hex Nut worn as a pendant.
The enigmatic female breaks through the calming deceptions forced upon her for the majority of her life in favor of the reality regardless of the comfort the prior may have brought. When asked regarding her past she may be included fragments of truth through a combination of the trauma, prolonged exposure indoctrinations, and feelings on such often result in somewhat unreliable answers. Calm, Blunt, Sassy, and with a Dry sharp wit they are never the less friendly overall to those she is familiar with yet this will not prevent her from pointing out several uncomfortable truths when needed. The main ideal that appears to move her forward is both her desire for freedom and that of others, wishing to shatter false realities or deceptions as she challenges others to do the same to her in a somewhat hypocritical nature. Her main goal, however, appears to find a method to orchestrate the downfall of the world government due to its part in not only her past but many others, spreading truths and shattering the false image they have built for themselves. As a result, she is far more likely to attack authority figures she judges as unfair or corrupt to those they lord over yet wishing to avoid permanently harming those who are simply misled by these deceptions. She also holds severe reservations about attacking those who have not provoked such or fellow doctors doing their work regardless of who for.
Likes: Acrobatics, Gambling, Moving, Obstacles, Music, Water.
Dislikes: Chains, Confinement, Crabs, Excuses, Fakes, Marines.
Hobbies: Cartography, Fishing, Gambling, Trading.
Fears: Merinthophobia
Strengths: Calm, Collected, Cunning, Determined, Logical, Stoic, Willful.
Weaknesses: Deceptive, Risky, Spiteful, Stubborn
Goals: Live in Freedom, Break the chains, and chart the path for others to follow.

Devil Fruit: N/A
In addition to inhuman physiology bestowing unnatural levels of physical ability, Sunflower herself has also proven incredibly durable with a combination of armor-like skin as well as a frightening level of healing and somewhat defunct physiology allowing them to operate with seemingly fatal injuries. Appearing to lack bones in the conventional sense she has also displayed a wide range of flexibility as well as an aptitude for operating within the water, her grip strength has also been noted as unusual with the capacity to stick to surfaces otherwise unscalable. The Final characteristics are a highly keen set of senses, seeming to hold an ability to see without her darkened eyes even when not facing the target, uniquely attuned sense of touch, temperature, light, and personal orientation. There may still be more towards these as the truth is revealed but as of yet remains unknown.
Preferred Weapons: Morning Star, Unarmed.
Fighting Styles:
A Fighting style in the loosest possible terms that has slowly been developed by Sunflower, while others involve the incorporation of subtle movements, physical conditioning, or skillful maneuvers, hers instead takes full advantage of both her mind, will, and ability to push through nearly anything. A common connection part of these tactics involves leaving herself open to attacks without much in the way of defense to draw in attacks to the open areas which risk a prepared counter-attack. This can be from a prepared blow, the area being laced with a dangerous trap, or even far more drastic measures. What makes this so effective is the lack of self-preservation or reaction from attacks that are landed goes against everything experienced combatants have trained for, the core principle appearing to be turning weakness to strength, and strength to weakness in both the mental and physical senses. She appears to strike with precision at vital locations in an unorthodox martial art using every part of her body, not simply limiting herself to punches and kicks, this style is entirely self-developed from her careful watching of opponents when possible before formulating counters and striking directly and efficiently. The unnatural flexibility of her limbs only further enhances this confusing style with sudden twists and turns being performed unexpectantly.

In regards to the weapon she has been known to wield a morning star-like weapon with an extendable shaft by attaching additional sections, This has proven highly useful in destroying particular options and bypassing armor through shockwave force.
Haki: Not Awakened
Strengths: Aquatic Combat, Close Range, Endurance, Hand to Hand, Line Holding, Subterfuge, Tenacious, Time Buying, Unpredictable
Weaknesses: Deserts, Heat, Indirect Fights, Ranged.
Origin: Traction City Grimsby, North Blue
Birthplace: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Deep within the edges of the grand line rests the reportedly Idlylic settlement of Grimsby, a brimming production hub for the world government without a care in the world as they live content lives to produce important compounds for the vital peacekeeping missions of the noble marines. From the colorful characters to vibrant and shining spires this idealized city is believed to be the example of the ideal life the world government seeks to bring about, receiving glowing reviews from its natives to the point so many seek to join the community and nay a person wishes to leave resulting in the location boasting the highest population density per square meter of any settlement under the control of the world government. Another more important draw to the island is said to be the healthcare provided to its citizens with a 100% satisfaction rating, the cornerstone of such is the mandatory medicinal supplement "Bliss", from the outside and to the majority of those within the existence can be described as little other than perfect, and those who disagree? well, they are simple downers that need to get cheered up at one of the many centers for such.

Peel back the pretty facade however and the true nature and state of the settlement are revealed to be the polar opposite, it is not even an island in the traditional sense being essentially an industrial raft scouting for wreckage and salvage. Factory atop factory intent on cramming as much as possible into with living spaces a vague afterthought, the higher management would receive accommodations at the upper levels of the city with the workers down below and those unable to work or escaped trapped below the bowels to suffer the seeping emissions, collapses, floods and all manner of other atrocities in the underbelly as the Scraps. Effectively a floating prison meant leaving the city was not an option outside the arranged transports reserved for bringing in new citizens or escorting the "upper management" out when required.

In any other settlement, the conditions would have already started an uprising or some other manner of mass riot conflicting with the authority, yet this was avoided with the implementation of the mandatory Bliss. Regular intake of the medication resulted in drastically altered perceptions and compliance of the population along with a smile on every face, seeing the idyllic life of sunshine and rainbows the island was reported to be to the rest of the world, while the "downers" who refused to take such or began to see through the mask would quickly be revealed as they discovered the truth and taken away for "harsh" and unconventional treatment. That is to say, simply refusing to take such was more difficult than it seemed with the highly addictive nature as well as the infusion of such into the water supply. The source and key component in the Bliss was a plant that had once grown wild on a distant island though now incubated artificially, The "Grinning Garland" a powerful hallucinogenic with several other properties for which it was also exported for other purposes after the dangerous task of cultivating and farming it on mass was conducted by the locals. All this and more was made possible by the most prominent controller of the island Samara Darlington known to her people as "Darling Auntie" but to the rest of the world as simply "The Wall".

This woman was primarily the Head of the Division Black of Marine Biological Research. A cruel and methodical logical woman responsible for the cataloging and transport of numerous rare compounds for use by the various other Branches, this also included administering and securing test sites such as Grimsby. She holds little value in the concepts of past loyalties or bounds being a realist through and through seeking efficiency and results regardless, in her pursuit of "Ordered Justice" she has displayed an unrelenting and aggressive drive. A frightening intelligence she has shined primarily in the organizational and logistical management of the book projects but also in political science.

Sunflower would live upon this island for as long as she could remember, into the same "idyllic" life of its many other occupants, those raised upon the island far more confined and controlled by its nature are the only world they had ever known making rejection far more difficult. So in relative terms, Sunflower would group up "Happily" spending her time in the communal nurseries and learning all about the island for the important and fun position they would soon take. It was however during this part that the first crack in the programming would be made, an old resident who introducing them to a song her name reminded him above, they had long since forgotten its origin but never its importance along with a myriad of other comments within the cracks of control, a tune that must never be forgotten but also danger so must be kept close. The concept of "Danger" was new to Sunflower and from this, the first of many questions would begin to form, though fortunately, she would not be one to speak them openly, she didn't want to be a downer after all.

When Sunflower was old enough to walk she was quickly brought to the Kindergarten to start her part in helping the happy city, clearing out the pipes and moving through the small places as only a child could but it wasn't long before her true talents began to be noticed. The most important of these being her memorization of the complex labyrinth of connecting pipes to the point she was capable of creating maps from memory, including alterations made for the numerous bypasses that differed from the original layout. The culmination of this being her quick thinking in fixing a stuck limb of one of her the other playmates within the pipes, making sure they didn't only get to ride away with the waters but also didn't get a cool peg leg but all was good so it was easy to forgive her, especially when Auntie moved her to an even more important role. This would be the start of her path as a Navigator, something she took to in earnest, and in her entire being able to help and keep the smiles around wasn't something she could turn down could she?. Still, the cracks and questions would continue to grow, urged on by an innocent yet simple comment by another playmate she had overheard "What is beyond the City Waters? What is beyond that?" she never did see the owner of the voice again, but the question was something she never could quite forget.

Still, time would continue to roll by as she grew and developed becoming one of Auntie favorites through her abilities alone, yet what will rise may also fall...and so she did when the realities of the world came crashing down to drag her with them into the abyss with the true nature of the island shattering the image built up over so many years. It had started with a question to Auntie, a suggestion of an alternate course...then while she was in the log room...she was chased? no, she stopped and threatened something...the freedom of falling? peace? no not peace, fear and anger she was shouting louder than she had before, she felt burning as if she was hitting something wet....then she was chained up in a cell...the entire series of events playing like fragment and blurred video but regardless of how it went down her final fate Sunflower born again with an unnatural determination, forgoing conviction for resolve as she spent her time in the cell planning to get beyond that wall now the world she had grown in was finally clear.

Though to say this was all that occurred before her final grand escape would be too simple a punishment and far too wasteful, despite what Auntie would try Sunflower appeared to refuse to die or submit and so they simply solved one problem with another. As a result of the actions taken by the superior, the dietary budget of the island was slashed substantially with a new "protein" being added to the citizen's meals. Previously ALL "waste products" would be reconstituted and mixed with fast-growing algae to feed the citizens with their intoxication on bliss hiding the truth of what was being consumed, but for this period the algae were needed as the torture of Sunflower had provided more than enough.

While others would fall into acceptance of their fate Sunflower would not and after a year the event that would earn her their epithet would take place as well as would have secured a sizeable bounty for the damage done...if not for it quickly being collected in the final moments. While she was unable to break her restraints she had instead managed to break herself to gain freedom, rushing the door during a routine "protein collection" and breaking out of her cell to begin a rampage through the compound, driven only by the need to be free and get beyond that wall. Tearing through countless of the marines stationed she would proceed like an unchained beast, neither the blades are driven into her nor the bullets stopping their assault, even with the loss of her arms they clutched a blade within their mouth and kept pushing until she broke past the walls, pushing further until finally, she came to the iron borders of the city with the sea beyond.

This sight of salvation was short-lived, however, a voice from behind would speak leaving her only enough time to turn before the platform she was standing on soon fell into ruin and her into the waters below, believed to have finally died. Had it be that simple it would have sparred them what was to come, drifting amidst the salted waters she would lose track of time, she was not sure how long it had been but it came as she would eventually be washed up on a shore and begin to learn of life beyond the city with unfiltered eyes. Charting a course from place to place making her way as a merchant trader one day, gambler the next, freelancer hand, or actually a navigator for short journeys.

The rest of Sunflower's story remains to be told, for good or ill the woman who now stands as been defined by the events that brought her to this point and will be further defined by those yet to come.
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Ready to set the world on fire?
Full Name-{First//Last}: Aslan

Nickname(s)-: N/A

Epithet(s)-: "Twin Fang" Aslan

- Reason Behind This Epithet(s): The blades he carries looks like fangs


Age-: 18

Species-: Mink( he's a mink mink )

Sexual Preference//Orientation-:pansexual

Occupation(s)//Affiliation(s): Assissian

Organization(s): Right now, he's apart of an assassin group called the desert storm, but will end up in a pirate group later

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Life: None right now

Bounty-: None atm, the marine doesn't know about thr group he's in

Bounty Disclaimer(s)- N/A

Birthday-{When is//was their birthday?}: August 4th

Blood Type-{What is//was their blood type?}: o+

The Character's Appearance

(cerdit goes to the artist of course)

Height- 5'8

Weight-{Describe your character(s) weight}: 168 lbs

Handedness-left handed

Tattoo(s)//Birthmark(s)//Scar(s)-Does have a large scar on his back

Extra Feature(s)//Never Seen Without?- In his sulong form, his hair becomes white and his fur gets lighter. He's also a little bit more bulker and like most minks feral looking

About The Character


Aslan is a young and energetic mink who haves a rather playful nature. Whenever he fight his foes, Aslan loves to taunt and get under the skin of his enemies. However, when the battle gets tougher, Aslan becomes serious and more Ruthless. Just like most teenagers, Aslan can be abit of a hand full. He's a bit rude, Sarcastic, And hardheaded..not to mention childish. Despite his rather immature nature, the young mink will do anything to help his friends and will buckle down if he has to

  • swimming
  • swordplay
  • the desert storm members
  • goofing off
  • the beach
  • anything sweet

Least Favorite(s)//Dislike(s)-
  • certain noises
  • those who are serious
  • being underestimated
  • anything leafy
  • discrimination
  • rich folk

Hobbies//Habit(s): Besides swordplay, Aslan has made swimming a hobby.

Phobia(s)//Fear(s): Seeing those being mistreated is a trigger for him

Best Qualities: being loyal is one of his best qualities. he wouldn't leave an ally around

Worst Qualities: being carefree and stubborn

Goal(s)//Motivation(s)//Dream(s): Honestly he doesn't have any real dreams besides exploring the world. He wants to be a strong blade master like his caretaker

The Character's Abilities//Powers
  • slectro: Able to generate electric/ electric shocks. Can be channeled and combined with a weapon of choice
  • swordplay: Is skilled with swords and blades
  • sulong transformation: an enhanced form that can only be unlocked during the full moon. the speed, strength, and appearance of the user changes

Devil Fruit Information
Did they eat a Devil Fruit or not?: Nope

- If yes, Devil Fruit name?: N/A

Etymology: N/A

Devil Fruit Type: N/A

Abilities//Powers: N/A

Strength(s)-{List your character(s) strengths}:
  • Fast
  • Stealthy
  • ability to use blades
  • hand to hand combat
  • the abilities of a mink

Weaknesses-{List your character(s) weaknesses}:
  • a little childish tends to mess around during combat
  • fragile once caught
  • Sensitive to loud noise
  • yes, catching him by the tail is a big weakness of his.( how sea prism stone is to devil fuirt users)

Fighting Styles
Haki: None

If Awakened, which one?: None

Kenbunshoku Haki: N/A

Busoshoku Haki: N/A

Haoshoku Haki: N/A

Any other fight styles: main fights with blades mixed with his electro. he does do hand to hand combat,but not often

Preferred Weapon(s)- Two Blades

The Character's Relationships With Others

Reputation- Well know criminal in the country of alabasta

Relationship Status: Single

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies

The Character's Bio//Backstory//Background

Sea Of Origin-{North Blue ; South Blue ; West Blue ; East Blue or The Grand Line?}: Grand line

Birthplace: alabasta

Date of Birth-{At what specific date where they born?}: 8/4/03


When Aslan was three, Zou was attacked by a fleet of human hunters who managed to find the island. Although the minks fought bravely, They were overwhelmed and outnumbered, resulting in their capture. Aslan was captured along with his parents, however, when they reached Sabaody Archipelago his parents were sold in an auction a day later. Aslan was sold a year later to a wealthy man in Alabasta where he spend five hard years as a slave. Aslan couldn't stand how this man was treating him much longer and assassinated his master one night using his electro abilities.

A few moments after his death, a group of assassins found that Aslan had killed their target, Electric was flowing throughout his body. The leader of this group had saw nothing but sadness and hate, but potential in this young mink's eyes. He was impressed that someone his age had managed to take down an important man, so the leader decided to take Aslan in although the leader of the whole group of assassins disagreed with his idea.

Aslan was trained to become an assassin, becoming extremely close to the man he called father. He trained in not only in swordplay, but in hand-to-hand combat ( mainly martial arts) and has even learned how to hone his electro abilities. He officially became an assassin at a young age, in fact he was one of the strongest besides the boss. After his promotion, he was given a red scarf and became a hired assassin with the rest of the group. It didn't take him to get a bounty on his head
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✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Full Name: Thatch D. Wickley
Nickname(s): Wick
Epithet(s): "Wickley Steel Body", "Steel Body Wick", "Steel Body"
Reason Behind Epithet(s): Reference to his Devil Fruit.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Occupation: Aspiring pirate, wonderer
Organization(s): N/A
Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Life: TBA
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Disclaimer: N/A
Birthday: May 20th
Blood Type: B


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 182 lbs
Handedness: Right-handed
Markings: The one on his chest.

Personality: Wickley is a mischievous, carefree and reckless boy in nature. He is fiercely loyal and protective. Wickley has a straightforward mind and often tackles issues with a "hands-on" approach. Steel Body has an unstoppable amount of energy and charms others around him. He has a way of engaging a room and entertaining people. He is spontaneous and often brings other people along with him on his impromptu adventures. Along with his energy, Wick exudes a warmness that draws people to him. He is usually a friendly and outspoken guy.

Like(s: Food, adventures, strong people, and his friends.
Dislike(s): People who hurt his friends or other people he likes and disrespect of people he cares about.
Hobbies: Eating and sleeping.
Habit(s): Cracking knuckles and spacing out.
Fear(s): N/A
Best Qualities: Fearless, charismatic, loyal, and determined.
Worst Qualities: Reckless, impulsive, and simple-minded.
Goal(s): To obtain One Piece and become one of the most renown and strongest pirates of all time.

Devil Fruit Information
Name: Haga Haga no Mi
Etymology: "Haga" is short for "Hagane". Which means "Steel" in Japanese.
Devil Fruit Type: Logia

It allows the user to transform the composition of their body into steel at will, as well as create and control it. It can range from liquid to solidified steel.

Other Abilities
Abilities: N/A
Strength(s): Fearlessness, will to protect, and charisma
Weaknesses: Simple-mindedness, impulsiveness, and carelessness.

Fighting Styles
Haki: N/A
Fighting style: Improvised and unpredictable.
Preferred Weapon(s): N/A

The Character's Relationships With Others
Reputation: Wickley is known for being a troublemaker in his hometown. He'd often get into fights, get in trouble with adults, act rebellious, disobey, etc. Despite all the things he's done, he's grown well known in his hometown and is loved by the townspeople.
Relationship Status: Single

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies
Wickley is looking to be the captain of strong pirate crew.

The Character's Bio//Backstory//Background
Sea Of Origin: West Blue
Birthplace: Unnamed town
Date of Birth: May 20th

Wickley was an illegitimate child due to that he was conceived as a result of a brief affair between his parents. In his infancy, he was well-loved and doted on by his mother, but it appeared as if his father had little to no parental emotions towards the boy due to his father never really wanting to have children. However, after some time, the relationship between his parents improved and they got married, and they began raising Wickley as a family. During Wick's childhood, he was lavished with attention by his mother and her family, but his father proved to be more strict regarding Wickley's behavior. He came to idolize his father, and they developed a good relationship, despite his father's frequent absences from the family to go on pirate voyages and unwillingness to do certain family activities.

Some time in Wickley's adolescence, he visited the shore to wait for his father to return. As he was there, he noticed a strange looking fruit washed up on the shore. The design of the fruit mesmerized him and he thought it looked tasty so he took it home and washed it off. As he was in the middle of eating the fruit, his father returned home and spotted him. He explained that he ate a Devil Fruit and the consequences of doing so. This made Wick worry he'd never be able to be a pirate. Although, his father explained to him some of the most powerful pirates ate Devil Fruits. From then on, he helped his son train to use his Devil Fruit.
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Trash talking the Garbage can.
Nariki Z Youcha

Nickname(s)-: Cha. Its extremely annoying.
Epithet(s)-: Glass Fist Nariki.
- Reason Behind This Epithet(s)-: Mostly his pal in the marines doing him a favor.
Gender-: Male.
Age-: 19
Species-: Human.
Sexual Preference//Orientation-: Straight.
Occupation(s)//Affiliation(s)-: Popular author.
Organization(s)-: N/A. Unless pirate crews count.
Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Life-: Glass Fist Pirates. [DISBANDED]
Bounty-: 600,000,000
Bounty Disclaimer(s)-: Dead,
Birthday-: Sept 15th
Blood Type-: O-
The Character's Appearance


(My profile pic)
Height-: 6,3
Weight-: 108 lbs. When glass, 300.
Handedness-: Ambedexterous
Tattoo(s)//Birthmark(s)//Scar(s)-: He has a scar under his right eye.
Extra Feature(s)//Never Seen Without?-{Any particular extra feature(s) or items they are//were never seen without or not?}: The scarf around his neck. It belonged to his brother Mikoto, who was brutally murdered by Alvida at age 12.
About The Character


He is often quiet, and he has a bit of a temper.
Favorite(s)//Like(s)-: The sound of a full sail. It helps him sleep.
Least Favorite(s)//Dislike(s)-: Bad food. Lol
Hobbies//Habit(s)-: Writing.
Phobia(s)//Fear(s)-: N/A
Best Qualities-: Determined, and mostly fogiving.
Worst Qualities- Stubborn, and occasionally un-empathetic.
Goal(s)//Motivation(s)//Dream(s)-: Yes. To re-unite with his lost family, and obtain revenge for his brothers murder.
The Character's Abilities//Powers
Can shatter and reform.
Devil Fruit Information
Did they eat a Devil Fruit or not?: Yes
- If yes, Devil Fruit name?: The Pane Pane No-Mi
Etymology- Nope.
Devil Fruit Type- Logia/paramecia? (Some sort of mixture. Idk
Abilities//Powers- Allows him to shatter and reform as though made of glass. (Because he is)
Strength(s)- Cannot die by stabbing, punching, spearing, ect.
Weaknesses- Drowning, And Sea Prism.
Fighting Styles
Haki: Awakened
If Awakened, which one?: Kenbunshoku Haki
Kenbunshoku Haki: Present. He is familiar with it as mantra. He has a rare version that allows him to draw strength from his allies, rather than just observe.
Any other fight styles:
Martial Arts
Preferred Weapon(s)- Twin scythes with adamadite blades.
The Character's Relationships With Others
Reputation- Highly feared by most marines.
Relationship Status- Single, but open.
Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies
Pirate. Ex member of the Glass Fist Pirates. [DISBANDED]
The Character's Bio//Backstory//Background
Sea Of Origin- Grand Line, but migrated to the East Blue.

Birthplace-Warship Island

Date of Birth-: Sept 15
Not available at the moment.

(I made it more concise)

Simply Kanna

"We've got a lifetime to figure it out."
Full Name-{First//Last}: Bernadetta Lenz (Lenz Bernadetta)


Detta (Arnold Rayes - Adoptive Father)

Bernie (Old Nickname She Used To Refer to Herself in Childhood)


Red Faced Scrapper (Collective Epithet Given As A Child - When A Member of The 'Blood Palace')

'Deadly Sweet' Lenz Bernadetta [Future]

- Reason Behind This Epithet(s):

'Red Faced Scrapper' - This epithet isn't actually solely her's, it refers to all the children that were captured and forced into the service of the 'Blood Palace', after the mass escape, the Marines that were apart of the restaurant put out a collective bounty for all 'Entertainers' that managed to make their way out. All things considered, she's a faceless nobody among hundreds with the same 'name'.

'Deadly Sweet' - Has yet to be given the Epithet, but will eventually be known as 'Deadly Sweet' for the fact that she remains rather kind and respectful during the confrontation with the Marine that assigns her bounty, is known as a pâtissier at a diner, and still able to beat the shit out of them.

Gender: Female [Born Male]

Age: 19

Species: Human

Sexual Preference/Orientation: Asexual Panromantic

Occupation(s): Pâtissier/General Cook at 'Cherry Filling Diner'

Ex-Blood Palace Entertainer


Regulus Noble Family [Previous 'Owners']

Cherry Filling Diner

(Future Pirate Crew)


Blood Palace [Has Since Left/Escaped]

Pirate Crew: [Has Not Yet Joined]


Red Faced Scrapper - 3,000,000 Belli

Deadly Sweet Lenz Bernadetta - 1,000,000 Belli

Bounty Disclaimer(s):

Red Faced Scrappers are only wanted dead by the Marines.

She's wanted dead or alive as 'Deadly Sweet'.


October 23rd [Also the anniversary of the opening of the Cherry Filling Diner]

[Assumed to have actually been born in Early Spring]

Blood Type: AB-


Bernadetta is a short, lean, young woman with pale skin sporting mid-back length dark grey hair, light brown eyes, and a perpetual dead look on her face.

She has a multitude of scars, but the most prominent two are that of what looks like a someone took a knife to her face, and purposefully dug out a chunk of skin from the right cheek, and dozens of long lash like scars over her entire body.

Height: 04"10

Weight: 102lbs

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Scars: Bernadetta's entire body is covered in long laceration scars, likely from that of a whip of some sort, a multitude of knife cuts from her work, and what looks like a small chunk of skin missing from her left cheek. She also has a small smattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose.

Tattoo(s): Bernadetta has a tattoo of a date branded over her right hip, (5/21/XXX), that she refuses to reveal the significance too. Paired with that is a larger tattoo over her neck that looks like the symbol of Seafair Island.

Never Seen Without: A bandanna, or ribbons, to keep her hair out of her face.


Bernadetta has subdued sense of self, being rather passive and easy-going, if sharp-tongued and rather defiant of authority figures, to her father's eternal frustration, she has a burning hatred of the Marine's, and a passion for cooking that's nearly unrivaled.

Favorite(s): Cherry flavored anything, cooking, morbid humor, knives of all sorts.

Least Favorite(s): Bland food, preparing Sea King meat, seeing her own blood.

Hobbies//Habit(s): She turns out her left foot when she lies, she likes sharpening knives and other bladed weapons, collecting 'useful' knives, she also has a 'useless' weapon collection in her personal room full of antique or ornamental weapons, she doesn't have a particularly large natural smile.

Phobia(s): Hemophobia that only comes from seeing her own blood, or being absolutely covered in someone else's, beyond that she's pretty okay with, an extreme fear of the dark and enclosed spaces, being left alone.

Best Qualities: Cool and collected, relatively good with small children, relatively smart, determined.

Worst Qualities-{List your character(s) worst qualities}: Cannot be talked down from a goal once set, overtly stubborn, emotionally dense and detached, not overly observant.

Goal(s)//Motivation(s): Bernadetta wants to see the wider world, discover more complicated dishes, serve and dine with all types of people from all walks of life, and more than anything she wants to slit open the throats of the entire Regulus Noble Family for what they force hundreds of children to do for their entertainment.


Devil Fruit Information
Did they eat a Devil Fruit or not?: [N/A]

If yes, Devil Fruit name?: [N/A]

Etymology: [N/A]

Devil Fruit Type: [N/A]

(She personally thinks anyone who eats a Devil Fruit other than a Logia or Mythical Zoan is a special brand of idiot, but nonetheless, she respects physical power, no matter where it comes from, even it ends up being from idiots.)


Knife Wielding - Bernadetta is proficient in wielding knives of all types, albeit ones with special abilities will likely require some time to get used too.

Short Swords - Bernadetta has a rather crude way of wielding short swords like long daggers.

Duel Chokuto Swords - Bernadetta is much more experienced in wielding Chokuto swords in duel wielding due to being taught by her father.

Strength(s)-{List your character(s) strengths}: Agility, strength, quick-thinking, determined.

Weaknesses-{List your character(s) weaknesses}: Lack of defense and speed, revenge-driven and overly emotional and bloodthirsty during battle.

Fighting Styles
Haki: Awakened -
If Awakened, which one?:

Kenbunshoku Haki - Awakened, takes form in extremely advanced sense of smell.

Busoshoku Haki - Unawakened, but possible.

Haoshoku Haki - Unawakened, possible, but takes extremely odd form once awakened.

Kenbunshoku Haki: Bernadetta's nose is extremely sensitive, and she uses it every-day in her life, whether it comes to her cooking, finding lost items, or tracking down herbs and such. It awakened when she was child still working as an entertainer at the Blood Palace. It took the form of smell because, as one of the 'cooks' in the assembly line, she needed everything to be perfect less she be punished. It also helped somewhat when she was regulated to putting on Slaughter Shows, as it helped her prepare herself however minutely.

Busoshoku Haki: Unawakened, (will likely use to strengthen weapons, punches, and kicks).

Haoshoku Haki: Unawakened, (will take on a very weird form if awakened).

Any other fight styles:

Bernadetta was taught how to wield her duel chokuto swords by her adoptive father, Arnold Rayes, however due to her much different body type and stature she couldn't rely on complete raw power and stamina, and was therefore tweaked to suit her frame, relying more on agility and powerful hits.

Preferred Weapon(s):


Short Swords.

Chokuto Duel Swords.

The Character's Relationships With Others:

Arnold Rayes - Bernadetta's adoptive father, confidant, and close friend. She loves her dearly, and would do just about anything for him.


Relationship Status-{Are//Were they single, dating someone or are//were they married?}:

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies
{Only for those character(s) that are either pirates, marines or are apart of any organization like Baroque Works, the Revolutionary Army, etc. If they're apart of any of these classifications, describe them. If they are not apart of anything yet, which most of you won't be, explain what they want to be apart of. Make sure to include their role.}

Sea Of Origin: Grand Line Paradise, forced to live in New World, later migrated to West Blue.

Birthplace: Redbank Island, forced to live on Talent Island, later escaped and lives on Seafair Island in the West Blue.

Date of Birth: October 23rd [Speculated to be Early Spring, but no known date, was given the date that the Cherry Filing Diner was first opened as her birth date in compensation.]

Background: [WIP]

Nenma Takashi

Terribly Terrible
Full Name-: Narumi Lilagan

Nickname(s)-: Naru, Dr.Narumi

Epithet(s)-: The Blind Idiot

- Reason Behind This Epithet(s)-: Due to her blindness and bumbling around many underestimated Narumi. Making it easy to swindle them leading to her being known as The Blind Idiot.

Gender-: Female

Age-: 20

Species-: Human

Sexual Preference//Orientation-: Homosexual

Occupation(s)//Affiliation(s)-: Doctor, Con-artist

Organization(s)-: N/A

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Life-: N/A

Bounty-: 1,000 berries

Bounty Disclaimer(s)-: Wanted Alive for the crime of performing many scams and cons.

Birthday-: Feb 8th

Blood Type-: O+

The Character's Appearance



Height-: 5'6

Weight-: 129 lbs

Handedness-: Left handed

Tattoo(s)//Birthmark(s)//Scar(s)-: A scar trails across both eyes and the bridge of her nose. She also has a birthmark that kinda resembles a large scar on her back.

Extra Feature(s)//Never Seen Without?-: She always has her trusty cane to help her feel around so that she doesn't run into walls.

About The Character


Narumi is like one would expect from a doctor, she is kind and has a wish to help others who are hurt or need medical attention. That is until she is in the middle of a battle in which Narumi shows off her true colors a lying coward who looks for the easiest way out of her problems. She isn’t afraid to use every trick in the book to get what she wants using her quick wits and cute appearance as simple tools in order to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard. Despite how much of a cheating, lying, coward Narumi is she would never turn her back on a friend or someone who truly trust her. Only when protecting something dear to her does Narumi show actual bravery even if her legs feel like jelly she’d stand her ground against even the scariest foes.

Favorite(s)//Like(s)-{List your character(s) favorite(s)//like(s)}: Taking nice long sun baths, Sweets, Alcohol, When a plan comes together, Figuring out a seemingly impossible problem

Least Favorite(s)//Dislike(s)-{List your character(s) least favorite(s)//dislike(s)}: Being outsmarted, Getting cornered, Facing off against strong goes, Her plans completely failing, Bumping into stuff

Hobbies//Habit(s)-: Narumi tends to chew her thumb nails when deep in thought, Narumi has a habit of lying when her backs against the wall.

Phobia(s)//Fear(s)-: Narumi has a deep fear of swords while she can make due being near one the second she touches one she completely breaks down. This stems from when she lost her eyesight. As such she's never has nor never will use a sword, this fear has also caused her to be cautious of swordsmen.

Best Qualities-: Understanding, Heart of Gold, Priotizes friends well being, Can stay rational in dire situations

Worst Qualities-{List your character(s): Compulsive liar, Tends to hide her true intentions, Cowardly, Doubts self when faced with a powerful foe

Goal(s)//Motivation(s)//Dream(s)-: Reunite with her Mentor, Become a respected Doctor

The Character's Abilities//Powers

Devil Fruit Information

Did they eat a Devil Fruit or not?:

- If yes, Devil Fruit name?: Rest-Rest Fruit

Etymology-: Stands for Restoration Fruit

Devil Fruit Type-{Paramecia//Logia//Zoan}: Paramecia

A paramecia-type fruit that lets the user restore anything they touch be it a person or object turning them into a restoration human. A downside to this fruit being the user can not fix any damage to themselves. When fixing something say a table snapped in two the two pieces would be pulled together and fixed. If the other half was burned then a new half would be created. If someone had their arm cut off the arm would fly back to it’s original spot like nothing happened. Of course things are never easy for Narumi as the biggest flaw of her ability is the user feels the same pain as the person their healing. So that guy that got his arm back good for him, Narumi who now feels like her arm got chopped off? Not so much of course.

Strength(s)-: Quick Thinker, High Intelligence, Always keeps tricks up her sleeves, Silver Tongue, Great acting skills, A gifted Medic, Great sense of hearing

Weaknesses-: No real fighting training, Tends to assume she's the smartest in the room, Tends to overthink things, Seriously lacking in defense, Completely blind

Fighting Styles
Haki: Unawakened

If Awakened, which one?: N/A

Kenbunshoku Haki: N/A

Busoshoku Haki: N/A

Haoshoku Haki: N/A

Any other fight styles:
Dirty Dojo Style- A style of fighting Narumi made up in order to combat stronger foes than her the style consist of Narumi’s greatest abilities. Such as but not limited to lying, and being a coward.

DDS Pocket Sand- Narumi always makes sure to carry a pouch of sand on her at all times, when a tough foe shows themselves Narumi will not hesitate to throw sand in their face. Giving her the chance to either run/hide or attack

DDS Silver Snake- Narumi is a great liar and an even greater coward when given a chance she will deceive the enemy into thinking they have the upper hand than sping her ultimate move on them!

DDS What's that!- Narumi points at something looking absolutely shocked, the second her foe takes their eyes off her she takes off running.

DDS Sliding Grovel- Narumi takes a running start coming to a sliding grovel a display so pathetic it tends to cause does to hesitate leaving them open.

DDS Ultimate Killer Move-Narumi talks up her ultimate attack taking a fighting stance only to turn tail and take off at full sprint at a frankly impressive speed.

Preferred Weapon(s)-: Narumi prefers to use her wits and whatever she can get her hands on as a weapon.

The Character's Relationships With Others

Reputation-: Friends of Narumi will say she's a very kind woman who looks out for the weak. Those who are just meeting her would tell you she's an absolute idiot, a blind naive girl who would walk into a burning building if left alone.

Relationship Status-: Single

Pirate Crew(s)//Marine Allies//Organization Allies
Narumi had always thought that if push came to shove she'd join a pirate crew, since any crew would benefit from a Doctor.

The Character's Bio//Backstory//Background

Sea Of Origin-: North Blue

Birthplace-: A small port town called Pear Town

Date of Birth-: Isn't sure

A simple street rat who didn’t have anywhere to call her home Narumi had to learn quick how to survive on her own. That meant being smart and getting other idiots to do all the heavy lifting for her. Combining her natural good looks and silver tongue Narumi became something of the boss of her port town Pear Town. That was until her gang of groupies messed with the wrong one an old guy who didn’t seem like much. Instead he beat them all down leaving Narumi to think of something quick. One thing led to another and she ended up spewing out a lie about wanting becoming his apprentice. He turned out to be a well known doctor and taught Narumi everything he knew.

Originally Narumi was just getting close to steal the shiny chest he kept in his room. Then days turned to weeks, weeks to month, months to years and by the time she was 16 she had forgotten about the chest. That is until he showed it to her and told her what was inside a devil fruit. Narumi realized she didn’t care about the fruit she enjoyed the first home she had ever gotten to experience. As if to spit in her face pirates invaded the port town looking for the good doctor. Narumi tried to help out but she was unable to do anything useful as one of the pirate attacked her with his sword. Narumi was pushed out of the way by her master hearing him beat them down. Hearing was all she could do now after her eyes had been damaged beyond healing by the pirate.

In hopes it’d help her master gave her the fruit only for it to turn out she could heal everyone but herself. Narumi began to get use to being blind over the course of the next few years, one day she work up to the worst thing. Her master wasn’t home he had left Narumi didn’t really need a letter or anything to tell her why. He blamed himself for her injury and left without a word. That wasn't going to fly with Narumi she’d find him and show him he had nothing to be sorry to a liar like her about.
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