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Realistic or Modern One On One Roleplay (M/F & F/F)


Looking for something new and fun
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
One on One Roleplay?

I need a Beautiful Les/Bi/Pan Girl (Dominant please.) or a Handsome Boy.

I play a female character.

I’m 22 so I’d prefer a partner who’s 18+.

I have some plots typed up but you can also suggest things. At least be able to punctuate please. Be able to at least write more than 4 sentences.

Here are my plots and you can check them out.

* Friends with benefits
* Best friends
* Neighbors
* Enemies
* Teacher and Student
* College and High School
* Strangers
* Innocent and Rebel
* Kidnapped and the Kidnapper
* YouTuber and Fan
* Famous and Nonfamous
* YouTubers
* YouTube Couple
* Rich and Poor
* Secret Relationship
* Arranged Marriage
* Ex's
* Ex High school sweethearts
* Secret Pregnancy
* Starting a family
* Flirting Best Friends
* Long distance relationship
* Girl and Boyfriends Sister/Brother
* Relationships Problems
* Locked in the School
* Battle of the bands
* Preacher's Daughter and Rebellious Girl/Boy
* Teen mom/dad and Random Girl/Boy
* Accidentally Pregnancy
* Bosses Daughter and Employee.
* Blind Date.
* High School Sweethearts.
* Engagement.
* Nerdy Boy/Girl and Popular Girl/Boy.
*Hidden Child.
*Vampire and Prince/Princess.
*Military Couple.
*Boss and Coworker.
*Dancer and bad boy/girl.
*Age gap couple.
*Young cancer patients.
*Young cancer patient and student nurse.
* Any suggestions you have.

Message me with an idea you like or any plot ideas you have. Also let me know which gender you are playing. The bold plots are the roles I’d prefer to play.

I write in first person but I do not mind a partner who writes in third.
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