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One on One anyone? 0,,0


Be foolish & have fun
With a rather odd title you clicked on this; thank you, I like you.

So I sent out a search before and I got quite a few replies! Sadly, school got on top of me and I had to abruptly end. I am happy to restart any of them but I would love to RP with some of people also :D

To be honest I'm not too picky, just please be happy. I don't mean you have to talk about rainbows or anything like that and of course people have the right to not be happy but all I'm trying to say is it would be nice if people are polite. Polite people are my faves so I will love you instantly... Sorry.

I had a list of things I like but I've lost it like the noob I am. So, of you're up for a roleplay do tell me! We can do it here or kik and I don't really care where. I'll put a list below of all my current 'cravings' as such. Thank you for reading all of this if you have. :)

Have a good day/night/life.


Be foolish & have fun
(~Found the list from last time! >.^~)

With pairings, I am only comfortable with M/F but you can persuade me into M/M if there's a certain plot you have in mind. I usually play the female but am happy to double as a male if that's what floats your boat! ^_^ Although my list below contains fandoms I would rather use OCs. It's more creative yet, you can use them! And, I am more than happy to double as a canon. Here's my list below!

~Anything Medieval

~Fantasy Pairing

~Runaway Teens

~Creative plots

~Dark Plots

~Romantic fluff plots (these are an on and offs at time but if they're creative then always! :D )

~Fable (2,3) The video game

~The Last Of Us video game

~Beyond Two Souls video game

~(Any video game as long as you inform me about the plot beforehand :D )

~The Walking Dead


~The Hunger Games

~Beautiful Creatures

~The Road

~Frozen Guardians (Jelsa)

~Donnie Darko themed

~And pretty much anything!
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Be foolish & have fun
[QUOTE="Gamer Wizard Justin]A walking dead would be cool

I'd be happy to do a walking dead one!


Be foolish & have fun
(~Bump, sorry if people in the past replied to this and I didn't get back to them. School sucks. >.<~)


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I'd be interested in a The Hunger Games one.Also,I'm craving a Pirate x Captive or Master x Slave one.However,I cannot play males in romance situations and only do MxF...would you be alright with playing the male?I have plots in mind for all of them.For THG,I have both canon x OC and OC x OC,but just a note I stink at canons and am not comfortable playing them xD .

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