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Fantasy Once Upon Our Time | Characters



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Character Sheets

**REALISTIC pictures only please!**

Disney Character:

Face Claim:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Modifications:

Magical Artifact:
[nothing OP]
Drawback(s): [at least two]

Likes: [3+]
Dislikes: [3+]
Fears: [2+]
Quirks: [2+]
Theme Song: (optional)

Personality: [1-2 paragraphs or bullet points]
Bio: [1-2 paragraphs]



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finnegan edwards - 23 - male - hansel

Name: Finnegan James Edwards.
Nickname: He goes by Finn.
Age: 23
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Disney Character: Hansel from Hansel and Gretel

Face Claim: Cody Christian
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Light brown
Height: 5'10
Body Modifications: None.

Magical Artifact: A gingerbread house which never rots
Power(s): He has the ability to create a door that will teleport you to any location he's seen
Drawback(s): The more people that go through this door, the less energy he has. Also, he has to be able to picture the location. So, if something there has changed or he just can't remember it, he is useless.

-Being outdoors
-Cuddling (though he would never meet it)
-Fire ("it looks cool")
-Being talked down to
-Nasally voices
-Desperate people, whether that relates to romance or friendships
-Being insignificant
-Constantly on his phone
-Wears glasses, but doesn't use them
Theme Song: Sorry Not Sorry from the musical Six

Personality: Finn is somewhat an extrovert, though he doesn't show it the way most do. He doesn't show emotion besides happiness or anger to anyone but his family. He can be quite flirtatious and charismatic, but it is more often than not a mask. He tends to cover up his true emotions with a flirtatious smile, though that can switch easily. He does have a rather hot-head, which tends to catch people off guard. He will go from flirting with you to punching you at the drop of a hat, so people tend to be somewhat fearful of his unpredictability. That being said, when he is around those he trusts or in a general good mood, he is known to be a bit of a "class clown" and would do anything to make someone laugh. He is rather optimistic as well, though this is more due to a lack of knowledge than an active belief that the world is good.
Bio: As far as Finn knows, he was born in a fairly unhappy family. He was the product of an affair, so his stepmother was never really his biggest fan. She, however, decided to stay with his father, though it is unclear why. As a result, Finn grew up around a lot of arguing and a loud family, but he never quite felt like he was a part of it. For the most part, he was just ignored. So, when he was sixteen, he scrounged up enough money to move out on his own. He began to work at the local music shop, selling instruments and records. He now manages that store, but still lives in the same old crappy apartment he got back then.

In the enchanted forest, the story of Hansel and Gretel is suprisingly one that this world got correct. However, it didn't end there for the twins. Though, yes, they did get quite a bit of money from the witch's house, most of it was taken from them due to the lord's unjust "taxes". He took all but a years worth of food from the family, for he favored their stepmother and she told him a lie about what happened. So, like all disney fathers do, Hansel and Gretel's father decided to sacrifice himself so his children could live longer. He stored the food he was meant to be eating, and ended up dying of starvation. While this was going on, the children were going through the trauma of having, ya know, killed someone at twelve years old.

So, after their father's death, the twins decided that they could depend on no one but themselves. They could trust no authority, so they left the town in which they lived and built a shack out in the middle of nowhere. Their father had taught them how to cook, clean, and hunt, so they just decided to live completely separate from the rest of humanity. That is, until the curse.

coded by weldherwings.
"nibble, nibble little mouse."
"who is nibbling at my house?"
serana isabelle dubois

her friends call her ana




disney character:
gretel from hansel and gretel

magical artifact:
a bone

fire manipulation

useless in water and only her hands are immune to the fire
hair color:
light brown

eye color:

body mods:
a few tattoos. one on her ribs and one on the inside of each elbow (imagine they are in the same place).

distinctive features:
her eyes tend to draw people in



typical hair style:
normally, she keeps it in it's natural, straight form.

clothing style:
cottage core. there is no other way to describe it. it's just cottage core. here is her outfit pinterest

face claim to
face claim here
personality summary:
ana can easily be described as the mom friend, though she doesn't genuinely have many friends. she will care for anyone she meets like they are her family, since she doesn't exactly have one. she's been known to carry snacks for her friends, just in case they need anything. she's a sweetheart and incredibly kind hearted, so she will always be a shoulder to cry on for anyone.

she's also incredibly fake. sure, she always seems happy and optimistic, but really she just doesn't want to get close to anyone. she just cares for everyone, whether or not she actually likes them. she just pretends to like everyone, since she doesn't want to get close enough that anyone knows her opinions. people can know trivial things, like her favorite color or animal, but when it comes to things that genuinely make her happy or upset, no one really knows.

when you do get to know her, she is an incredibly affectionate and loving person. she loves romance and being physically close to someone, especially if someone else initiates it. someone hold her hand and kiss her forehead please.






♡the ocean


❯being alone
❯closed spaces


❯dying alone
❯being trapped in a small space


☆always chewing gum
☆snorts when laughing

ana believes that she was born to parents who couldn't take care of her, so she was given away to her grandmother when she was six months old. however, this grandmother was neglectful, never giving her enough food, then commenting on her weight. at the age of eightteen, she was kicked out and began working at a local bakery. only a few years later, she now owns the bakery, called cotton cakery. it's a rather small buisness, but many storybrooke residents choose to spend their time there. she also has recently gotten a little white cat, whom she named athena.

in the enchanted forest, the story of hansel and gretel is suprisingly one that this world got correct. however, it didn't end there for the twins. though, yes, they did get quite a bit of money from the witch's house, most of it was taken from them due to the lord's unjust "taxes". he took all but a years worth of food from the family, for he favored their stepmother and she told him a lie about what happened. so, like all disney fathers do, hansel and gretel's father decided to sacrifice himself so his children could live longer. he stored the food he was meant to be eating, and ended up dying of starvation. while this was going on, the children were going through the trauma of having, ya know, killed someone at twelve years old.

so, after their father's death, the twins decided that they could depend on no one but themselves. they could trust no authority, so they left the town in which they lived and built a shack out in the middle of nowhere. their father had taught them how to cook, clean, and hunt, so they just decided to live completely separate from the rest of humanity. that is, until the curse.
♡her theme song is what baking can do from the musical waitress
♡such a mom friend
♡she will take away privileges when someone misbehaves
♡"no gummy bears for a week!"
♡she's barely even five feet tall though, so people tend to not listen to her
♡hates violence more than anything, but is thankful when someone protects her
♡hates fighting. please don't argue in front of her
♡ridiculously easy to make her cry
♡has fallen in love with too many people who don't give a shit about her
♡would cry if she stepped on a bug
♡clingy drunk
♡really easy to manipulate
♡likes to sing when she believes she's alone
♡really childish when upset
♡queen of the silent treatment
♡probably written poetry
♡youngest sibling energy
♡probably has her ships written down somewhere
♡played the violin growing up
♡doesn't feel comfortable going to anyone for comfort
♡loves physical touch though
♡calls people who are younger than her honey
♡hates getting pictures taken of her
♡will only be satisfied when she has five chinchillas
♡if it's fluffy, she wants it
♡in some aspects, she has the mind of a three year old.
♡shiny? soft? squishy? she wants it all
♡will kill for a child
♡then console them with the blood on her hands
♡can't watch the office, as she gets too much second hand embarrassment from it

º º code by ditto º º
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  • ..........."kiss my...

    Tatum Antoinetta Rowe.

    Tate and TicTac.

    19 years old.

    January 5th.

    Capricorn {☉}; Taurus {☾}; Scorpio {↗}.




    disney character

    magic artifact
    A blindfold.

    Ability to heal wounds with simply her touch.

    The effectiveness of her healing powers is random, and she sometimes loses her sight for a period of time after healing someone, especially her own wounds.

    Florence Pugh.

Tatum Rowe

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  • Rosalyn Franco

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  • Dominica Marin

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  • River Bryant
    Flynn Rider

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all you need is faith, trust, & pixie dust

Name: Arianna Jamison
Nickname: Ari
Disney Character:

Face Claim:
Ashley Benson
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Modifications:
Ears | Nose | This Tattoo


Magical Artifact: A Vial of Pixie Dust
Transmutation & Flight
Drawback(s): She can only transform herself into something else, not another person or object. The transformation is only temporary. Flight is temporary as well, though pixie dust helps the length of time in which she can fly.


Likes: attention | hair, makeup & fashion | her job (mostly) | listening to music | dancing
Dislikes: being talked over | being ignored | hot tea | jelly beans | that bitch Wendy
abandonment | being replaced
tugs on her hair when anxious/embarrassed | rarely seen without looking "perfect"


(+) passionate
(+) intuitive
(+) clever
(-) proud
(-) impatient
(-) jealous

theme & bio.

Theme Song:

Arianna has been alone in Storybrooke for as long as she can remember. Of course, she couldn't be a child on her own, because she needed someone to help her survive and learn how to take on the world. But as far as family, she has none. She has vague memories of a shadow faced woman who might have been her mother, though honestly, it could be anybody. Arianna's earliest memories that are clear to her are from her childhood, from growing up in the foster care system in Storybrooke. The town is usually a bright and sunny place, but for Arianna, there's a darkness covering the place.

Foster care is never a piece of cake, and that's the same for Arianna's childhood. She was teased, tormented and bullied by the other kids in foster care, and even sometimes by the adults. She grew up clinging to those who showed her any sign of sympathy or love, and if that person were to leave, she felt absolutely abandoned and destroyed. That happened more often than not in her life, leaving her a bit jaded and angry. She eventually learned how to keep herself occupied, finding a love in fashion and other things of that nature.

She did okay in school, though she never really got that parental guidance in any aspect of her life. At the age of eighteen, she graduated high school and out of the foster program. She got a job at a local boutique in town, finding a place with a roommate that wasn't too expensive. She's hard to handle but definitely passionate about certain things. Right before she turned eighteen, she met someone who was a couple years older, and they started a relationship. It lasted for a good year or so, and Ari was head over heels for him.

But then things got serious when she got pregnant, and the truth came to light. He wasn't faithful, never had been, and he wasn't interested in being a father. They had a huge fight and he walked out on her, and she ended up miscarrying alone. Ever since then, she hasn't done anything but work and hang out with the few friends she has, because she's terrified of getting invested and left alone again.
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an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart

Name: Winter Davis
Nickname: Win
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disney Character: Elsa

Face Claim: Loren Gray
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'7
Body Modifications: Ears | Nose | This Tattoo | And This One


Magical Artifact: A snowflake necklace
Power(s): Ice Manipulation
Drawback(s): Weak against fire magic.


Likes: her sister | cotton candy | iced coffee | being in charge | colored pens
Dislikes: deep water | her job | sugar free candy | cutting her hair | gold jewelry
Fears: losing her sister | not being good enough
Quirks: loves braiding hair | tells people she can't swim to avoid doing so

(+) protective
(+) intelligent
(+) adaptable
(-) closed off
(-) proud
(-) critical

theme & bio.

Theme Song:

Winter is the first born of the Davis children, her sister Summer being born three years later. Their father worked long hours as an accountant at one of the local firms in Storybrooke, which was a small firm compared to some places out there, but that didn't mean that the numbers were any different. He was an extremely smart man, great with numbers and all in all able to help the townsfolk with their money. He was even great with his own money, which was definitely great for the family. The girls mother was a teacher, a sweetheart of a woman that everyone who came across her loved.

Their father, while great with numbers and probably the best accountant in the town, had another passion: fishing. He would spend every minute he could near or on the water, and sometimes the family would even go with him. Winter has alot of memories of being young in Storybrooke with her sister and their parents, playing on the banks of the water with their mother nearby or even being on the boat with him. Sometimes they would fish too, though they were young and not always sure of what they were doing. Still, it was family time, and Winter loved every second of it.

Things were great until the storm. Winter was fourteen, and Summer had just turned eleven. Their parents went out on the water one day, leaving the girls on the sand. They weren't going far, and nothing bad ever happened in Storybrooke. But the weather changed so suddenly, and Winter vividly remembers watching her parents boat trying to come back to shore before flipping over. Her parents never resurfaced, and even though she ran into the water to try and help them, she couldn't find them. They weren't alone by the water, and someone pulled her out and she and Summer were taken to the local police station.

Hours passed before Winter's worst nightmare was confirmed: their parents were dead. They were placed in foster care, and Winter became extremely protective of Summer. She had to grow up that day by the water, and in her mind, Summer was her responsibility. She took care of her sister, made sure she did her homework and ate three square meals a day. This changed the once free spirited girl into a more responsible, quiet, and serious girl. When she turned eighteen she got custody of Summer, and got a place of their own using the money from her job as an assistant at the same firm her father worked at. She's been working long hours since then to ensure Summer remains taken care of.

coded by incandescent



I'll know the way back if you know the way,

name : kaya amahle nkosi
nicknames : none really
age : appears to be 25
gender : cis female
sexuality : heterosexual
disney character : kida


face claim : nyané lebajoa
hair color : naturally white. don't question it. she doesn't
eye color : dark brown
height : 5'1
body modifications : she has a nose ring, a tattoo sleeve, and a tattoo on her ribs.
style : generally edgy, with a lot of crop tops. click here
magical artifacts : a crystal necklace
powers : she can heal people
drawbacks : she only can when she has her crystal and it's energy drains quite easily


personality description : kaya has a lot of walls up, but makes it virtually impossible for anyone to notice. she is incredibly charismatic and outgoing, though she takes a while to get used to. she is incredibly witty and makes sarcastic remarks to everyone, so people often think she dislikes them. in reality, she almost always decides whether or not she likes someone within the first five minutes of meeting them. people can rarely tell when she actually dislikes them, her sarcastic comments just become a bit less sarcastic. occasionally, she will snap, but she will often just make a comment then leave.
virtues :
☆ intelligent
☆ witty
☆ decisive
☆ perceptive
☆ passionate
vices :
★ pessimistic
★ stubborn
★ aloof
★ doesn't trust easily
★ defensive
likes :
♡ swimming
♡ art
♡ combat boots
♡ being alone
♡ being busy
♡ tall shoes (they make her feel powerful)
dislikes :
❯ large groups
❯ emotions in general
❯ being lonely
❯ sexist assholes
❯ tea
❯ being hot
fears :
❯ not being useful anymore
❯ being manipulated
quirks :
☆ constantly wears cheap rings that she fidgets with, then loses in a matter of weeks.
☆ picks at her nails when she is anxious


bio : kaya believes that she was born to a lovely couple, though most wouldn't consider them to be the typical parents. her father ran a tattoo shop, while her mother worked as an artist. unfortunately, when kaya was seven her mother passed away due to a drunk driver. the two remaining nkosis struggled quite a bit with their grief. as time went on, it got easier, but their financial struggles didn't. due to their monetary situation, her father was constantly working and she began to as well. the two of them were constantly busy, but they were happy. that is, until her father developed arthritis in his hands. they had always known that he wasn't going to be able to work forever, as he was a bit older, but they weren't prepared for it when kaya was only fourteen. legally, she wasn't yet able to work in the shop, so she picked up as many other jobs as possible, often going days without sleep. as soon as she was able, kaya got her tattooing license and took over the shop. since then, she still hasn't learned how to slow down and she spends almost all of her time working.
But if you are, I am quite alright hiding today.
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she's out there somewhere, i just haven't found her yet

Name: Jonah Evans
Nickname: Jo, J
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Disney Character: Prince Eric

Face Claim: Matthew Daddario
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown (Dark)
Height: 6'0
Body Modifications: This Tattoo | And This One


Magical Artifact: A mermaid scale
Power(s): Telekinesis
Drawback(s): He can't move anything through a solid object (i.e.: a wall, building, etc.). He must be able to see the item.


Likes: the ocean | women/flirting | bartending | winning | chick flicks
Dislikes: coming in last | being trapped on land | turtlenecks | talking on the phone | useless conversation
Fears: never finding the "perfect" woman | losing his ability to be dependent
Quirks: carries around an old compass he found that doesn't work

(+) capable
(+) adventurous
(+) confident
(-) stubborn
(-) hotheaded
(-) impulsive

theme & bio.

Theme Song:

Jonah and his mother moved to Storybrooke when he was a small child, and he doesn't remember a life before this town. But overall, moving to Storybrooke was a great thing for the two of them, because the town is right next to the water and they're both lovers of the ocean. Jonah has memories of himself as a child playing by the water there, marveling at the big ships in the ocean and at the docks. He was always fascinated by them, and would sometimes just walk the docks and pretend that he was the owner of one of the ships and he was getting ready to go out to sea.

Most of the people out there were fairly friendly, and some of them even took young Jonah under their wings, teaching him about the ships and sailing and everything to do with the ocean. He learned how to respect the waters, because when you were out to sea, the sea was the boss. His mother encouraged his dreams of becoming a sailor, never wanting to stand in the way of what her son truly wanted to do with his life and become. She was also very careful about her own love life, not wanting to introduce Jonah to a bunch of random strangers. She rarely talked about his real father, only to tell him that he wasn't ready to be a father.

Jonah's mother was also hiding a terrible secret from her son. She was sick, and didn't have much time left. She didn't want him to know, but as the illness started to spread in her body and she got weaker, she was unable to hide this from him. She ended up dying when he was about fourteen or so, and losing the best woman in his life nearly destroyed him. Still, her influence lived on in him in some ways. He's a hopeless romantic, but doesn't go about romancing woman in the best way. After he lost his mother, one of the captains of the ships took him in, becoming like a father to him.

Growing up in those critical teenage years around a bunch of guys was quite a culture shock for Jonah, and left him a little confused on how to handle women. He started searching for the "perfect woman" as he got older, but ended up just sleeping with them and moving on if they weren't what he was looking for. He works now as a bartender at the bar and pub near the water, so he can be close to the sea while he works until he can get a ship of his own. He still goes out with some of the other men, but wants nothing more than to settle down with the woman of his dreams and have a ship.

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name | James Piper-Davies
nickname | Jim
age | 39
gender | Male
sexuality | Het
disney character | Peter Pan

James Piper-Davies.png

eye color | Brown
hair color | Auburn with streaks of grey
height | 1.75m
body modifications | None
At an immediate glance, James cuts a wholly unimposing figure even by the most ordinary standards. His brown eyes appear dulled by many years of late nights in the study and he now squints through a pair of rimless spectacles with suitably thick lenses. His once-auburn now-greying hair is dry but reasonably tidy, cut at a short, manageable length. His sharp cheekbones poke out quite visibly from under his undernourished skin, which look like it once saw a fair bit of sunlight but now is quite pale. However, his face remains surprisingly boyish even with his worn-out expression. He walks with a steady gait with a slight slouch and is rarely seen wearing anything less casual than a hastily-ironed shirt and crumpled chinos. Though his smiles aren't infrequent, they always come across a little world-weary and hapless.

magical artefact | carved wooden panpipes
powers | mimicry and flight
He can copy any individual's attributes upon hearing them speak, including their physical capabilities, their skills or their voice. He is also capable of independent flight.
He can only mimic one person at a time, and needs to have heard their voice in-person to mimic their attributes. He cannot copy appearances, though he can mimic expressions and voices. He can copy artefact-based powers, but can only hold one power at a time, and even then for only five minutes.

- 19th century novels
- old Classical music records (particularly Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier)
- rum with ice
- fencing
- photos of his wife

- mainstream pop / avant-garde music
- argumentative neighbours with young children
- modern film adaptations of classic literature
having to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road

- getting lost somewhere unfamiliar
- freaky ghost children
- plane accidents
- having no family (especially losing his step-daughter)

- adjusts his glasses when nervous
- enjoys cooking blisteringly spicy food
- former captain of his university fencing team

There is something pitifully ignorable about James' whole demeanour - he is a quiet, unassuming man who likes to keep his boundaries and becomes flustered when they are crossed. He has strong feelings of obligation towards helping people but does not believe in handouts and values the merit of dedication and hard work. Outside of his areas of expertise, he is somewhat awkward and tentative. However, once his opinion is set, he can be bullishly stubborn.

At age 12, James Piper was the sole survivor of a plane accident that occurred off the coast of England. After recovering, he was taken into foster care by an elderly couple who eventually adopted him as their son. He was a difficult child growing up, constantly getting into fights with the other students. Despite his rebellious nature, under the influence of his foster parents, he began to improve his performance at school, successfully gaining a place at a university to study history. While there, he competed with the university fencing team, even becoming captain in the latter. However, while he was in his second year, tragedy struck when his foster father passed away from a sudden stroke. After taking a break from his studies in order to take care of the affairs at home, he returned the following year to complete his finals and graduated with first class honours.

After graduation, James decided to train as a teacher and took a job as a taxi driver in order to support himself and his mother while also saving up for the teacher training course. He eventually gained his qualification at the age of 28 and took on a job as a history teacher at a local comprehensive school. There, he met Mary Davies, who worked as an English teacher as part of the faculty. Their relationship would eventually grow into romance and got married. Thanks to his wife, he was able to hold up in face of the passing of his elderly mother a few years later.

Soon after, his wife was offered a new job at a girls' school in London, so the couple moved to a new residence near her place of work. James himself applied for a teaching role at a sixth form college. One evening, he had returned home after finishing work early when he received a call that his wife had been involved in a car accident. Although they managed to get her to hospital in time for surgery, her injuries were too heavy and she passed away. Following the funeral, James took a leave of absence from his job, then as if in a fervour, he threw himself into his work as if to try and forget about everything. Only when he was back home did he feel the terrible loneliness of the empty house.

Years later, he received a letter from someone in the States, detailing the existence of a daughter from his wife's previous relationship. Reeling from the shock, he prepared to contact the sender in order to confirm the validity of the letter's content, but for a reason he couldn't quite place, he felt compelled to go in person and find out the truth for himself. The letter contained a picture of his so-called step-daughter Arianna, and there was an unmistakeable pull from seeing her face. Perhaps it was being without family for so long, but he knew that if he could help it, he wouldn't wish the kind of loneliness he'd felt for the past few years on anyone. Steeling his resolve, he submitted his notice of resignation from his post that week and packed up to travel overseas.

He was going to Storybrooke, USA.​
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.siht daer naht od ot retteb gnihton evah I
You're in my world now, not your world...

Name: Dr. Felix Labeau (Doctorate in "Interdisciplinary Studies")
Nickname: "Doc"; the mayor calls him Felix just to get under his skin, but everyone else knows him as Doc
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Disney Character: Dr. Facilier

Face Claim: Idris Elba
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Height: 6'5"
Body Modifications: Full-body voodoo tatoos (arms, legs, and torso - covered up by his attire at all times)

Magical Artifact: Bone Necklace
Power: Voodoo; his shadow is also sentient and able to affect others through their shadows.
Drawback(s): Always comes at a cost. Can only affect/influence others, never himself.

Magical Artifact: Dark One Dagger
Power: Darkness/Witchcraft
Drawback(s): Slowly fills up his heart with darkness until it consumes him (as with all Dark Ones). Anyone wielding the dagger can force him to do what they want.

Making deals
Manipulating others
Being in control
Finding out other people's weakness
Magic (whether parlor tricks or supernatural)
Tarot, Astrology, and the like
Black coffee
... did I mention power?

"Goodie Two-Shoes"
Barriers/hinderances to his plans
Showing any weakness to others
Stubbornness (specifically people who are too stubborn to be convinced/have their minds changed)
Competition (anyone who is comparable in power/influence is a threat)

"Running out of rope" (getting so far in debt that his soul becomes forfeit)
Being found out for what he's really like
Any of his trinkets being "mishandled" (thus incurring a greater debt)
Finding someone stronger than him/being faced with his own weakness

His left eyebrow twitches exactly once when he is exasperated.
He lightly taps one of his rings on the top of his cane when he's waiting on someone to agree to his terms (a subconscious attempt to get them to decide before they can really think about it).
Hard to stay in one place while talking - like to casually/smoothly encircle his "target" to disorient, yet also making light physical touches to confer a sense of closeness and friendliness

Theme Song: Friends on the Other Side

Personality: In Progress

Bio: In Progress

And I got friends on the other side...

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| Name |
Chadwick Pembleton III

| Nickname |

| Age |

| Gender |

| Sexuality |

| Disney Character |

| Face Claim |
Tyler Hoechlin

| Eye Color |

Hair Color |

| Height |

| Magical Artifact |
Quiver of Arrows

| Powers |
Super strength, able to charm the weakminded into liking him. (Aka not player characters unless you want that to be a thing for your character.)

| Drawbacks |
Extreme narcissism, incredibly dumb

| Likes |
Himself, women, working out, hunting, himself

| Dislikes |
Animals, books, pretty much anything intellectual

| Fears |
Not being adored, dying alone

| Quirks |
Doesn't know what an inside voice is, is just built different

| Theme Song |

| Virtues |
Loyal, outgoing, leader

| Vices |
Narcissistic, selfish, stubborn

| Bio |
Chadwick was born and raised in Storybrook. In school he was incredibly popular and never hurt for friends. He wasn't very smart but his teacher's liked him so much that they would pass him through classes anyway. He was homecoming king and prom king and was always the life of the party. Once he graduated everyone expected great things of Chad but he was happy to stay right where he was. He opened a gym to teach everyone about physical fitness as that's the one thing he knew very well. The problem with running a business is....There's a lot of numbers involved in that. Chad hired a secretary to help manage (see here, run the entire business side of things) and she is in charge of all the finances.
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lil pink bunn
Name: Bianca Rose
Nickname: Bi (pronounced bee), Beast (Her wrestler name), Beastie
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disney Character: The Beast

Face Claim: AJ Lee
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown, but she dyes it darker.
Height: 6'0"

Magical Artifact: Floating rose in a glass display jar.
Power(s): Bianca has the strength and senses of a beast - she's able to fight with almost inhuman strength and viciousness. She's remarkably good at grappling and pinning others, strong in a way that doesn't usually lend itself to punching and breaking bones but overpowering anyone who dares to stand in her way. Once a man tried to rob her at gunpoint in an alleyway and before he knew it, he was face down on the ground with his arms pressed so hard against his back they were popped clear out of their socket. She loves wrestling because it's an opportunity to use her skills often and to be herself without being looked upon as a freak. She also has a heightened sense of smell and hearing.
Drawback(s): Because of Bianca's keen senses, she's easily overstimulated around crowds. The sounds of racing pulses, the cocktail of scents, it's absolutely overwhelming. She ended up buying a car and learning to drive simply because public transport was enough to work her into a panic attack. As well as her heightened senses, she can sometimes be overcome by emotion in the same way an excited puppy may be. She prefers to be seen as stoic, but true happiness or sadness can force her into a position of uncomfortable vulnerability.

Likes: - Wrestling
- (Secretly) Physical Affection
- Beating up assholes

Dislikes: - Being Controlled
- Overstimulation
- Large groups of people

Fears: - Being treated like a monster
- Ostracization
- Someone finding out her powers

Quirks: - Bianca makes a lot of her money in underground fighting rings under the personality Beast. She would deny it if asked, but she loves dressing up for her performances and even likes to plan changes to her costume on her days off - sometimes even sketching new accessories.
- Bianca loves cartoons. She doesn't watch them with anyone else, but happy endings make her cry and she loves colorful animation.

Theme Song: Monster by Imagine Dragons

Personality: Bianca is a loner. She has convinced herself that she likes it that way, but admittedly she yearns for companionship. She wrestles both because it's a good way to channel her ferocious energy and because... it gives her some of the attention she yearns for. In front of most Bi will act moody and distant, even going so far as to put on a 'Bad Girl' persona. This is mostly because she can't stomach the idea of showing her honest self to someone and being rejected. Her insecurities are also a large part of why she can have such a short temper - Bianca is always on the defensive, overcompensating for a beastly image of herself that lives in her mind.

Bio: Bianca grew up as a rich kid with parents who didn't pay her much attention. She was a much sweeter child, enthusiastic about her ability, and happy to use it to help others. However, her parents didn't look as kindly upon her quirk. She was sent off to a boarding school at about 14, where she was teased and bullied mercilessly. Bianca took it for a few years, before eventually snapping and putting one of her bullies in the hospital. When she was kicked out of the boarding school she didn't go home, instead moving to a small town nearby Storybrook and getting an online degree. This was when she discovered her love for wrestling and did it during her free time, taking full advantage of her powers to rack up a winning streak that became more than lucrative. She made a name for herself during those four years as The Beast and eventually moved to Storybrook when she realized there was much more diversity and opportunity there.
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The Duck Overlord

  • Keaton Landau a.k.a. Emperor Kuzco
    (David Henrie)

    He Was Born and Raised to Rule

    Full Name: Keaton Samuel Landau

    Nickname: Keat, Your Gorgeousness

    Age: 19

    Birthday: January 1

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Religion: Atheist (He's the only god that matters)

    Disney Character: Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove

    No One Has Ever Been This Cool

    Face Claim: David Henrie

    Voice Claim: David Spade

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Eye Color: Green

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Body Figure: Athletic... the most beautiful thing you've ever seen

    Tattoos/Markings: Llama Birthmark on Left Thigh

    Distinguishing Features: Small Scar on Right Cheek

    He's the Sovereign Lord of the Nation

    Keaton loves himself more than anything else—and he won’t stop until everyone around him knows just how cool he is. As a result, he’s loud and outgoing, making a dramatic entrance whenever he goes anywhere. Such entrances are usually paired with an outburst that is nonsensical and ridiculous, two other adjectives that aptly describe Keaton.

    Paired with this outrageous narcissism is a love of adventure. Keaton wants nothing more than to go on fantastic journeys that not only make him look good, but also provide a great deal of fun to laugh about later, especially since he hasn't seen enough of the world yet. This contributes to his love of parties. All Keaton really wants is to have a good time and not be bored.

    Most see him as a selfish jerk, but despite popular belief, he’s quite fond of animals. Yes, he’s deathly terrified of jaguars (for...some reason), but most other animals enchant him. He wishes to care for all the animals of the world, especially llamas. (Even he doesn’t know why they’re his favorite.) Sometimes this inborn kindness manifests in his social interactions, but most of the time, Keaton tends to focus on himself.

    There is a secret part of Keaton that wants to be genuine friends with everyone. He does think that he cares about others, but he's not sure how to go about it. So instead, he stays his ridiculous in the hopes that someone will want to look past the obviously beautiful face.

    ■ Dances instead of walking most places
    ■ Plans all his entrances to places so they're DRAMATIC!

    ■ His dramatic entrance
    ■ Runs his hand through his hair obsessively when he's talking to people

    ■ Adventures
    ■ Llamas
    ■ Pasta
    ■ Parties
    ■ Himself

    ■ Big Cats
    ■ Silence
    ■ Doing Nothing
    ■ Arguments
    ■ Work


    He's the Hippest Dude in All Creation

    As a kid, Keaton was always begging his parents to let him pet the animals at the local zoo. His constant fascination with them was exhausting to his parents, but they claimed it was charming. Though they were well off in terms of finances, he wasn't spoiled in the sense that people normally associate with the word. Rather, he was quite vain and obnoxious - though he made it clear he cared about the animals he was always hoping to see.

    Animals meant the world to little Keaton, especially llamas, though the reason for this was unclear. He would drag his parents to see them every single time they went to the zoo. The llama caretakers were always amused at the fascination Keaton showed whenever he was with them, and the opposing fear he felt whenever he came close to the big cats they would show him. Panthers especially were terrifying to him.

    On one such carnival day, Keaton turned around to smile at his mother, a kind and honest woman who always told him his ridiculous antics were adorable. But she was nowhere to be found. Panicked, Keaton ran around the zoo, calling for her with tears in his eyes. But she was gone.

    The caretakers attempted to calm him down and find his parents. One of them walked him home, but for unexplained reasons, his parents had packed up and left their son at the zoo. The house was empty. Keaton was devastated to discover this, but in some ways, it explained the look in his parents' eyes whenever they watched their son up to his usual shenanigans.

    The llama caretaker who had taken him home decided on a whim that she'd take him in. He was instantly taken to her, mostly because she put up with his behavior... and because of the llamas, of course. As he grew older, there were people around town who couldn't understand why he was "so weird." Eventually, they saw he wasn't really that bad of a guy. Something about his oddness was amusing, and it drew people to him like magnets. Some girls thought him to be a jerk, but even they were won over by his incredible... oddity. And, naturally, his family at the zoo thought him to be a wonderful addition, and they gave him all the love and affection he craved.

    When he was old enough to begin working, he started off assisting with the planning for parties. On the side, he taught dancing, as he had learned many forms in order to make his dramatic entrances that much more dramatic. Even when people praised him for another well-planned party, he kept the pain of his parents' abandonment locked away. He feared it happening again, but this time with his zoo family, including his adoptive mother.

    Eventually, however, he realized his true place was on the stage, and so he began taking classes at the local college to earn a theater degree while also taking care of the llamas he loved so much.

    Though he kept the pain of abandonment locked away, he finds himself unable to stop caring for animals and somehow finding it in him to care for others in the most indirect way possible.

    Theme Song: "I Don't Dance" from High School Musical 2

    What's His Name? KUZCO! KUZCO! KUZCO!

    Magical Artifact: His Crown

    He can turn into a llama. Sounds better than you think.

    Keaton cannot turn into a llama anytime he wants. He specifically has to drink something beforehand. The shift only lasts for as long as he has the energy.

    Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork

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And a song someone sings,

name : natasha
nicknames : nat
gender : female
age : eighteen
sexuality : heterosexual
disney character : anastasia
magical artifact : a music box
powers : with permission, natasha has the ability to see into a person's memories.
drawbacks : those who have strong minds have the ability to show her false memories, she has to have permission, and it takes a lot of energy.


hair color : brown
eye color : brown
height : 5'2
body modifications : she has a nose piercing
distinctive features : none. she takes pride in blending in
face claims : maia mitchell


virtues :
empathetic - as someone who has to had to look out for herself her whole life, nat is a very understanding person. she sympathizes with other people quite easily and she tries her best to care for others whenever possible
observant - due to her past, nat is someone who's head is constantly on a swivel. she consistently is analyzing people and their actions, trying to determine if they are a threat or not.
loyal - her friends are the most important people in the world to her. she will stick with them and defend them to the death, no matter what she believes they may have done wrong. this won't stop her from criticizing them though
witty - natasha is someone who always has a response to an insult. she is great at word games, excellent at comebacks, and she just generally uses her intelligence in an amusing way
neutral traits :
secretive - despite her caring nature, nat trusts no one. she keeps everything a secret, including her true personality.
sarcastic - this goes along with her wit. she always has something to say and it's said that you know that she likes you when she insults you
cunning - she is rather intelligent by untraditional means. natasha will try her best to do a task using the least work as she can, while still doing it to everyone's satisfaction. she always tries to find a unique solution.
pessimistic - to put it simply, natasha only sees the worst in those around her, as well as herself. she doesn't trust that people have good intentions.
neutral traits :
rebellious - nat hates authority and does her best to challenge it in all aspects of life. this often causes her to go against her own interests
nosy - natasha constantly wants to know everything about everybody else's lives. she loves gossip and can occasionally push too hard.
dishonest - in order to keep her secrets, nat lies frequently. it's almost become second nature to her and often she isn't quite sure why she's even lying.
stubborn - natasha always believes that she is right and has a hard time accepting when she isn't. this includes when she is lying as well. she will stick with that lie until she absolutly cannot anymore.
likes :
♡ pranks
♡ camping
♡ photography
♡ being outdoors
dislikes :
❯high heels
❯cottagecore. y'all are just weird
❯cheesy romance stories
❯reading in general
fears : being alone forever and strangers
quirks : talks to plants when watering them and can't stand odd numbers


bio : natasha believes that she was abandoned shortly after birth, at a local family's door. they sent her off to an orphanage, who then named her. she spent quite a few years bouncing between the orphanage and different foster families, never finding the right fit. when she was fifteen, she was sent to a new family. her foster mother informed her upon arrival that she must clean up after her foster siblings, do the cooking, and take care of the young ones. nat put up with this for about a month before running away. she was on the run since then, but after recently turning eighteen she got a job at a local cafe and was able to save up enough for a small, crappy apartment
Once upon a december.
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  • Freya Wilder

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Name: Alexei Ivanov
Nickname: Alex
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Disney Character: Dimitri

Face Claim: Max Ehrich
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'0
Body Modifications: Tattoo 1 | Tattoo 2


Magical Artifact: A coin with an 'R' engraved on it
Power(s): Luck Inducement
Drawback(s): Sometimes his "luck" backfires on others or even himself. As of now, he can't control it.


Likes: money | winning | wearing his contacts | warm weather | the ocean
Dislikes: bullies | organized sports | slimy bugs | looking like a slob | hot tea
Fears: not being lucky anymore | being nameless forever
Quirks: has a response for everything | carries his lucky coin around with him everywhere

(+) independent
(+) respectful
(+) industrious
(-) sneaky
(-) sarcastic
(-) cunning

theme & bio.

Theme Song:

Alexei doesn't remember his parents. Whether they died or just gave him up because they didn't want to be or couldn't be good parents, he isn't sure. He grew up in the foster system in a rough and tough neighborhood somewhere outside of Storybrooke, where he was tormented relentlessly by the other kids. He was always the scrawny one, the nerdy one, the one that never quite fit in. He was definitely smarter and more cunning than those kids, which is how he knew that he would survive without them and his foster parents who were only in the business of fostering kids for the paychecks.

At the age of twelve, he grew tired of kids constantly harrassing him, breaking his glasses or pushing him down or finding yet another way to torture him. He packed a bag one night to leave, though he was caught by the oldest kid on his way out the door. This kid was alot bigger than Alexei, stronger too, but Alex just used that kids brute strength against him. He ducked this way, threw a punch that way, and though he didn't escape unscathed, he escaped. He spent the next few years living on the streets, doing odd jobs here and there and becoming a jack of all trades.

His life on the streets was not easy, though honestly he never expected it to be. He was turned away from places to eat, and had to eat scraps from the ground or trash cans. He was constantly dirty, which led to how he now hates to feel dirty or look a mess. He slept under newspapers on benches, and had to scramble to find shelter when it rained. His luck was starting to run even thinner until he found a coin in a wallet he lifted. Almost as soon as he had it in his hands, his luck started to turn around. It was strange, but he somehow knew that that coin meant good luck, so he kept it. This was also around the time he started getting weird dreams, but he always just shrugs them off.

He found Storybrooke at the age of seventeen, lying about his age to get a job at a mechanic shop in town. He continued doing odd jobs, the types of jobs that constantly had him under the watchful eye of the law. He took the jobs that no one wanted as long as they paid, because he was determined to somehow make a name for himself no matter what it took. He doesn't have the best reputation in town, though if you need something or need something done, Alexei is your man. He still works at the car shop for a steady income, though he's not the type to turn down side work of most kinds for the right coin.

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Name: Oliver Weaver
Nickname: Olly
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Disney Character: Milo Thatch

Face Claim: James Franco
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 6'1"
Body Modifications: hand

Magical Artifact: A leatherbound journal
Power(s): Code Cracker: If there is a pattern in text or imagery, Oliver can crack it with a journal, some pencils, and some time. The more complicated the puzzle, the longer it takes. He used to annoy his grandfather by completing all the sudoku books in the house, which lead to the man buying him a chessboard so Oliver could be entertained by playing against... himself. His favorite pastime is to fill notebooks with passages of dead languages, picking them apart for hours at a time. Oliver also has a photographic memory, the ability to keep the image of anything he's ever seen in his mind.
Drawback(s): It often takes Oliver a while to pick through a code or clue and break it down - if he's forced to expedite this process he will become very mentally and physically drained, often falling sick for days at a time.

- Reading
- Linguistics
- Cats (He has a Persian named Fluffy)
- People who listen to his thoughts and ideas
- Caring for plants
- Learning new things
- Folklore and Cryptids

- Being ignored
- Greed
- Discompassionate people
- Knowledge being used for 'evil'

- Having his discoveries used to hurt others
- Being unable to help or protect those he loves

- He often gets so excited when someone wants to hear his thoughts and ideas on a subject that he'll actually stutter and stumble over his words at first.
- He has a long-haired Persian cat named Fluffy who he takes very good care of, brushing her fur regularly and making sure the hair around her eyes is always trimmed well. If he's home, it's likely Fluffy is in his arms or on his shoulders - because he grooms her so often she loves doing the same to him, licking his hair until it sticks at odd angles.
- Oliver also loves house plants. It's a hobby with no stakes for him - he loves to learn about the ways to best nurture them and has many all over his library.

Theme Song:

Milo is an extremely idealistic nerd who loves to learn about the world around him. He loves researching long-forgotten civilizations, linguistics, folklore, and anything that gives him a deeper understanding of humanity itself. To him, everything is a puzzle just waiting to be solved. One may think that his pursuit of knowledge would make him cold, but his unending empathy and compassion for others is a huge part of what makes him love to learn. In his eyes, the sciences are a great equalizer, a source of connection for everyone in the world. Everyone can benefit from it, often growing to understand each other because of it. Despite being so fascinated by humanity, Oliver is... socially awkward, to say the least. He's always been quite mild-mannered and nervous, which alienated him from his peers when he was younger. He's never outgrown the feeling of being awkward and freakish but tries to give those he meets the benefit of the doubt.

Bio: When Milo was very young, both of his parents passed away. He was only just old enough to remember small parts of his life with them, but he often finds himself yearning for the feeling of being a part of that specific family unit. After they were gone he was sent to live with his grandfather, the one who truly nurtured his love of learning. The old man had more books than Oliver could ever hope to read - and he always let him have free reign over them. He bought jigsaw puzzles, sudoku books, and dozens of journals for Oliver over the years, always simply laughing and giving a warm, crinkly smile when Oliver returned them complete the next week. His grandfather was always the picture of family to Oliver, and the old man never let him down. When Oliver got his Ph.D. in archaeology, he supported him the whole way through it. Unfortunately, Oliver's grandpa died shortly before his graduation.
Suddenly alone in life Oliver found himself moving to the small town of Storybrook, where his grandfather left him a large library full of books Oliver never saw as a child. He picked up a job at the local college as the archaeology professor and ended up burying himself in studies about the folklore of the town. To this day he can't shake the feeling there is an incredible discovery hiding in Storybrook.

Hugh Flynn

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Helios Hoffman
  • 01
    Hoffman, Helios Lyon
    leo, eli
    date of birth
    January 26
    disney character

    Face Claim: Jonathan Bailey

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Height: 6'2"

    Body Modifications:
    Of course, Helios has some scars.

    As well as this tattoo on his right arm.


    [TW=violent depictions]
    Helios finds himself bent over the bathroom sink. Water dripped from the faucet, each droplet dinging as it hit the porcelain.

    "You left me here. Alone."

    His grip on the edges of the sink grew tighter, forcing all the blood out of his hands as they slowly grew a sickening ashen white.

    "First, two despicable people known as my parents abandon me at the hellhole."

    A tremor erupted on his body as his mind flashbacked to that fateful day. Precisely at 2:26 in the early hours of the morning, a baby was found lying in the rain on the front doorstep of an orphanage. The poor lad wasn't clothed. Not even a blanket. That's how much his parents didn't give a damn.

    Helios' mind slammed back into the present as the memory faded.

    "Then at that hellhole-"

    Another memory fazed into existence, prompting Helios' body to tremor.

    This time, Helios was a ten-year-old, cowering in the corner of the cafeteria on one silent night. His eyes were averted from the horrifying scene of the one friend he made in that orphanage being beaten up severely by the teenagers. The cries of his friend rung repeatedly in his ears, each blood-curdling screech piercing Helios' very sanity. Loud shouting soon came from down the hall, no doubt from the guard that patrolled this place. As the crowd of teenagers ran, Helios screamed for help as he crawled over to where his friend's lifeless body lay. Blood-tipped matches and pushpins lay everywhere as a pool of blood slowly expanded from beneath the body.

    "Oh god."

    Helios' head snapped in the direction of the voice, a glimmer of hope appearing as he realized that the guard from earlier had arrived.

    "Sir," the ten-year-old stammered, "P-please, you have to save him. He's still b-breath-"

    The stern voice of the guard cut in, "Yeah... no. Your friend here's been taxing our finances with that sickness of his."

    Whatever hope was left soon vanished.-"Wh- Sir? But he's going to die-"

    The guard's voice boomed, "OH my GOD. Shut up, will you?"

    Helios watched in disbelief as the guard pulled out his firearm, filling the gloomy, silent night with bright flashes and deafening bangs.

    The memory faded with each blast, bringing Helios slowly but surely back to the present.

    "And now. You're dead."

    Tears streamed down his cheeks. He tried lifting his head towards the mirror but wasn't surprised when his neck no longer carried the strength to do so.

    Helios' body soon lost all strength, sinking to the floor as he pulled in his arms and legs. From then on, all that could be heard was his faint sobs echoing off the bathroom walls.

    Helios was born to two parents that abandoned him at an orphanage when he was just a wee baby. He has no information on them whatsoever. No names, no faces, no nothing. Not even Helios' name was given to him by his parents, he had thought it up himself. This meant that he completely refused the dastard name that was given to him by those that ran the orphanages. While it is his legal name, he goes by Helios Lyon Hoffman now and nothing else.

    At that orphanage, friends came and went as they either got adopted, ran away, or were "disposed" of. Helios himself was one of the lucky kids who ran away, seeing as security was pretty tight in that hellhole. From there he ran as far as he could until his puny, malnutritioned legs gave up, crashing near the dumpster of an apartment building. He promptly fell asleep due to exhaustion, and he probably would've died there if it weren't for the kind lady that took him into her apartment while he was fast asleep. From then on, Helios was more or less forced to stay at this lady's apartment as she wasn't letting him wander into the dark again.

    From ten years of age to eighteen years of age, Helios stayed with the lady, eventually growing attached to her as well as she to him. She sent him to school, determined to slap some education into his brain. On Helios' 18th birthday, the lady asked him if she could legally adopt him as a child. Of course, it was a life-changing decision and she gave him time to think about it while she went to work the next day. All throughout school, it was all Helios could think of. The papers, the pen, the blank where he was supposed to put his signature. He just couldn't shake the thought, no matter how hard he tried.

    As he left school, he finally made a decision. He was going to sign.

    Helios arrived home, anxious to find his soon-to-be mother and tell her that he'd love to be her son. Surprised to find that she wasn't there when arrived, he waited. He waited. He waited some more. An hour passed, two hours passed. The hour hand neared midnight, and Helios grew increasingly worried. He started to pull on his jacket to go find her when his phone rang.

    The teen picked up the phone and was soon overcome with ecstasy and relief as the familiar caller name of his soon-to-be mother flashed on the screen. However, when he answered it, he wasn't greeted with the cheery tone of the lady. Rather, a cold, monotonous voice spoke. Apparently, the lady had been involved in a car crash on the way home and was pronounced DOA (dead on arrival) when paramedics brought her to the hospital.

    Now, Helios lives on the money that the lady left behind in her will for him. A rather substantial amount of money, but an amount that he would rather not use. He didn't earn it. He didn't want to use it. It was hers. It used to be hers. All he can do now is continue forwards.

code by @Nano

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"This is life and imperfection is beautiful,"
♔ Markus Marethyu ♔
"and don't be afraid of that!"
@TheOursyn has set their name to:
markus marethyu

@TheOursyn has set their nicknames to:
mark, marky, mak

@TheOursyn has set their age to:

@TheOursyn has set their gender to:

@TheOursyn has set their sexuality to:

@TheOursyn has set their disney character to:
@TheOursyn has set their face claim to:
dylan o'brien

@TheOursyn has set their eye color to:
light brown

@TheOursyn has set their hair color to:
dark brown

@TheOursyn has set their height to:

@TheOursyn has set their body mods to:
this tattoo on his upper right back
@TheOursyn has updated their background:
Markus' oldest memory was being nursed by a nun in one of the oldest orphanages with notoriety behind its name. But before he could grow any further to experience the true horrors of that orphanage, Markus was adopted by his amazing parents, Eito and Akira Zhao. It was pretty easy for him to find out he was adopted, even a quick glance of the names would tell anyone I was an adopted kid. But that didn't stop them from seriously giving Markus all the best in life! Maybe even... too much of the best. Markus' parents weren't demanding in any way. They didn't ask him to get good grades in school, they didn't ask him to do more chores, they just kept showering him with expensive gifts, trips with his friends, and so much more.

In school, Markus aged pretty normally, but he was constantly bullied by the teachers though. It's like they didn't seem to understand the concept that some children could have ADHD. So young Markus kept bouncing around schools, public or private, all ending in failure. Don't get him wrong, he was an A+ student, despite the unending hate from his teachers. But, according to Markus himself, better fail climbing up a cliff than succeed walking down the pavement. Markus would push himself to do better, joining all sorts of extracurricular activities. Everything from the theatre club to the newspaper club to even the sports club, Markus was there, well on his way to the top.

With near-perfect scores and a loving family, Markus was set for greatness. Until it all went wrong on his 14th birthday. Apparently, his biological parents were still alive. They showed up, wanting to take me to the festival that was going on at the time. He said no. Sadly, his parents were excellent bargainers, adding a visit to the ice parlor. Heh, well OBVIOUSLY he had to go!

That started a life that any kid would dream of. Imagine having four parents that love the child with absolutely no drama between the two sets of parents. It was the life. Two birthday parties, two Christmases, two of evERYTHING.

Present-day Markus lives in a sweet suite, surrounded with every material pleasure he could think of. The man himself is buried in school work after taking up three college courses simultaneously (two majors and a minor), where he lives out his days trying to be the best he could ever be.
@TheOursyn has updated their personality summary:
Markus strives to be the absolute best he can be, in both a good and a bad way. All four of Markus' parents did their best to raise their kid, showering him with all the love, demanding nothing in return. Unfortunately, all the good-will from his parents built an unseen and unheard sense of debt within Markus, causing him to pressure himself to succeed in order to make them proud when they are and have always been proud. Of course, no human is perfect. Markus succeeded greatly in all things he did at the expense of his mental and emotional stability. See him in school, see him in the park, see him anywhere outside and you'll see a happy, driven man with the heart of a child. But when he's alone, no one would recognize it's even him. The minute he finds himself alone behind closed doors, Markus drops the act. Long gone is the heart of a child. Long gone is the drive. All that's left is an empty husk that used to be him.

What's that? You want to see this "empty husk" for yourself? Give him a task that's impossible for him to complete. He'll take up the offer. Now slowly watch as he pressures himself to complete it, to the point of breaking. Go on, sadist. Do it.

@TheOursyn has updated their virtues:


@TheOursyn has updated their vices:


@TheOursyn has updated their likes:

♡working out
♡reading academical textbooks
♡walking his doggo
♡pleasing people in a variety of ways
♡playing soccer/football

@TheOursyn has updated their dislikes:

❯taking the easy way out
❯hATES birds. periodt.

@TheOursyn has updated their magical artifact and ability description:
Magical Artifact: this necklace

Ability: Overseer-O-The-Wisps
Description: Being a relatively peaceful person, it's only fair are more utility-based rather than combat-based. Markus is able to summon wisps from his hands, manipulating them through sheer will. These wisps are intangible and will faze through anything and everything. They can look like a floating ball of blue flame or a sparking ball of electricity, but it is merely an illusion; the wisps are not by any means warm or shocking. They do give off a bright light, the strength of which is adjustable by Markus. The range of light can go from nearly invisible to blindingly bright. Markus himself can also possess a will-o-the-wisp but his vision range and clarity are greatly reduced, even having a bright blue tint over his sight.

Drawbacks: Summoning multiple wisps are taxing on his mental capacity and the more he summons, the more draining maintaining them becomes. Since these wisps are spirits of the long-gone, their voices are channeled through Markus' head, taking the thoughts he already has and amplifies them even further. This produces mental noise, making it harder for him to control multiple wisps at once as they scream dreadful thoughts at him. When he possesses a wisp, all other wisps fade into nothingness as he gains control over the chosen wisp. His body lifelessly slumps down, leaving him completely vulnerable while in wisp mode.

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lil pink bunn
Name: Esme (Ez-May) Roma
Nickname: Fleur
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disney Character: Esmeralda

Face Claim: Hida Abouk
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6"

Magical Artifact: Emerald Necklace
Power(s): Esme can share pain - both literally and metaphorically. If a friend dear to her is hurt, she can take their wound and inflict half or all of it upon herself. If someone is having a painful flashback, she can take their hand and experience half or all of it to spare them. She can sometimes even do this on accident when empathizing too strongly with someone. In order to do this, she must be able to touch the person.

- Working Hard
- Children
- Djali, her goat
- Instruments, she plays the tambourine and the wooden flute
- Psychology Studies
- Lottery Tickets
- Folk music
- Boho fashion

- Spoiled people
- Nepotism
- Bigotry
- Arrogance
- Injustice
- Cruelty

- Losing what she already has, living on the streets again

- Esme has a pet goat named Djali who's actually a certified Service Goat. He helps with her stress and more troubling memories of her time living on the streets.
- Esme is a sucker for Hungarian cuisine and loves pumpkin-flavored things; yes, this includes pumpkin spice lattes.

Theme Song: Bleeding Heart by Regina Spektor

Esme is... a bit cold. She's learned from her life to quite careful around most people but underneath her shell, she is a very quick-witted, empathetic, and blunt person. She has a soft spot for children as well as those suffering but can be quite unkind to other adults that she doesn't trust. She's cynical and a bit judgemental but ultimately nurturing and very loving to those she holds dear. In her darkest moments, Esme can be a bit too self-sacrificing, willing to drive herself to the knife's edge for her loved ones. Also, she adores her goddamn goat.

Esme has lost and gained a lot throughout her life. She was born to a homeless mother who fell victim to an illness very early in her life. For a long time, she lived off of the charity of others, given scraps from local restaurants, and watched over by other homeless women in the area. She became quite well known in her city and was sent to school through a charity - she was very young when she went, but it gave her a much-needed opportunity to be more than her situation. She graduated at the top of her class in high school and headed off to college at 16, getting her degree in child psychology and working at many local nonprofits all the while. After getting her degree, she came to work at Storybrook, hoping to make a difference in the lives of the children of the town. She's worked at the local high school for a year now.
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Nobody's Perfect...

Rachel Towers


  • Basic Information

    Name: Rachel Towers

    Nickname: Rae or Rach

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Disney Character: Rapunzel


    Face Claim: Hannah G

    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5’3”

    Body Mods: None, not even pierced ears

    Theme Song: TBD

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Nobody's Perfect...

Sadie Deere


  • Basic Information

    Name: Sadie Deere

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Disney Character: Lady from Lady & The Tramp


    Face Claim: Bridget Satterlee

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Light Brown

    Height: 5’6”

    Body Mods: Pierced Ears... wants a tattoo though

    Theme Song: TBD

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