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Digital once more, with feeling


one-eyed king

hi my name is faust and i draw solely for the day i turn 18 and gain the ability to legally own a paypal account & peddle my wares. no creative integrity, artistic vision, or compositional eye of any sort here, sorry. some of my recent works go here. it's currently just saint & the sellsword rp art because me & @sanduke have poppin characters and i need to flex, visually.

i. elias belaroc

ii. cadus auvryth
alt title: post malone fanart

iii. tarot, part 1/2
alt title: these expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes

— mobile friendly hidden scroll.


☂ pluviophile ☂ art: peritwinkle
uh, no, I am def not. Have you SEEN your artwork? Too good to you my butt xD
ngl, it feels weird sitting here being like "faust needs to turn 18 asap" but here we are.

It gonna be "happy birthdayyyyy, now here's some mun, draw me stuff"

>> legit me

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