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On Writing OCs with Mental Disorders v3

Violet A

A fustercluck of fun
This honestly helped a lot... Inserting a spoiler in here because giant ramble is giant, and no one wants to waste time reading it, but its there as an option. In short, this has helped me to better describe my characters, and I'm not using this to diagnose myself as I know it wouldn't be completely accurate due to the fact that as you stated, you aren't a professional. I'll definitely keep these things in mind, thank you for being as awesome as you are and putting this out there. You're a truly great person to go through the time to do this. Very well written (though I'm sure you already knew that).

Most of the fandoms in which I partake in, while easy to make characters for, aren't exactly the easiest to incorporate in to an actual plot (By that I mean most of them probably wouldn't be able to make it in if it wasn't an actual story because they wouldn't fit properly enough.) That I often have to mess with them, their pasts in particular, in order to incorporate them decently when working with canon characters, descendants of canon characters, etc. I love to write for them but a lot of my main OCs (female in particular) act like I do. That being said they usually have something that makes others call them a perfect tragedy (which I feel can be a slightly overused term either due to bad experiences in the past, or because they heard someone else use it in a specific context and went with it (unlikely) etc.). The frustrating part is that I don't state that any of my characters have any kind of disorder or illness for this reason. My characters (ones that have been called perfect tragedies) are portrayals of me, and I don't know if something's wrong with me because I can't be taken to see a professional so I tend to leave it alone. I don't MEAN to upset anyone, I just am a certain way. Its not like I can tell my partner I'm actually that way because they wouldn't understand.

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